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The King of the Delta Blues Recap

San Antonio, Texas: November 23, 1936

Robert Johnson goes into the Gunter Hotel room of Don Law and tells him that five years ago he couldn't play a guitar. Donny tells his "assistant" Betty to get them sodas, they kiss briefly before she leaves. Once Donny sets up the equipment, Robert faces the guitar, says that he's going to make them both famous, and starts playing.

In the bunker, Rufus is trying to sleep on a couch, and finds Wyatt going into the bathroom. As Rufus tells Wyatt and Jessica to keep it down, Lucy comes by and goes into the bathroom before Rufus can go in.

Jiya wakes up and has a vision. She goes to the control room and tells Rufus that she didn't sleep. Rufus manages to put a fourth seat into the Lifeboat and kisses Jiya. A drunken Connor comes in and congratulates them, and shows them an article about his downfall. He explains that today is the day that he loses all of his holdings and is officially nobody. Connor offers them a toast to oblivion.

Denise approaches Wyatt and says that she has to talk to them. The Mothership alarm goes off and Denise says that they'll have to talk later. The team gathers and Lucy says that the Mothership jumped to 1936 San Antonio but doesn't know of any obvious target for Rittenhouse. Connor says that Robert Johnson and Don Law recorded albums at the Gunter Hotel, and explains that Robert Johnson is the king of rock and rules. He insists that Robert Johnson inspired rock and roll, and Lucy says that Rittenhouse would kill the counterculture as they know it. Denise tells everyone to gear up, and Rufus suggests that Connor take the fourth seat because he knows more about Robert than any of them. Connor refuses, saying that it's too dangerous. Lucy tells him that he's going, and Denise tells Wyatt to stay there while Flynn goes with the team. She gives Flynn a gun and Wyatt tells him to keep the others safe.

Once the Lifeboat departs, Wyatt asks what is going on. Denise tells him that he's going to take out Rittenhouse for good. She and Jiya explain that they have Carol's location from where she took Denise and they found it via Denise's GPS chip. Denise wants Wyatt to go in solo and gather intelligence while she and Jiya monitor him via his helmet cam. Wyatt immediately agrees and leaves, and Denise asks Jiya if she's all right. Jiya asks her if okay to keep secrets from someone she loves, and then claims that she and Rufus are having relationship issues.

The Lifeboat arrives in 1936 and Connor admires his first time travelling experience... and then throws up from the trip. He tells them that Robert will record his album in one hour and fifteen minutes. They steal clothes and get a car, and head into San Antonio.

Robert is recording his album when a man bursts in and prepares to shoot Robert. Garcia arrives and kills the man, and the others come in. Lucy says that they're part of the new FBI and Connor claims that he's a British agent on special assignment. Don figures that the killer didn't come in by accident, and says that they warned him that Robert was cursed. Connor tells them that Don and Robert have to resolve their differences, and Lucy says that they're big fans. Don points out that Robert has left, and Lucy sends Connor and Rufus to find Robert while she and Flynn watch Don.

As Don cleans up, Lucy says that he has to help Robert make his album. She tells him that Robert is amazing and Don could make him a legend, but Don figures that he's a loser. Lucy asks if he wants to be a bookkeeper the rest of his life, and tells him that his instincts about Robert were right. Don figures that she's manipulating him but admits that it worked. He agrees to record Robert if the others find Robert.

Robert is walking down the highway hitching a ride when Rufus and Connor pull up. The singer says that he's cursed, and Rufus tells him that the record he makes could change the world. Connor knows all about Robert's sister Carrie, who owns a bar nearby. He offers to take Robert there, and whispers to Rufus that they don't have any chance but to play along. Robert agrees but tells them not to say anything about making a record.

Wyatt enters the warehouse and Denise confirms that's where she was. A man jumps Wyatt and after a brief fight, Wyatt takes him out with his own gun. Wyatt searches the man and finds a key fob with a serial number on it. Jiya confirms that it's a high-frequency access to a priority client. There's an advanced firewall and Jiya asks for a couple of hours to crack it.

The trio stop at a gas station and Rufus makes a phone call to the Gunter. Meanwhile, Robert tells Connor that he's just dropping in to say goodbye before he hits the road. Connor tells Robert that he's a poet, and says that he believe sin his talent. Rufus comes back and says that he left a message for Lucy, and Connor tells Robert that he knows about his deal with the devil. Robert says that the devil tricked him, making him a widower at 18 and 21, and death and heartbreak follow him everywhere he goes. The singer figures that he can't keep helping the people he hurt. Connor says that he's made his own deal with the devil and it cost him everything he had, and Robert figures that he understands what he's doing. Once he says goodbye to Carrie, he's quitting for good.

