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Civil Wars Recap

The Commander tells Lyta that she made him work for it when she was a boy, and said that they kneel for no one. As Seg watches, Lyta insists that it isn't possible. Adam arrives and puts a gun to the Commander's head, and says that he's General Zod, Superman's greatest enemy. He tells them that they need to kill Zod now.

In the Voice's quarters, Ona recites the scripture of Rao. The Voice says that faith might be the weakness of a species not given to clear thought, and tells Ona that he is testing her worthiness and the worthiness of her city and her world. Ona wonders what happens to those who aren't worthy, and the Voice tells her that she knows the opposite of eternal life.

In Daron's office, Daron and Nyssa meet with Jayna and discuss using a bomb to kill the Voice. Jayna says that Dev is used to working the Voice's security detail, and Dev's loyalty lies with her. She tells them to be ready and leaves.

Adam tells Lyta and Seg that Zod has traveled back in time to help Brainiac destroy Krypton. Zod insists that he's there to prevent Brainiac from taking Kandor City. He says that it's what Brainiac has always done, and taking the city destabilizes the planet's core and causes the planet to explode in 200 years. Zod points out that Adam didn't tell them, and Adam says that it's not the point. He insists that believing anything Zod says, but Zod insists that it's his family's duty and privilege to defend Krypton. Adam asks Seg if he trusts him, and Lyta takes the gun from Adam. Seg moves to her side and takes the gun, aims it at Adam and then Zod, and tells Lyta to cuff them both.

Zod says that Brainiac is virtually immortal and possesses the plunder of thousands of civilizations. Krypton's current weapons are useless against him, and Adam says that Zod doesn't have a plan. Zod says that he learned of the location of a hidden weapon in the Kryptonopolis archives, a weapon so powerful it would even stop Brainiac. He's been searching the catacombs for months, and tells them to take a piece of metal from his jacket. Seg does so and discovers that it has a house sigil on it that doesn't match any sigil on Krypton. It's the S and Zod says that Seg has to take them there. Seg figures that the Cythonnites are there to guard the weapon, and Zod warns that they will guard it with their lives because it's powerful.

Jayna calls Dev to her office and tells him that the Rankless Initiative was shit. Dev agrees and says that things have gotten worse in Kandor but there's nothing they can do about it. Jayna says that some would like to change who makes policy, and Dev realizes that they plan to eliminate the Voice and Jayna is with them. He figures that he's committed treason just by being there, and Jayna invites him to call the guards. Dev says that he will back her as he always has,.

In the catacombs, Adam insists that they can't give Zod a weapon of mass destruction. He admits that he didn't tell Seg about Krypton's destruction because it would have been hard, and admits that the might have been wrong. All he knew was that Zod went back into time and figured he was going to change the timeline and prevent Superman's birth. Lyta suggests that they work together to stop Brainiac, and Adam wonders if they have to let Brainiac take Kandor to preserve the timeline.

For the Nova Cycle ceremony, criminals are pardoned. Dev scans the criminals for weapons, and Nyssa watches from the side. They scan one criminal and Lieutenant Ran with Dev says that the scan has revealed that the man is Black Zero and they're never pardoned. Nyssa steps over and says that the Voice has chosen to pardon the man and it's not their place to question him, and it's a chance for them to show that Rao's mercy is all encompassing. Dev tells Ran to drop it, and Nyssa asks Dev to escort the prisoner safely out of the building.

Lyta tells Seg that Adam is insane, and Adam insists that it's a key moment history and any changes could alter the timeline in unexpected ways. Seg asks how Kal-El gets to Earth, and Adam explains that he was sent off just before Krypton exploded. He admits that he doesn't know if Krypton's destruction will mean Kal-El gets to Earth, and Zod suggests that millions of Kryptonians are more important than one immature survivor. Seg wonders what the point is of anything if their world is destroyed, and Adam says that it's the most important moment in their lives. He asks Seg to put aside his doubts and trust him.

Seg and Lyta leave the Sagitari guarding Adam and leave with Zod. As they go through the catacombs, Zod says that he disapproves of Kal-El because there are immigrants who have turned their backs on their heritage. He tells Kal-El was proud of burying his heritage, and admits that he and Kal-El are enemies but takes no pleasure in it.

The Voice asks Ona why faith is important in her, and she says that it's faith that leads them to the Blessed Place. He calls Ona by her mother's nickname for her, and says that he takes the memories, skills, and dreams of those are worthy so that they live forever. The Voice says that Ona's mother is there and she could join her together. Sevi is listening and Ona asks her what's wrong, and the Voice says that she's learned her lessons and been promised eternity. He tells Ona to take time to consider her decision.

