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Mac-Liv-Moore Recap

Isobel calls her mother, who asks her if she's had any symptoms of her disease. Liv and Peyton come in, and Isobel hangs up. They tells her that they've made arrangements to send her back to Boise, but Izabella doesn’t see the point in going back or bringing her mother there to see her die.

Lter at the morgue, Ravi and Liv show the detectives the dead convicts who were killed. The detectives point out that the convicts were all killers.

Blaine shows Don E the brain that he obtained and shows him that when he ate the brains of a real estate agent, He got the idea of how property prices will skyrocket when things return to normal. Blaine tells Don E to eat the brain.

At the morgue, Ravi and Liv try to put together the bodies of the dead convicts. Enzo arrives and he asks about the corpses of a zombie girl and her human boyfriend. The inspector says that he doesn't understand the point of a human-zombie romance, just as Liv comes in. The human boy was a rapper named Dirty Reign, who was feuding with his twin brother Weston. Once Enzo leaves, Liv grinds up Dirty Reign's brain and makes a taco.

Clive talks to Weston, and Liv comes in dressed like a rapper. The detective brings up the lyrics Weston wrote about his brother saying that he's stale, and asks Weson about his opinion.

Later in the morgue, Liv is rapping with Ravi and sees the victim at the Scratching Post with one of the convicts. They discover that he's Ronnie "Sugar" Cain, a convicted serial killer, and figure that he's still have and still killing.

In the squad room, Clive and Liv prepare to go to the Scratching Post to see if anyone saw Cain. As Clive says that Cain started by killing his mother and daughter when they turned zombie. They both get text messages that Fillmore-Graves is putting the city on lockdown to find Cain. Liv goes to the vending machines and Steve and Fisher meet with Clive and tell him tht I's a good time to do it now that the city is on lockdown.

At the Scratching Post, Candy approaches Don E, who is on computer brain. She says that she's there with Mayor Baracus and they're stuck there because of the lockdown. Candy complains that the city has changed since the zombies took over. She goes back to Baracus, and Don E goes into Blaine's office and compliments him on his plan to turn the entire country into zombies. Blaine gives Don E a Notebook, and Don E is ecstatic and goes to work. His boss takes it away and says that they're going to auction ten of the zombie cures, but he wants to make sure that Don E makes them undetectable.

Liv is rapping in the morgue when Peyton and Isobel come in because it was closer when the lockdown started. Isobel goes to look at the dead bodies, and Liv tells Peyton that Ravi is napping. Peyton says that she's telling people that Isobel is their neighbor if anyone asks. While Peyton takes a call about Baracus, Liv goes over to tell Isobel what she does.

Major is telling his soldiers that he wants their unit to find Cain. Chase calls Major aside and asks him where they're at with Russ. Major wonders how Cain escapes, and Chase explains that one of the convicts escaped. When Major tells Chase about the church, Chase says that his reports was withheld from him but he figures he can count on Major. Once Chase leaves, Major tells his unit to head out. Ravi calls him and asks him to bring his briefcase by the station, and it's vital to something that he's working on. Major agrees and Ravi hangs up and goes back to his D&D group. Clive is the dungeonmaster, and Michelle hers them chanting.

Don E continues setting up the bidding system for the cures, and Blaine asks him how things are going. His assistant assures him that no one will be able to trace their auction back to them, and asks why anyone would bid without a cure. Blaine explains that they'll use a well-known zombie to demonstrate the cure on-camera.

At the morgue, Liv is trying to identify the bodies as Isobel looks on. Major comes in with Ravi's case, and Jordan and Fisher arrive. They complain about their relationship, and Liv chips in with a rap song. Major tells them to go out and wait, and asks what Liv's problem is with him. She says that Major stood by while Chase killed Mama. Peyton overhears them and says that they're in love and eventually they'll get over it.

Don E hacks an email from Baracus to Candy saying that he'll meet with her. Carl brings in a passed-out drunken FG soldier, and Blaine tells him to call FG and have him pick their soldier up. Once Carl leaves, Blaine wonders how Peyton is sleeping with Ravi if he's a zombie, and wonders what he is if she can sleep with him safely.

