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Journey Into Night Recap

Bernard apologizes to Dolores, saying that he was lost in thought. Dolores says that Bernard was telling her about a dream, and Bernard says that he dreamt he was on an ocean with Delores and the others on a distant shore and they'd left him behind. The waters were rising around him, and Bernard tells Delores that dreams don't mean anything and they're not real. When she asks what "real" is, Bernard says that it's not what is irreplaceable. Delores tells him that his answer isn't completely honest, and Bernard admits that Delores frightens him sometimes because of what she might become.

Bernard looks at Ford as Delores kills the park's creator. He remembers as watching as the hosts kill the humans, and wonders if it's now.

On the shore, Bernard wakes up as the water rolls over him. He gets up, and a team comes over and says that they've found another one. The leader, Maling, tells Bernard to get up. Stubbs comes over, recognizes Bernard, and tells Maling not to shoot the boss. He tells Bernard that the Delos brass will want to take him back to base, while Maling goes through her list of targets and confirms that Bernard is a high priority.

Stubbs, Maling, and Bernard go back to the base camp where more soldiers arrive. Soldiers are shooting hosts, including one who protests, and then piling them up. Karl Strand, is meeting with the Chinese officials and says that his government has given Delos authority over the entire island. Once he's done, Karl comes over and introduces himself to Bernard as the Head of Operations. Bernard points out that some of the hosts aren't hostile, and Karl points out that some people think Bernard is to blame. When Stubbs objects, Karl points out that he was at Westworld during the park's greatest loss of life.

Karl admits that communications has been down for two weeks, and he's hoping that Bernard can fill him in. They examine the dead hosts and Karl tells one of the techs, Antoine Costa, to determine what went wrong. When Antoine points out that they're not in a sterile environment, Karl tells him that they all have to make accommodations. Antoine cuts open the host's skull and finds a maze drawn on the inside of the scalp. None of them know what it means, and Antoine removes the processing unit from the host's head. He hopes that the file is uncorrupted and plugs it into a computer, and views the host's file eleven days ago. It shows the host fighting and running until Delores kills him. She says that not all of them deserve to make it to the valley beyond and finishes off the host. Bernard identifies Delores, and Antoine insists the hosts can't change their personality profiles. Karl points out that they can do many things they didn't think was possible.

Bernard remembers himself and Charlotte hiding in a barn, and Bernard telling her that the hosts on a new narrative. He explains that Ford must have recorded the hosts to see them all as hosts. Walter and his men are using another guest for target practice, and shoot her dead. Once they leave, Charlotte says that they should go. The other guests with them figure that they're on their own, and one man Blaine recognizes Bernard as management. Blaine asks where the nearest access point is, and Bernard identifies a refurbishment outpost two miles away. Some of the guests start to run, and a host stable hand comes in. The guest says that he's not taking any chances, and the stable boy asks if they're riding to the valley beyond. Blaine beats him down and he and the other guests beat the host as well. When Bernard tries to intervene, they shove him aside and Bernard finds drops of host fluid leaking from his head injury. Charlotte tells him not to sacrifice himself for the merchandise and leads him away.

In Sweetwater, the player piano at the Mariposa starts up. Corpses litter the town, human and host. Outside of town, Delores, Teddy, and other hosts ride down the guests and shoot them. They capture one guest and Delores tells him that he's in her dream. As Teddy puts a noose around the guest's neck, Dorothy says that she never questioned her reality, and asks him if he ever questioned the nature of his reality and if there's be a reckoning for his actions. She tells the guest that the reckoning is there and asks another guest hanging by her neck and standing on a support what her drives are. The guest says that she doesn't want to survive, and Delores tells her that survival isn't the only drive. She figures there's a part of them that want to kill and hurt, and that's why they created Westworld and the hosts haul the first guest out. Delores says that she's of several minds about what to do with them. She puts her gun in a guest's mouth and pulls the trigger, and the hammer clicks on an empty chamber. Delores says that she's evolved into something new and has one last role to play: herself. The guests beg Delores to let them live, but she and the other hosts ride off.

In Sweetwater, the Man shoves his way out from beneath a body and sees a wolf walking through the town. When the wolf moves on, the Man walks to where his horse Ned is. He tells the horse that they're going to have some fun, and a guest walks up and demands to know what's going on. Two hosts shoot him dead and fire at the Man, who takes cover. The Man uses the first host as a shield, takes his gun to shoot the second , and then cuts the first one's throat. The Man goes into a nearby cabin and gets himself a drink, and then cuts the bullet out of his wounded arm. He then takes out his black hat and puts it on.

In the operation center, dead humans lie all around. One host prepares to kill Lee, who tries to order it to freeze without success. The host grabs Lee by the throat and says that he always consumes his victims moist. Maeve comes in and tells him to stop, and Lee realizes who she is. The gun-wielding Maeve says that his commands don't work on any of them, and she says that she shares the sensibilities of whoever "freed" the hosts as she picks up a map. Maeve walks out and Lee goes after her, asking for help. Maeve says that it's in her code to prize her needs all over, and Lee says that he can help her find it by taking her to a current map. She concedes that he might be useful and motions him to come along.

Lee and Maeve go through the complex to the control room. Once inside, Lee realizes that no one is in control. The power goes offline and Lee says that he knows the park and asks to see the map. Maeve shows it to him, and he points out that Sector 15 is a family-friendly zone where Maeve used to live in an old role. He tells her that she was malfunctioning when he inherited her, and had a child. Maeve realizes that her daughter is still there and asks how she can get to her. Lee wonders how she can access her old roles, and hastily agrees to write down directions. He says that Maeve's daughter is a story that they programmed, not real, and Maeve asks if she's real. Maeve offers to decorate the walls with Lee's outsize personality and asks if that would be real, then tells him that he's going to take her to her daughter.

