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Therefore She Is Recap

Oxford University: Eight Years Ago

Marlize is on a panel talking about the advancements in human technology and how it will improve humanity. Clifford chuckles and says that he has a more realistic view of humanity. Marlize says that life expectancy has increased, but Clifford points out that the planet can't sustain the increased population When Clifford says that humanity is doomed to abject poverty and famine, Marlize dismisses his prediction as doom and gloom, and Clifford says that there is much he could teach her about history. He points out that ideas and technology are often corrupted.


Mechanic realizes that Clifford has found everything that he needs, and he tells her that it's time to enlighten the world.

Cisco is working his lab when a box comes through a breach. He turns it on and a projection of Gypsy says that she's checking in for her dad. He really wants to know if Cisco is accepting his job offer, Gypsy tells Cisco to take as much time as he needs and says that it's fine. Cisco pus the box in a drawer with the others as Harry calls him to the speed lab where he's working to bring Killer Frost back. He explains that Cisco will use his vibes to shake Caitlin up on a cellular level and bring Frost out. Barry and iris look on, and Cisco comes in and they begin the experiment. Nothing happens, and Harry tells Cisco to use more power. Nothing still happens, and Harry tells Cisco to use full power. The others warn that Caitlin could be injured, but Harry says that it will work. He suffers lapses in memory, and Caitlin asks if he's okay. Cisco says that he's not.

In the Cortex, Harry explains that he's losing his intelligence because the dark matter infusion is slowing down his brain. He doesn't know how long he has, and Cisco says that the regression is reversible. Harry forbids Caitlin from working on a cure, saying that he was wrong and he'll figure it out on his own. Barry tells him that he can still help the team, and points out that they're all there and they're a family, and that's how they'll beat Clifford.

At Vandermeer Steel, Thinker and Mechanic gate in and Thinker uses Kilgore and Ralph's powers to bypass the security and enter a sealed room holding Alloy 1771. It can harness power at 400% efficiency, and he shrinks it down so that mechanic can pick it up. A security guard confronts them, and Thinker mentally forces him to put the gun to his head. Mechanic says that it's unnecessary, but Thinker reminds her that she knew casualties would result. As they gate out, the guard shoots himself.

The next day, Barry, Joe, Iris, and Cisco arrive at Vandermeer Steel. Joe explains that there was no indication of a break-in and no one will tell them what was in the vault. Barry moves as superspeed, discovering that Alloy 1771 is missing, and Barry suggests that Cisco uses his vibe power on the guard's gun to find out what Thinker was doing. Cisco refuses, pointing out that Thinker can backlash his powers. Iris returns and says that Alloy 1771 is a solar panel, and Barry figures that he's building something He suggests that Cisco have Gypsy help him, and Cisco says that Earth 19 is swamped since Breacher is retiring.

At Jitters, Joe meets Harry and asks him to distract Cecile. Harry is the only one on the team who doesn't know why Joe needs to distract her, which means she can't pick it up via telepathy. When Harry complains that he's a babysitter, Joe tells him that the team will never stop trying to help him.


Clifford and Marlize have a picnic and she points out that she's foolish to be dating someone who derided her theory. Marlize says that it was refreshing and they start to kiss. Her phone rings, and Clifford says that technology can create moment. He invites her to dance with him to the music on the radio, and Marlize accepts. After a minute, they kiss.


Gypsy comes to help them, and she tells Cisco that they have to be in sync. They combine their powers and get a vision of a cargo container at the dock. Cisco tells the others that it's number 16, and they go there to stop Thinker from stealing it.

Flash, Vibe, and Gypsy breach to the docks, and Thinker is nearby at container number 18. He's already shrunken it down and taken it, and gates Flash to the Arctic. Thinker then blasts Vibe and Gypsy back and gates away himself. Gypsy says that Vibe lost his focus, and they argue about who is to fault. Vibe says that they were going to work together if he took the job, and Flash arrives and asks what job they're talking about.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry figures that Cisco hasn't given Breacher or Gypsy an answer. Cisco says that it's complicated, and Barry suggests that the two of them working together could resolve the matter. He says that they can't beat Thinker without him, but Cisco warns that he and Gypsy may not be able to work together. Barry says that he'll help him and speeds off.


Clifford and Marlize move in, and he goes to get food. She finds his journal with notes on the future, and starts reading. Later, Clifford returns and Marlize says that his writings read like a manifesto. He declares war against every technological philanthropist, and insists that they're pushing mankind to the edge of war. Clifford says that they need extreme ideas to restore some semblance of balance. He writes that they would need to purge the material world and consciousness, and Clifford insists that it's rebooting the masses brains to forget their technological crutches. Marlize asks how his writings help humanity, and Clifford says that technology is killing humanity and together they can lead them to Enlightenment. Disgusted, Marlize hands him back the journal and walks off.


Cecile comes to S.T.A.R. Labs and says that Joe told her that Harry has to reactivate her dampener. He updates it and tells her to sir, and Cecile realizes that the more ideas he has, the faster they disappear. Harry tells her that the more he tries to use his brain, the sooner he's going to lose it.

