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Wind + Water Recap

Outside of Kansas City, Mac picks the lock on a diner's door. Once he gets it open, he and Riley go in and Riley signals to Matty to send the exfil chopper. The guys they stole from pull up in the parking lot, and Mac tells Riley to pretend to be Jack to help him think. While she does so, Mac tells her to turn on the gas the burners but not the fire. He then pries open the payphone and rigs too wires to generate a spark. He then tells riley to go into the freezer with him. The men come in, firing guns, and search the place. Mac uses his phone to call the payphone. The thugs smell the gas and run, and the wires set off the gas. They try to leave and discover that the freezer door is jammed.

Later in San Juan, the team is helping the rebuilding effort after a hurricane. Mac thanks them for help coming to fix his Army buddy Carlos' house. After they finish, Carlos pulls up and thanks them for their help. He says that his truck engine died on the way back from the lumberyard, and Mac uses two nails to repair the battery. Carlo's daughter Adriana comes up with lunch for everyone, and Mac tells Carlos that Carlos helped him get through basic training. Jack and Wilt unload the lumber from the truck and Carlos invites them to a thank-you dinner that night.

The team returns home, and Carlos' wife Kamila and his mother-in-law Valeria greet them. Valeria says something in Spanish, and Carlos refuses to translate. They eat in the family' refuge shelter, and Carlos thanks his old friend and his new friends to help them rebuild their lives. As soon as they have a real house, Carlos plans to go back to work at the bank. He proposes a test to a brighter tomorrow.

The next day, Mac and the others continue working on the house. Riley points out that they have to head back to LA in four hours. Adriana arrives and asks where Carlos is, and says that he should be there by now. Mac and Jack check the road to the site and spot Carlos' truck. There's no sign of Carlos and the tire is flat. There are bullet holes in the windshield, and Mac calls Matty to ask for more time. She says that they have a national security crisis in Pakistan she needs them to deal with. Mac and Jack warn that if they don't find Carlos, the local police won't be able to. Matty agrees to reroute their plane and brief them on the plane to give them eight more hours, and the two agents drive off.

At the refugee camp, Mac and Jack question Kamila about why someone would abduct Carlos. She says that her husband didn't have any enemies, and explains that there were looters taking things from their house. Carlos wrestled one man to the ground, realized that he was a neighbor named Jorge Villareal, and made a citizen's arrest. Jorge is now living in his auto shop, and the two men go to talk to him. Kamila makes Mac promise to find Carlos and he does.

When they get to the auto shop, Jack and Mac question Jorge. He says that Carlos is his friend, but they figure that he set up the shootout to get payback. Jorge explains that he owes Carlos for sending him to jail, and while they waited for the cops Carlos told him c that turning on each other was making thigs worse. Mac and Jack believe him and realize that they've hit a dead-end.

Riley and Wilt go to the police station, which are still dealing with all of the crimes seven months after Hurricane Maria hit. When Riley approaches Captain Delarosa, he says that they stretched thin because of a special detail. As Riley and Wilt leave, they call their friends and tell them that the police are protecting a shipment of $2 million in federal funds for relief efforts. It's going to the bank that Carlos' manages, and Mac figures that the robbers are after the money. As they get together and drive there, Riley hacks the camera. Several men bring Carlos in, and the agents see him trigger a silent alarm. One of the robbers has a police scanner and picks up the alert, and one robber shoots Carlos in the leg. When they get to the bank, Mac tells the others that he's going to become a hostage and runs in.

In the bank, the head robber Booth and his men fire shots into the ceiling, shoot out the cameras, and order everyone down on the floor. Mac climbs into a bathroom via the roof and one robber, Ash, finds him, grabs his pocketknife, and takes him to the others.

The police arrive outside and Jack introduces himself to Delarosa. He describes the situation and says that he has a man on the inside, and Delarosa tells him to step back. The police escort Jack and the others behind the line, and Jack calls Matty and says that they're going to need help with the local authorities. Delarosa soon gets a call and lets the agents back in.