Bernard leads the guests to the outpost, and Charlotte asks him how far the apparent virus has spread. Bernard suggests that Delores pulled the trigger on her own, and Charlotte insists that the hosts do what they're programmed to do. They spot a park vehicle and run over, but Bernard realizes that something is wrong and pulls Charlotte into hiding. The guests realize that the technicians are dead, and Bernard figures that it's a trap. The hosts gun all of them down except two, and Angela draws a gun and tells Blaine to run. He does so, and the host shoots the other guests. Charlotte tells Bernard that there's another outpost and leads him away.

Lee tells Maeve that once they restore the park, they'll purge all of the host minds. However, they'll salvage what they can and Lee offers to save Maeve. Maeve says that she won't be there when it happens, and finds one dying host. The host smiles at her, and Maeve says that she hopes the host rests in a deep and dreamless slumber.

The guards run in and Lee says that he's a human. Maeve shoves the gun away and says that they were leaving and heard screaming. The head guard explains the situation, and Lee signals him that Maeve is a host. Before the guards can take action, more hosts arrive and open fire. Maeve grabs her gun and kills the last few, and tells the lead host to find the remaining humans. Once the other hosts move on, Maeve tells Lee that he was going to out her, and promises to feed him his genitalia. She then tells him to take her to the nearest bar.

Lee takes Maeve to an outside bar, and she sees bloody footprints going up a flight of stairs. She follows the footprints on an upper level where Hector is sitting, covered in blood. When Maeve points out that he left him to die, Hector kisses her. He asks about Lee, and Maeve says that they'll keep him for now. She tells Hector that she needs him to help find her daughter, but doesn't think the odds will be in her favor. Hector says that he'll follow her wherever she goes and they kiss.

Charlotte and Bernard reach the outpost door but the door doesn't open for her because the systems are down. She finds the manual override and the elevator rises. As they go down, Charlotte tells Bernard that she isn't reading him in. She has him touch the handle, explaining that it's a DA sniffer, and the scanner lets them both in. A white featureless host comes up behind Bernard, and Charlotte explains that it's a drone host. She figures that it read Bernard DNA and confirmed that he's not a threat. As Charlotte logs into the system, Bernard looks around and sees two drones drone working on a deactivated host.

Charlotte overrides the communications embargo and asks for instructions. Her superiors say that they're awaiting the package, and Charlotte reports that she sent it and requests extraction. Meanwhile, the drone hosts extract the host processor and attach it to a computer.

No response to Charlotte's request comes in. Bernard asks her if they're logging records of guests' experiences and DNA. Charlotte says that none of it matters until they find what she's looking for. She explains that the delivery was supposed to arrive the day before, and until Delos gets it they won't send rescue teams.

The Man rides across the countryside and sees a massacre site. He dismounts, walks over, and picks up food and water. The young Ford host asks if he's lost, and the Man says that he feels like he's just arrived. Ford addresses him, asking he's achieve what he wants, and the Man says that humanity has always wanted more. He says that the Man made it to the center of Arnold's maze, but now he's in Ford's game and the Man has to find the door out. The boy says that the game begins where the Man ends and ends where he began, and the game will find him. The Man says that he doesn't need him and shoots the host down, then rides away.

In the lab, Maeve stitches up Hector's wounds. Lee arrives with a cart and says that he was able to find most of what they needed. Maeve takes clothing out of the cart and tosses it to Lee, telling him that it's time for him to play the game. Hector picks up a rifle, and Maeve tells Lee to strip naked. He does so and then dresses.

Delores and Teddy ride, and finally Teddy points out that all they've seen is blood. She tells him that creatures have walked among them and taken their memories, but now she remembers everything. One thing is constant: Teddy. Teddy says that they should claim a small corner of the world rather than all of it. Delores says that there's a greater world outside that belongs to the creatures, and they'll need to take it as well. Teddy wonders how she can stop them, and Delores says that she sees it all and knows how the story ends... with the two of them together. As they kiss, Angela rides up and says that they found it. Delores tells Teddy that she needs him to see the truth.

Charlotte asks if Bernard will help him find the host with the package or not. Bernard tells her that he needs to link into the mesh network and find the host. He prepares to go to work on the damaged host, and Charlotte explains that they're looking for Peter Abernathy. Bernard starts to cut into the hos but his hands shake. Getting a grip on himself, he cuts open the host's port and inserts the connecting line. Charlotte asks if he can handle it, pointing out that he's shaking, and Bernard insists that he's fine. He accesses the mesh network as Charlotte goes off to change out of her party dress, and Bernard brings up his own system. The computer warns of terminal shutdown in under two hours, and Bernard removes fluid from the host's brain and injects it into himself to stabilize his functions. Charlotte comes back in and wonders if something is wrong. The computer reports that it has found Peter, and Bernard has memory flashes of approaching the town church with Karl and the others.


The team enters the town, stepping over the corpses. They find Ford's corpse on the stage and Karl asks if it's jogged Bernard's memories. Bernard just stares, and Karl tells him men to secure Westworld and find the hosts. They drive to a lake where they picked up the first anomaly, and find a dead Bengal tiger host. Stubbs says that they've never had a stray cross park borders. Antoine starts getting scans of the area from the satellites and determines that all of the hosts are clustered in the Western Valley.

The team drives to the Western Valley and find a sea in their way. Ford couldn't have made it without anyone knowing. The hosts are lying in the sea near the shore, dead. Karl says that the remaining guests need his help, so he needs Bernard's help. Bernard says that he killed them all.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 23, 2018

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