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A Dark Knight: That Old Corpse Recap

At the grave of Jerome, his Clown followers drink a toast to him and then spit it out on the ground. Ecco rides up wearing a harlequin costume, and the Jongleur leader throws a knife at her. She deflects it with her bullhorn and then sets off a siren. Ecco then holds a cell phone up to the microphone, and Jerome says that he's dead but he has one last party to throw. He tells the Clowns to dig him up, and they eagerly go to work.

Jim looks at Lee in the interrogation room, and Harvey asks him what he's going to do. He suggests that Jim let her escape, pointing out that they did worse, and Jim angrily tells him to go. Jim then goes into the interrogation room and says that he's going to help her. He offers to convince the DA to give her probation if she gives up Riddler. Lee refuses, and Jim says that she's just doing what she's doing to help people. He tells her that she's breaking the law, and Lee says that he wishes he could do what she's doing. Jim says that he wishes he could let her go, and Lee tells him that if he lets her go then maybe he'd let himself go. He tells Lee that there are a lot of things he wishes that he could undo.

Harvey comes back with Lucius, and Lucius gives Jim a present from Jerome. It's a VHS tape showing Jerome's last will and testament. Lucius comes on and says that he has one last request for Jim: he wants Jim to throw him a wake at the GCPD and he's already sent the invitations. The Clowns arrive outside with the coffin, and Jim tells the officers to lock the building down.

The Narrows residence tell Riddler that they should get Lee out. Riddler assures them that they won't leave Lee in Jim's hands, He explains that Lee insists that he use non-lethal measures and tells his attack team to follow his plan and make sure that Jim isn't "accidentally" hurt.

Jim calls Alfred, who says that Ben is meeting with Jeremiah about an energy project. Alfred says that he'll head to Jeremiah's maze to make sure Brue is okay. The Clowns beat down the door and Jim tells Harvey to open up the armory. Jim figures that Jerome is trying to distract them while his followers hit the real target. He gets out the building plans and says that they'll sneak out the back, surround the building, and trap the Clowns inside. Jim tells Harvey that he has a plan to figure out what the real target is, and tells the officers about the plan.

In the Maze, Jeremiah has Bruce disconnect the building from the power grid. Jeremiah then turns on one of his ambient clean generators, powering up the building. Bruce figures that they could power all of Gotham with the generators, and assures Jeremiah that no one outside of Wayne Industries knows that the generators exist. Jeremiah tells him that he has to keep his eye on those closest to him, and shows Bruce Jerome's diary of his visions. He explains that if Jerome had been sane then he would have destroyed them now. Bruce stops him for reading further, saying that Jerome is dead and it's time for Jeremiah to join the world. Alfred calls Bruce and tells him that the Clowns are attacking the GCPD. Bruce notices Jeremiah watches him and quickly ends the conversation, and claims it was lunch plans. Jeremiah realizes that he's lying, and Bruce says that the Clowns are causing trouble. Shocked, Jeremiah says that he was right and Jerome isn't dead and coming for him.

As Alfred prepares to leave the manor, he hears glass breaking, draws his gun, and goes to investigate. Several intruders attack him and knocks him out.

Bruce tells Jeremiah to calm down, and Jeremiah tells him that after Jerome died, he left one final trap that sprayed him with his insanity gas. He says that he can't stop seeing Jerome clawing him out of his grave to come for him, and he can't control him. Bruce offers to show Jeremiah that Jerome is dead and buried, but Jeremiah refuses to go to his brother's grave. His friend convinces him to reconsider, and Jeremiah says that he'll try it.

The Clowns use Jerome's coffin to break down the doors. Jim leads Lee out, and she asks him to come to the Narrows where he can make a difference using his own rules. The Clowns break in and Jim tells his men to hold their fire. Lee backs into a fire extinguisher and knocks herself out. Jongleur and two of his men chase Jim into the locker room, and Jim greets Harvey and Harper behind them. Harvey tasers the other two men unconscious, and Jim grabs Jongleur and drags him out.

At the cemetery, Bruce tries to call Alfred and gets no answer. Something move sin the trees, but Bruce sees nothing and continues to the grave. They discover that Jerome's grave is dug up, and Jeremiah says that Jerome is alive and runs off.

At Falcone's manor, Oswald eats and Butch grabs the foot from his hand. He complains that they're not back on top, and Oswald hasn't found him a cure. Oswald insists that they're just waiting for other people to reveal their hand. Butch grabs him just as the news announces that the Clowns are attacking GCPD. Oswald tells Butch that it's an opportunity and they should go take a look.

Outside the station, Jim deploys his men and then they question Jongleur, who is in the trunk of their car. Jim closes the lid most of the way to keep the reporters from seeing him, and Jongleur tells him that it's too late, and Jeremiah and Bruce are already dead. The police captain goes to find out while Harvey continues jabbing Jongleur with a cattle prod.

