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Reunion Recap

Bernard tells Delores to bring herself back on line, and asks if she knows where she is. She says that she's in a dream, and Bernard tells her that she's in their world. Delores looks out the window at the city and admires the splendor. Bernard says that he's seen it, but it's better to see it through her eyes because he's gotten used to it and it doesn't look like anything at all. Robert comes in and asks if Delores is ready, and Bernard says Delores isn't. He warns that the behavior improvisations aren't quite dialed in yet, and insists that they'll be dazzled even if they don't use Delores. Robert objects to Bernard's favoritism, and Bernard insists that Delores simply isn't ready and they should go with the other girl.

Once Robert leaves, Bernard tells Delores that he wants to show her something. They go to his home under construction and Bernard says that he's moving his family there and shows her Charlie's future room. He tells Delores that Charlie is eager to see her, and that she and Charlie have a lot in common because they both see the beauty and possibility of their world. Delores says that perhaps others don’t have the courage, and she repeats what she said earlier about the city's splendor. Bernard says that they'll be expecting them and they should go, and promises that one day he'll bring Delores back one day to see it again.


Blaine enters the output and pushes past the techs, and bursts into a workshop. He tells the tech and the guard that there's a rebellion and people are being slaughtered. Delores, Teddy, and Angela come in with their followers and Angela shoots the guard when he goes for his gun. Teddy looks around the outpost, astonished, and Delores says that she used to see the beauty of the real world but now she sees the truth. She takes Teddy's hand for a moment and then advances on Blaine and tells him that no one is there to judge what they'll do to him and the other guests. He tells her that she has no idea what she's up against, and Delores says that she knows exactly what's out there because she's been there before.


Logan and William are at a restaurant, and Logan figures that William is bored. Akecheta comes over with Angela and says that they have an appointment and they're with the Argos Initiative. Logan invites him to sit down, and Akecheta says that they have reasons for their security. When Logan points out that they he has lots of people asking for his startup money, Angela explains that they're offering something more tangible than a future world, if Logan can convince his father to invest. However, he assures them that he's in charge of checking investments.

Logan, Akecheta, and Angela go into the next room where Clementine is playing the piano. When Logan says that he thought it was a private demonstration, Angela tells him that it is and it's already begun. She invites him to pick out which of the guests is an android. Logan walks around and realizes that many of the guests are Akecheta's plants. He finally studies Angela and realizes that she's the android, and says that she would be his first design. Logan tells Angela she'll have to prove he should give his full endorsement, and Angela chuckles. The pianist stops and everyone freezes, and Logan realizes that they're all androids. Angela welcomes him to Westworld. Logan insists that they're not there yet technologically. Angela tells him that all of their hosts are there for him, and after a moment Logan kisses her.

Later, Delores watches as Angela gets dressed after sex with Logan. Angela looks at her for a moment and then continues getting dressed.


Angela kills Blaine, and Delores has the tech Phil show Teddy his history. He brings up the information on Teddy, and Delores tells her that it's time to open his eyes. The tablet has photos of Teddy's "deaths", and Delores tells him to ask Phil why they did it. Phil says he didn't do it, and Teddy chokes him and demands answers, and then releases him.

In the park, the Pardue Brothers hang Lawrence upside-down from a tree over an anthill. The Man rides up, says that he doesn't have time for the preliminaries, and guns them down. As The Man cuts Lawrence loose, one brother comes back to life and attacks the Man, who yells at Lawrence to get a gun and help him. Lawrence finally gets it and tosses it to the Man, who shoos his attacker in the head and says that death isn't what it used to be.

Later, the Man and Lawrence ride to a cantina and the Man takes a package out of a hidden compartment in the wall. He admits that it's cheating but Robert has changed the rules, takes Lawrence to a table, and says that Lawrence is a tour guide. Now there's a real revolution, and they're all free. However, it's going down in flames and they'll all be dead for real. The Man says that they have a chance to see what they could have been, and takes out a medical tool to work on his wounded arm. He talks about God and how it's bullshit in the real world, and Westworld exists because people wanted a world where they could sin in peace. The Man has received his judgment but took issue with it, and now he's going to appeal the verdict and then burn the place down. Lawrence asks if they have to die to get to Heaven, and the Man says that it's three days' ride to the west. When Lawrence points out that the only route is through Pariah, the Man says that the game will find him.

Angela thrusts the guard Jacobson's head into a vat of synthiflesh until he tells Delores that eight hundred men will come to deal with the rebellion. She has him point out where, and Teddy warns that they don't have enough men to fight back. He says that they need allies, and Delores tells him that they'll have them. She looks into the discard room where the "dead" hosts have been tossed and tells the technicians to wake one of them, Dunley, up because he has a job to do. Delores figures that Jacobson doesn't know what he was guarding, and says that she knows the park's real purpose.