Naron tells Jayna that Ran has confirmed that the prisoner hasn't returned, and Jayna notes that they're keeping him in a safehouse until they kill the Voice and frame the terrorist for it. The Kryptonian councilman warns that Ran is examining the chain of events and people will listen to him. Jayna warns that she couldn't switch him out without raising suspicion, and Naron says that they must kill her. She insists that she'll deal with it and the Sagitari will back her. Jayna points out that Naron has only been out for himself, and married into House Vex 20 years ago and tried to make the Vex name seem important. When she accuses him of ego, Naron says that the city is stagnating and they have to make alliance with the other eight cities to improve Krypton. Jayna points out that it will be under his leadership, and Naron says that he considers himself first but the people second. He warns that the Voice doesn't hold them in any value. Jaya leaves without a word.

Ran tells Dev that the bomb maker is free and wants to seek an audience with the Voice. Dev warns against it, pointing out that it will call the Voice's judgment under question, but Ran isn't satisfied. When Dev suggests that they discuss it privately, Ran says that he's reconsidered and will drop the matter.

Adam tells the Sagitari that he has to pee but she refuses to uncuff him. The Cythonnites arrive and knock her out, and prepare to kill Adam. He says that he has something to tell him about the weapon, and the stop.

Ran tells Jayna about his suspicions, and that he has requested an audience with the Voice. Jayna says that he's a fine officer and praises him... and then knocks him to the floor, grabs him by the neck, and snaps his neck. Dev comes in and looks at Jayna, who looks back at him.

As they proceed through the catacombs, Zod says that the Lyta he knew didn't like to talk about what happened. She was in one of the ships that tried to stop Brainiac and failed, and she was bitter over her failure. Zod says that his Lyta fashioned him into a weapon and he takes pride in that. Zod goes on ahead and Lyta tells Seg what her son said. She wants to believe that she and Seg have a future, and Seg tells her to stick with today. Zod comes back and overhears their conversation.

Zod hears something and Cythonnites attack them. He and Lyta defeat them.

Naron checks with Dev, who says that there is nothing traceable back to them. No one can point their fingers at them, and Dev says that Ran has been dealt with. Daron tells him to conceal his bomb in the Tribunal and signs off, and looks out on Krypton through his window.

The Voice asks Ona if she's ready to join her mother. Ona says that she wants to serve the Voice there, and admits that he's surprised by her decision. The girl hugs him, and the Voice hesitantly strokes her head. He says that it's time that she see who she has vowed to serve. As he starts to remove his mask, Dev and the detail come in to escort him to the ceremony, and the Voice says that he has much to learn and judge. He tells Dev that he wants the chamber packed with citizens and that he should turn no one away.

The trio find the chamber door, and Zod takes out several explosive devices and attaches them to the door. They then step away and Zod triggers the bombs, but they fail to blow through the doors.

Dev tells Jayna, Nyssa, and Naron that the chamber will be filled with too many people. Naron says that they have to move forward, and Dev tells him that his opinion means nothing. He turns to Jayna, who says that they've already paid too much and can't withdraw.

In the chamber, the Voice says that soon they will have no secrets from him. Dev steps forward and yells that there's a bomb, and everyone struggles to get out.

Seg points out that S symbol on the door is the El and Zod sigils overlaid. He figures that both their families hidden the weapon there, asks for a knife, and uses it to cut his hand. Seg lets his blood drip onto a plate on the floor, and Lyta realize that it will take both their blood. Zod takes the knife and starts to cut himself. Adam runs in and yells to stop, saying that the weapon will destroy everyone in the universe. Undeterred, Seg and Zod mix their blood and the door opens, revealing a cryogenically frozen corpse in a chamber inside.

The Cythonnites run in and Zod accuses Adam of betraying them. Adam tells them to surrender, saying that the corpse is Doomsday and if released it will kill everything it comes across. Raika and Anireh step forward and say that they understand the unending cloud of hatred that the Els and Zods birthed. The door closes, and Zod grabs a gun and says that it doesn’t matter what happened in the past. He opens fire and the Cythonnites take cover and shoot back. Seg and Lyta fire with Zod, and Seg says that he sees a way out. Lyta and Zod cover him as he breaks through a gate, and calls to the others to follow him out. As he gets to the door, Zod is shot in the chest, and Lyta and Seg carry him away as Adam goes with them.

The group head to the skimmer, and Adam insists that he had to betray them to preserve the timeline. Seg tells him that he can come back with them to Kandor but then he should leave. He then tells Zod that he's with him but they have to find another way than Doomsday.

Dev takes the Voice back to his chambers, and when they get there they find Jaya and the Sagitari waiting with guns. The Voice asks to look upon his last moment with his own eyes and removes his mask. He's transformed by the Sentry, and extends tentacles into the heads of the Sagitari.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 26, 2018

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