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All Roads Lead… Recap

Talbot stares off into space and tells himself to complete the mission. He then goes to the Lighthouse's armory and takes a gun, telling himself that no one has to get hurt. Talbot takes the elevator to the control room and checks the monitor to see where everyone is. He sees Melinda with Robin and identifies their location. Mack comes in and asks if he's looking for someone, and Talbot says that he can't say still after six months in a cell. Mack wishes that they had gotten him out sooner, and Talbot agrees. The former general says that he can only focus on one thing at a time and walks off.

Finn is working on the infuser component and finally tells Ruby to stop when she throws her chakram repeatedly at Jemma. Ruby unties Jemma, and watches as she and Fitz hug. Jemma points out that if they fix the infuser, Earth will be destroyed in the future they've seen. Ruby reminds her that Daisy is the one who destroys the planet Werner arrives and says that someone killed Superior, so he's activated a signal jammer and sent the mechs to hunt the intruder down. A man brings in the Gravitonium, and Spencer shows her the substance.

Fitz whispers to Jemma that they have a choice to make. they die and break the loop, or live and destroy Earth. He says that he can't let Jemma die so they keep fixing the infuser piece by piece, hoping that it buys them enough time for the others to find them Ruby tells them to pick up the pace.

Elena returns to the Quinjet and discover that her transmission to the Lighthouse is blocked. Moaning in pain, she sits down.

Coulson approaches Melinda and says that they didn't finish their earlier conversation. She refuses to discuss it further and walks away. They join Daisy and the others, who says that she's tracked the mechs' signal to determine where the Hydra base is. She says that they'll go in, get the Graaitonium, and take out Hale. Melinda and Daisy both tell Coulson that he's not going with them. Daisy has Mack prepare the Zephyr for space, and tells Deke that he's staying behind to recover. Once the others leave, Coulson tells Daisy that she's getting good at leading. He tells her to give them hell, and she goes after the others.

Candice tells Hale that Ruby has gone rogue and Superior is dead. Hale figures that Ruby is going to power herself up with the Gravitonium, and Candice tells Hale that Creel is worse. they go to his room and he says that "they" won't stop shouting in his head. Quinn and Franklin are in his head because they were inside the Gravitonium, and Creel absorbed the Gravitonium's power. He demands to know what they're going to do for him, absorbs the properties of the plaster wall, slams his head into it repeatedly, and tells them to get Quinn and Franklin out of his head.

Mack works on the Zephyr with Deke's help Coulson comes in and says that they can't change things, and Deke tells them that Daisy will figure it out. Coulson and Mack both figure that he's in love with Daisy, and Deke insists that he doesn't. Mack points out that Deke confessed to loving Daisy when he was on painkillers, and Deke sys that it doesn't matter because she hates him. He wonders what they would do, and Mack and Coulson point out that they haven't had much luck with their love lives. Deke says that he'll leave Daisy a lemon because that's what they do in the future, and they play along.

Talbot goes to the office where Robin is staying and studies her drawings of the future... including one of the Zephyr flying away.

The Zephyr flies toward the Hydra base, and Melinda tells Daisy hat she has some pent-up aggression she wants to let out. Agents Thomas and Wahl drop the pod with Melinda and Daisy inside, then fire a bomb to cover their arrival. The two agents arrive and take out the mechs and guards, then proceed down the hall. More men are waiting, but Hale orders her people to stand down. She then surrenders to Daisy, saying that there's no time to fight and they all have to leave. Hale explains that Ruby took the Gravitonium and went to use the infuser, and is at the same facility as Fitz and Jemma.

Ruby grabs Jemma and complains that they're taking too long. Werner looks at Fitz's work and says that the infuser is reversed and they're going to have to start over. When Fitz intervenes, Werner grabs Jemma and Ruby beats Fitz until Jemma says that they'll fix it. Ruby releases Fitz and says that next time she'll kill Jemma.

Elena wakes up when a mech comes aboard. She shoots it down and moans in pain at the feedback from her arms.

Polly and Robin enter their quarters and find Talbot there. He introduces himself and says that he couldn't help coming there. He talks about his son George and how he likes to draw, and says that he hasn't been himself. Polly accepts his explanation and explains that Robin can see the future but it's all out of order. Talbot tells Robin that there's no need to be afraid of him, and she says that he's the General. The girl tells talbot that she's drawn him.

Daisy and Melinda call the team at home and pass on what Hale told them about Creel and the Gravitonium. Deke tells Daisy that she can't go there, and she insists that she won't use her power around the Gravitonium Coulson warns against it, but Melinda says that it's not his call and cuts off the transmission

Talbot finds Robin's drawing of the Destroyer of Worlds, and Robin says that it will happen soon. He says that they need to act on it, and Polly tells him that Robin is getting tired. talbot insists that they have to act now and grabs Polly, who yells at Robin to run. The girl stares as Talbot as he knocks Polly out with a sleeper hold, and he then tells Robin that she's coming with him. Robin says that she knows.

