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Getting Away Clean Recap

Officer Maslin is walking down the streets, and sees a clerk talking to a teenager inside of a bodega. Maslin goes in as the teenager shoots the clerk, and Maslin orders the teenager to freeze. Someone else clubs Maslin unconscious from behind.

When Maslin wakes up, a new clerk says that Maslin slipped and fell on the wet floor. There's a bottle of alcohol nearby, and Maslin insists that it isn't his.

The next day at the FBI, Kay finds Cameron in his office. She reminds him that Deakins revoked his access, and asks what he's doing there. Cameron says that he came there to get the case reinstated, and asks about the cases that have building up. Kay says that their crackpot reports, and they have to clear them until what Cameron did blows over. Cameron says that if they clear the cases then they'll get back to work, and points out the report about Maslin's report. Kay tells him to go home, and Cameron reluctantly leaves... taking the file with him.

In prison, the inmates yell at Jonathan that he's a rat. Someone has hung a rat in his cell and written "Rat" on the wall.

At the Archive, Gunter complains that Jordan is working on something for Cameron without them. Jordan points out that Cameron only asked him to help. His teammates aren't impressed, and Jordan points out that Alistair was performing for the rich men in the photos. Dina points out that Alistair was a builder, not a magician, and Gunter mentions that Alistair built secret things for the men. He vows to find out... alone.

Cameron approaches Maslin and realizes that he doesn't know who he is. The magician says that he's a FBI observer and asks about the case. He says that he believes what Maslin saw, but Maslin isn't impressed. They go to the bodega and Maslin describes what happened. The camera that would have shown the shooting is broken, and Cameron works out where the blood splatter would be. He checks the food and notes that the entire deli case had all of the food switched out since the shooting. Cameron performs a card trick, tearing it up and restoring it to demonstrate who the evidence was cleaned up, and they figure that the replaced deli products are in the trash. The clerk runs out and tosses a garbage back in a passing garbage truck. Cameron leaps on the back and Maslin stops the truck, and they find the blood-covered deli food in the bag.

At the FBI, Cameron shows Kay and Mike the garbage. He claims that he just happened to be at the bodega, and Kay says that it proves nothing. Cameron says that he just wanted to help and he'll stop, but tells them that Maslin is a good guy. Kay gives in and says that they'll see what they can find out.

Gunter is going through Alistair's ledger of the trick he build, Jordan and Dina come in, and Gunter complains that Jordan didn't trust them. Dina has takeout, and says that she's having a man over for a home-cooked meal. Gunter goes down to Alistair's deep storage room to check a project that Alistair spent twelve years building. He discovers that the project numbers are a combination that open a secret door. When Gunter goes inside, the door closes behind him. He continues on and falls down a pit.

Cameron visits Maslin at the station, and Maslin says that he's been checking mug shots and found a photo of the teenager he saw: Alex Boyd. Alex was dealing in Prospect Park, and figures that it's a lead. Cameron warns that he's not on the case anymore, but gives in when Maslin says that it's his shot to prove that he's not crazy. The magician reluctantly gives in and says that they'll need his team.

Kay tries to call Maslin but gets no answer. Deakins asks what they have, and Kay says that they found a body that matches Maslin's descriptions. He's Tommy Ramos, new to the neighborhood, and his DNA matches the blood Cameron found. The agents admits that Cameron got involved, and Deakins tells them to elevate it to a full case and bring Cameron in so she can talk to him.

Jonathan is sitting in his cell when a trustee Oscar gives him a book. It has "rat" written on the pages, Oscar offers him whatever he needs in return for $40, and Cameron agrees to pay him.

Cameron and Maslin go to the park, and a drug dealer recognizes Cameron and says that he's the greatest magician of all time. Maslin figures that Cameron doesn't work for the FBI, and the drug dealer runs off. Jordan arrives and Cameron says that he's part of his team. Maslin figures that it's all a big joke to Cameron and he's playing him, and walks off to go to work. Jordan tells Cameron that everyone hates him, and Cameron spots Alex.

Gunter recovers from his fall and calls for help, but no one answers.

Jordan walks over to Alex, talks to him briefly, and comes back over to Cameron. He explains that he secretly pickpocketed Alex's drugs. Alex discovers that his drugs are gone and goes to his supplier to get more, and Jordan leads Cameron after him. Cameron figures that an FBI agent would call his partner, and calls Kay to tell him what's going on. Kay puts Cameron on speakerphone and Deakins speaks up. She tells Cameron to follow Alex but do not engage, and kay will meet him.

Dina serves Mike the takeout Italian she bought, claiming that she cooked it. She spots a menu from the restaurant and quickly tosses it away before Mike can see it. Mike talks about his kids and Dina suggests that he bring them by.

Gunter pounds on the walls before moving on. Mike hears the noise, but Dina dismisses it as bad plumbing. She mentions Jonathan and apologizes, and Mike says that it's okay. Gunter continues banging as he makes his way through the passageway, and finds a room filled with equipment and a workbench with straps on it. A phonograph comes on and Alistair says no one will ever find what they're searching for, and he's left a horrible gift. A package flips up on a pedestal, and Gunter opens it and recoils in shocks. Fires break out, and Gunter grabs the package and runs.