Riddler and his team arrive, and Riddler spots a police fan and comes up with a plan. He opens the van and asks the prisoners inside how they got out. Once a prisoner tells them that the police brought them out via an old service tunnel, Riddler closes the door and leads his team to a costume shop. Oswald and Butch arrive, open the van door, grab Jongleur, close the door, and leave.

Lee wakes up and sees the chaos around her, and makes her way through the crowd.

Bruce follows Jeremiah into a mausoleum, and Jeremiah calls from the shadows insisting that Jerome is alive. He wonders how he can trust Bruce, and Bruce says that he's his friend. Jeremiah steps out and says that Bruce offered him everything he could dream. Bruce says that they'll do great things for Gotham once they leave, and Jeremiah asks him why he really brought him there. He draws a gun and shoots at the floor, and tells Bruce to stop pretending that he's his friend. Jeremiah says that Bruce made a switch but he can't behind his new face, and insists that Bruce is Jerome. He says that it's time to put him back in his grave and forces Bruce out.

Edward enters the police station disguised as a clown. One Clown offers him a beer from Jerome's casket, and Edward takes it and goes to the lab. Lee hits him over the head and knocks him out, and she realizes who he is.

Jim goes to the maze and finds the generator in Jeremiah's workshop. The monitor comes on and Jim goes over to look.

Jeremiah takes Bruce to Jerome's grave and finds Jerome's body there.

A tape of Jerome comes on, and he says that he wanted to bring Jim there. Ecco puts a gun to Jim's head and Jerome laughs.

Bruce tells Jeremiah that the Clowns are toying with him, but Jeremiah draws a razor and slashes at Bruce.

Jerome laughs and tells Jim that he'll want to pay attention. Someone off-camera grabs Jerome and strangles him, and Jim attacks the distracted Ecco.

Bruce manages to disarm Jeremiah.

Jim manages to knock out Ecco. On the tape, another video comes on to reveal "Jerome" strangling himself. He then removes his makeup and fake scars.

Bruce tells Jeremiah not to let Jerome win. Jeremiah tells him that he didn't. The Clowns arrive and grab Bruce, and they chant that Jerome won. Jeremiah shoots the leader and says that Jerome is dead. He wipes off his skin-colored makeup to reveal his bleached skin.

On the tape, Jeremiah removes his makeup.

Jeremiah kicks Jerome's body into its grave and tells his dead brother that he's victorious.

ON the tape, Jeremiah tells Jim that Jerome is dead.

Jeremiah tells Bruce that Jerome's insanity gas had no effect on him except to bleach his skin. He pretended to be mad to show the Clowns how feeble madness is compared to greatness. Jeremiah takes out Jerome's diary and says that he will outdo all of his brother's goals, and he will rebuild the city after he destroys it.

Ecco wakes up behind Jim and runs out, sealing the door behind her.

Bruce tells Jeremiah that he's carrying out Jerome's plan sanely, and says that he'll just shoot Bruce in the head, simply and sanely, if he wants to kill him. However, Jeremiah says that he doesn't want to kill Bruce because he wants to show him how the two of them have changed things.

Jeremiah tells Jim that the generator is overloading as it glows red.

In the cemetery, Jeremiah says that the generators are bombs.

On the tope, Jeremiah explains that killing Jim will secure the Clown's loyalty. Jim finds the panel for the secret door, grabs the city map that shows the generators and runs out.

Everyone sees the bomb in the maze explode, and Jeremiah announces that Jim is dead Bruce vows to stop Jeremiah, and Jeremiah tells him that he hopes that he doesn't have to kill him because he's his best friend. He then knocks Bruce out and tosses him into the grave with Jerome's corpse.

Back at the manor, Oswald questions Jongleur about what they were doing. Jongleur refuses to betray Jerome, and Oswald asks him to betray whoever he's following. Butch takes over the interrogation, saying that he gets angry when he sees himself in the mirror. He figures that Jongleur is preventing him from finding a cure, and that makes him very angry. Oswald interrupts to ask if Butch is going to try to touch Jongleur's heart, and Butch says that he just wanted to terrorize him, grabs some chicken bones, and starts shoving them up Jongleur's nose.

Lee tells the unconscious Riddler that he's the smartest man in Gotham. He opens his eyes and takes out two gas masks, and says that the cavalry will come in.

The police toss tear-gas grenades into the station. As the police round up the clowns, the gas-masked Riddler and Lee slip out the back. They kiss and then run.

Lucius tells Harvey that the explosion occurred in Jeremiah's bunker.

At Wayne Industries, Jeremiah approaches the guards and says that he's not alone. Ecco steps out from behind Jeremiah and shoots the guards dead, and Jeremiah takes one of their key cards and uses it to enter the lab with his generators. He tells Ecco to load them up on the trucks so that they can give Gotham its new face.

Written by Gadfly on May 5, 2018

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