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In Search of Lost Time Recap

At L-Corp, Lena checks the unconscious Sam and determines that she's transforming. She ends the sedation to test Sam, and asks her to be Sam when she wakes up.

The group is playing game night at Kara's apartment, and M'yrnn is participating. Kara goes to get wine and Hank goes with her. He says that his father is handling his condition better than he is. M'yrnn describes how Hank would cheat on Mars when they played a game and Hank blamed it on an imaginary friend. Hank remembers his "friend"'s name, and Alex gets a trouble alert about something is going on downtown.

At a bar, men are attacking a woman who fights them all off. Supergirl arrives and a man says that the woman, Xxx, just went berserk. Xxx knocks Supergirl back and after a brief, Supergirl subdues her and take her to the DEO. Hank confirms that she's a Kalanorian with psychic abilities, and scans her to see if she read the mind of another psychic. He doesn't sense any psychic anomalies, and says that the Kalanorians are subject to outbursts during astronomical events. Hank tells them to put the Kalanorian into containment while they focus on the Worldkillers.

In the main room, Mon-El says that his teammates haven't found Purity and Reign using their ship's sensors. He says that Pestilence should leave a path of blight, and Winn picks up a river of blood in the Arctic. Brainiac and Imra have gone to check it out, and Kara tells Mon-El to teach him how they fight in the future.

Sam wakes up and wonders where Ruby is. Lena assures her that Ruby is safe, and says that there's trace evidence that Sam's cells have undergone a metamorphosis. When Sam blacks out, her body changes to Reign. Sam insists that she's not an alien and says that she has to see ruby. Lena compiles a timeline of Sam's blackouts and shows that they occurred at the same time that Reign attacked the city. When Sam tries to leave, she discovers that Lena has contained her in a force field. She says that she can't let Sam go.

Mon-El shows Kara videos of Reign and says that she hunts rather than fights. He explains that Reign is playing with her food, and Kara realizes that her power is coming from where Reign is planting her feet. When she goes high, Supergirl can take her out. Mon-El suggests that Kara uses her cape. Winn comes in and tells them that he has fixed Mon-El's own suit, and invites him to suit up.

Hank returns home with lunch and finds M'yrnn playing a game to hone his thoughts. M'yrnn tells his son to speak about what is worrying him, and insists that he feels fine. Hank asks if it's helping, and M'yrnn figures that Hank believes his condition is worsening. His son explains about the Kalanorians and figures that she went berserk because of M'yrnn's mental breakdown. Hank invites M'yrnn to bring the game with him, and M'yrnn makes a joke about Hank's childhood imaginary friend.

When Lena checks on Sam, Lena insists that she couldn't kill people. The CEO says that Reign is a separate entity and would kill, and insists that she's sure. Sam accuses her of calling her a supervillain because Lena is a Luthor. Before she can answer, Lena gets a call that James is in her office. She goes there and he says that he thought he'd have better luck contacting her in person since she hasn't answered his calls. Lena says that she's in the middle of an emergency with one of her employees, and says that they don’t want her help. James talks about his college roommate taking drugs, and he never wanted to hear that he had a problem. He tells Lena that at the end, all someone can do to help someone is hold up a mirror.

Mon-El puts on his suit and goes to the training room. Supergirl reminds him that he once had no interest in being a hero, and they start fighting. Mon-El uses his cape to pull Supergirl off-balance, and explains that the cape is smartcloth made out of Kryptonian meta-material.

Hank and M'yrnn arrive at the DEO and Hank suggests that Alex scan his father. M'yrnn refuses and goes to pray. Winn takes over the monitor from Demos, but they start arguing.

Supergirl works with her cape and gets irritated when she can't duplicate Mon-El's moves. She angrily says that he was hungover and tells him to keep fighting.

Winn and Demos continue arguing.

Supergirl tells Mon-El to throw a punch, and she catches his fist with her cape. He trips her with a foot.

M'yrnn keeps praying.

Demos accuses Winn of using his friendship with Supergirl to get favor with Hank.

Supergirl gets increasingly angrily as Mon-El avoids her blows.

Demos calls Winn the son of a serial killer and shoves him.

Supergirl punches Mon-El.

Demos chokes Winn, who grabs the agent's gun and tells him to get off of him. The agent attacks him until Alex arrives. When Demos doesn't stop fighting, Alex knocks him out and pins Winn to the floor. Supergirl and Hank arrive, and Hank uses his telepathic powers to block M'yrnn's influence. Alex helps Winn out and apologizes to him, and Demos apologizes for what he said. Supergirl and Alex go to see the Kalanorian, and Hank has Winn round up the dampeners they used against Psi.

