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Docket No. 11-19-41-73 Recap


Diggle parachutes in and opens fire on a camp. He release the cords, drops to the ground, and takes out a jeep, and then runs through the forest shooting anyone he comes across. Diggle enters a building where a man is tied to a chair, frees him, and says that he needs his help in Star City.

Oliver and Felicity go to the conference room at City Hall past the reporters, and meet with Jean. When she tells the officer on guard that she wants him to leave the room so she can have a privileged conversation, the officer says that he's where Diaz wants him. Oliver tells Jean not to fight it, and Jean tells him that the DA's office has brought in outside counsel to prosecute: Alexa Van Owen. Alexa took down Intergang and has investigators who say that they can find anything. She offered Jean a plea of a single count of manslaughter with a fifteen-year minimum sentence. Oliver refuses to take any deal, and Jean warns that Judge McGarvey is probably in Diaz's problem. He tells Jean to get him an acquittal.

At their base, Rene says that they have to lie and get their stories straight. Curtis is disappointed that he wasn't subpoenaed to testify, and Dinah wonders why Rene cares if Oliver goes to prison. Rene says that Oliver is on trial because of him, and Dinah says that none of them want Oliver to go to prison.

Quentin conducts an interview with Bethany Snow Adams, and says that Oliver isn't Green Arrow. He points out that the photo is doctored, and points out that he arrested Oliver as Arrow a few years ago and he passed a polygraph. Laurel comes in and Keri asks her if she knows who is Green Arrow. When Laurel says that she knows and will testify if she's subpoenaed, Quentin abruptly dismisses Bethany.

Curtis, Rene, and Dinah enter the court and tell Felicity that they have Oliver's back. Raisa and William come in, and the trial begins. Alexa makes her opening statement, saying that Oliver is a hero but he's done it behind a mask so he could take the law into his own hands. She points out that Oliver has taken as many lives as he's saved. Jean details everything that Oliver has gone through, and says that corruption is responsible. She says that she'll ask the jury what is more likely: that the city government is compromised or that they elected a superhero as mayor.

Alexa calls Diggle to the stand, but he's not there. McGarvey issues a bench warrant for Diggle and if he doesn't appear in one hour, he'll be held in contempt. Alexa calls Schwartz to the testimony. She refuses to testify because of doctor-patient confidentiality, and Alexa asks whose face she saw on the night that Arrow brought Black Canary in. Laurel and Quentin watch from the mayor's office, and Laurel says that Diaz wants Oliver in prison rather than a martyr. Diaz texts Laurel and she says that she has to go. Quentin tells her that she doesn't have to and the first step is to stand up to him. He says that Laurel and his daughter wouldn't let anyone tell them what to do, and Laurel points out that if the Earth-1 Laurel were smarter, she wouldn't have gotten herself killed.

Diggle arrives and testifies that Oliver isn't Arrow because he was around him 24/7. Alexa points out that he can't keep himself safe and points out all of the damage that he's taken over the years. Next, Alexa calls Dinah to stand and points out that she was part of Oliver's security team. She then brings up Sean Sonus and asks if Dinah murdered him. Dinah exercises her Fifth Amendment right against Rene's advice.

Laurel meets with Diaz and he asks her what she said about testifying if asked. Diaz points out that she didn't say that Oliver is Arrow, and Laurel says that if she tries to convince the jury that she's the Earth-1 Laurel, she'll get made. He points out that she's been keeping her distance from him since he torched his childhood nemesis, shoves her against the wall, and tells her to give the jury a better performance than she's giving him. Laurel nods in agreement and Diaz releases her and goes to the courthouse.

During recess, Felicity tells William that they'll have their turn when the defense takes over. William goes to get some food from the vending machine, and Raisa wonders what happens when Oliver goes to jail. Meanwhile, Rene tells Dinah and Curtis that he'll bring it home with his testimony. Curtis warns him that if he refuses to testify then he'll go to jail, but Rene insists that he's not screwing Oliver over again.

Alexa questions Rene and Rene says that Oliver isn't Arrow. Diaz brings Zoe in and Rene sees him. Oliver sees Diaz with Zoe as well, and Rene testifies that Oliver is Arrow. He says that he doesn't know how many people Oliver killed because it's too many to count. Diaz smiles in satisfaction, nods to Rene, and leaves.

When McGarvey calls a recess, Rene goes to Zoe. She explains that Diaz picked her up at school, and Rene wonders if they're going to let Diaz walk. Felicity says that they're not.

Outside the courthouse, Diggle and Dinah attack Diaz and his guard. They easily subdue them, and Diaz asks them if they're willing to take on the entire police force. Officers come out, guns drawn, and Diaz tells them to hold their fire because it would be awkward if Diggle and Dinah had an accident after testifying. He gets into his car and drives away.

Oliver and Jean meet, and Jean warns that it looks worse than it appears. She says that the jury has no idea who Diaz is, and asks Oliver if he's Arrow. Oliver admits that he is, and Jean suggests that they go with jury nullification by pointing out how many times Arrow has saved the city. Oliver refuses, saying it would put a target on his loved ones' backs, and he thought that one day his mission would be over. If he says that he's Arrow then that he will never be able to live in safety.

