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A Dark Knight: To Our Deaths and Beyond Recap

Barbara is staring at the painting when League assassins come in and attack her. They soon subdue her, and Lelia removes her mask and wonders why Barbara didn't sense their approach. She says that Barbara has yet to access the Demon's Head's full powers, and explains that Ra's saw the future. The Demon's head is activated by intense emotion, and Barbara tells her not to go so easy on her next time.

Brue drives through the streets in his new car, and Selina sits at his side. he asks why Tabitha wants to see them, and Selina says that she wants to talk about Tabitha. They arrive at the rendezvous and after a moment, Bruce goes inside with Tabitha and Selina. The male assassins grab Bruce and take him to a sarcophagus holding Ra's' body. Bruce says that Ra's wanted him to kill him, and their leader Palden cuts Bruce's hand and lets the blood drip onto Ra's' body. The body starts to regenerate, and the assassins knock Bruce out at the undead Ra's emerges from the sarcophagus.

At the station, Harvey tells Jim and Griffin that five banks were hit in one night. they figure that it was Edward, proving how smart he is. Jim goes to talk to Lee.

Lee overseas the distribution of the money from the bank robberies, and tells Riddler that they did good. He isn't impressed, and Lee points out that they'll use the money to buy food and medicine. Riddler wonders what he is to her, and Lee says that he's a friend and partner. She tells him that she cares for him and other things will have to wait, and asks if they're good for the next night. Oswald and Butch come over and Oswald says to count them in.

Selina complains to Tabitha that she didn't tells her what she had in mind. Meanwhile, Ra's says that he started the war that Barbara is carrying on, and the leader says that Barbara does not serve the League. Ra's tells Tabitha that Barbara must give him the Demon's Head to him, and if she doesn't then he'll rip it from her corpse.

Oswald tells Riddler and Lee that they owe him because he made Riddler. he needs money to buy back the capos and Butch has medical expenses. Lee says that it's no deal and she doesn't like threats, and Riddler applauds. Oswald realizes that Edward is still enamored with Lee and passed it on to Riddler. He tells Riddler to skim some money off the top for when Lee tosses him aside, and leaves with Butch.

Ra's enters the vault and approaches Barbara, and tells her not to be afraid. He asks what she's done with his gift, and notes that she's read the histories that he left for her. Barbara says that she has to do her own thing, and Ra's is disappointed. He tells her to give him her hand so he can take the Demon's Head back, and says that he was mistaken about her. She points to the painting, and Ra's says that the woman was just a whore that he killed out of pity. Ra's tells Barbara that she's a sad deluded woman and tells her to take his hand. Barbara attacks him, and the other Assassins run in and kill her. An assassin drags Barbara out, but Ra's follows them and kills the assassin. Bruce and Selina drive up, tell Barbara to get in, and drive off when she does.

Jim arrives at the club and thanks Lee for saving his life. He asks where Riddler is, and Lee claims that she hasn't seen him in weeks. Jim warns that Riddler is a psychopath, and says that Lee can't take on other people's problems. He points out that the bank guards weren't killed and figures that it wasn't just Riddler, and says that Lee can always call him for help. Lee tells him that he doesn't get it and dismisses him.

At the manor, Barbara tells Tabitha that she betrayed her. Selina finally interrupts their arguing, and Barbara says that they'll kill Ra's. Alfred figures that the knife is at the Nanda Parbaat embassy, and Bruce tells them that the ritual requires him to wield the knife. Tabitha says that they'll need weapons, and Alfred says that he has a different idea.

Later, Alfred and Tabitha go to the embassy and Alfred says that they want to take the knife home. The head diplomat, Sallim, says that isn't possible because the life belongs to his country. Meanwhile, Selina and Bruce sneak up to the skylight above. Sallim wonders if Bruce knows that Alfred is there, and says that Alfred and Tabitha should leave. Alfred fakes a heart attack and knocks a vase off a stand, triggering the alarms. While the guards focus on Alfred, Selina drops down on a line and grabs the knife. Alfred quickly recovers and leaves with Tabitha.

Riddler replays Oswald's words in his head, and Edwards appears to him in a mirror. he says that he's inside Riddler like a virus, infecting his thoughts and feelings, and points out that Riddler gave money to the poor. Riddler says that he doesn't care what happens to the people of the Narrows, and Edwards says that he knows Riddler only cares about Lee... just like he does.

Bruce and the others meet Barbara at a warehouse, and Bruce says that he's taking the knife. When Selina hesitates to hand over the knife, Barbara draws a gun. Selina gives her the knife and Barbara shoots the tire out on Bruce's car and gets into her own car with Tabitha. After a moment Selina joins them and they drive off.

