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Multiple Outs Recap

20 Years Ago

Sebastian Black tells his sons Jonathan and Cameron that Cameron will do the third-act escape, and has him get into the milk can. Once he's locked up, Cameron starts picking the lock on the manacles.


Cameron wakes up naked and manacled to a bed in a hotel room. The Sorceress comes in from swimming, and Cameron demands to know why she framed Jonathan for murder. She says that they're in Madrid and asks what he'll do if she unlocks her, and says that it's a test to determine if she wants him helping her. The Sorceress explains that she wants Cameron to commit a crime for her. When he refuses, she asks him what he's willing to do to save his brother. As she walks off, Cameron says anything and the Sorceress asks if he's sure about that.

Once he's alone, Cameron manages to kick a pen from and end table over to himself and use it to pick the manacles. Once he dresses, he confirms that the Sorceress is taking a shower, gets dressed, finds her gun, and determines there's a guard in the hallway. He knocks the man out and runs to the hotel elevators. The door opens, revealing that Cameron is on a set in a warehouse. The Sorceress is watching the monitors covering the fake suite, and congratulates him on his escape time. Cameron points out that her hair is dry, and he realizes that there was someone else in the shower and she set the whole thing up as an audition for him. The Sorceress again asks what he's willing to do to save Jonathan, and tells Cameron that the gun is real and there's a bullet in the chamber, He refuses and Bishop knocks him down from behind. The Sorceress picks up the gun and fires it into the floor around Cameron's head, and says that her tests are real, and Bishop kicks Cameron unconscious.

In the Archive, Jordan practices a trick with a tablet and a pen. Dina and Gunter come in and tell him that the Sorceress has Cameron. Jordan figures that the Sorceress wants Cameron alive since she didn't bother to kill him, and says that they have to find him fast.


Young Cameron drops the lock pick and pounds on the inside of the milk can, yelling to his father that he can't do it. Sebastian and Young Jonathan are gone.


Cameron wakes up in a catacomb, and Bishop comes in and drags him to his feet. He tells him that there's a heist to be done and Cameron is the star, and takes him to the Sorceress. Dekker is waiting for them, and Bishop explains that he's a weapons expert. Next is Tallis, a computer expert and makeup genius. Cameron spots a cargo container and asks what's inside, and the Sorceress comes in and tells Cameron that it's time for his next test. They've set up a mockup of the bidding room at the Devlin Auction House, and the Sorceress says that they're going to steal a jewel but so far they only know the approximate size. She admits that the security there is state-of-the-art, and they'll steal the jewel during the auction. The Sorceress demonstrates the hair-trigger motion sensor on the pedestal, and asks if he's good enough to make the switch.

As he walks around the pedestal, Cameron says that the Sorceress' plan is impossible. The Sorceress aims a gun at him, and Cameron reveals that he's already switched out the apple standing in for the jewel. He says that he can do it but he won't, and says that he's pissed that she made him audition. Cameron tells her to go to hell, and the Sorceress shows him the traffic footage of the night of the accident. It shows the Sorceress' people switching in the woman's body for hers, and says that the footage will exonerate Jonathan. If Cameron helps her then she'll give him the footage.

Cameron practices making the switch and sets off the alarm, and tells Bishop that before he taped down the button. The Sorceress and Tallis come in and Tallis disguises the Sorceress. Cameron comes over and figures that she has another play. He asks what she meant when she said that he didn't remember her, and the Sorceress talks about the Aurora Borealis in Reykjavik. Cameron doesn't know what she means, and the Sorceress says that she has to go find out what they're stealing. She says that one jewel is special because it's the key to something more important, and tells him to keep practicing as she leaves.

At the asylum, an assistant informs the disguised Sorceress that someone has already made it to the last riddle room. Kay and Bauer come by, and the Sorceress sees Kay's gun and goes to the riddle room.

