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Option Two Recap

Talbot lies on a bunk and mutters numbers to himself.

Coulson tells the team that once the Zephyr break through the atmosphere, they can send the Gravitonium into the sun and destroy it. first they have to get the Zephyr ready for space travel. Fitz and Deke are others, and Melinda says that Carl needs treatment. Tony has arranged for Carl's treatment and has said that he'll protect Robin and Polly. Daisy offers to take them to Tony, and Daisy says that Hale slipped away. Elena insists that killing Ruby was the right choice even if she's not proud of it, but Daisy figures that it was revenge. She tells Elena that she doesn't get to make that decision, and Elena points out that they all have blood on their hands. Mack says that they protect people, and Jemma says that Ruby beat Fitz. Elena says that they didn't pick Daisy as their leader and Coulson brought Daisy back rather than break the time loop. Coulson interrupts and says that he'll make the decisions, and they should go to their jobs.

Later, Melinda tells Daisy that Tony found something connected to the Deathlok program that could keep Coulson alive. A sedated Carl has been put onboard the Zephyr, and Melinda tells Daisy to go dark once she's away with Carl, Robin, and Polly.

As they seal away the Gravitonium, Deke tells Fitz that he's proof that he can travel between dimensions. Fitz figures that it proves they're in a loop, and Deke figures that he won't vanish once they alter his timeline. His father says that Deke is their test subject: if he disappears then that means that they've altered history. Deke takes the Gravitonium and tells them to stay together, and walks out.

Talbot lies on his bunk and continues muttering numbers. He wakes up and calls to Coulson. When Coulson arrives, Talbot is muttering numbers and tells Coulson that the numbers keep repeating in his head. He doesn't remember what he did and Coulson realizes that Talbot was trying to reach the landing-assist beacon and it's the only way to get a signal out. Talbot figures that the numbers are the coordinates for their location.

The Confederacy ship arrives about the Lighthouse. The alarms go off and Melinda tells Coulson have cut off their communications. The hologram of stoner appears and says that Project Reclamation has been trigged now that they face an apocalyptic event. Coulson selects the "nuclear attack" defense option, and the hologram announces that all doors will be sealed for fifteen years. Coulson gets on the loudspeaker and tells everyone what is happening. Deke curses to himself, wondering why he's still there.

The power goes out and Qovas appears on the monitor. Qovas says that he's there for the Gravitonium, and Coulson points out that they can withstand a nuclear blast and the world will soon shoot the ship out of the sky.

Elena approaches Mack working on the relay and wonders if he can avoid her for 15 years. She insists that she was trying to save him, and says that her future self told her what would happen to keep her from losing Mack. Mack says that he wants to focus on the present, not the future, and says that what they went through messed Elena up. Elena says that he doesn't look at her the same, and Mack tells her that they turn the other cheek. He says that in the future they swore they wouldn't lose themselves or each other. Elena tells Mack that she loves him but he needs to trust what she's doing. She says that she runs away but always comes back to where she started, and Mack tells her that he doesn't know if he'll be there when she does.

When Elena comes across Melinda, Melinda tells her that what Elena did changes how people see her and all she can do is make peace with it. Elena says that she's trying, and they go to the control room. Coulson wonders why Daisy hasn't found them, and Melinda tells him that Daisy has gone dark. She explains that Daisy is following a lead on a way to keep Coulson alive. Coulson insists that he ordered them not to save her, and Elena realizes that she killed Ruby for nothing. What her future self told her is what is happening, and what is happening is how they lose.

Qovas tells gives the order to his soldiers to depart.

Elena explains that her future self told her that they need to let Coulson die. She apologies for keeping it from Coulson, and Melinda says that Robin told her that Coulson put the pieces together. As Melinda and Elena argue, Coulson realizes that the liens can go wherever they want.

The aliens teleport into the Lighthouse.

deke is in a hallway and sees the lights flicker and then go out. The aliens step out of the darkness and kill a nearby SHIELD agent, and Deke runs. He crawls into a grate and hides just in time. Deke watches as the intruders kill another agent, and then goes to the control room and tells the others that they're under attack. He's recognized the intruders as the Remorath, intergalactic scavengers with darkness following them. They can see in the dark so they can kill them better with their footlong razor claws. Humanity gave them whatever the Remorath wanted and cleaned up the bodies afterward.

