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The Monolith Recap

On a date with Bonnie, Pete runs into George Payton from Vick’s. Pete explains, he and Trudy are getting divorced. George says, he left Vick's for Burger Chef after Tom Vogel, Trudy's father, had a heart attack. George says, Burger Chef is putting McCann in review. George takes Pete’s card.

Don arrives to an empty SC&P office. Upstairs, Jim explains to the gathered employees that SC&P's new computer will be installed in the creative lounge. Peggy says, Lou didn’t fight for their space since “he doesn’t believe in creative because he doesn’t know how to do it.” Roger tells Don, the decision to get a computer preceded Don's return.

As the creatives remove their belongings from the lounge, Ginsberg complains, “They're trying to erase us.”

In his office, Don finds Lane’s New York Mets pennant and throws it away.

On a conference call with Roger, Lou and Jim, Pete discusses business with Burger Chef. Ted suggests putting Peggy in charge -- "they'll want a woman" to appeal to homemakers. Pete suggests Don instead, and the partners agree Don should be put to work. Lou pulls Jim aside and warns, Don's "gonna implode."

Mona Sterling and Brooks Hargrove stop by Roger’s office with Ellery. Mona says, Margaret's run away to a commune with some hippies. Mona wants Roger to retrieve Margaret, but Roger tells her to let Brooks “be a man” and go after Margaret himself.

Don meets Lloyd Hawley from LeaseTech, the company installing the computer. They talk about computers, which Don says are replacing humans. Lloyd says, it's "god-like" that humans have mastered the machine.

Lou gives Peggy a raise of $100 per week and puts her in charge of Burger Chef -- writing it down "because I've found that saying things around here is useless." He says, she can pick her own team but it must include Don.

Peggy summons Don and Mathis to her office and tells them about Burger Chef. “I wanted you both on my team,” she says, then requests 25 taglines each, due Monday.

Back in his office, Don throws his typewriter at the window and storms out.

Monday morning, Meredith hands Don the Burger Chef research and says, he has a meeting with Peggy.

Caroline reads Roger a message from Mona: Brooks is in jail.

Mathis asks Don if he's coming to the Burger Chef meeting. Don, obviously playing solitaire, says he can’t make it. Peggy postpones the meeting and assigns Mathis more work.

Roger and Mona drive upstate and discuss Margaret's strange behavior. Roger says, Margaret wouldn't have left Brooks "if he wasn't a bum."

Lloyd enters Don’s office with an advertising question: "Does it work?" Don asks Lloyd about LeaseTech.

Don tells Cooper, he recommends preparing a presentation for LeaseTech: "The whole industry is exploding." Cooper dismisses the idea and says, "You have a fundamental misunderstanding of what went wrong here." Cooper adds, SC&P has done fine without Don.

Don grabs a bottle of liquor from Roger's office and hides it under his jacket. In his own office, Don drinks some then pours more into a soda can.

Roger and Mona arrive at a dilapidated farmhouse. Margaret, now calling herself Marigold, welcomes them. A group gathers and Mona asks Margaret to "call off your dogs." Margaret offers to show her parents around, "before you start railing against something you don't understand." Margaret says, she's happy now and Ellery can’t be happy if she’s not. “I'm tired of accepting society's definition of me,” Margaret says, and "grateful I don't have to lock myself in the bathroom and drink a pint of gin every day." Mona storms off but Roger stays behind.

Drunk, Don looks at the Mets pennant now hanging on his wall. He calls Freddie and invites him to a baseball game.

At the commune, the hippies explain their philosophy: "Everyone does what they want."

Freddie discreetly escorts Don out of the office. On their way, Don approaches Lloyd and cryptically says, “I know who you are.”

Peggy vents to Joan: "They didn't want to give me Burger Chef. They wanted to give me Don." Joan tells Peggy, there were rules set for Don. "They just dropped it in my lap, hoping one of us would fail," Peggy replies.

In the barn, Roger and Margaret look up at the stars and talk. Later, Margaret leaves with a young man.

At Don’s apartment, Freddie helps Don onto the couch, where Don wakes up the next morning. Freddie hands him coffee and says, Don’s wasting a second chance. Don says, "They weren't serious about it," and he wants his job back. "How the hell do you think that's going to happen when you're at the bottom of a bottle?" Freddie asks, then advises Don to "do the work."

Roger tries to force Margaret off the farm. He says, Ellery needs Margaret. Margaret refuses and says, "It's not that hard" to leave her baby -- Roger did it to her. Crushed, Roger walks to the road.

Don arrives at SC&P and begins typing the Burger Chef tags for Peggy.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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