Cameron continues working on the switch, and asks Bishop where the Sorceress went. Bishop says that the Sorceress will tear up the entire system, and Cameron warns that she's playing him. Angry, Bishop punches him in the face and then takes out the anesthetic sprayer. However, he ends up spraying himself in the face and knocking himself out, since Cameron taped the nozzle. Cameron then takes the keys for the container from Bishop's pocket.

In the riddle room, Jonathan comes in and the disguised Sorceress is waiting. She secretly draws a gun and prepares to shoot him when his back is turned. However, he lies on the floor to work out the riddle's answer.

Cameron opens the container and finds a group of mannequins around a desk. There's a violin on the desk, and one of the mannequins has a pocket watch. Cameron finds a pair of cufflinks manacles "AB" on one, and recognizes the initials.

Jordan gets a call from an unknown caller. It's Cameron, who tells him not to tell anyone that he's calling. Gunter asks who it is, and Cameron tells Jordan not to tell him. Once Gunter leaves, Jordan explains that Jonathan is out and Cameron explains why he's helping the Sorceress. Jordan points out that if they break the law then Kay loses his job. Cameron admits that he doesn't know, and Jordan agrees to help him. He tells Jordan to get a photo for him. As Jordan goes to get it, Dina comes over and asks what he's doing. Jordan says that he's running down leads and quickly leaves. Cameron is listening on the phone, and tells Jordan that he called him because he's the best liar.

Jonathan works out the constellation code The Sorceress thanks him, walks out, and locks the door behind her.

Jordan finds the photo and sends it to Cameron. Cameron identifies one man in the photo as AB: his great grandfather Alistair Black. Jordan goes through the old Black family photos, and notes that everything in the container is things that Bishop stole. He figures that the answer is in the photo because the Sorceress recreated it precisely. Cameron hears the Sorceress drives up and leaves the container, relocking the door behind him. He goes over to Bishop, wakes him up, and claims that he knocked himself out. Cameron advises Bishop not to say anything, and they go back to working on the switch. The Sorceress says that they're stealing the Lynx Diamond and Dekker is making a copy. The guest list is locked down, but Henri Morel is Cameron's approximate height and build. Cameron insists that they don’t kill him even though he's a drug smuggler, and discover that Henri has an appointment at a spa.

Cameron and the Sorceress go to the spar, gas the attendant unconscious, and the Sorceress takes her place to greet Henri. Cameron poses as an attendant and puts a rejuvenating face mask on him. The Sorceress takes Henri's fingerprints When Henri suggests that Cameron sends the Sorceress in to "earn her tip", she tries to stab Henri and Cameron just stops her before she goes. Cameron removes the hardened mask, and the Sorceress calls Henri and tells him the police are there. She says that she's found a hotel in Newark for him to hide. Henri takes Cameron's uniform and leaves for the hotel with his bodyguard,

Mike briefs the team on the auction house's security. Cameron calls Jordan, who has identified the other men in the photos as millionaires of the time. He can't identify the guy sitting at the desk. As Cameron hangs up, Bishop draws a gun on him and says that he knew Cameron was betraying them. He tells the Sorceress that Cameron has a phone and the FBI is probably on their way. Cameron invites Bishop to search him, and keeps Bishop's phone hidden, and finally slips it back into his pocket. The magician then says that Bishop is made him because he tranqed him earlier, and points out that she has the one thing that will exonerate Jonathan so he didn't rat her out. Cameron insists that he would do anything for Jonathan, and the Sorceress gives Cameron a gun and tells him to kill Bishop. Bishop figures that it's a test, but the Sorceress tells him that he failed her. She tells Cameron that Bishop will try to kill him eventually, and killing him is the only way to protect Jonathan.


Young Cameron sits inside the milk can and calls to Jonathan on the outside, saying that he can't do it. Jonathan tells him that he'll have to open it from the inside, and promises that he's not going anywhere. He says that their father wants Cameron to be the best, and assures him that he is. Cameron works on the locks as Jonathan taps on the lid to show that he's there.


