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All Hands on Decker Recap

At a dog show, the manager is going through bags. She finally finds a piece of jewelry, gives it to her frazzled PA, and tells him to run. The PA gives it to the owner, who puts it on her dog, Brucie. The announcer tells the audience that Bruce is the previous year's winner, and the owner takes Brucie out onto the stage. Meanwhile, the manager tells the PA that Cornelia is up next and no one has seen her. The PA goes to Cornelia's dressing room and knocks on the door. There's no answer, and the PA goes in and finds a corpse on the floor surrounded by bloody paw prints.

Chloe shows Ella her engagement ring and says that they have to throw a bachelorette party. Ella says that it's her dream to plan a bachelorette party, and Chloe agrees to let her set it up. Once Ella tells Chloe everything that the wedding needs, she goes to Marcus and tells him. She realizes that it's a lot and they each ask the other if they should postpone the date. Marcus points out that Chloe has a few days of unused vacation and she can use it to plan the wedding.

Lucifer tells Amenadiel that Chloe accepted Marcus' wedding proposal. Amenadiel says that it's God's will that Lucifer and Chloe be together, and asks what the plan is. He suggests that Lucifer tell Chloe how he feels about her, but Lucifer admits that window has closed. Lucifer goes to the station and he gives her a personality test so that he can understand why she's doing what she does. Chloe tells him that she's taking time off to plan the wedding, and advises Lucifer to watch Dan because her cases have been reassigned. Lucifer is less than thrilled.

As Lucifer and Dan go to the dog show, Lucifer lists all the reasons why Marcus is wrong for Chloe. Dan suggests that Chloe accepted because she really wants to get married, but Lucifer doesn't believe it. Ella is there and tells them that the victim is Francis Hoffman, and his husband is on the way. The prints belong to Cornelia, Francis' prize-winning mastiff. Ella says that the killer is human because of the blunt-force trauma, gives them the case file, and goes to get a penis-shaped piñata. Dan tells Lucifer that he can't have him second-guessing his every move, and Lucifer figures that he should take the lead so he can understand Chloe.

When he arrives, Lucifer and Dan talk to the husband, Frederick. Lucifer tells him that Cornelia has disappeared, and promises to find the killer and the missing dog because he cares. Dan talks to Lucifer privately and tells him that he'll handle it. Frederick insists that everyone loved Francis but he got into an argument with someone a week ago. He has the license plate of the other man and gives it to the detective.

Marcus calls Maze about the engagement, and she comes to his office with a knife and figure the plan is back on. He apologizes to her for not wanting to die anymore, and promises to find Maze another way back to Hell. The Mark is apparently still there, Maze figures that Chloe is having second thoughts. Ella comes in and tells Maze that she has an emergency. Maze tells her to go, and then tells Marcus that she'll work on Chloe while he figures out how he's going to get Maze to Hell.

Maze finds Chloe making a board to figure out the wedding. Ella looks on and tells Chloe that they'll help her work out the wedding details. Chloe asks what's going on with the murder case, and Ella says that she got a partial match on the license plate. CCTV footage showed the car at the building at the time of the murder, and tells Chloe not to worry about it because she's on vacation. Maze says that they'll throw Chloe a bachelorette party that she won't forget, and once Chloe leaves Ella figures the party will be a success with Maze in charge.

After Lucifer stops to put on something more appropriate as a police detective, he and Dan drive the car owner, an ex-con named Vincent Walker. Lucifer refuses to go over the speed limit because Chloe wouldn't, and Dan suggests that he just ask Chloe why she accepted Marcus' proposal. Lucifer asks Dan if he and Charlotte are still a thing, and Dan says that Charlotte is going through some stuff. He thanks Lucifer for caring, and Lucifer tells him that he doesn't and is only pretending because Chloe would.

Amenadiel visits Charlotte at her office and explains that he needs her help breaking the engagement. He figures that they need to understand Marcus to do so, but Marcus is impenetrable. Charlotte suggests that Amenadiel dig into his own insecurities to understand Marcus, and says that she got invited to Chloe's bachelorette party and figures that she can undermine Chloe.

Dan confirms that Vincent was a leg-breaker for the Mob, and Lucifer figures that someone hired Vincent and now Vincent is working at an illegal gambling den. Dan is impressed, but Lucifer admits that he still doesn't understand Chloe. He figures that he needs a partner that is handsome, sexual, and unpredictable… but Dan will do.

They go up to the gambling den and the guard greets Lucifer by name. Lucifer shrugs Dan in, closes the door, and yells to Dan to be him. Everyone in the room glares at Dan, and one man comes over and demands to know who he is. Dan discovers that Lucifer took his badge and gun, but finds Lucifer's money clip. He says that he's there for money and women, and the man leads him away.

Maze blindfolds Chloe and takes her to her apartment. Ella, Charlotte, Linda, and Trixie are waiting, and Maze has decorated the place in pink. Chloe is less than thrilled.

Dan is gambling and losing, and Vincent sits down at the poker table. He sits down next to Vincent and asks him what he desires. Vincent figures that Dan is hitting on him, and Dan quickly corrects him. The man says that he wants to play, and Dan notices that Vincent has a dog bite. As Vincent starts to say how he got it, Lucifer barges in with a SWAT team and orders everyone to surrender. Dan complains that Vincent was about to give him incriminating evidence, and Lucifer tells him to stop making it about himself.

Ella searches for booze, a bong, and a male stripper. Charlotte comes over and tells Ella that she stole Maze's itinerary, and Linda comes over and asks if they found the booze. She figures that Maze is up to something. Maze is busy asking Chloe what she sees in Marcus, and Charlotte tells Ella and Linda that she's got an idea.

