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Chivalry Is Dead Recap

The next morning, Peyton tells Liv that Fillmore-Grave shut down 206 Weekly and Major was the ranking officer. Liv asks her not tell Major or Ravi about the human smuggling, and Peyton says that she respects Liv's decisions and wants to be a part of it. Her friend refuses to let her risk her life, and Peyton points out that Liv is. Liv gets a call and says that she has to leave, and tells Peyton that they need resources. Once she goes, Peyton gets an idea.

In prison, Peyton meets an imprisoned money launderer, Casper Cotter, that she offered to make a deal with. He insists that there's no money, but when Peyton threatens to leave he reconsiders. Peyton offers to get him to a prison outside of the wall if Casper tells her where the money is.

Clive, Liv, and Ravi arrive at the crime scene where a man in armor is lying skewered. Liv confirms that there's a dead man inside, and Clive explains that a jogger found it. Liv eats the victim's brain, while Ravi and Clive examine the armor. Clive confirms that the victim was Garrett Drezel, a medieval history professor who LARPed. Ravi explains that LARP is Live Action Role-Playing and it's not a sex thing. Liv comes in saying that she killed a rat, acting like a medieval knight. She figures that Clive is their leader and vows her fealty, and Clive says that he got the name of the LARP group, the Guardians of Bonestorm, and where they hang. He admits that a version of D&D with badass armor could be cool.

The Guardians are eating at a bar when Clive and Liv arrive. They're arguing over the onion blossom, and Liv declares herself a knight. Clive asks about Garrett, and explains that he was found dead that morning. The leader, Russ, insists that it wasn't any of them and they all worshipped Garrett. They explains that Garret and his friend Magnus left to start their own zombie league. Clive and Liv confirm that Garrett wasn't a zombie.

As Clive and Liv leave, Liv suggests that Garrett might be responsible for pretending that he was a zombie and fighting zombies who thought he was indestructible.

Angus eats at Romero's and congratulates Blaine on doing well. His followers are gulping down their food, and Angus tells them to savor one bite at a time. They do so, and Blaine admires his father's control of his followers. Angus explains that his church is in desperate need of brains and he hopes Blaine can provide some. Blaine asks to think about it, and Angus says that a remedy will come his way.

At the morgue, Ravi and Liv are cutting apart a body when a girl, Isobel, calls Liv and says that her coyote abandoned there. Liv goes into the next room and says the coyote will be back, and promises to scratch Isobel and save her life. On the phone, Liv hears the coyote comes back and Isobel hangs up. When Liv goes back into the room, she finds Clive there. He says that he found Magnus's location at a warehouse and figures the zombie LARPers meet there.

At the Scratching Post, Major and Russ are partying and Major says that he could use some extra money. Russ assures him that he can find him work.

Liv and Clive arrive at the warehouse, where the zombies are holding Zombie Thunderdome. Magnus comes in wearing armor. He pulls a sword out of his chest and tosses it to the challenger, the Butcher, and Liv sees Major and Russ in the crowd. Russ goes to the restroom while Magnus taunts the crowd. Russ turns as he goes and sees Liv talking to Major.

Magnus and the Butcher fight, and Liv rejoins Liv as Magnus takes his opponent down. Afterward, Liv and Clive go back stage and Clive asks Magnus about Garrett. Magnus isn't interested in talking to Clive, but Liv threatens him with a weapon and Magnus quickly agrees. The fighter is surprised that Garrett was human, and Magnus explains that he figured humans would pay to see zombies bleed so he broke away from the zombie LARPers and created Zombie Thunderdome. The fighter comes up with the name of Garrett's group, the Shadow Exiles. Dale texts Clive and says that she'll be home late. The Exiles don't fight for another month but they'll be at the league rules meeting the next day at Ye Olde Microbrewery. Clive leaves and Liv tells Garrett that he's a human and Dale is a zombie.

The next day, Clive talks to Dale and says that he knew it was coming down the pike but it hurts. Dale says that they're still us and it's medicinal, and reminds Clive that he did the same thing.

At the Romero's kitchen, Blaine and Don E are going through a catalog to find cowboy brains. Don E says that he's hired Crybaby Carl as their new muscle, and his condition is medical. Stacey emerges from a crate of refrigerated brains and asks for a hot toddy. Once he warms up, Stacey tells Blaine that he's been keeping tabs on his money launderer, Casper, who has a stash of Stacey's money hidden somewhere. He can't get to Casper in solitary, but he knows that Casper is being transferred outside the wall. Stacey wants Blaine to help him commandeer the transport bus. Blaine says that he knows that Brother Love can provide some men.

