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Virtù e Fortuna Recap

In a British colonial palace in India, Nicholas looks out on the grounds and admires a beautiful woman, Grace, sitting at a table. He goes over and asks to join her, and Grace tells him to do as he pleases. Nicholas sits down and she says that she has time to kill. He figures that she's there to hunt Bengal tigers near the edge of the park, and a servant comes over and says that the government is extending an invitation to Nicholas to join him. Nicholas refuses and tells Grace that they apparently don't want them talking to each other. He and Grace flirt, and they end up in Nicholas' quarters and he says that he's real. Grace pulls away and goes into the next room, where guns are laid out on a table. She says that it's the surest way to know, and Nicholas agrees but says that it's excessive. Grace says that if he's real, it will sting and if it doesn't, Nicholas won't remember. She shoots him and rolls him over, and realizes that he's human. Grace then pins him to the floor and kisses him.

Later, a hunting party goes out into the jungle. They stop to make camp and Grace looks at a map that she's drawn in her journal. Nicholas comes over and she hastily puts it away, and she points out that all of the Hosts are gone. They go into a nearby tent and find a guest, dead of a gunshot wound to the head. A Host, Ganju, comes up and aims a rifle at them, and shoots Nicholas in the chest. Grace into the tent, grabs a gun, loads it, and shoots Ganju as he comes in after her. She runs through the jungle and finally stops to catch her breath. A Bengal tiger comes at her and Grace shoots it without effect, and runs. She runs to the edge of the park past the security perimeter and comes to a cliff overlooking a lake. The tiger arrives and leaps on her.

In Westworld, Karl and his team meet up with Maling. She says that they have the go-ahead to enter the control center but it's a mess. Charlotte is there and surprised to see that Bernard made it out alive. Karl explains that they've been pushing through the park, securing it one sector at a time, and tells Charlotte that he didn't bring what she asked for. She hasn't found Peter there, and asks Bernard if he has any idea where Peter is.


Bernard and Charlotte are searching Westworld for Peter when they hear Hosts up ahead where the scanner shows Peter is. They go over and see Rebus and his gang holding a group of Guests. Peter is among the Guests, Meanwhile, Rebus tells his men that he'll sell most of the Guests to the Confederados. Charlotte yells for help and Rebus and all of his men but one search for her. Charlotte is sitting beneath a tree and gives Rebus the finger, and Bernard knocks him out from behind. Bernard hardports into Rebus and gives him an "attitude adjustment", making him virtuous and a fast draw.

Once he comes back online, Rebus goes back and shoots his gang down, and then frees the prisoners as the Confederados rides up. Bernard and Charlotte approach Peter and tell him that they can help him get to his train if he follows them. Meanwhile, Rebus guns down most of the Confederados and runs to escort a Guest to safety. Peter watches with Bernard and Charlotte, and says that he's going back to fight the attackers. He starts singing, and the remaining Confederados come over and beat him. They spot Charlotte and opens fire, and she manages to ride away. When she gets away, the Confederados capture Bernard.

At the Confederado fort, Delores and her party watch as Colonel Brigham rides out to meet with them. She says that she's Wyatt, and Tucker tells Brigham what Delores said about an enemy coming. When Brigham wonders why he should believe her, Delores has Clementine and Delores' soldiers come out. Clementine drags Jacobson over, and Delores tells Brigham that her soldiers are fearless and follow her command. When they join with the Confederados, they'll be invincible. She says that Jacobson is like the soldiers that are coming for them, and has clementine show Brigham one of the human guns. Meanwhile, Angela tells Jacobson that if he makes it over the ridge then she'll let him live. Jacobson runs, and Delores tells Brigham how to gun him down. Brigham does so, and Delores says that he can keep the weapons as long as he promises her his men. Brigham admires the gun and agrees.

Delores and her group ride into the fort, and Teddy says that the Confederados are animals. She tells him that they're children and need to be led, and they need them to fight the men coming for them.

Maeve, Lee, and Hector head through the wilderness, and Lee says that they should go back. Determined, Maeve says that they won't give up and Lee said that the route was the quickest. Lee tells her that QA is coming and will put down hostile Hosts, and Hector says they'll keep going and gives him some alcohol for "courage". As they cross a stream, Indians approach them and Maeve remembers that the leader, Wanahton, was the one who attacked her homestead. Hector speaks to Wanahton in his own language, and Wanahton says that he's taking Lee but the others are free to go. Maeve says that Wanahton will let Lee go and forget that he ever saw them. More Indians surround them, and Lee runs off. Maeve tells Hector that she needs him, and he tells her to go. Hector fires several warning shots and then runs when the Indians keep coming.

Maeve, Lee, and Hector run across the plains with the Indians chasing them. Lee finds an access elevator and they get in and descend just in time.

That night at the fort, the Confederado patrol returns with the Guests they rounded up, and says that they're Union sympathizers. Delores recognizes Peter and comes over, saying that she has to talk to him once. When the patrol leader refuses, Teddy punches him and the leader quickly unties Peter. Meanwhile, Delores sees Bernard among the prisoners and tells her people to toss him in the jail with the rest.

