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Shifting Allegiances Recap

In Moscow, two Bratva members leave a club with their girlfriends and head to another club Green Arrow shoots one of them in the arm and the others run off. The vigilante drops down and snares the Bratva with a wire arrow. Arrow takes the Bratva man to the Pashon, who points out that Arrow cost them a lot of money in Star City. When the Pashon concedes that Arrow kept his end of the bargain, Arrow tells him to keep his and the Pashon says that by the time Arrow gets back to America, it'll be done. The Pashon tosses Arrow a knife and tells him to show it to Anatoly, and he'll know who it's from.

Curtis take Rene home and Dinah and Zoe are waiting for them. Father and daughter hug, and Zoe goes to cut the cake. Rene tells his teammates that he's ready to take down Diaz, but Curtis and Dinah warns that Diaz controls the entire city.

Diggle tells the ARGUS agents that Diaz is working with Armand and Anatoly, and has bought or compromised everyone in authority. He tells them that they'll conduct 24/7 surveillance until they find Diaz. Afterward, an agent asks Diggle how he's doing. He says that it looks like Diggle has been doing it the entire time and told Lyla as much. The agent gives Diggle a photo of Lydia Cassamento and explains that she's a gun lobbyist who runs weapons for the Quadrant. Cassamento is coming into Star City, and they figure that she's bringing guns to Diaz and may lead them to him.

Diaz is getting fitted for a suit and Black Siren arrives. She wonders if Diaz is going soft, and says that she told his men that she was at the dock disciplines Marcones. Diaz tells her that he needs to talk to the new mayor--Quentin--and tells Black Siren to set him up so that he can do it. Black Siren agrees.

Anatoly and his men are watching baseball on TV, and Anatoly goes to the kitchen to get some beer. The TV turns off, and when he goes back, he discovers that his men are knocked out. Anatoly realizes who is responsible and calls to Oliver, who steps out of the shadows and says that he wants to talk. He explains that Anatoly's "friend" in Russia tipped him off to Anatoly's location, and puts the knife on the table. Oliver tells Anatoly that he paid off Anatoly's debt and he can go home. Anatoly hesitates, and Oliver asks him to help him stop Diaz. After a moment, Anatoly tasers Oliver unconscious.

Oliver wakes up chained to a chair and admits that he's working alone. Anatoly knows that Oliver broke into the SCPD wearing his old costume, and says that he dedicated his whole life to the Bratva and they cast him out. He figures that Diaz will make him a rich man, and tells Oliver that he can't take Diaz down alone. Oliver insists that he can't work with a team, and Diaz took over the city while he was distracted. Anatoly tells him that if he thinks that, he's a bigger fool than he thought.

Curtis, Dinah, and Rene go to their base and Dinah tells him that Oliver is going solo. Rene figures that taking down Diaz would come down to the three of them, and says that they can't wait around until Curtis' NSA contact comes through. Curtis suggests that they go after Diaz's operation now that he's looking for a new supplier. Dinah remembers that Diaz used to lead the Scorpions and suggests that he'll go back to them to get more drugs. Rene suggest that they contact someone he knows in the Glades.

Laurel invites Quentin to the Chinese restaurant where he and his girls went, and she apologizes to him. Diaz comes in and tells Quentin that he's the mayor of his city and they have a lot in common. He tells him to privately sell a piece of municipal real estate, and Quentin refuses to sign. Diaz tells him to reconsider, and Diaz puts a hand on Laurel's arm and says that she's give Quentin the same advice. He says that Laurel is with him now and kisses her, and says that she picked the running side. Diaz and Laurel leave, and Laurel looks back at Quentin as they go.

Curtis, Dinah, and Rene go to a gambling den in the Glades that the Scorpions are using. After he trains a laser microphone on the back door, Curtis hears that there's a deal going down that night. He loses the signal when a guard blocks the laser beam, and Rene gets in the man's face and accuses him of copying his bets. Rene leads him away and then apologizes, With the beam clear, Curtis gets the location.

The team goes to the location where guards are protecting crates. They move in and take out the guards, and confirm that the crates contain M4s. They hear gunfire out front and take cover, and Cassamento's men burst in. Up above, Cassamento watches. The team heads for the back door and Wild Dog freezes when an armed man confronts them. Black Canary takes him down and more men open fire. Cassamento orders her intruders to open fire, and Diggle drops down and takes out Cassamento's men, then tells the team to zipline out with him. As they do so, Cassamento quickly leaves.

The team goes to their HQ and Diggle tells them about the Quadrant. The Quadrant wanted the Scorpions and the team dead, and Diggle apologizes to the team for the part that he played I things getting out of hand. Rene thanks him for the apology and they go back to work, and Diggle explains that Cassamento is planning to bring military-grade weapons into the city. Quentin arrives and tells them about the property, and admits that he came to them because Oliver isn't available. He recognizes a ring in the photos as a Quadrant ring and tells the others that Diaz wore the same ring, and they realize that the attack was intended to take out Diaz's competition. Curtis figures that Diaz plans to use the property to store the weapons.

Anatoly tells Oliver that it's time to see Diaz, and Oliver tells him that Diaz will abandon him when he's no longer useful. The Russian says that Cayden underestimated Diaz and he doesn't, and Oliver warns him that Diaz doesn't have honor and Anatoly is betraying everything that he's ever believed in. Anatoly tells his men not to be gentle, and they knock out Oliver and take him away.

