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Unfinished Business Recap

In Central City, Colorado, Fenrir Odinsbane is walking down the street drinking from a bottle when Spaghetti Western music sounds out. Gabriel steps out and reveals that he's playing the music on a kazoo, and calls to Fenrir by name. Fenrir recognizes Gabriel, who reveals that he has a wooden sword. He draws it and says that he's vowed not to do it with no tricks, and Fenrir transforms into his wolf form and charges at Gabriel. The two men fight and Gabriel manages to knock Fenrir back. Fenrir charges and manages to cut Gabriel, who runs him through with his sword and lets the demigod's body drop to the alleyway. He then crosses Fenrir's name off of his list and walks away.

The Winchesters check into a motel pursuing one of Rowena's two spell leads on Gabriel's location. Castiel in in Amarillo following down the other lead. Dean tells Sam that they're wasting time looking for Gabriel when he doesn't want to be found. Gabriel arrives at their doorstep, bleeding from the wound in his side.

In the apocalypse world, Jack tells Mary that he killed Balthazar and Bobby will be back in a few days with the people they saved. He points out that it's the third battle that they've won, but Mary points out that they're running out of space and supplies for the people they've rescued. One of the resistance fighters, Jakob, arrives and says that their spies outside the angel's fortress has reported that the angels are leaving.

Mary binds Gabriel's wound, and Gabriel says that he sensed Rowena's spell and knew that they were tracking him. He claims that he came to town for a poker game and asks if they have any more of his grace. Gabriel admits that he used up what Mary gave him killing Asmodeus and teleporting away, and Dean says that they used the grace to open the rift. Disappointed, Gabriel starts to go but is in no condition to move and collapses back on the couch.

Narfi and Sleipnir find Fenrir's body and Narfi finds a pool of Gabriel's blood. He realizes that it's archangel blood, and Slepiner calls their father.

At the resistance camp, Jack mentally scans the fortress and tells Mary that all but a few angels are gone. He figures that Michael is scared of him because he's winning, and says that they should go to the fortress. Mary worries that it's a trap, but Jack says that he'll keep her safe.

As Gabriel sleep, Sam and Dean discuss the archangel's presence and Sam admits that he doesn't get it. Gabriel wakes up and Dean says that they need his help. The archangel tells them that he has better things to do to save the world. Sleipnir and Narfi burst in and their god manifestations appear around them. Gabriel explains that they're Norse demigods, and the two demigods attack the brothers while Gabriel watches from the next room. Dean knocks Sleipnir down, and Gabriel stabs Narfi from behind. He asks Sleipnir if he's ready to die, and Sleipnir runs off. When Gabriel says that he's going, Dean holds up a pair of angelic handcuffs.

The resistance fighters burst into the fortress and confirm that it's clear. They find a map showing Michael's armies gathered in one spot. The fighters find Kevin in a dungeon and bring him in, and Jakob declares him a traitor. Kevin insists that he didn't have a choice, and says that he never used to believe in anything. When the end of the world happened, and everyone he knew started to die. He wonders why God chose him, and Michael said that he wanted to save the world but hurt millions. When Kevin couldn't perfect the spell, Michael threw him in a dungeon. Mary asks him what spell Michael is planning, and Kevin tells her that there's a place in the south where the wall between worlds is thin. Michael will use the spell from the tablet to go through the rift and invade their world.

Sam and Dean return from a junkyard where they hid Narfi's body, and ask Gabriel what's going on. Gabriel says that he killed their brother. After Lucifer supposedly killed him, he found the three brothers in Monte Carlo and hid out with them. They played poker and partied with porn stars, and eventually the brothers handed him over to Asmodeus. The brothers needed to get rid of Gabriel before Lucifer apparently won, and now Gabriel wants revenge. Gabriel has four swords, and he says that the fourth sword is for their father, Loki.

Jack offers to surprise Michael and kill him before he crosses over. Mary warns that the map could be a trap and they should wait, and Kevin agrees with her. Jakob suggests that they let Michael go and be some other world's problem, but Mary objects and tells Jack that Michael has killed everyone that has stood against him. She asks Jack to wait a day until Bobby returns.

Gabriel explains that he freed Loki from Odin's imprisonment. To pay off his favor, Loki let Gabriel impersonate him while he hid from his family. Dean points out that if Gabriel had stayed with them he'd be okay, and Gabriel reminds them that Asmodeus tortured him every day and fed off of his grace for years. He tells the brothers that no one forgives what he went through, and everyone involved will die. Dean warns that killing Loki won't change any of it, but Gabriel doesn't agree. Sam points out that Gabriel is low on grace and Loki knows that he's coming. Dean talks to Sam privately and says that Gabriel's quest for revenge ends ugly. Sam disagrees, insisting that Gabriel needs their help. they go back and Sam offers their help in return for Gabriel's help afterward.