Amenadiel invites Marcus to Lux to celebrate and offers him a beer. He says that it's all God's plan, and Marcus says that he has to keep it quiet from certain people until he knows it's going to stick. Amenadiel says that becoming mortal is the best thing that ever happened to him because he knows that he can die. He points out all of the things that any random act could take it all away, and Marcus starts having second thoughts.

Maze tries out wedding dresses, and Linda complains to Ella that it's torture. She figures that Maze is trying to torture them, and Charlotte hears loud music outside. The women go to investigate and find a party bus has pulled up. Maze glares at the women when she realizes that they're responsible.

At the station, Lucifer and Dan question Vincent. Vincent says that he got into dog training and fell in love with a mastiff, Elliott. He figured that he paid something to be Elliott's owner, and says that he fought with Francis because Cornelia was pregnant with Elliott's puppy. Dan points out that a litter of pure-bred puppies is worth tens of thousands of dollars, and Lucifer asks Vincent who else knew about it.

On the bus, the women party and drink as a disgusted Maze looks on. She finally asks Charlotte and Ella what's going on, and tells them to deamp the party. She insists that she needs the wedding to happen and Charlotte can't have a drunken change of heart, and Ella figures that nothing can go wrong. The bus brakes to a halt and the water polo team that Charlotte has been prosecuting come aboard. Charlotte tells Chloe that she waived the charges in return for their "cooperation"

Lucifer and Dan go to Dr. Valerie Haynes, the veterinarian who examines all of the dog contestants including Cornelia. Valerie would have known that Cornelia was pregnant, while Lucifer points out that Dan doesn't understand his chemistry with Chloe. He turns on the charm with the receptionist, and when they meet with her she says that she more money than she'd ever want. Lucifer uses her power on her and Valerie says that there's nothing she really desires. An attendant behind Valerie says that she wants the miracle of birth, and Dan realizes that she's not talking about herself. They discover that the attendant, Meg Boyd, took Cornelia when she had the chance. She admits that she took the dog to take money, and Francis was already dead when she found him. Meg says that she was going to return Cornelia after she gave birth, but Lucifer has her arrested for Francis' murder.

The party bus continues driving through LA, and Charlotte tells Chloe that the night is about her. Charlotte goes to work undermining Chloe, saying that it's her second office romance. Maze starts tossing the players off the bus, and Linda starts to attack her. Ella stops her, while Charlotte points out LA's divorce rate to Chloe. Meanwhile, Maze says that she wants to get Chloe married to Marcus with no drama. Linda doesn't believe her, and Ella hears Charlotte talking to Chloe and figures that she's trying to get into Chloe's head. Ella stops the bus and tells everyone but Chloe to get off.

Lucifer has Cornelia sit in the front of the car and drives back to the station, and tells Dan that he still doesn't understand Chloe's decision. He complains that Dan is afraid, pointing out that Dan is giving Charlotte space because he's trying to avoid telling her what he wants. Dan tells Lucifer that he's afraid to hear Chloe's answer. He says that Lucifer only thinks of Chloe as work, and says that she's a friend and a parent. Lucifer admits that he's right and needs a Trixie... and latches onto Cornelia.

On the street, Linda complains to Maze that she threw her chance at a sex life off the bus. Charlotte says that she was trying to help, and Ella says that they should get matching fake tattoos. When she says that Marcus gave her the idea because he got one, Maze realizes that Marcus is wearing a fake Mark and lied to her, and storms off. The bus drives off and Linda points out that Chloe is gone.

At the station, Lucifer tries to train Cornelia without success. Frederick comes in to get Cornelia and thanks them for rescuing his "child", and says that he didn't know his dog was pregnant. Lucifer has him sign the release form, and Cornelia reluctantly goes with Frederick. Dan gets an idea and leaves.

Chloe is on the bus drinking and the driver asks her how she's doing. The driver asks what's eating her, and Chloe says that she's wondering why she said yes. Chloe figures that she thought marrying a steady guy would change her, and the driver says that she hopes Marcus is everything to her, like her husband is to her.

Lucifer goes through the paperwork and discovers that Frederick signed Cornelia's pre-natal form... meaning he knew about the dog's pregnancy. The Devil figures that Frederick is the killer, but there's no one around to accept his congratulations.

Frederick takes Cornelia home and yells at her. Dan is waiting in the darkness and says that he had a hunch that Frederick was the killer when Cornelia wouldn't go with him. Frederick draws a gun and says that Francis cared more about Cornelia than him. When he found out about the puppies, he realized that Francis would reject him even further. They fought and Francis slipped and hit his head. As he prepares to shoot Dan, Lucifer barges in. Dan takes advantage of the distraction to knock Frederick unconscious, and Lucifer complains that Dan ran off alone. He says that he can't rely on Dan so he should find someone steady and responsible... and realizes that why Chloe is marrying Marcus.

Maze goes to the apartment and confronts Marcus. He motions Maze to be quiet because Trixie is asleep on the couch next to him. The demon says that he can't use Trixie as a human shield forever, and one day she'll kill him. When Chloe arrives, Maze slips away. Marcus tells Chloe that Trixie wanted to come home from her sleepover. They both admit that the wedding is overwhelming, and Marcus says that they should elope because it's about the two of them. Chloe tells him that she can't marry him.

Dan goes to Charlotte's apartment and tells her that he respects her need for space. He tells her that he wants her all-in, and Charlotte kisses him.

The next day, Lucifer finds Chloe at her desk. He starts to say that he learned something, and notices that she's not wearing her engagement ring. Lucifer dismisses what he was going to say and Chloe tells him that they have a new case. Marcus watches them as they go off together.

Written by Gadfly on May 1, 2018

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