Diggle and Rene scout out the property, and Rene finally says that he froze in the middle of the fight because he didn't want to leave Zoe without a father. He wonders how Diggle deals with it, and Diggle says that he compartmentalizes and assures Rene that it'll come back to him. A truck pulls up and men move the weapon crates to the truck. The two men realize that Diaz and Cassamento plan to use Star City as a way point to ship weapons out, and go to tell the others.

Laurel comes to Quentin's office and tells him that Diaz doesn't give anyone a choice. She insists that Quentin has to sign, but he tells her that she's worse than Diaz because she betrayed him. Laurel admits that she's scared of Diaz and Quentin should be as well. Quentin figures that he made it easy for her to infiltrate his life, and Laurel tells him to sign. He tells her that she doesn't need to be in his home and orders her out, and Laurel goes.

The team regroups at ARGUS and Diggle says that they'll destroy the guns, track the trucks, and take out Diaz if he's there. Rene remembers being shot, and tells Diggle that he can't compartmentalize. He says that he's going to have to sit it out rather than endanger the team, and Diggle tells Curtis and Dinah that with ARGUS they'll be fine.

Quentin returns home and finds Laurel there. He says that he realized she was serious, and Laurel tells him that Diaz is a monster. Quentin admits that he worked for Damian to keep Laurel safe, and when he betrayed Damian he killed his Laurel. He gives Laurel the signed paper and says that he wants to help her get away from Diaz. Laurel says that Diaz isn't human inside and doesn't know what she can do against him. Quentin vows to keep Laurel safe so she doesn't die like his Laurel did, and Laurel agrees that they should protect each other.

Anatoly tells Oliver that he's considered what he said, and says that he only betrayed himself because Oliver betrayed him first. He then takes Oliver to Diaz.

The team watches Diaz' men bring the weapon out, and the agent says that the drone is three minutes' out. The Quadrant men's weapons are equipped with stealth adapters making them invisible to ASMs. Mr. Terrific says that he'll tag the weapons by hand and moves in.

Cassamento confirms that the first convoy is ready to move out. As the truck leave, Mr. Terrific sends his T-Spheres in to take out the men while he applies the tags. As the guards move in on him, Diggle and the others take them out. The drone comes in and starts firing on the tagged trucks. Cassamento and her bodyguards leave, and Mr. Terrific applies the tag to a T-Sphere and sends it to stick the tag to the last truck as it drives off. Once the tag is on, the drone destroys the truck.

Diaz tells Oliver that the team blew up $12 million. When Oliver says that he doesn't have any friends, Diaz punches him and Oliver shrugs it off. Diaz continues beating Oliver, and Anatoly says that it's pointless and reminds Diaz that he said he needed Oliver alive. The Russian says that in the Bratva they have ways of settling conflicts, and tells Diaz that beating Oliver shows his weakness Diaz insists that he's not weak and removes his jacket, and Anatoly frees Oliver. When Oliver thanks him, Anatoly says that he's not doing it for him Diaz says that if he puts Oliver on the ground he leaves, and Oliver takes him down then he'll do the same. Oliver agrees to the terms and steps into the ring.

The two men fight, and Diaz finally takes Oliver down and then slams him into the wall. Oliver knocks him down and punches him repeatedly, and tells him to yield or he'll break his neck. Diaz stabs him with a knife, then tells Oliver that life ain't fair. Oliver says that Diaz has failed the city and he'll take the city back, and then passes out. Diaz tells Anatoly that Oliver might not be so smug when he wakes up and walks out.

Later, Anatoly visits Oliver in his cell and brings him some bandages. Oliver thanks him for giving him the chance to take out Diaz. Anatoly says that he wanted to see which one of them had honor, and figures that's Oliver let himself be captured knowing Anatoly would take him to Diaz. Oliver says that the man he knew was his friend, and Anatoly tells him that he has a plan to get him out. One of Diaz's men, Dragos, comes in and tells Anatoly that Diaz wants to see them.

At the HQ, Curtis talks about how awesome it is to work as a team. He suggests that Diggle join their team and Dinah agrees. Diggle says that he made a decision and will see it through, but they can still work together

Curtis goes to see Rene and check up on him. Rene points out that they had a big win without him, but Curtis warns that things will get worse and they'll need Rene to stop Diaz. His friend says that all he can think of is what happens to Zoe if something happens to him. Zoe comes out and says that she knows that they're vigilantes, and Rene apologizes for not telling her sooner. He offers to quit being Wild Dog, and Zoe tells him that it's her home and she needs him to fight for it. Zoe tells Rene that she needs to face up to the things that scare her, and Rene says that he'll be brave just like her.

Laurel enters Diaz's office and asks who he plans to kill. He suggests that they kill Quentin, and she hands him the signed paper. Diaz says that he needed to know if he could trust Quentin. When laurel asks what had happened if he hadn't, Diaz drives a knife into the papers. Dragos brings Oliver and Anatoly in, and Diaz reminds him of their deal. He tells Oliver that he can stay in the city for 25 to life, and the police come in. Diaz says that he's moving up Oliver's trial, and the police handcuff Oliver and lead him away.

Soon, Quentin is watching the news report about Oliver's bail being revoked. The team, and Felicity and William at home, watch as the news reporter says that the trial will start on May 5. If convicted, Oliver could face a life sentence.

Oliver sits in an interrogation room, handcuffed to the table.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 27, 2018

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