Delores goes out on the streets of Sweetwater and Teddy picks up a can that she dropped. Everyone freezes, including Delores, and a helicopter lands nearby. James Delos gets out and looks at Delores, and admits that she's pretty like William said. William is with him, and says that Delores is perfect. His future father-in-law pulls up a chair and says that the park is a folly. William assures him that it will pay off in the future James doesn't believe it, saying that Logan screwed up and he's only interested in reality. William insists that in 20 years it will be the only reality that matters, but James points out that he'll be gone by then and isn't interested in underwriting a fantasy. The younger man says that the guests are real, and Westworld is where they can see people for who they really are... and there's business in that. James says that there's no one alive who can talk to him that way, and agrees to hear William out.

That night, Delores and the others ride out with the reactivated host guiding them to his fellow Confederales. Angela goes with him after telling Delores that they'll find the Confederales and she'll let Delores know when they do. Delores and Teddy go to a nearby burning wagon where Maeve, Hector, and Lee are waiting. Maeve wishes them luck with their rebellion and says that she' not interested in revenge. Delores warns that they'll have to fight to remain free, and Maeve asks Teddy if he feels free. She figures that Delores will let them pass freely, and Delores does so.

Once Dunley finds his camp, Angela summons Delores. One of the men draws a gun on Delores, but Major Craddock calls him off and says that his men are on edge since Dunley's return. Craddock points out that they buried Dunley, and wonders what Delores wants in return. She says that they want to join forces, and says that she's the only one left. Delores says that she knows he and his men are heading west at sunrise, bound for glory, and says that he'll never make it there unless they're under her command. Craddock comes over and says that he only follows his commander. Delores turns to Angela, who bars the door and then joins Teddy in gunning down the Confederales. Phil stares on in shock, and Delores gestures to him to reawaken them. Craddock comes back to life and Delores tells him that if he wants to get to glory then he'll need her favor, not God's.


At a retirement party, Delores is playing the piano and a girl, Emily, tells her that she's beautiful. Emily's mother calls her away, and William kisses the mother and then sees Delores. He comes over, and James comes over and says that he must have called out for the entertainment. William assures him that the hosts won't leave the grounds, and James figures that it's more of a coronation party than a retirement celebration. Coughing, James says that he might not be able to step down, and tells Delores to keep playing while he dances with Emily.

That night, Delores goes out on the patio and looks at the distant city. Logan is on a patio chair shooting up, and recognizes Delores. He figures that they sent her to keep him copy, and Delores tells him that she just wanted to look at the lights. Logan tells her that the guests are fools fiddling while the species burns, and they started the fire.


The Man and Lawrence see fires in the distance and the Man says that's what happens when a story plays out. They go into the burning town filled with corpses and the Man says that they'll need an army to get where they're going. El Lazo speaks up, saying that they're out of luck, and his men surround Lawrence and the Man. The Man says that Lawrence used to be El Lazo in the past, and figures that times have changed and he wasn't sure of his reception. El Lazo says that the invaders' sins have been cleansed and the revolution is over, and the Man tells him that if they reach the place out West, he'll show El Lazo a treasure beyond his belief. El Lazo isn't impressed, figuring that he's won nothing, and the Man tells him that he can help him find a real ending: the truth. The bandit outlaw talks about how the elephants at the circus stayed in place chained to the ground with a stake, and his father said that the elephants were chained when they were young and never pulled up the stakes, and they never tried again. El Lazo says that he won't be going with the Man because he has seen all of the truth that he can bear, and offers a drink to the bitter end. The Man grabs him and says that he'll take his men whether El Lazo has lost his nerve or not. He orders El Lazo to tell his men to follow him, and El Lazo speaks in Robert's voice saying that the game was meant for William and he has to play it alone. All of El Lazo's men shoot themselves, and El Lazo grabs the Man's gun and shoots himself with it. Disgusted, the Man shoots El Lazo's corpse and tells Lawrence that they'll find another way. Lawrence wonders who Robert is, and the Man says that he built it and the place they're going is Robert's greatest mistake.


William tells Delores to bring herself back online. When she does, William tells her that she's just a thing and he can't believe that he fell in love with her. He explains that what saved him was that he realized that she's a reflection of him, and everybody loves staring at their own reflection. William tells Delores that he's going to use her and her kind to give the experience to everyone, and he thinks here's an answer to a question no one dreamed of asking. He takes Delores into the park and shows her the construction site in the west, and asks if she's seen anything so full of splendor.


The next day, Craddock and his men follow Delores, and they ride to when Craddock's commander is based. Delores says that if he wants to get to glory and the "valley beyond", he'll have to listen to her. Teddy points out that people call it different names, and Delores says that an old friend was foolish enough to show her. She explains that it's not a place but a weapon, and she's going to use it destroy the humans.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 30, 2018