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Snow Falls Recap

Open in Fairy Tale Land where the royal carriage is moving through the forest with an armed escort. Inside we find Prince Charming smiling at the scenic view outside, when he asks his travelling companion, “What do you think of the view my dear?” Reveal he’s not talking to Snow White but rather a Regal Blonde! The carriage comes to a sudden stop when a tree blocks the road. Charming gets out of the carriage leaving a pouch on the seat and goes to investigate. Just as he realizes the tree blocking the road wasn’t an accident, a thief steals the pouch from the carriage and rides off on a horse with Charming in pursuit. He catches the thief and knocks them off their horse. Just as Charming is about punch the thief he discovers it’s a woman, a woman we know as Snow White, but it’s very clear they don’t know each other yet. In a moment of hesitation, shocked from discovering the thief to be a woman, Snow White grabs a rock and hits Charming in the chin with it, knocking him off her. She jumps on a horse and speeds away. Charming calls out after her, “You can’t hide from me. Wherever you are I will find you.” Snow White looks back and smiles as she rides away.

Off Snow White in Fairy Tale Land, we find her as Mary Margaret in Storybrooke on a date with Dr. Whale. As she talks about her hopes and dreams, he’s clearly distracted as he ogles Ruby, the diner’s pretty waitress. Mary Margaret asks for the check and heads home. It’s night as she walks down the street and finds Emma parked in her car. Mary Margaret smiles at the fact that she’s decided to stay and offers Emma her spare bedroom as a place to stay. Emma thanks her for the offer but says she’s not the roommate type.

The next day we find Mary Margaret with her class at the hospital visiting the sick patients. Henry finds John Doe, the coma patient, who looks exactly like Prince Charming. Henry questions Mary Margaret if she knows who John Doe is. She doesn’t know who he is and ushers Henry out.


Henry tells Emma he found her father, the John Doe patient in the hospital. He says they have to tell Mary Margaret they found her Prince Charming. They need to get Mary Margaret to read to him and maybe then he’ll remember who he is. Emma agrees but tells Henry, they do it her way. Emma goes to see Mary Margaret and tells her what Henry’s plan. Mary Margaret is apprehensive but Emma assures her it’s just to play along with Henry to show him that fairy tales aren’t real. Mary Margaret agrees to do it because “We get him to the truth without hurting him.”

Mary Margaret sits on the John Doe’s bed and reads to him their story from Fairy Tale Land. As she reads to John Doe, his hand reaches up and grabs hers. She brings Dr. Whale, her date from the night before, to the room to check on him. He tells her everything is steady, same as it’s always been. When asked what she was doing, Mary Margaret says she was just reading him a story. He tells her she probably just dozed off. Dr. Whale sends Mary Margaret home and says he will call her if anything changes. After she leaves, Dr. Whale calls Regina to let her know something has happened with the John Doe patient. When he tells Regina that one of the volunteers said that the patient grabbed her and there was a slight fluctuation in brain activity, Regina looks genuinely concerned. At home, Mary Margaret sits in bed and continues to read the book. We push in on the page she’s reading and it takes us back to...

Fairy Tale Land, where Snow White has packed up all her belongings and is leaving her hollowed tree trunk for good. She gets a few steps when Prince Charming’s trap is sprung. Snow White is stuck in a net ten feet off the ground. He tells her, “I told you I’d find you. No matter what you do, I will always find you.” Snow White sarcastically replies, “Aren’t you a real “Prince Charming.” He smiles, “I have a name, you know. It’s...” she cuts him off. “Don’t care. Charming suits you.” And now we know – Charming isn’t his name, it’s a nickname. He tells Snow White he wants the jewels back because there was a ring in there that belonged to his mother. She agrees to help him find the ring or else he’ll turn her over to the Queen because he knows she’s Snow White.

In Storybrooke, Mary Margaret reports in to Emma and Henry. She tells them that John Doe responded to her! They go to the hospital. When the three get to the hospital they are met by Sheriff Graham who tells him John Doe is missing. Regina is also there and chastises Henry for lying to her about where he’s been. Dr. Whale says that John Doe must be found because if not he could be in real danger. Regina orders Graham to find him.

Emma and Graham question Leroy and the security guard from the hospital. While reviewing the security tapes they find that John Dow exited the ward out a side door. Leroy tells them the door leads to the woods.

Back in Fairy Tale Land, Snow White leads Prince Charming through the forest. He notices her toying with a small glass bottle filled with dust on a necklace and asks her what it is. When she tells him not to worry about it, he rips it from her neck. Prince Charming handles the glass bottle cavalierly, Snow White tells him to be careful because it’s a weapon. He looks at it dismissively and asks her what kind of weapon is dust. She tells him it’s fairy dust. He thought fairy dust was a good thing. Snow White corrects him, “When it comes from a good fairy. This stuff is deadly. It transforms the most fearsome of adversaries into a form that is easily squashed.” As they continue on, Snow White tells Charming the charges against her are lies, but it still hasn’t stopped the Queen from trying to kill her. The reason she’s been stealing from the Queen is to amass enough fortune to escape to another realm where she can never be hurt. He asks her what she did to incur that much wrath. Snow says the Queen blames her from ruining her life. Charming pointedly asks, “Did you?” Snow thinks about, “Yes.” When they reach a stream, Snow White asks if she can take a drink of water and Charming tells her to make it quick. But it’s just a ruse to escape. She catches Charming off guard by hitting him in the head with a branch and knocking into the current. She escapes Charming, but runs right into the hands of three of the Queens knights, who tell her they’re going to take her heart back the Queen.

