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Chapter 13 Recap

Clark meets with Lenny in an interrogation room and asks her to extend her hand. he takes it and extracts a blood sample, and then asks for her name. Lenny asks where David, and pons out that her name is on the tablet in front of him. She asks Clark for any drugs that he might have, and then gives her name and explains that her given name is Lenore like her Gran-Gran, and she was a real salty broad. Clark shows her a blank card and asks what's on it. he sets it down and takes a note, and she points out that there's an upside-down city through the panes on the ceiling. Clark shows her the card, which has a photo of him, and Lenny says that she was Farouk's hostage. She doesn't know how she escaped, and Lenny says that Gran-Gran liked her vodka in a citrus soda can. Lenny talks about how she used to visit Gran-Gran after school and they would watch cartoons and celebrate by drinking soda.

When Clark asks Lenny if she's the Shadow King, Lenny says that it was just her and her mother because of divorce. She asks if David is coming soon, and Clark tells her that there are rooms in the building where people are dumped and forgotten, and tells her to plan on it. Lenny says Farouk knows where the monks hid his body, in the desert that used to be a valley. Clark asks her why she came there, and Lenny insists that she's a victim. He asks if she is clear, and Lenny says that Farouk took her mind and made her do things. Clark points out that she's been arrested 13 times, and Lenny says all she did was hustle to get high. He asks whose body it is, and Lenny asks to talk to David. She says that the end of the world is coming and they don't have a lot of time. Clark walks out of the room and the door closes behind him, sealing Lenny in. Lenny sits down in her chair and stares up at the ceiling, which shows a highway.

Oliver drives down the highway with Farouk in the back seat. When Oliver wonders if he'll have to touch the body, Farouk asks if he's afraid and Oliver says that he's just concerned about his suits. Farouk says that it's about the beauty of the plan rather than what is accomplished. He admits that there will be dirt and bugs, and some dirt required. However, the reward will be a sunrise like nothing that Oliver has ever seen.

Later, Oliver digs up Farouk's body and hauls the coffin out of the ground while Farouk watches. He gets tired of waiting for Oliver and levitates the coffin out of the ground, and tells Oliver to open it. When Oliver does so, he and Farouk look at the body. Farouk takes the device from Oliver that Oliver recovered earlier from Division 3 when he invaded the place. They take a small sample from the corpse's arm, and Farouk says that it's time to make the sun rise.

Ptonomy talks about what the present is, and the speed of light as images enter the brain through the body.

Clark goes back to see Lenny.

Ptonomy says that there is no present, only past and future. He wonders what it's the past and future of, and Lenny asks to see his glasses. She confirms that he remembers everything, then puts on the glasses, covers her eyes, and asks what color they are. When she removes her hands, her eyes have changed color. Ptonomy says that they were brown in her old body, and wonder whose body she's in. Lenny tells him that he should worry about Farouk, because when he gets his body he'll come after them. She says that she was just faking being evil before, and insists that she isn't faking now. Ptonomy grabs her head and scans her memories,

A 9 year old Lenny sits with Gran-Gran and drinks soda. The house shakes and objects fall.

Ptonomy realizes that something is wrong, and sees a memory of a creature crawling into his ear. He finds himself in a black void, and Admiral Fukyama appears with a bird head. Ptonomy finds himself choking Lenny, and releases her when he realizes what he's doing. He leaves through the door and Lenny sits on the floor, frustrated.

Chapter Six: Conspiracy

The Narrator talks about faces in clouds and knots of wood, and how Jesus' face appears in a piece of toast. Human beings seek patterns because of thousands of years of evolution, and how they reject pieces that don't fit. When humans encounter coincidence, they often see conspiracy.,

Miners emerge from the desert near a submarine food truck, and Oliver and Farouk watches. Oliver wonders if the morality of what they do bothers him, and says that if the atoms of an exploded star make up the car they're sitting in, then life and death is irrelevant if not obscene. Farouk tells him that they are like the lion, and there's no morality in a lion killing a deer. Oliver remembers Melanie's face and tells Farouk that he'll kill him, and Farouk just chuckles. The miners return to work and the food truck drives off. Oliver drives after it.

Lenny wakes up and discovers that David is in the room with her. He says that he had no idea what silence was until Farouk was out of his head, and asks if she dates man. Lenny says that she dated Jordan Balish in high school, but she returned the favor of jabbing something hard into her. David chuckles and offers Lenny a Twizzler, and says that she's still working for Farouk. Lenny says that it wasn't her idea and Farouk sewed up spiders in her brain. David warns that he can't tell the difference between Farouk's ideas and hers, and wonders how he knows that she's lying. He asks where Farouk's body is, and Lenny says that she doesn't know but Farouk found it and sent her there to tell them. David shields her mind, but Lenny says that she's got no intel because Farouk kept his secrets from her and Oliver. She's there because she missed David, and reminds him of when they were together. David wonders how she's real, and Lenny asks David to explain. he gets a telepathic flash of her memories and backs away, asking whose body it is. Lenny says that she doesn't know, and she just woke up and a woman with blue eyes was looking back at her in the mirror.

The food truck pulls up to a house in the middle of nowhere, and the driver ben goes in past the armed security guards. Oliver and Farouk watch unseen from a short distance away, and Farouk tells Oliver that he's more powerful than him. Oliver tells him that he might have found his is. Amused, Farouk asks for a hint. Oliver asks him what one plus one is. Farouk says "two", and Oliver tells him that he's incorrect. Unimpressed, Farouk tells Oliver that it's time to go to work and they walk toward the house.

David realizes that Lenny doesn't know how she got there. She says that she just woke up.

A naked Lenny crawls out of a grave in the desert and crawls out into the sunlight.

David wonders why Farouk sent her there, and Lenny says that he has a plan.

Amy is tending to the flowers in the house. Her husband Ben comes in and kisses her on the cheek, and she tells him that she had the same dream as before but during the day. He figures that she took a nap, and Amy agrees. She says that in her dream she had a mustache and her voice was music. Ben finally says that it's probably nothing, and asks if she's had a feeling for when something bad is going to happen. The wind blow sin the windows, and the couple looks out the window to realize the guards are gone The doorbell rings and Ben goes to answer it. Amy calls after him but gets no answer. She grabs a knife and goes to investigate, and finds the front door blowing in the wind and Ben's beer bottle on the floor. Oliver goes into the kitchen and cleans his hand in the sink, singing "Happy Birthday".

Lenny wonders what they did with her old body, the one in the wall. David says that they buried it in the desert, and Lenny figures that Farouk found her body.

Oliver tells Amy that David is back and he's come to take her to her brother. When she tries to leave, Oliver appears behind her and walks toward her, levitating her into the air as she screams. He drops her onto the kitchen table, takes out the device, and trains it on her. Amy transforms into Lenny, screaming in agony from the transformation, while Farouk watches from the doorway. When Oliver finishes, Farouk touches the naked Lenny and says that there is the sunrise that he promised Oliver.

David backs away from Lenny in horror.

Farouk and Oliver drive away, and Lenny crawls out of her grave. A horse carries her away across the desert.

David bangs on the door, sobbing. Lenny holds him and says that it's okay. Angry, David promises Farouk that he's coming for him.

Written by Gadfly on May 2, 2018

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