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Schott Through the Heart Recap

Kara tells her friends and teammates that she knows that they're scared but they do it for the people. They then start singing at karaoke night. Mon-El comes in and smiles as he sees Kara singing. Jimmy takes the stage next, and then Alex ad Hank. Hank calls M'yrnn up to sing, while Mon-El and Jimmy chat about Imra. Mon-El asks Jimmy if he's seeing anybody, and points out that he's checking his phone every 15 seconds. Jimmy admits that there is somebody but they haven't figured out what they're doing. Mon-El offers a toast to working on happiness.

M'yrnn comes down from the stage and hugs Hank, and tells the others that he likes karaoke. He talks about looking after the apartment, and Alex figures that it's time for a housewarming party. As Hank reluctantly agrees, Jimmy calls Lena and leaves a message asking her to call. As Winn goes up on the stage, Mon-El asks Kara if they can talk. She says that they'll talk after Winn sings. Winn sees a newscast about the death of his father Winslow. The others see it as well, and Winn leaves the stage and goes outside. Jimmy goes after him and Winn says that nothing will change because he never saw Winslow anyway. He insists that he doesn't feel anything but admits that he's not sure.

Later at the funeral, Winn and his friends gather at the graves as the priest speaks a few words. No one offers to speak, and Winn's mother Mary approaches her son as they lower the coffin into the ground. She says that she never missed Winslow and she's there for Winn. Winn tells her that it's a little late, and Mary says that they're finally safe. A jack-in-the-box tune plays from the coffin, and Kara switches to Supergirl and gets Winn and Mary away from the coffin as it explodes.

Back at the DEO, Alex examines Mary and makes sure that she's okay. Winn watches from a distance, and tells Supergirl that he's sure that Winslow is dead. Supergirl wonders why he blew himself up at his funeral, and Hank suggests that they analyze the residue. Winn insists that no one was helping his father, and Alex says that Mary wants to talk to Winn refuses, while M'yrnn comes in and asks Hank for money for the pizza he bought for dinner. Alex leads M'yrnn off, and Supergirl tells Hank to go with his father.

Once Hank leaves, Mon-el approaches Supergirl and points out that they never talked. He apologizes for lying to her when they were together, and she asks if he's okay. Mon-El admits that Imra lied to him about something big and Brainiac 5 was in on it, and suggests that they get a drink later. He figures that there's some things that Supergirl should know, and Supergirl agrees.

Winn is at his terminal when Mary comes over. He tells her that she can't be there, and takes her to a private room to talk. Mary says that she wanted her son back, and says that leaving him gutted her. She explains that Winslow said if she ever went near Winn, Winslow would kill him. Win tells her that she's making an excuse and describes the night when Winslow snapped and the police brought Winn to the station. He waited there for Mary to pick him up, and she never came. He says that what haunts him is Mary leaving him when he needed her the most. Mary tells him that she's sorry, but Winn says that he doesn't want to hear it and tells her to leave.

Agents run by outside, and they see robot flying monkeys writing "Surrender Mary" in the sky. The robots soar down into the DEO building. Supergirl attacks the leader flying over the city, and Winn gets Mary to cover while the other monkeys trash the building interior. After a chase through the city, Supergirl grabs a sign and smashes the robot for pieces.

As the robots move in on Winn, Mary grabs one by the leg. Supergirl arrives and destroys it with her heat vision, and attacks the others. Once she destroys them, they call Alex and she tells Hank and M'yrnn that Kara has it handled. She asks M'yrnn if he's faced any prejudice because of his form, and Hank says that he likes his chosen form as a black man. M'yrnn agrees and Alex says that she has their backs.

Winn tells Jimmy that he wishes Mary would leave and she doesn't get to walk back into his life. He figures that Jimmy thinks that he should let her back into his life, and Winn says that Mary abandoned him and will have to deal with the consequences. Winn admits that if she stayed then they might have had a good relationship, and Jimmy warns hi not to go down that path. He says that when his father died, his mother did everything for him and his sister and he still blamed her. Jimmy explains that it took a long time but they got over it, and tells Winn that he can't change what happened but it's up to him what he does now.

Supergirl approaches Mary, who says that she worried that Winn would go the same way as Winslow. She thanks Supergirl for telling Winn that he's nothing like his father, and Supergirl says that Winn is the one who keeps them all going. Mary wishes that Winn would let her tell him how proud she is of him, and is relived that flying monkeys are relatively inconsequential compared to what they face.

M'yrnn tells Alex that she means a great deal to Hank, and wishes that he had a granddaughter. Alex points out that he had two granddaughters, and M'yrnn doesn't remember them for a moment. She says that her grandmother forgetting things late in life, and eventually she forgot people. Alex suggests that M'yrnn is suffering something similar, and M'yrnn asks her not to tell Hank. She warns that M'yrnn will need help as the condition progresses, but M'yrnn refuses to ask Hank to watch him disappear inch by inch. Alex says that she won't lie to Hank, but M'yrnn angrily says that she is to say nothing and orders her out. Once she leaves, Alex comes out and wonders what happened, but his father says nothing.