Coulson tells Jemma to override the lockdown protocol, and sends Elena to get Talbot Fitzsimmons find an analogue override to open the hangar doors and take out the Gravitonium. Deke doesn't want Fitzsimmons going off separately and wonders where Daisy is, and Coulson tells him to ask Melinda.

Daisy takes Carl, Polly, and Robin to Tony. Once he's secured them, he tells Daisy that Project Deathlok goes back to one Hydra man, John Garrett. Garrett was being kept alive by what he called "Centipede serum", and Tony gives the last vial to Daisy. The serum had a component designed by the Nazis and it's impossible to make, and all Tony has is the name of the place where it was manufactured. Daisy look sat the name and says that it's not a place.

Elena goes to Talbot's cell and releases him. He refuses to leave the cell, saying that he caused the problem. Talbot asks for a gun to fight back, and Elena takes out a pair of handcuffs and Talbot reluctantly lets her put them on. He says that he wants to make up for what he's done, but Elena warns that they don’t know if he's in control. She tells him to follow his lead and takes him out.

Fitz and Jemma go out separately but stay in contact. Fitz and the agent escorting him come to a spreading field of darkness and retreat. The lights go out ahead of them and Fitz takes out a night scope and sees the Remorath kill the agent. He runs and a Remorath chases after them. He finds Deke, who uses a fire extinguisher to drive the Remorath back, and then the two of them duck into a room. Deke says that there's no him without Fitz. he override is in the room and ripped apart, and Fitz realizes there only option is gone.

On the ship, Qovas sends the Remorath directions to what he wants and tells them to kill anyone in their way.

Fitz radios Coulson and gives him an update, and he says that their only plan is to make a stand. Agent Kim goes to the armory to get weapons, and Elena calls in to say that she and Talbot are on their way. Jemma warns that they can't move the Gravitonium up the stairs, and Fitz says that Deke is trying to get an elevator working. He warns that the Remorath can shut down electricity so their weapons will be useless, and suggests fire.

The lights go out around Elena and Talbot, and they take cover as the Remorath appear between them and the exit.

In the elevator, Deke mutters that he can't die because he hasn't seen everything on Earth yet. When Fitz asks about his theory of the multiverse, Deke tells him to shut up.

Jemma is with Piper and Davis, and gets out camping lanterns to use as weapons. Something bangs on the door, and after a moment Elena and Talbot burst in and say that the Remorath cut them off from Control. Fitz calls and figures that the Remorath are coming for the Gravitonium, and apologizes to Jemma for leaving her side. She points out that Deke is still with Fitz, meaning that they're okaying. The agents go out in the hallway, leaving Talbot and Jemma behind.

Mack finds Deke and Fitz, and a Remorath steps forward. It shrugs off Mack's shot and the other Remorath charge forward, and the three men retreat.

Elena, Piper, and Davis fire but can't see their targets. Moving at superposed, Elena scouts the area and says that they're outnumbered.

In the lab, Talbot and Jemma hear Coulson the radio, telling them that they're surrounded. Talbot finds the infuser chamber and realizes that he can ix it. When Jemma turns to see what he's doing, Talbot shoos her with an icer, pumps Gravitonium into the chamber, and gets inside. Once it seals, he screams in agony as he's infused with Gravitonium.

Mac and the others reach Control and seal the doors. Fitz tells Melinda how to mix the chemicals to cause a fire, and Deke says that they'll have to get through him to get the Gravitonium. Mack gives Coulson his shotgun axe, and the monitors shut down. The Remorath pound on the doors and then stop and move into the vents above the ceiling. They break in and the team opens fire, while more Remorath break down the doors and get in. Melinda realizes that they don’t have enough ammo to hold them off.

The Remorath start to overrun Elena's team, cutting off their retreat. As Elena tries to reach Simmons, the lab door bursts open. A Remorath tries to crawl out, and something grabs it and pulls it back. Talbot steps out into the hallway.

The team runs out of ammo, and the Remorath move in on them. They charge and fight hand-t-hand, and one knocks down Coulson. Dazed, he watches as Talbot comes in and everyone, human and Remorath alike, stare at him. He levitates the Remorath into the air and then crushes them with his newfound gravity powers, compressing them into small balls.

Elena and her team go back to the lab and confirm that Jemma is okay. They realize that Talbot used the infuser chamber and the Gravitonium.

Talbot tells Coulson that he could fix it. The ceiling busts open above him and the power comes back up. Stoner comes on and says that the outer atmosphere shows no signs of contamination.

Daisy goes to a cemetery and digs up Jiaying's body.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 28, 2018

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