Supergirl and Alex go to the Kalanorian's cell, and Supergirl says that she hit Mon-El under the telepathic influence. Alex wonders if Supergirl was really affected or if they have unresolved issues. Supergirl insists that their relationship is strictly professional, and they arrive to find the unconscious Kalanorian convulsing, chanting in Martian.

Sam asks Lena to let her out, and Lena says that she is just trying to protect her and Ruby. She brings up images of Reign attacking Morgan, and then images of Reign attacking Supergirl. Lena reminds Sam that she ripped men apart, and says that she wouldn't let someone like Sam near Ruby. Sam transforms into Reign and smashes on the force field. Meanwhile, Sam finds herself in an empty field and then a forest at night.

Hank tells Supergirl that M'yrnn is moving his memories and emotions from the damaged parts of his brain to the intact parts. However, there is sometimes a bleed effect and attacks can affect anyone in close proximity. Hank brought M'yrnn there hoping he could shield the others but realizes that he failed. Supergirl wonders if the dampeners can help, but Hank warns that the technology would strip M'yrnn of his independence, making him reliant on Hank. Alex describes how Eliza got the call about her mother driving through a traffic light and had to take away her car keys. Hank says that he doesn't want to lose his father after getting him back, and Supergirl tells him that her uncle said that the father become the son and the son the father.

Sam wakes up as herself and finds videos playing of her transformation. Lena looks on and tells Sam that she needed her to see it for herself, drops the force field, and tells Sam that she wasn't in control. When Reign transformed, Lena got some of her DNA.

Supergirl is in the training room practicing with her cape. Mon-El comes in and congratulates her on her footwork, and points out that she punched him. Supergirl apologizes and explains that it was M'yrnn's influence, and Mon-El says that the Legion ring provides a mental shield. He wonders if Supergirl has issues with him, and she insists that she doesn't and they should continue sparring.

Hank takes M'yrnn to a DEO cell and says that they need to talk. He explains to his father what has been happening, and M'yrnn insists that he would never hurt anyone. M'yrnn doesn't remember their early conversation about the Kalanorian, and Hank tells him that he can't get control of the disease by himself. Furious, M'yrnn flies into a rage.

Mon-El tells Supergirl to try again with her cape. She finally yells at him to shut up.

Hank has a dampener, and says that he has it to assist M'yrnn in his technique. M'yrnn figures that Hank is trying to imprison him.

Supergirl talks about how Mon-El has screwed up in the past. She says that she gave her heart to a lying jackass who disrespected her, and now he wants to reminisce about their good times. Alex brings in a dampener and has Supergirl put it on outside in the hallway. Once she does, Supergirl wonders what she did.

M'yrnn yells that his son won't put him back in a cell and blasts Hank back. The psychic backlash breaks the cells open and the enemy prisoners come out. A White Martian telepathically senses M'yrnn

The prisoners attack the DEO agents, and Hank flies through the base looking for his father. Supergirl and Mon-El intercept more of the prisoners, and Pam from HR attacks Winn. He's forced to stun her, and finishes putting a dampener on Demos. When one agent fires a bazooka, Mon-El absorbs the blasts. Supergirl uses her cape to subdue two of the prisoners, and smiles in satisfaction.

Hank tells M'yrnn that he's hurting his people, and M'yrnn insists that Hank is trying to trick him. His son says that he loves him and wants to protect him, and asks M'yrnn to trust him. The White Martian arrives and Hank asks Supergirl to stay with M'yrnn while he transforms into J'onn and fights the White Martian. Supergirl tells M'yrnn that sometimes all they can do is accept the way things are and make the best of it. Her dampener burns out, and Hank transforms back and says that "the son becomes the father". M'yrnn tells Hank to do it, and Hank puts the dampener on him. The mental impulses stop, and Hank hugs his father.

Late, Sam calls Ruby and tells her that she's in the hospital with a contagious disease and has to stay there for a while. Once she hangs up, Sam tells Lena to keep Ruby away from her until she's cured.

The agents clean up the DEO, and M'yrnn tells everyone that he's sorry for the pain he caused. He refused to accept what was happening and it nearly cost him everything he holds dear. Alex and Supergirl says that it their turn to protect Hank and M'yrnn.

Lena finds James in her office leaving off takeout. He says that he didn't want her to forget to eat because she was busy, and Lena invites him to join her. They sit and Lena tells James that there are people who count on her discretion and there's secrets she can't share with him. James says that he understands, and Lena tells her that her work is going good for all.

The next day, Mon-El finds Kara practicing her moves in the training room. She admits that their relationship wasn't perfect but she romanticized him when he was gone and never dealt with her feelings. Kara tells Mon-El that she's sorry that it was brutal, and Mon-El admits that he knows he used to be a jerk. He apologizes for all of it, and suggests that they make an agreement not to apologize to each other again. Kara agrees and they fly off over National City. Birds drop out of the sky and they realize that Pestilence has arrived in National City.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 24, 2018

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