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Black Art Recap

Cameron walks into the Archive and looks at a billboard of fashion model Lexi Simone across the street.

Lexi goes into her hotel with her bodyguard Vince. Her publicist Adi comes over to check on Lexi and suggests that she cancel her appearance. Lexi wonders why she's being weird, and Adi says that Michael Kos is going to be there and she didn't think that Lexi should meet him after what he said about her in Vienna. The model sends Vince on to her apartment to get her coat. A lamp floats into the air and flies at Vince, and a man dressed entirely in black steps out of shadows and clubs Vince unconscious.

In prison, Cameron meets with Jonathan in his new private workspace and says that they found Bishop's notebook. They figure that the Sorceress' next job is in there somewhere, and if they figure out what' the code means then they can get Jonathan out of prison.

At the archive, Jordan is working on his laptop as Dina watches over his shoulder. Gunter comes in and the others tell him that if Cameron finds out that Lexi was attacked then he'll get involved because he's a glutton for punishment. Jordan is scrubbing her name from all of the newsfeeds, and Dina points out that Cameron can still pick up a newspaper. Cameron comes back from prison and Gunter offers to make him some eggs. They quickly pickpocket the newspaper that Cameron is holding and feign ignorance when he realizes that it's missing. Kay comes in and gives Cameron a linguistic scan of the journal. She says that she has to interview Lexi about the break-in, and Cameron says that he's heard of her. He claims that she had some trust issues, much to his team's amusement. Cameron insists on tagging along, saying that he has a great relationship with all of his exes.

When Cameron and Kay arrive at the FBI office, Lexi asks Cameron what he's doing there. He says that he works for the FBI, and starts to bring up Jonathan Lexi complains that Cameron never told her about his twin brother, and Cameron admits that he should have told her about him. Kay realizes that Lexi thought Cameron was cheating on her when he was hiding a twin brother. Cameron says that they should focus on the case, just as Rafe Williams comes in and hugs Lexi, asking if she's okay. Kay points out that Rafe is the king of Silicon Valley.

Vine says that he's not sure if he saw anything in the room. Kay says that the NYPD will wrap it up and tells Cameron that it doesn't seem like an FBI case. Cameron says that he still has some questions and claims that he's not interested because Lexi is involved. He immediately starts asking Vince about Rafe, and Kay says that they're done there.

That night, Deakins finds Cameron and Kay going over the surveillance footage from the hotel. She says that it's not the best use of FBI resources, and Cameron says that they're just going over the footage. Once Deakins leaves, Kay tells Cameron that there's nothing to do even though Cameron wants to show Lexi that he's not a bad guy. Jordan is in the outer office, and Kay warns that Deakins is pissed about him. Cameron says that Jordan is doing computer stuff, and they go out. Jordan says that Lexi is always on social media and she's instagramming live from a photo shoot. He admits that he blocked her references from Cameron's computer, and discover that Lexi's publicist Adi posted that Lexi wasn't going to One-Oak. Cameron suggests that Adi set the entire thing up and they should talk to Lexi. Kay points out that they should talk to Adi, and Cameron hastily agrees. The photoshoot is at the Palace Theater, and Cameron and Kay go there.

At the theater, Lexi sees Cameron and Kay come in. as Cameron tells Adi that they need to talk, the lights go out. the spotlight on Lexi closes up and then shuts off. By the time Cameron and the others get there, Lexi is gone. The Deception Team arrive and check the blueprints, and confirm that the foundation is solid. Kay asks Cameron how he would have made Lexi disappear, and he suggests Black Art. Gunter agrees and Cameron explains that people can't see black on black. However, he says that he was watching and if it was Black Art, it's the best he's ever seen.

Kay interviews Adi, who says that a rival publicist paid her $50,000 to sabotage Lexi's appearance. However, she insists that she had nothing to do with the disappearance. Deakins is watching and isn't convinced, and Mike determines that the email Adi received with the offer was sent from a bogus account. They find Cameron making a diorama of the theater, and he has discovered that inventor Walt Whipply created a paint that is the blackest substance in the world. Jordan and Gunter are running Walt down.

The two men go to the warehouse where Walt works. Walt greets Gunter by name and assures him that Jordan is legitimate.

At the archive, Dina gets a call from Jonathan. He asks her for a book to help break Bishop's code, and says that it would be good to see her if she could bring the book to him.

Walt talks about his paint, and Jordan knows all about the theory. He says that he doesn't have the patent because the research and development bankrupted him. He took on a partner, Angel Investor, who ripped him off. Walt says that the company hasn't licensed his paint to anyone, and they realize that IR Tech has the paint... and Rafe owns it.

Later, Cameron tells Kay what his team found and suggests that Rafe is the kidnapper. Kay figures that Walt kidnapped Lexi to get revenge on Rafe. They go to IR Tech and an aide shows them around and talks about the company's newest invention, the IR Bracelet that uses diamagnetic magnetic levitation to summon objects to their hand. Izzy Fortnette, IR Tech's chief design officer, walks by and the aide says that what Rafe imagines, Izzy designs.

In the Archive, Dina is getting the book out of a hidden compartment. Gunter comes in and Dina insists that there's nothing going on between her and Jonathan. He asks if she's leading on Mike, and wonders why she hasn't told him about her past with Jonathan. Dina says that it's painful and embarrassing, and Gunter offers to have his "friend" in the FBI help her get the book into prison.

