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Fury Rogue Recap

Harry tells Gideon to run the program again, and the AI scans him and says that the excessive infusion of dark matter into his brain has destroyed his ability to integrate new ideas. The AI tells him that he'll have to relearn everything that he knew, and the Cap won't help. Harry asks how long he has until everything he knows is gone.

Barry and Iris meet with Dr. Finkel to discuss Ralph's death. Iris says that she started to see what a good guy he was. Finkel asks Barry if Ralph's death has had any impact on him, and Barry says that he knows how to deal with death so it doesn't affect him like it once did. Their session ends, and Finkel tells Barry that there is no way to practice for grief.

In Thinker's lab, Mechanic pours tea and Clifford realizes that she's happy. He says that everything is as it was, and Ralph's elasticized cells can hold the dark matter of another dozen metas. Clifford tells Mechanic that they start, and she suggests that they spend time together as husband wife. He irritably tells her to leave the thinking to her.

In the lab, Cisco looks at Ralph's discarded cushion, then starts to put on the cap. Harry stops him and says that it doesn't work, and Cisco admits that they stopped Harry from using it when they need him most. He says that they shouldn't have stopped Harry from wearing it, and Harry admits that he was addicted. Cisco suggests that they should build a second Cap for him so that they can get Clifford. Harry agrees and tells him to get on it.

Caitlin watches video of Clifford stripping her of Killer Frost. Iris comes in and Caitlin says that Killer Frost is nowhere to be found. She wonders why Clifford took Caitlin's ice powers, but Caitlin figures that it had to be him. The alarm registers three pocket dimension doorways in Keystone City, and they realize that he's going after Fallout in Tracy Brand's lab. Barry says that they have to take Fallout somewhere else, suggesting that they cool him down with Snart's cold gun. Cisco tells them that he can modify it given a day, but it'll be too late. They wonder how to outsmart Thinker, and Barry asks Iris to call Lyla and see if she has anything off the grid.

On Earth-X, Citizen Cold hunts down his target and loudly says that the Nazis have been overthrown. Siren-X takes him down and promises that she'll continue fighting. Flash speeds in and takes Citizen Cold to Vibe, who says that they need him on their Earth. He refuses to go until Siren-X arrives, and he realizes that he's safer on Earth-1. Siren-X arrives, removes her mask, and takes in what happened.

In the Cortex, the team tells Leo what has been going on. Barry says that they have to focus on saving Fallout and they came to get Leo because he's an unknown element. The team says that they need Leo's cold gun as backup when they transport Fallout in a cooling suit. Leo asks about Killer Frost, and Caitlin says that she's gone. The Earth-X hero agrees but says that they only have him for 24 hours because then he's going back to marry Ray. Caitlin finishes the suit and Iris goes to call Joe and let him know about the plan.

Cisco goes to the workshop where Harry is working on the second Cap. Harry says that it was easy to make the second one, and Cisco puts the Cap on and tells Harry that he trusts him. Once the Cap activates, Harry secretly throws a switch and the Cap overloads. Cisco says that he got some of the components from his lab and tells Cisco that he'll come up with some because he's out of them.

Clifford monitors Brand's lab, and tells Marlize that Team Flash is moving the asset to a location other than the one he predicted. He turns and discovers that Marlize is wearing a dress, and she reminds him that it's his favorite dress and she wore it to please him. Clifford tells her to focus on their goal of righting the course of misguided humanity, and dismisses her emotion as trivial. He tells Marlize to change into something appropriate and from now on she'll act as his technician. Clifford focuses on how to get team Flash to take Fallout to where he intended, and a disappointed Marlize walks off.

Leo looks at the photo of Ralph and tells Barry that he wasn't with the team when they fought the allies. He points out that Barry seems okay with Ralph's death, and Barry tells him that he's staying on task. Leo describes the rebels they lost fighting the Nazis, and 3,769 of them were under his watch. he felt the deaths of each of their deaths, and he realized that to continue to lead, he had to grieve for all of them. Leo says that he can help them against Clifford as long as Barry has his head on straight. Caitlin, Iris, and Joe arrive with the cooling suit.

Siren-X picks up the sound of their voices and realizes where they're going, and prepares to intercept them.

At the lab in New Brighten, the team pick up Fallout and get him into the suit. Fallout says that he trusts Flash to save him again. Caitlin has prepared a treatment with enough iodine to protect them with some protection from radiation. Flash will run ahead of the truck, Caitlin will be in the truck with Fallout, Joe will drive, and Iris will monitor dimensional portals from STAR Labs. Leo says that they should all keep their heads in the game, and when the other Leo tells him that he has to confront his feelings or they'll confront him.

The truck heads to Central City, and Caitlin confirms that Fallout is stable. She looks at a post-it note that Killer Frost left her, and Leo asks if she misses him. Caitlin says that they were starting to become close, As Flash speeds in, Iris reports pocket dimension activity. The truck levitates into the air and then drops to the ground, and Joe reports that he can't open the truck because it weighs a ton. The comms go out, and Flash and Citizen Cold go out onto the road. Clifford appears via a portal and says that he'll get Fallout one way or another. Flash uses the Sonic Scepter on him, but Ralph's body absorbs the sound waves. He switches briefly to Ralph's voice, and Barry stares in shock. Clifford steps forward to attack him, but Siren-X arrives and blasts all of them. Clifford teleports away, and when Caitlin and Fallout come out, they find Siren-X Training Leo's cold gun on Joe and saying that the truck is hers.