Back in the courtroom, Oliver tells Felicity that she doesn't have to testify and Diggle has something planned. Felicity insists that she'll do anything to protect him. Jean establishes Felicity's credentials and has her confirm that the photo showing Oliver as Arrow is a fake. When Alexa objects, Felicity says that the question is who doctored the photograph if Oliver is Arrow. Alexa points out that Oliver was arrested a week before they were married, and suggests that they rushed the marriage so Felicity could invoke martial privilege. Felicity says that it isn't, and Alexa questions her about Noah and whether Felicity knew that he was a criminal. The prosecutor asks if Felicity has engaged in cybercrime, and Felicity denies it.

Oliver takes the stand and says that Roy isn't a vigilante and sacrificed himself to protect Arrow. He denies that he's Arrow and says that he won't reveal Arrow's identify even if it sends him to prison. Alexa asks him when he met Arrow, and Oliver says that he met him shortly after he returned from the island. She shows him the photo of him in Russia during the five-year period he was supposedly on the island, and Oliver admits that parts of the five years were spent in Hong Kong and Russia. Alexa points out that he lied and asks what else he's lied about.

Arrow drops in through the skylight, takes the stand, and removes his hood... to reveal that he's Tommy Merlyn. Jean questions him and points out that he's been declared dead, and Tommy says that he faked his own death to protect his identity as Arrow. Roy said that he was Arrow to protect Tommy's identity, and Tommy refuses to let Oliver take the blame for him the way that Roy did. Alexa questions Tommy and asks why Rene testified that Oliver is Arrow, and Tommy suggests that he was pressured to. McGarvey puts Tommy under arrest, and Alexa objects since she doesn't think he is Arrow. The judge says that he can't let Tommy walk out of his courtroom, and Tommy says that his team will extract him before he gets to Iron Heights. Jean moves for a dismissal, but McGarvey says that it's the jury's job.

In the parking garage, the officers tell Tommy that he's not going to Iron Heights but to Diaz. Spartan and Wild Dog knock out four of the six officers, and Tommy takes out the other two. They point out the SUV they have ready, and the three of them leave in the police transfer van. Once they're on the street, "Tommy" removes his mask, revealing that he's Christopher Chance. He admits that he stuck Rene with a perjury charge, but Rene tells him that it's a small price to pay for a clear conscience.

Felicity visits Oliver and he apologizes for not telling her that Christopher was involved. He explains that he didn't know Christopher was going to use Tommy's face. Quentin comes in and says that Diaz is making Laurel testify as a rebuttal witness. She'll have Christopher's CIA file, and if she doesn't testify then Diaz will kill her. Oliver figures that Diaz learned about Christopher from the bug in the bunker, and Oliver tells Felicity about Jean's jury nullification plan. Felicity says that she'll worry about her and William, and says that they fight for each other. Oliver refuses to abandon them, and says that if he goes to prison then he needs Felicity and William go into ARGUS protective custody. He says that he can't handle losing her and William, and they hug.

Later, Laurel is sworn in and Alexa asks her to confirm that she was Black Canary. Laurel says that she knows who Arrow is, and Quentin nods to Laurel as she looks in his direction. Rene tells Diggle that he has an idea and the two of them leave. Alexa asks Laurel who Arrow is, and she says that he's Tommy Merlyn.

In his office, Diaz watches the TV as Laurel leaves the stand.

Quentin goes after Laurel as she leaves the courtroom, and asks her why she changed her mind. Laurel says that Quentin did, and says that thanks to Quentin she knows what she has to do. With that, she walks away.

Jean gives her closing statement to the jury, saying that they're looking at reasonable doubt. Alexa then tells them that Arrow freed Tommy from the officers, and says that Oliver has people and resources to do whatever it takes to keep his secrets. She tells them not to let Oliver get away with covering up his crimes. Meanwhile, Curtis asks Dinah what happens if Diaz go to the jury.

Oliver waits in the conference room, and William runs in and hugs him. Felicity comes in and closes the door, and Oliver tells William that he loves them both very much and nothing will change that. He explains that Diaz controls McGarvey and has influence on the jury, so he might go to prison. Oliver tells William that Felicity has said that William will grow up to be the man he knows him to be. He assures William that he's stronger than he is, and he will always be with his son. Jean comes in and says that the jury is back with a verdict.

Back in the courtroom, the jury foreman announces that they have found Oliver guilty on all 26 charges. Jean calls for McGarvey to set the judgment set aside, and McGarvey says that he will do so because he feels the jury couldn't have reasonably arrived at such a verdict. He tells Oliver to see probation and he's free to go. Oliver hugs Felicity and William and admits that he doesn't know what happened.

Oliver and his family return to the bunker, and "McGarvey" comes in and removes his mask, revealing that he's Christopher. He says that no one will believe McGarvey if he claims that he was rolled. Oliver thanks Diggle, who says that it wasn't his idea.

Rene and Zoe are at home watching TV when there's a knock at the door. Drawing a gun, Rene sends Zoe to her room and goes to the door. It's Oliver, who comes in and thanks Rene for coming up with the idea of having Christopher replace McGarvey. Rene apologizes for rolling over on Oliver months ago to protect Zoe, and Oliver apologizes for everything that happened afterward.

Diaz's men take McGarvey to Diaz, and the judge says that it wasn't him. Diaz tells him that the only law he abides by is keeping his word, and shoots McGarvey dead Laurel comes out and Diaz says that she must be stupid coming to him. She figures that there was nowhere she could hide, blasts Diaz and his men, and prepares to direct a sonic blast into his ear. He has a sonic nullifier, negates her power, and says that he worked for months to discredit Oliver. Diaz tells her that he's moving onto Plan B: killing Oliver and everyone he cares about.

Written by Gadfly on May 4, 2018

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