Riddler tells Oswald that Lee is using her, and he needs Oswald's help to drown Edward within his brain. He admits that he doesn't have the money from the robberies, but he has a bigger plan and he was going to finish it that night. Riddler tells them that the score is $100 million apiece.

Barbara summons the remaining female assassin to Sirens and says that she'll summon Ra's with the Demon's Head and then kill him with the knife. Selina warns that the plan is no plan at all and that's the only reason she gave the knife to Barbara. She suggests that they bring Bruce in, and says that if they don't then she's out. Once Selina leaves, Barbara admits that Selina may be right, and Tabitha tells Barbara that however she wants to play it, she's in as long as she stays the course. Barbara agrees to do it and summons the Demon's Head's power.

At the manor, Bruce tells Alfred that Ra's said that he was the only one who can kill him. He's shocked that Selina betrayed them, just as Selina comes in and says that she wanted Barbara to kill Ra's so Bruce didn't have to. Bruce angrily tells her to leave, and Selina says that they need to focus on killing Ra's. Alfred agrees with her, and Selina says that she doesn't want Barbara and Tabitha to get hurt.

\Jim and Harvey bring the bank owner, Susan, in and tells her that they did some digging. Susan's bank has been investigated and cleared on several criminal charges. Susan insists that she's innocent, and Harvey talks to Jim privately. He figures that they have to stop whatever relationship Lee has with Riddler. Jim goes back in and Susan says that they moved their assets to a secure location that morning.

At the bank where the money is stored, Lee knocks out the guards with tranq darts. Riddler says that he reveals masks and tells Lee that he's betraying her, and draws a gun on her. Butch and Oswald come in and they go to the vault.

At Sirens, Palden and his men arrive and face off against their female counterparts. Ra's appears and Barbara says that she's considered giving him the Demon's Head. She wants him to admit that they have a connection and then she'll give him the Demon's Head. Ra's admits that Barbara is special, and she gets close enough to stab him in the chest. Ra's tosses her through a window, and Barbara returns and attacks him. Lelia and her women hold Tabitha back, saying that Barbara has to do it herself. The Demon's Hand glows, just as Bruce runs in and punches Ra's.

Ra's grabs the knife and stabs Barbara as she gets up. The Demon's Head glows, and Barbara realizes that she's seeing a few seconds into the future. She turns and blocks Ra's' death blow, and then anticipates and blocks all of his attacks. Ra's grabs Tabitha and puts a knife to her throat, and tells Barbara to give him the Demon's Head or Tabitha dies. Barbara says that she can't give it up, and Ra's cuts Tabitha's throat. It's another vision, and Barbara gives up the Demon's head. Ra's releases Tabitha and admits that maybe he was mistaken about Barbara. He takes the Demons' Head and heals the rest of the way. Bruce tells him to give him the knife and let him kill him, and Ra's says that it isn't the day that he dies. He snaps the knife in half and the lights go out briefly, allowing him to disappear.

Lee insists that she wasn't using Riddler, and tells Oswald to leave the Narrows property deeds because they're worthless. Once Oswald goes into the vault to get Butch, Riddler tosses in a fire bomb setting the property deeds on paper. He closes the vault door and says that by the time Butch breaks through the bars, they'll be gone. Riddler tells Oswald that if he comes against Lee then he comes against him. As Riddler and Lee walk away, Oswald yells that Riddler is a fool.

In the lobby, Riddler tells Lee that he needed Butch to get into the vault. He says that he knows Lee is using him, and that the Tetch virus woke up something in her and they both love it. Riddler promises Lee that one day she'll feel the same way for him that he feels for her. The police pull up outside and Lee says that one of them needs to distract Jim and his officers. Riddler offers to do it, but Lee says that she can handle Jim, tells Riddler to take the money to the Narrows, and goes.

Lee walks out of the bank, and Jim handcuffs her and takes her away.

Barbara is cleaning up the club and tells Tabitha that she would have done the same for her. Lelia and the others come in , and Lelia says that Barbara fought for those alongside her, and she is worthy. They all drop to one knee and say that they follow her to their deaths and beyond.

At the manor, Bruce says that they'll fix the knife and find Ra's. Selina figures that Ra's likes Bruce, and says that Gotham can manage if Bruce takes one night off. She tells Bruce that he did good, and Bruce says that she did as well. As they start to kiss, Ra's appears and says that he wants to talk to Bruce alone. Selina refuses to leave, and Ra's tells Bruce that he respects what Bruce could become. He explains that when he took back the Demon's Head, he had a vision of a cleansing fire sweeping over Gotham, purifying it and letting Ra's turn Bruce into a Dark Knight... if it doesn't kill him.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 21, 2018

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