At the hotel room, Lucy tells Flynn that don went to get the equipment to fix the recorder. Flynn jokingly says that he's way more fun on the missions than Wyatt, and figures that it's awkward between Lucy and Wyatt now that Jessica is there. He read in her future journal that he knows she keeps a bottle of vodka under her bed, and says that he understands her from reading it. Lucy says that he doesn't know her, and Flynn drops the matter for the moment. A bellhop arrives with Rufus' message.

Rufus, Connor, and Robert arrive at Carrie's bar and Rufus steps on a man's shoes. Connor quickly apologizes and tells Rufus that he's studied bluesmen all of his life. The customers tell Robert that Carrie stepped out , and Connor realizes that they're three of the greatest singers of the era. He addresses one as Bessie Smith, and she hugs him and everyone cheers. Connor orders a round of drinks on the house.

Lucy and Flynn find Don coming up the stairs and say that they're going to the bar, and Don says that they were looking for Robert last week. Betty steps out and opens fire, killing Don before running off. Flynn realizes that Betty was a Rittenhouse sleeper and now she knows where Robert is.

Lucy and Flynn drive to the bar, figuring Betty is only a few minutes ahead of them. Flynn hums along to a song on the radio, and says that his wife Lorena used to sing it. He admits that Lucy was right and he doesn't know her, and that he'd like to get to know her. Lucy says that Carol used to sing the song, too, and they talk about their families. When Lucy mentions her sister, Flynn says that he never intended to make her disappear and he insists that somehow they'll save the people they love. He says that Lucy in the journal is very impressive.

At the bar, Connor listens as the blues men talk about Robert singing. Rufus tells Connor that he's worried that Lucy and Flynn didn't get his message. Connor tells Rufus that when they get back to the present, he's going to ramble on like Robert does. He points out that he hasn't helped the team, but Rufus insists that their missions aren't life-counseling sessions. Carrie comes in and Robert leads her away to tell that he's leaving.

Once Jiya hacks the firewall, he goes to the new address. Jiya worries that he's on his own, but Denise insists that he can handle it and she doesn't know which other agents she can trust for backup. Wyatt takes out four guards, but one manages to sound the alarm and Nicholas hears it. Other agents set the building on fire to destroy the evidence. Wyatt finds Carol but can't bring himself to shoot her. Another guard arrives and shoots him, and Wyatt's Kevlar protects him. The guard gets Carol into the Mothership and they leave before Wyatt can recover him.

At the bar, Robert hugs Carrie and says goodbye. Connor and Rufus see them and Connor wonders what they're going to do now. Betty comes in and aims her gun at Robert. Before she can shoot, Rufus jumps her and someone shoots her down. Flynn and Lucy arrive, and they realize that Connor shot Betty.

Once the bar clears out, Lucy tells Rufus that they brought the equipment and maybe Connor can record Robert. Connor is in shock, and Rufus goes over and tells him that Don is dead and they need Connor to record Robert. Connor warns that it's not the same and won't have the same impact, and tells Rufus to do it. Rufus points out that Connor is the expert on Robert, and Connor says that fan boys don't save the world. The younger man says that he was Connor's fan boy, and he only got through MIT because Connor came and said that believed in him. Rufus tells Connor that it's him returning the favor.

Carrie brings Robert in and Robert says that the devil followed him there. As he prepares to leave, Connor asks him why he started singing. Robert says that he wanted to be the greatest bluesman in the world, and Connor tells him that nobody will ever know it. He admits that he was rich and famous, and lost it all. Like Robert, he has to decide to walk away or fight back. Connor tells Robert that the bad luck will keep chasing him until he stands his ground and fights.

Soon, Connor sets up the recording equipment and tells Robert to sing. Robert does so as everyone listens and smiles.

Denise goes to the warehouse and points out that Wyatt could have taken out Carol. He claims that his gun jammed, but Denise figures that Wyatt couldn't kill Lucy's mother Denise tells him that she'll take it from there.

The Lifeboat returns to the bunker and the team tells Jiya about Connor. They confirm that time didn't change. Wyatt returns and sees them laughing, and Connor thanks Rufus for everything. Rufus asks Connor if Robert ever told him what happened at the crossroad, and Connor just mimes silence.

Wyatt asks to talk to Lucy alone. He tells her that Rittenhouse is on the run and Carol got away, and asks about Flynn. Lucy says that Flynn was great and that she'll tell Wyatt the rest the next day so that he can be with Jessica.

Connor goes to his room and takes out his Robert Johnson record. He puts it on and listens, and hears himself saying "Yeah" in the background. The recording notes mention Connor's alias that he used in the past.

Lucy lies on the couch and then sits up and takes her bottle of vodka to Flynn's room. After a moment he lets her in and closes the door.

Jiya holds Rufus and he figures that she had one of her visions. He asks what she saw, and Jiya tells him that she saw Rufus near the ocean surrounded by cowboys. They had Rufus trapped and he died.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 23, 2018

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