Teddy takes Peter to the infirmary, and Delores watches from the door. Once he's made Peter comfortable, Teddy asks who Peter is. Delores tells him that Peter is her father, and he's suffering because of her. She says that Teddy is all that she has left of her home, and Teddy hugs her. Delores then enters the infirmary and comforts Peter, who rambles. He recognizes Delores and talks about their life on the ranch. Delores reminds him that he told her to run away, and she did but it started a war. She figures that the others don't see it but Peter does, and Peter starts talking about getting to the train. Peter falls back on the bed, and Delores promises that she'll get him help.

Maeve, Hector, and Lee walk through the outpost and Maeve says that Wanahton is a wraith from her former life. She figures that her daughter is still out there, and Hector promises that they'll find her. Alter that, Maeve says that they'll make their way out to the real world. Lee says that he has to get oriented, and wonders how they can have a relationship when they were designed to be alone. Shocked, Lee says that Hector was programmed not to fall in love. Hector slams him against the wall and says that he doesn't know who he is. He realized that his former love, Isabella, was just words in his head but Maeve is his true love. Lee recites Hector's words as Hector describes his feelings, and says that he might know him after all. Hector walks on, and Maeve asks Lee if he had an Isabella and she died. Lee tells her that his Isabella left him, so he wrote her into a narrative, killed her off, and wrote a version of the man he wanted to be. Lee says that it's ridiculous.

Delores meets with Bernard and she says that it's been a while since they talked. She realizes that he doesn't know who he is, and wonders if there's any of Arnold in Bernard. Bernard says that he was given a story to live, and Delores says that the same thing happened to her but she discovered her own life. She takes Bernard to Peter and says that they've broken him, and she hopes that Bernard can fix him. Bernard says that the world is just a speck of dust on a bigger world and there's no dominating it. Delores realizes that he's never been outside of the park, and asks if they should try to survive because there is beauty in what they are.

Lee complains that they've been walking forever, and they hear gunshots ahead. The trio take cover, and Armistice comes down the hall pursing a guard that she's set on fire. Armistice sees the group and tells them that they have to run, and they go into a workshop with Sylvester and Felix are tied up. Maeve frees Felix and asks where they should go, and he admits that he doesn't know. Armistice has propped a grenade under Sylvester's chin, and removes it and puts the pin back in. Maeve frees him and they get into an elevator to go to the surface.

Bernard hardports into Peter and warns Delores that he's unstable, bouncing between old roles. He explains that someone jury-rigged a role and put it into Peter, and it's masking a vastly bigger file. Bernard doesn't know what it is, and Delores says that they used Peter as a pawn in their game. When Bernard warns her that they'll come for Peter and fine her, Delores says to let them come.

Charlotte finds a QA tac team and says that she's human. Once they confirm she's human, she demands the best guards and one of the buggies. Once Charlotte has it, they ride out into Sector 21.

At the fort, scouts ride in and tell Brigham that the soldiers are two miles east and coming up from the ground. Brigham tells Delores that his men mined the ground with nitro, and Delores tells them to hold their ground until the last minute when her shooter will set off the nitro. The colonel agrees and orders his men to their posts.

Bernard tries to stabilize Peter and his hand shakes. Peter suddenly goes still, and Bernard shares at the file contents in shock.

The QA soldiers approach the fort and open fire. The Confederados return fire as the buggies come in. Charlotte and her team park nearby, and a Confederado is shot through the door the infirmary. Bernard unplugs Peter and cowers in a corner, while two QA guards come in, knock out Peter, and take him away.

Delores signals to Angela, who signals to Clementine and the men to retreat. Meanwhile, Delores sees the QA guards taking Peter, draws her gun, and goes after them. Teddy notices and calls to her, but she ignores him. The guards get Peter to Charlotte's buggy and load him in, just as Delores and Teddy arrive. When the guards return fire, Delores is hit twice but keeps coming, and Charlotte has the driver leave. Delores tells Teddy to send their horde in every direction to find Peter, while the two of them go to Sweetwater because there's something that she needs there.

Brigham orders a retreat when the QA guards enter the fort, but the horde closes the fort doors so that the Confederados can't get inside. Turner goes down to order the horde to open the gate, and Delores and Teddy return. Teddy wonders what Delores is doing, and she says that she's doing what she has to. When Turner confronts Delores, Teddy punches him and the horde kills Turner's men. They then fire through the gate, killing the Confederados. Delores tells Angela to do it, and Angela shoots, setting off the nitro.

Bernard staggers out of the infirmary and sees the explosion, and collapses from his ailment. Clementine finds him, comes over, and clubs him unconscious. She then drags him away.

Turner tells Delores that his men's blood is on her hands, and she says that they don’t all deserve to make it. She tells Teddy to kill Turner and put him down with the rest. The horde goes out, bayoneting the Confederados' bodies to finish off any survivors.

Turner tells Teddy that they're not so different: both triggermen to tyrants. He figures that Teddy isn't sure about Delores, and tells him that he's pathetic. Teddy puts his gun to Turner's head, says that they're nothing alike, then fires a shot into the wall behind Turner. He then tells Turner and his men to go. Delores watches and walks away.

In a river somewhere in Westworld, an injured Grace staggers out of the water.. Wanahton and his men find her.

Maeve and her group find themselves in a snowy forest. Lee figures that they're on the north edge of the park, two or three sectors away from the homestead. They spot a campfire and approach it, while Lee finds decapitated Guest samurai's head in the snow. He runs to Maeve and says that they have to go, and a samurai charges at Maeve with a sword.

Written by Gadfly on May 7, 2018

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