Emma, Mary Margaret and Graham track the John Doe patient through the woods when Henry shows up. He tells them he knows where John Doe is going, he looks at Mary Margaret and tells her, “He’s looking for you.”

We’re now back in Fairy Tale Land where Snow White is about to have her heart cut out by the Queen’s knights when Charming comes to her rescue and in heroic fashion, kills them. She’s shocked that he saved her. He tells her, “It seemed like the honorable thing to do.” Charming wastes no time, gets back to business and tells her they need to go get back his jewels. Snow White tells him she sold them to some trolls nearby and they head off to find them.

In the woods, Emma, Mary Margaret, Henry and Graham are still searching for the John Doe hospital patient. Henry tells Mary Margaret the hospital patient is looking for her because she’s the one who woke him up and he loves her. Graham gets all of their attention when he finds John Doe’s bloodied hospital wristband.

Back to Fairy Tale Land where Snow White and Charming find the trolls at their bridge. Snow tries to negotiate and get the ring back but the trolls figure out that Charming is a royal and that she’s, Snow White, the one with a price on her head. When they try to escape, Snow White gets away and Charming is almost killed by the trolls. Snow comes back and uses her magic fairy dust to save him by turning the trolls into bugs. Charming thanks her, and tells her, “I told you, I have a name. It’s James.” Snow White smiles, “Nice to meet you, James.”
Emma, Mary Margaret, Henry and Graham are still searching the woods for John Doe. As Mary Margaret sweeps the area with her flashlight, she finds John Doe on the banks of a stream. She runs to him, gives him first aid and pleads with him, “Come back to me.” John Doe comes to, “You saved me. Thank you.” When she asks him who he is, he doesn’t know.
John Doe is at the hospital being attended to by Dr. Whale when the Regal Blonde from Fairy Tale Land shows up, calling him David. Mary Margaret asks aloud who she is. Regina appears right behind her and says it’s his wife. Off that bomb, we’re back in...

Fairy Tale Land where Snow White and Charming are parting ways. They both have what they wanted, Charming the ring and Snow White the gold. As they delay their goodbye talking about the ring, there’s a connection between them but neither one makes a first move so Charming says, “Goodbye, Snow White.” She smiles, “Goodbye, Prince Charming.” He corrects her, “I told you. It’s James.” Snow White gets the last word, “Nah, I still like Charming better.” And with that she walks off, Charming watching her go. Clearly torn. And then he turns to leave just as Snow White stops and turns around to stare at him. Having just missed his stare. She sees him go and gives a wistful smile. And off Snow White, life changed, their story only beginning.

In the hospital, Regina tells everyone that John Doe’s name is David Nolan. Kathryn, his wife, tells Mary Margaret how they separated. She says that years ago they were not getting along and she takes the blame for telling him that if he didn’t like it he could leave. When Emma asks why she didn’t look for him, Kathryn explains she assumed David left town. Dr. Whale says David’s waking up is something of a miracle and that there is no explanation why he woke up. Kathryn goes back to her husband’s side. Henry again tells Mary Margaret that David was looking for her because he was going to the Troll Bridge. Mary Margaret tells Henry, David only went to the bridge because it’s the last thing she read to him but Henry says, “No, it’s because you belong together.” This lands on Mary Margaret.

Before Regina can leave, Emma chases her down and confronts her over the coincidences of her having the contact info for David with no one else was looking for him. She says that after Emma looked at the security tapes, she decided to also look at past tapes and found that David was saying Kathryn’s name in his sleep. With that information, Regina was able to find Kathryn. Regina says that all of this has reminded her of something important, “How grateful I am to have Henry. Because not having someone? Well, that’s the worst curse imaginable.”
Kathryn wraps David in a heartfelt embrace while he looks over her shoulder and locks eyes with Mary Margaret. There is that SAME look we saw between them in Fairy Tale Land. As she watches the loving reunion, Mary Margaret absentmindedly plays with something on he right hand. It’s the ring we saw Charming bringing to his fiancé, the Regal Blonde, in Fairly Tale Land. Later, Mary Margaret is sitting alone in her apartment deep in thought. She’s still absentmindedly playing with the ring on her right hand when someone knocks at the door. It’s Emma and she’s asking if the spare room Mary Margaret offered her is still available. Mary Margaret smiles warmly and motions for her to come in. And as the door closes, we go off these two women... who have a bond they’re both just beginning to discover... finding each other.

Written by FreakZilla on Oct 17, 2014

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