The Sorceress tells Cameron that it's time to decide, and Cameron lowers the gun and says that he can't. Bishop, satisfied, says that it was a test… and the Sorceress takes the gun and shoots him dead. She then takes Cameron to makeup and tells Dekker to dispose of Bishop's body. Tallis makes Cameron up as Henri and he goes to the auction house. He passes the security monitors thanks to the copied fingerprints, while the Sorceress goes in disguised as a security guard after knocking out the guard on duty. She tells Cameron over the earbuds that she's in, and Cameron points out that she doesn't have a real persona. Cameron realizes that Jonathan and Kay are there, and Jonathan performs for Cameron's fan who has mistaken Jonathan for Cameron.

The bidding begins and the Sorceress puts the jammer on the communication box. Jordan spots her and goes to check it out, and the Sorceress takes out the cameras and the lights. Jonathan notices Cameron looking around and figures that he's up to something, and Cameron goes for the jewel. Jonathan tackles him just after Cameron secretly makes the switch, and Cameron gets up, fires a gun from a guard into the ceiling, runs out in the confusion, and tells the Sorceress that he didn't get the jewel. She tells Tallis and Dekker to head to the vault, and puts a gun to Cameron's chest when he objects The Sorceress says that she'll kill anyone who gets in her way and leaves.

Jordan finds the jamming device, and the disguised Cameron finds him and says who he is. Cameron says that he couldn't go through with the robbery and has to get everyone away from the vault because the Sorceress will start killing people once she figures that he's turned against her. Jordan tells Cameron to punch him in the face, and he does so and runs off. Dina calls to the agents to go help Jordan.

Mike reports that they can't close the vault door, and he and five men will guard the jewel. Dina points out that there are only supposed to be three men there, and the Sorceress knocks out Mike and the real guards. Mallis and Dekker are the extra guards, and the Sorceress breaks into the deposit box and gets the jewel. Cameron arrives and tells her to give him the video now that she has the diamond, and she tries to gas him. He punches her unconscious and picks up the jewel, just as Jonathan runs in and punches him. The Sorceress is faking unconsciousness and smiles at Cameron, as Jonathan kicks him unconscious.


Young Jonathan tells Cameron that he has to get out of the mill can because he needs him. Cameron focuses and goes back to work.


Jonathan drags the guards out, and the door closes trapping Cameron inside. The vault depressurizes, and Cameron goes to the door and rips off his disguise before collapsing to the floor. Gunter works out how to unlock the door from the inside, and Kay tries to shoot open the bulletproof window in the vault door. Cameron wakes up and crawls to the door, and manages to enter the override sequence following Jonathan's shouted directions... but passes out before he can open the door. Jonathan pounds on the door, yelling to his brother.


Young Jonathan continues tapping on the milk can, and Cameron manages to escape.


Cameron collapses and Jonathan opens the door after his brother released the wheel. As Jonathan embraces him, Cameron says that he's sorry.


Young Jonathan embraces Cameron and tells him that it's okay. Their father secretly watches them.


Later at the Archive, Jonathan enjoys a sandwich. Dina sits down with him and says that she's stocked up for when he comes back. He says that he understands why she's with Mike and he's a superb FBI agent. Mike and Kay come in and tell Jonathan that Cameron is okay but the FBI is questioning him.

At the FBI office, Cameron tells Deakins that he did it for his brother. He admits that he betrayed everyone who trusted him and Jonathan is still in prison. Deakins points out that he's in a lot of trouble, and Cameron produces the diamond.

Kay takes Jonathan back to prison, and he thanks her for getting him out. She asks him about the Aurora Borealis and Reykjavik, and Jonathan claims that Cameron was never there and it doesn't make sense.


After his show--in Reykjavik--Cameron goes out on roof and looks at the Aurora Borealis. A young girl joins him and together they admire the lights.


The Sorceress tells Mallis that Cameron never told her his name, and Mallis says that the Sorceress chose the wrong brother.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 30, 2018

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