The Zephyr arrives at the former Hydra base, and Daisy tells her agents to take out the mechs while she Hale, and Melinda go in. Melinda removes Hales' cuffs , and Hale makes Daisy promise not to hurt Ruby. Daisy says that it's not Ruby's fault that she's the way she is, and that she'd make a good S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Hale asks what she can do, and Daisy says that if they're too late then Hale will have to talk her daughter down.

Fitz and Jemma work on the infuser, and Werner tells Ruby that S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived. Fitzsimmons say that they're finished, and Werner activates the device. He hooks it up to the infuser, and Fitz tells Ruby that they did as she asked. However, Jemma warns that they can't move the Gravitonium into the machine because it's uncontrollable. Ruby prepares to kill Jemma, and Werner begins the Gravitonium transfer. Fitzsimmons realize that something is wrong.

Coulson and Mack examine Robin's drawings and try to determine what they mean. Deke joins them, and Coulson notices that the monitor is paused. They go to Polly's room and find her unconscious, and Mack figures that Talbot took Robin. They figure that he's the sleeper agent, and Deke stays with Polly. On the floor is one of Robin's drawings... showing Ruby infused with other people

Ruby tells Werner that they did it and they kiss. He then seals the chamber and begins the infusion process. Ruby screams in pain and yells at Werner to get her out. Hale, Melinda, and Daisy hear her screams and runt to the room. Werner figures that Fitzsimmons sabotaged the machine, and the three women run in and Hale tells them to shut down the infuser. Fitz does so and says that Ruby took in 8% of the Gravitonium.

the chamber opens and Ruby floats out. She drops to the floor and says that they're fighting inside of her head. Werner goes to her and says that he's not going anywhere, and Ruby accidentally compresses his head with her Gravitonium-infused hands. She says that she didn't mean to and yells at the voices to get out of her head. Jemma warns that it only works one way, and Ruby slams Fitzsimmons into the wall, saying that they always lie. Hale tells her to put them down, and yells at Ruby to focus on her. Ruby releases Fitzsimmons and says that there's something really wrong, while Melinda takes Fitzsimmons to the Zephyr.

Coulson and Mack find Talbot with Robin, trying to get into the hangar. Talbot draws his gun and says that a soldier always completes his mission. Coulson tells him that Hydra brainwashed him, and says that Talbot is his friend and would never kidnap a little girl. Mack reminds Talbot that Robin isn't much younger than George, and Coulson says that it's not too late to turn back. Talbot says that he can't complete the mission and has to stop himself, releases robin, and puts the gun to his head.

Ruby's gravity powers run out of control, and she says that they're ripping her apart. Daisy tells her that she's been where Ruby and knows she'll overcome it, and tells her to focus. when Hale agrees, Ruby complains that it's always Daisy. She pulls Daisy over to her and says that everything powerful is dangerous.

As Melinda, Jemma, and Fitz head out, Elena arrives and realizes that Daisy is dealing with Ruby.

talbot tells Coulson that he can't trust his thoughts and there's no other way than suicide. Mack gets Robin away, and Talbot asks Coulson to tell George that he loved him. Coulson tells Talbot to put the gun down. He can't, and Coulson tells him to turn the gun on him. As Talbot does so, Mack returns and shoos him.

Ruby tells Daisy that Daisy was her hero, then releases her and says that she's more than Daisy will ever be. Daisy tells her that she needs help, but Ruby says that she wants to crush her. She does so and turns toward her mother, who says that Daisy is on her side. She insists that she just wanted Ruby to reach her full potential and pushed her too hard, and insists that Ruby isn't a mistake.

Elena arrives and sees the woman who took her arms. She realizes that Ruby is the destroyer, and Daisy tells her that Ruby is just a kid. Ruby loses control and the voices her speak through her, demanding that they let them out. Elena grabs one of Ruby's chakram and cuts her throat at superspeed. Hale holds her daughter's corpse in her arms, and then glares at Elena. Ruby's body levitates into the air and then releases a burst of Gravitonium energy.

Melinda and the others return to the room, and discover that Hale is gone. Ruby's corpse is lying on the floor, and Daisy says that Ruby was coming around and then Elena killed her. Elena insists that she just saved the world.

Hale teleports to Qovas' ship and says that S.H.I.E.L.D. has the Gravitonium. She offers to tell him where S.H.I.E.L.D. is hiding, but warns that they won't give it willingly. Hale looks at Ruby's blood on her hands and says that she has no reason to stop him from killing the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 21, 2018

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