Once they wake up, Barry and Leo return to STAR Labs, Cisco reports that the suit is masking Fallout's radiation signature. Leo explains that Siren is an elite assassin gone mad. She carried a torch for Dark Arrow and has sworn vengeance on anyone who helped kill him. He figures that Siren-X will use his cold gun and Fallout to kill all of them. Iris wonders if Barry is upset because he was caught off-guard, and Barry says that it doesn't matter. Once Barry and Cisco go to check the monitors, Iris asks Leo what happened and Leo agrees to talk to Barry.

Cisco goes to the workshop to get the Cap and tells Harry that they're going to make it work. He has a replacement part and says that it was in one of the cubes that Gypsy set him. Harry angrily says that it won't work, and smashes the Cap when Cisco argues with him. He tells Cisco that he's protecting him and shows him the scan of his brain in the vault. Harry explains that he used dark matter and admits that he promised not to do it, and points out that his only job is to be smarter than all the villains who want to hurt the team. Without that, he's nothing, and now he's going to lose that as well. Harry destroyed the cap to stop Cisco from making the same mistake he made, and walks out.

In his lab, Clifford insists that he calculated every event that occurred. Flash was supposed to defeat Siren-X but he froze, and now Clifford has lost his only nuclear meta. Marlize suggests that there were variables they didn't consider, and Clifford insists that there's no variable beyond his consideration. She points out that Barry froze when he saw Clifford wearing the body of his dead friend, and realizes that her husband can't calculate feelings.

Leo asks Barry what he saw when he froze up. Barry insists that it was nothing, but Leo threatens to go unless Barry. He warns that Barry will lead his team to his deaths if he doesn't grieve, and yells at him to make time. Barry snaps back that he doesn't have time, and Leo figures that Barry doesn't want to grieve. he wonders why Ralph's death is different than the others that Barry has suffered, and warns him that there's no outrunning grief before leaving.

At the station, Siren-X brings Joe, Caitlin, and Fallout in. She uses Leo's cold gun on one officer, and then steps up onto the balcony. She boosts that decimating the officers will make things even and tells Fallout to remove his helmet. He does so and the officers collapses from the radiation.

Cisco picks up Fallout's radiation signature, and Iris tells Harry to monitor the scanners. When he hesitates, Cisco volunteers to take his place and Iris gives Leo Captain Cold's cold gun.

The injection protects Joe and Caitlin, and Joe tries to jump Siren-X. She blasts him back, hers Flash and Citizen Cold coming, and blasts Flash down. Siren-X turns her power on Fallout, who starts to go into overload. Caitlin picks up the discarded cold gun, and she and Citizen Cold both blast Fallout to cool him down. Siren-X blasts them both down, and Leo yells to Flash that they're going to die if he doesn't do something. Flash remembers Ralph's death, and Leo tells him to embrace the pain.

As Fallout goes into overload, Leo tells Flash that it wasn't his fault. Flash speeds over and knocks Siren-X unconscious, and Caitlin and Citizen Cold blast Fallout to cool him down. His temperature drops into the safe zone, and Caitlin gets the helmet back on him. Joe realizes that Flash is gone.

Joe finds Barry at the apartment, and Barry says that Ralph let him down and he's the reason Ralph is dead. Leo listens from the shadows as Joe hugs the crying Barry.

The next day, Lyla secures Fallout and takes him to an ARGUS black site. Leo puts on Leonard's old clothing and invites them all to come to the wedding. Barry says that they have to deal with Clifford, and Cisco gives Leo an extrapolator in case he ever wants to come back to Earth-1. Leo tells Caitlin that she's enough of a bad-ass to make her counterpart proud, and says his goodbyes. Barry is the last one, and Leo tells him that he can see why Leonard became the good guys. He advises Barry to treat himself with the same kindness and respect that he treats others, and leaves for Earth-X.

Iris asks Barry how he's doing, and he says that he gave Finkel a call to set up another session. Iris checks on Caitlin, who is looking at Frost's post-it notes. Her friend points out that she was impressive even without Frost, and Caitlin says that he doesn't want to live without her counterpart. She's run tests on her DNA and brings up the results, and discovers there's another cryogenic anomaly in her DNA. All Caitlin has to do is figure out how to get her appear.

Cisco finds Harry packing to go see his daughter. He says that there's no point to him being there, and Cisco points out that Jesse turned out the way she is because of Harry. Cisco says that it took more than intelligence to raise Jesse. Harry concedes the point and asks what they do now, and Cisco says that they'll figure a way to jumpstart Harry's brain. It will take all of them, meaning that Harry will have to tell the team. Harry says that he will... eventually. Cisco tells him that he can do it when he's ready, and Harry thanks him.

With Finkel, Barry says that he thought he knew what kind of person Ralph was when they were on the force together. He explains that Ralph always saw the worst in people and took advantage of it, but he changed. Barry didn't realize that for a long time, and never had a chance to tell him how proud he was to be his friend. Finkel assures Barry that Ralph knew it, and asks Barry what else he would tell Ralph. Barry says that he feels responsible for what happened, and he'll be grateful that Ralph taught him more than he taught Ralph.

On a beach, Fallout is relaxing... unaware that he's in a hologrammatic simulation. Clifford and Mechanic watch him, and Clifford says that they achieved success without emotion. He asks Marlize if she accepts that emotions can only hold them back from completing their work, and Marlize agrees. She turns away and says that she can see it clearer than she ever has before.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 25, 2018

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