When Kay and Cameron go into Rafe's office, he's on the phone to the governor. Cameron says that they know Rafe has the paint, and Rafe says that paint was stolen a few months ago. Kay wonders why Rafe is nervous and asks if he knows where Lexi is. Rafe says that the kidnappers contact him and sent her a video of Lexi saying that he's supposed to bring a working prototype of the IR Bracelet and the kidnappers will let her go. He tells Cameron and kay that he can't give them the tech because it doesn't actually work. Cameron suggests that they make it work and demonstrations a levitation trick on his cell phone.

Rafe goes to Izzy's office to get the bracelet and complains that he's embarrassing him by not doing his job and making the bracelet work. Once Rafe leaves, Kay questions Izzy and he says that he'll talk to her somewhere else.

Mike takes Dina into the prison and he wants to go with her to meet Jonathan. he admits that he's googled her and learned that she's a good singer, and the prisoner asks what her relationship is with Jonathan. She awkwardly says that they're just friends.

Kay and Izzy get hot dogs, and Izzy says that if they can't make Rafe's ideas world then it's their fault. He explains that he's been telling Rafe for years that the bracelet isn't possible, but Rafe doesn't believe him and he always gets what he wants.

Dina and Mike enter Jonathan's workspace and Mike introduces himself. Jonathan admits that he hasn't been able to break the code, and Mike suggest a possibility. The prisoner says that he already tried it, but then he realized the code was similar to something in Houdini's journal. The journal is the broke that Dina brought, and Dina quickly gets Mike out when he starts to bond with Jonathan.

In the Archive, Cameron, Jordan, and Gunter set up the levitation trick. Cameron says that all that matters is getting Lexi back... from her kidnappers. He reviews the video with Rafe and assures him that the plan will work, and Rafe says that he tried to make magic of his own with his tech. He tells Cameron that Lexi is the most important thing to him, and Cameron promises that they'll get her back.

Cameron calls Jonathan and asks if he has intimacy issues. He says that he never got love from their father, and wonders why he never told Jonathan about Lexi. Cameron wonders if he let the most important thing in his life walk away, and Jonathan tells his brother that he saw Dina and Mike seems like a nice guy. He admits that their father messed them up and Cameron agrees.

At the rendezvous, everyone gets into place. Rafe and a disguised Cameron wait while Kay and the others run surveillance. A driverless car pulls up and the door opens, and Jordan realizes that it's the driverless car that Walt had plans for at his workshop. Cameron and Rafe get in and the car drives off. Kay and Mike follow them, and the car goes to another spot where three men are waiting with military-grade weapons. they demand that Rafe provide a demonstration, and Rafe whispers to Cameron that he can't do it. Cameron reminds Rafe that he said he'd do anything for Lexi, and they prepare the demonstration.

While they wait in the car, Mike asks Jordan if there was anything between Dina and Jonathan. Jordan says that they had true love, and points out a nearby radio transponder. He figures that someone in the area is controlling the supposedly "driverless" car.

Cameron puts on the bracelet and Rafe gives his sales pitch to the businessman in charge and his guards. The keys levitate as planned.

Jordan traces the signal.

Cameron levitates his cell phone over to the businessman, who says that they have a deal. he transfers funds and says that he was invited to buy the product and has no idea who Lexi is. They drive off and the real kidnapper calls Rafe and says that he sold a worthless magic trick for $200 million.

Jordan, Kay, and Mike find the trailer where the kidnapper is. He sends the driverless car back with Lexi and says that she dies.

Jordan picks the lock on the trailer door and the FBI agents go in. Izzy is running the driverless car, hits a switch, and says that it's too late. Kay calls Cameron and tells him that Izzy is responsible. Jordan ties Dina in, and the car backs up and accelerates forward. Cameron pulls Rafe out of the way and runs after the car, which brakes to a halt and accelerates against just as Cameron leaps on the hood. As it continues speeding forward, Cameron yells through the windshield apologizing to Lexi for lying to her.

Izzy tells Kay that he locked them out of the control system. Meanwhile, Jordan goes over the blueprints and tells Cameron that there's a control box on the roof. Cameron opens it and throws the switch, and gets into the car through the sunroof. He asks his team what he does now, and Jordan directs Cameron in how to disable the system the car doesn't stop, and Cameron tells Lexi to climb out as the car accelerates toward a gasoline tanker. Lexi doesn't jump, and the car stops just in time. The model thanks Cameron for saving her, and Rafe calls to say that he overrode Izzy's parameters. Cameron tells Lexi that Rafe saved them both, and Rafe tells Cameron over the radio to tell Lexi that he loves her. The magician awkwardly passes on his message, and Lexi says that she loves Rafe and thanks Cameron.

Later, the FBI put Izzy in an interrogation room. Kay tells Deakins and Mike that Izzy wanted to punish Rafe for setting him impossible tasks. Mike goes back to his office and finds Dina there. She knows what Jordan told him earlier, and Mike asks why she didn't tell him the truth. Dina says that she didn't want to screw up what's happening between them, and kisses him.

Rafe tells Cameron that the bracelet will never work and it's impossible. Cameron tells him that his mantra was that "Nothing's Impossible", and Rafe figures that it's a perfect marketing slogan. Lexi is looking out the window, and Cameron points out that Rafe saving her life was like him saving her. Lexi admits that she should have known Cameron always had something hidden up his sleeve, and Cameron tells her that his new trick is that he disappears at the end. She kisses him on the cheek, says goodbye, and walks out with Rafe.

At the prison, Jonathan goes over the code and throws his code wheel against the wall in frustration. It breaks, revealing a wheel inside, and Jonathan realizes that combined with the painting of the Sorceress it's the key to the code. He calls Cameron and says that he broke the code, and the next target is Cameron. Meanwhile, a group of people gather around Cameron filming him. Jonathan tells him to run, and the phone goes dead.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 23, 2018

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