Winn is examining one of the toy robots when Mary comes in and offers to help. She says that she was once Winslow's apprentice, and explains that Winslow taught her about the math in the machine. Mary says that she knew what made her husband's mind tick, and Winn points out that she could have stopped Winslow. She brings up how Winslow run them off the road when she was taking Winn to a domestic-abuse shelter, and that was the night Winslow threatened to kill Winn to hurt her. Mary says that Winslow was paranoid and mean for years before he snapped, and she kept it from Winn. She apologizes for not saving Winn, and admits that the last 20 years were on her. All she wanted to do was tell Winn while.

In the DEO hallway, Hank approaches Alex and asks what happened. Alex says that M'yrnn was wonderful, and Hank says that now M'yrnn has closed himself off. She tells Hank that it's not her business to say but tells Hank that she had a wonderful time.

Jimmy tries to call Lena but gets her answering machine again. He goes to the lab and Mary says that the wiring on the robots is amateur. She finds a panel inside a robot with a logo on it, takes it out, and says that she needs a break. She then grabs a gun from the armory and goes to a toy factory with the same logo and confronts the person working at a bench. The woman, Jacqueline, says that her guns are worse, pulls a lever, and drops a giant pullet control on Mary.

Winn asks the others if they saw his mother. He points out that the key chamber is missing a panel, and the new Jacqueline calls and tells Winn to come and exchange himself for Mary. Winn insists on going with the others and use the part of him like his father's.

Mary asks others why she's attacking them, and others says that Winn never visited his father and Mary got away from him. She says that she worked maintenance at the penitentiary and taught her everything he knew. In exchange she promised to carry out his wishes when he died. Winslow wanted her to punish Mary by killing Winn in front of her, and then she'll kill Mary as well. With that, others locks her in a giant claw apparatus.

The team enter the toy factory, and a plane with a bomb flies in. Supergirl and Mon-El shield Jimmy and Winn, and they run off to find out Mary while the other two deflect more of the flying bombs. Jacqueline calls over the intercom, welcoming them to the company as a toy hummer with a flame thrower chases them.

Once Supergirl defeats the flying bombs, Jacqueline traps her in a plastic collector's case. When Mon-El comes to help her, a giant robot –Rex attacks him.

Jimmy deflects the toy hummer with his shield. They spot Mary, and Jimmy tells Winn to get Mary while he deals with more of the vehicles.

Mon-El lures the T-Rex into smashing apart the case, freeing Supergirl. He then uses a tarp to deflect the –rex, knocking it down.

Winn reaches the claw and says that he's there to rescue her. He frees his mother, and Jaqueline confronts both of them with a gun. Winn points out that she's just going to shoot them, which is nothing like his father. He uses a remote to trigger a flying robot, which soars in and disarms Jacqueline. Jacqueline snags Winn's throat with a yo-yo, but he cuts the string and Mary slams the claw into Jacq8ueline. Supergirl, Mon-El, and Jimmy arrive to make sure Winn and Mary are okay.

Later, the group goes back to the karaoke bar and Mon-El sings. Mary and Winn watch, and Mary says that she's proud of her son for forging an incredible life for himself. Mon-El apologizes for his bad singing, and Mary says that she can leave now that she knows that Winn doesn't need her. Winn says that he'd like to get to know her, and signs them up for a song. Mon-El joins Kara and says that he only came to talk to her, and Kara tells him that he and Imra have to work things out between themselves. Mon-El agrees and says that he wasn't going to talk about Imra. He says that Brainiac 5 and Imra deliberately crashed the ship there, without telling Mon-El because they didn't think he would want to come back to 2018. The third Worldkiller, Pestilence, evolves into Blight in a thousand years. If they find her in the present and stop her, they can save everyone in the future. Kara figures that she has a lot to learn from Mon-El about Blight. He offers to show her some tricks with a cape like he used against the T-Rex, and Kara agrees.

Hank and M'yrnn have dinner and hank repeats what Alex says. He hopes that there are no hard feelings between Alex and M'yrnn, and M'yrnn apologizes and says that he wants Hank to have a life. However, he warns that he will keep Hank away from his friends, and tells him about his condition.

Winn and Mary sing, and Hank comes in. Alex sees him and realizes that M'yrnn told him, and goes over and gives Hank a hug. Meanwhile Jimmy finally reaches Lena. She says that she's been tied up in conference and there's nothing to worry about, and checks on Samantha who is unconscious in a treatment bed at L-Corp.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 22, 2018

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