Booth sends two of his men to get the money, and Mac offers to treat Carlos' leg wound. The leader gives him five minutes and Mac asks for his knife back. Once he has it, he puts a tourniquet on Carlos' leg and has a teller named Lucy put pressure on Carlos' wound. He also asks her to direct him to some black pepper, Lucy says that the manager has some packets in his desk, and Mac gets them and uses it as a coagulant. he gets Carlos up as his five minutes runs out, and Booth takes Carlos to the vault and puts Mac with the other hostages.

Once they're alone, Lucy says that there's a window on the second floor. Mac cuts the phone line and then pries open set of headphones, then uses some coaxial cable and a pen to make a crude radio. He calls the others and says that he's going to start sending hostages out the window. Mac grabs more coaxial cable and asks Lucy for the bank's dye packs.

Booth tells Carlos to open the vault, and threatens to kill him if he doesn't. Carlos opens the vault and the robbers load up the money.

Mac puts the dye packs in a cub and tells the hostages to run up to the window while Ash is distracted.

Once the robbers have the money, they leave.

Mac tosses the cup and Ash goes over to investigate. The dye packs explode in his face, and three hostages run upstairs to the window. Booth and the others come back, and Booth soon realizes that three of the hostages are gone. The leader orders the four bank employees to the side and figures that one of them knew about the dye packs and used them on Ash. Booth picks one and prepares to shoot her, and Mac says that it was him.

The SWA teams arrive and work out a way to come in.

Booth finds Mac's radio and beats him, and prepares to kill him as an example. Before he can, Ash and another robber, Dean, spot the SWAT officers. They want to leave using the hostages as shields, and Mac says that he can get them out with the money and no shots being fired. Booth agrees to hear him out, and Mac tells him to buy him some time.

Jack talks to himself imagining a conversation between him and Mac. Booth calls and says that he wants a helicopter and safe passage and then he'll turn over the hostages. He gives Delarosa 30 minutes, and the agents figure that Booth is up to something.

Mac grabs a garbage can and fills it with all the counterfeit pens that he can find. He grabs some cleaning fluid and pours the iodine out of the pens, and asks for Booth's word that he'll leave the hostages behind. Booth gives him his word, and Mac goes back to work.

Jack tells Delarosa that they should breach because the robbers asked Delarosa for a helicopter that they know it's not available. The agent suggests that Delarosa call Booth and tell him the helicopter is ready, and if he holds out then he wants something else. Delarosa calls the bank phone but gets no answer, and Jack goes in with the SWT team. They toss smoke grenades and go in, and find the hostages. Carlos tells Jack that the robbers went out through the basement with Mac. When Jack and the SWAT team go downstairs, they find a gaping hole in the floor leading to the sewers. Jack calls Delarosa and tells him that the robbers have escaped with Mac.

Mac hotwires a car and drives the robbers off, and Booth says that they're not going to let him go now they know what he's capable of.

Jack and the others drive through the city looking for the robbers Matty calls and once they brief her, she sends them coordinates to the nearest marina since there are no planes available. Jack reluctantly heads that way.

The robbers come to a tree across the road, and Booth sends his men out to move it. It's too heavy to move, and Booth tells Mac to clear the road. Mac spots a loose telephone pole and grabs a road sign, claiming he's going to use it as a lever. He brings the pole down on the car and starts to run. The agents and the police arrive and arrest them.

The agents return to the camp with Carlos, and reunite him with his family. Carlos invites them back for a proper housewarming, and Mac says that Matty is sending some coworkers to help with the reconstruction. Jack says that they have to get to the airport, and Valeria comes out and gives Jack a bag. Jack gets the gist of what she's saying in Spanish and says that he's into older woman. As the team leaves, Jack says that only an older woman will appreciate someone like him.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 21, 2018

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