Blaine calls Angus in to meet with him and Stacey, and Blaine says that he got a call from Stacey when he asked for a sign. Angus worries that the authorities will come after them, and Blaine assures him that no one will raise a finger because the prisoners will be giving up their brains to needy zombies.

At Fillmore-Graves, Major is shooting pool when Russ comes in. Russ asks him why he was talking to a cop, and Major claims that he was just chatting her up. His new friend apparently accepts his story and says that he'll text Major the address to where there's a job waiting. Russ warns that it's illegal and leaves.

At the motel, Levon, Stan, and Suki are tending to humans they smuggled in when Liv comes in. They have two humans with them, Beth and Geo, and Liv scratches them while Levon takes footage. She asks about Isobel, and Levon tells her that she's traveling with a new coyote, Curtis, and they haven't arrived yet.

Major is waiting at the docks and hears a shotgun go off in the distance. Russ and three men get out, all carrying axes, and Russ tosses his axe to Major and asks if he's ready to get his hands dirty. Major agrees and they walk off together. The group goes to a nearby warehouse where two zombies are making brain tubes. Russ and his men come in and Russ draws a gun on one man. Major knocks down the other one when he tries to run, and Russ asks him if he should waste him. When Major offers to flip to see if they waste him, Russ agrees and Major calls it wrong. The others chop apart the place

Liv and Clive go to the microbrewery and Garrett points out where the LARPers are. As they approach the table, Liv tells Clive that he's a noble warrior and Clive agrees to pull his head out. The Exiles figure that Clive is there about Garrett, and they say that they thought Garrett was a zombie. He was the best fighter but when the sword went through him, he bled to death. They realized that he wasn't a zombie and they panicked. The man portraying Arthur, Kevin Kreeger, admits that he struck the final blow. "Guinevere" says that it was an accident and they all loved Garrett. Clive tells them to come to the station and give a statement, pointing out that leaving the body was a crime.

As the prison transfer bus drives through Seattle, they come to Angus and his zombies lined up across the road. The zombies charge the bus and turn it over, and Angus tells his flock to feed. Blaine and his men watch, and Carl cries and says that he can't control it. Don E tells Carl to kill someone, and one of the prisoners runs away. Stacey confirms that the escapee isn't Casper. Two zombies bring Casper over and Stacey demands to know where his money is. Casper gives up the location, but Stacey ells him that he wants to get the information direct from his brain. Blaine tells Carl to kill Casper and take out his brain so that he can eat it.

The next day at the morgue, Ravi tells Liv that Garrett's family doesn't want the armor and they can keep it. Liv tells him that Peyton likes white knights and goes home. She tells Peyton that she's waiting for word from Levon about Isobel. Ravi bursts in wearing the armor, and Liv gets a flash of Arthur bursting in and finding Guinevere cheating with Garrett. Once she leaves, Ravi tells Peyton that he can't figure out how to take off the armor and she's glad to help.

Clive brings Guinevere in and points out that she was sleeping with Garrett so that she knew he was human. He figures that Arthur knew as well and killed Garrett. Once Arthur became a zombie, they realized how important sex was and it tore them apart. Liv says that Clive and Dale let others share the bed, and Clive admits that it hasn't been the easiest thing. Guinevere insists that it was a freak accident, pointing out that Garrett is the greatest swordsman in Seattle. When Clive shows her a photo of the murder weapon, Guinevere realizes that it's not Arthur's sword.

A short time later, Gallahad leaves the interrogation room. Arthur is next, and Clive brings him in and tells him that Arthur fought Garrett using a weapon that could pierce his armor. Gallahad testified that when they fought, Arthur pretended that he was injured so he could lure Garrett in and sab him to death. Arthur admits that Garrett was a better fighter and a lover, but refuses to confess and says that the jury will believe that Garrett died by accident.

Blaine and Stacey go to the storage locker where the money is, but discover that it's empty.

Liv takes Peyton to the motel and she hands over the money. There's a knock at the door and Levon answers it. It's Curtis and Isobel, and Curtis says that they had to find another route when the guards they bribed wanted world. Liv scratches Isobel on the arm and welcomes her to the brotherhood of zombies. She doesn't turn into a zombie, and Liv tries the other arm. Isobel still doesn't transform, and she figures that she's going to die from her illness.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 24, 2018

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