Jack studies Michael's map.

Sam and Dean load their guns, and Gabriel tells them that Sleipnir is a coward. He figures that Sleipnir ran back to Loki, and they're at the penthouse of a seedy hotel. Loki enchants the hotel room to be a palatial room. Dean wonders why Gabriel didn't take on Loki in Amarillo, and Gabriel says that he wanted to build up to him. He hands his paper to Dean and says that it's a kill list. Dean says that it's stupid, and Gabriel angrily tells him that he's spent seven years planning his revenge. Sam says that they're on-board and Dean reluctantly agrees. Gabriel says that they'll kill Sleipnir and then surprise Loki in the penthouse.

Jack tells Mary that he's not going to wait, and Mary warns against it. She says that she was like Jack with Hunting, and she eventually learned that going in blind was how to make mistakes. Mary tells him that she can't lose another boy, and Jack promises that she won't and he'll come back for all of them. Kevin comes in and says that they can't go, and reveals a brand on his chest. He says that Michael told him to wait for Bobby, but he can't. Michael wanted them to see, and Kevin insists that when Michael lets him into Heaven, he'll see his mother again. Mary tells him that it's just memories in Heaven, but Kevin doesn't care and tells them that he just wants it to be over. Jack tells him that his spell won' kill him, and Kevin tells him that Michael wants to break him. He told Kevin to tell Jack that even if he wins, he won't lose. He triggers the spell brand and there's a flash of white light.

Sleipnir and his bodyguards take the elevator up to the penthouse. Sam, dean, and Gabriel come in behind him and see the elevator going up, and when it comes down take it to the same floor. Gabriel tells the brothers to leave Sleipnir and Loki to him. Dean says that he's going to get Loki dead. They arrive, and Sleipnir yells at his bodyguards to kill them. The men open fire, and the Winchesters return fire and take them down. Gabriel catches up to Sleipnir and stabs him with his wooden sword. Dean is gone, and Sam realizes that he went after Loki.

Dean goes to the penthouse with the fourth sword and finds Loki calmly waiting for him. He asks if Gabriel told the Winchesters why the archangel wants Loki dead, and tells Dean that they paid back Gabriel for Odin's death. Dean points out that Lucifer killed Odin, and Loki says that originally he only said that he'd give Gabriel his face and teach him to be a trickster if he abandoned his family affairs. Gabriel broke his promise and Odin died, and Loki is taking vengeance Dean stabs him and discovers that Loki is a magical projection

The real Loki appears in the hallway and confronts Gabriel.

The first Loki knocks Dean to the floor. Sam arrives and fires at the illusion, dissipating it.

Gabriel says that he wanted to kill Loki old-school, and Loki tells him that it's for his father and blasts Gabriel back. He kicks Gabriel and tells him that Loki has a deadbeat father and mean old brothers. Loki slams Gabriel into the wall and says that he saved him, but Gabriel couldn't keep one promise and then asked him to help him again. Sam and Dean arrive as Loki tells Gabriel that he and his sons didn't deserve to die for Gabriel's cowardice. Dean slides Gabriel the sword, and Gabriel pushes it against Loki's chest. Loki says that of course Gabriel needed someone to save him, and tells the archangel that he's a failure and stands for nothing. In the end, that's what Gabriel will die for. Gabriel kills him and the nods to the Winchesters.

Jack looks around at the ruined fortress interior and the corpses of the resistance fighters as he holds the unconscious Mary.

Outside the hotel, Gabriel thanks the Winchesters for helping him. He asks how they're going to stop Michael, and the Winchesters are surprised that he's going to keep his word. Gabriel admits that tricks are for kids. Sam asks Gabriel how he's feeling now that he's got his revenge, and Gabriel tells him that he's a whole new guy. They all get into the Impala and drive off.

Mary approaches Jack, who says that it's his fault. She warns that they can't see everything coming at them, but Jack wonders what the point it.

At the bunker, Castiel helps Gabriel settle in. Dean is in the kitchen drinking, and Sam tells him that they should be good to go. He asks Dean why he went after Loki without them, and points out that Dean has been sidelining him. Dean says that he's not going to apologize for protecting him, and reminds him of what happened the last time Lucifer and Michael faced off: Sam died and went to Hell. He doesn't are what happens but he does care what happens to Sam. Sam says that they're going to the other Earth together, and they'll deal with anything together. If they die, they'll do that together as well.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 27, 2018

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