Barry finds Gypsy at Jitters and tells her that Cisco needs to follow his heart and all they have to do is talk to each other. Gyp says that it's not that easy, and speeds her to S.T.A.R. Labs to talk to Cisco. He tries to explain their issues to each other and says that they should work things out. Before they can say anything, alarms go off signifying two more break-ins. Three security guards were killed, and Barry tells Cisco and Gypsy that they have to figure out what Thinker is building. They grab the gun and try to vibe, and the backlash knocks them both down.

Later, Caitlin confirms that Cisco and Gypsy are fine, and warns Iris and Barry that as a couple they're not so good. Barry wants to get them in sync, but Iris tells him that it's not up to him to counsel them. He wonders how long the team has until they fall apart, and Iris tells him that he can't take it on himself to hold everyone together. She says that sometimes they just have to be there for their family. Barry realizes that Thinker is building multiple items.

Harry admits that his brain is about to vanish, and wonders who he'll be. Cecile tells him that he'll be the same man and there are lots of ways to be intelligent. he goes back to the board where he's writing down notes on Alloy 1771, and Cisco sees the formula in his mind before it disappears. They realize that she can see what he's thinking before it disappears.


Marlize is working with the peace corps in Kenya and creates a water purifier. Clifford calls and says that he needs her to come home. Marlize says that she can't because she's changing lives, and he tells her that he needs her because he's nothing without her. She says that she wishes he could show the same compassion for the rest of humanity that he shows for her, and soldiers attack the camp. Clifford calls to Marlize over the phone but gets no answer.


Gypsy asks Cisco what he was going to say, and they both say that they don't want Cisco to take the job. She says that she doesn't want anything to change, and Cisco points out that they've been doing the world-traveling thing for a year and he's tired of having to breach to see the woman he loves. He says that he wants more, but would never ask her to leave the Agency. Cisco asks her if what they have is enough for her. Gypsy says that it is, and Cisco says that it isn't enough for him. Barry summons them to the Cortex and explains that Thinker is creating multiple satellites for a single purpose. He'd need quantum computer to synchronize them, and Cisco says that Mercury Labs has developed them.

Thinker and Mechanic gate into Mercury Labs, and Thinker shrinks down the computers for transport. As Mechanic collects them, Flash speeds in and throws Thinker into a wall. Vibe grabs Marlize, and Flash tosses a lightning bolt at Thinker. Gypsy vibe him, and Mechanic breaks free of Vibe, draws a sword, and prepares to stab him. Gypsy blasts her, and Thinker recovers to knock Flash back. Caitlin arrives, trying to generate enough adrenalin to bring Frost back, and freezes Thinker with a cold gun.

Thinker creates a sonic pulse to free himself and immobilizes Caitlin with his gravity powers, and he pins Flash to the floor and prepares to kill Gypsy. He applies his gravity powers to her windpipe, and Mechanic tells Thinker that it isn't part of their plan. Thinker says that they can't kill everyone, and she tells him that she won't watch him kill an innocent life again. When she tries to walk away, Thinker forces her to turn around and watch. Mechanic begs him to stop, asking if killing is the lesson he wishes to bestow. After a moment, Thinker breaks his grip and tells Mechanic to get the case. She does so and they gate away, and Vibe runs to the unconscious Gypsy. She finally wakes up, gasping, and Vibe hugs her.

Twelve hours later, the team confirms that there haven't been any thefts in twelve hours. They figure that Thinker has what he needs. Harry comes in and with Cecile's help explains what Thinker is planning. Thinker is going to concentrate dark matter and fire it back at Earths, affecting every human brain on the planet rebooting them back to a simplified state like Harry's.

Cisco and Gypsy arrive on Earth 19 at the Collection Agency. Gypsy says that she wants more and wonders what is wrong with her, and apologizes. Cisco tells her that nothing is wrong and takes her hand, As Cisco prepares to breach back, a crying Gypsy kisses him and they say their goodbyes.

The team throws a surprise birthday shower for Cecil at the apartment, and Cisco looks at them wistfully and sits by himself. Iris tells Barry to talk to him, and Barry goes over and asks if Cisco is okay. Cisco says that he isn't, and Barry apologizes for pushing the two of them. He says that they did the right thing, and Cisco wonders why it hurts so much.

Iris tells Caitlin that she shouldn't risk herself again. Caitlin says that she will get Frost back and walks away.


Marlize wakes up in a hospital with Clifford at her side. He explains that he came when the lie cut out, and thought that he'd lost her. Marlize says that he'll never lose her, and she admits that technology has become a cancer on humanity. She explains that a militia group found out about her water purifier and killed dozens of people to get it. Marlize tells Clifford was that she saw the truth in his writings and it frightened her, and that's why she ran. She's not frightened anymore, and says that she believes in him. Marlize tells Clifford to enlighten humanity, and he admits that he's nothing without her.


Thinker puts Marlize in his chair to rejuvenate her broken wrist, and tells her to prepare the satellites. Marlize refuses, saying that now he wants to rule humanity instead of enlighten it. She has used the chair to generate a force field to keep him from using his powers on her, and says that her husband is dead. Thinker tells her that the Enlightenment will come for her, and Marlize reminds him that he's nothing without her and gates away.

The mysterious woman brings a special delivery for Cecile--a diaper bag--and says that it's a gift from someone who wanted them to know how special they are, and that time is precious. Iris and Barry come over, and the woman slips away. She hides down the hallway and then speeds away.

Written by Gadfly on May 2, 2018

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