Ravi tells his fellow players about how he roleplays, and they get back in character. Michelle comes in and asks if she can join them. She assures them that she plays a thief and gives Clive her character sheet. Clive points out that her character sheet just has her name and 200 hit points on it, but agrees to let her play. Major hears them and barges in with the briefcase. He has Ravi reluctantly open it to reveal his miniature, and Major says that Peyton is downstairs. He threatens to tell Peyton Ravi is upstairs playing D&D, and Ravi goes downstairs to avoid that. There's no one there, but he hears Peyton's phone ringing from a morgue drawer. He opens it and finds Isobel inside talking to her mother, and she quickly hangs up. She introduces herself and explains that she's Peyton's neighbor, and Peyton and Liv were going to take her to a movie before the lockdown happened.

Liv and Peyton come in with food and Peyton discovers that Ravi got a text from his D&D group. She wonders what is going on.

At the D&D session, the group continues playing and Clive handles out candy for jewels. They go into downtime, and Michelle has her character steal the others' jewels. When they disagree, Michelle suggests that they check the tape. She threatens to release the tape on the Youtube, and Clive talks to her privately and objects. He tries to get the tape, and then the two of them kiss. Steve comes in to give Clive his DM's book, and they quickly pull apart. Once Steve leaves, Michelle tells Clive that she didn't mean for it to happen but it did.

At the Scratching Post, Major and his soldiers come in to collect the drunken soldier, Jones. They recognize the unconscious soldier, and Blaine suggests that they thank him. Major isn't interested. Back at Fillmore-Graves, Jordan and Fisher continue arguing about their relationship while Major gives Jones some water. He realizes that his ID is gone, and says that he wasn't drinking. They realize that Jones is bleeding from a head wound, and Major realizes that Jones' ID authorizes access to anywhere on the building and someone stole it. Major tells Jordan and Fisher to lock down the campus and then calls Chase.

In Chase's office, Chase ignores Major's call because Cain is holding a shotgun to his head. Cain talks about how he had a dog named Rocky and waited too long to put him down when he was ill. He asks Chase if he was wrong, and accuses Chase of killing his wife and child. When Chase says that it wasn't his fault, Cain kneecaps him and says that Chase killed ten thousand human beings. As he prepares to kill Chase, Major arrives and shoots Cain down, and Chase sends him to check security.

Ravi, Isobel, Peyton, and Liv are getting food, and Ravi sends Peyton and Isobel to get some food while he talks work stuff with Liv. Once they leave, Ravi says that Isobel told him that she's sick and asks her why Liv didn't scratch her to cure her. He offers to scratch her himself, and Liv says that he already scratched Isobel and it didn't take. Ravi insists that it's impossible, and Liv suggests that one of Isobel's experimental treatments may have altered her body chemistry. He says that they Isobel may need to be the cure to finding a vaccine, just as Isobel comes in and overhears them.

Don E brings Baracus in and finds Blaine wearing a mask. Blaine explains that they had an idea for a masquerade during the lockdown, and says that it stars with a pick-me-up. Don E offers to give Baracus a vitamin shot so he'll be in condition for working the next day, and they all sniff the drug. Blaine films Baracus turning human from the antidote that he's taken thinking it's a drug, and then shoots him dead.

Peyton returns with food, and Isobel says that Ravi should study her. Liv objects, saying that Isobel is going home, but Isobel tells them that her dying wish is to be a guinea pig. Ravi wonders how Isobel got into Seattle, and she admits that Liv is running the Underground. He's less than thrilled that Liv didn't tell him, and Liv says that she was trying to protect him. Isobel insists that she gets to decide what to do with what's left of her life, and wants to go out knowing that her life had meaning. The sirens sound announcing that the lockdown is over, and Isobel wonders what happens to her.

Major returns and tells Chase that the perimeter is clear. Chase is busy stitching up his wounds, and sees Cain behind a couch moaning in pain. When Major asks what to do with him, Chase tells him to scratch Cain. Cain begs Major to let him die, and Chase repeats his order. He watches as Major reluctantly reaches for Cain.

The next day, Peyton arrives at the crime scene and Enzo and Dale are there with Baracus' corpse. Peyton shows them the video of an off-camera Blaine killing Baracus after he turns human, and Enzo says that since Baracus was human the case is Dale's.

Don E tells Blaine that the bidding for the cure is climbing from ten million. Blaine takes down his map of the city and burns it.

Written by Gadfly on May 1, 2018

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