That night, Cameron and Jordan follow Alex to his supplier. The supplier tells Alex that he owes him for the missing product and drives off. Cameron knocks over a garbage bag and Alex comes over to investigate. Kay is on the fire escape above and drops the ladder on Alex.

At the FBI, Kay tells Deakins and the NYPD captain, Clark, that Alex and the clerk lawyered up. Clark says that they'll take over, and tells them that Maslin is an alcoholic and was once investigated for racketeering when he was in Narcotics. She figures that Maslin is involved somehow.

The next day, Cameron apologizes to Maslin for lying to him. He assures Maslin that the FBI is on the case now, and Maslin apologizes for leaving him in the park. Detective Leo Baker pulls up to greet his friend Maslin, and Cameron recognizes him as the supplier. Maslin tells Leo that Cameron is with the FBI, and Leo says that he'll see him around before driving off.

Once Cameron tells Kay about Leo, she checks his record. Leo arrested Tommy and Alex but released them with warnings. Deakins figures that they work for Leo, pushing drugs seized from Leo's busts backs on the streets. Cameron figures that Leo is working for someone higher up, and Deakins tells Kay and Mike to run point. She congratulates Cameron before leaving, but Kay tells him that he betrayed her and she doesn't trust him.

At the archive, Gunter is looking at the box when Jordan comes in. Gunter tells Jordan that he doesn't want to know what happened, and says that he found a message from Alistair direct from Hell. The older man figures that if Cameron learns about Alistair's workshop, he'll get involved and end up dead. Gunter says that he forgives Jordan for keeping a secret, and asks Jordan to keep his secret. He shows Jordan a skull in the box.

In the prison library, Jonathan is going through the books until Oscar shows up for his meeting. Oscar gives him what he ordered, but doesn't know what Jonathan was planning to do with it He then tries to stab Jonathan with a shiv, but Jonathan has made makeshift underarmor with magazine. Jonathan disarms Oscar, says that it won't be that easy, and walks away.

Deakins and her team got to the precinct house and tell Clark that the entire division is under FBI investigation. The FBI techs go through the records. When Leo comes in, Mike insists on searching his bag but finds nothing. Kay figures that they skimmed the drugs before they were logged in, and finds a package of drugs in Maslin's desk. They question Maslin, who insists that he's being set up. He says that he used to be a respected detective, and admits that he was a drunk... but he was never a criminal. Maslin got sober but people see what they want to see.

Back at the FBI, the agents discuss the case. Kay figures that Leo is setting Maslin up, and Mike points out that Leo is too clean Kay finds a photo of boxing gloves in Leo's bag, and points out that he recently had shoulder surgery. They figure that Leo is smuggling the drugs out in the gloves, and they can't go back after the failed high-profile raid.

Once Cameron learns about what happened, he tells the team that they have to break into the precinct house and get the goods on Leo. The others figure that Cameron is doing it for personal reasons, and Cameron admits that he is but Maslin is being framed just like Jonathan. he team agrees to help but warns that they'll need Kay involved.

Later, Cameron breaks into Leo's car. An officer comes up and arrests him at gunpoint.

As a guard takes Oscar past Jonathan's cell, he says that he's going to die screaming. Once the guard locks Oscar up, someone sets him on fire.

The officer takes Cameron to the station for breaking and entering, handcuffs him to the interrogation room table, and manacles him as well since he recognizes him as a magician. he tells Cameron that Leo will be there soon and wants to take his time. Kay comes in and tells Cameron that he's screwed, and says that he's tuck there. She asks the officer to give them a second, and once he leaves Cameron congratulates her on her performance. She tosses him the handcuff keys and Cameron says that her plan was better than the one he came up with. Kay makes sure the way out is clear and leaves, and Cameron puts an earbud in his ear so Dina can talk to him.

Jordan and Gunter arrive posing as painters, and bluff their way past the desk sergeant. Meanwhile, Cameron removes his jacket to reveal a police uniform, and goes to the locker room. Mike and Dina re parked outside coordinating the operation, and Mike asks if she'll consider it their second date. Dina tells him that she wanted to impress him, and he assures her that she impresses him every day. Cameron gets to the locker room and breaks into Leo's office, and finds the drugs in the boxing gloves. he takes photos of them and finds a hidden panel in the back with more drugs. Leo finds him and grabs him, and Cameron punches him in the shoulder and runs.

Dina guides Cameron out as Leo sounds the alarm, Cameron ducks into an interrogation room and sends the photos to Dina. Leo comes in and points out that there are no cameras, turns on the light behind the one-way mirror to reveal an empty room with no one watching, and draws his gun. He smashes Cameron's cellphone, kicks over a chair to make it look like there was a struggle, and says that he's going to shoot Cameron in "self-defense". Leo admits that he should have killed Maslin in the bodega but felt loyal to a fellow cop and only knocked him over the head. Cameron congratulates him on the illusion, and Kay comes in and puts a gun to Leo's head.

Earlier, Gunter and Jordan set up a projector to show an image of an empty room when Leo turned on the light.

Jordan removes the screen they put up over the mirror to reveal Gunter, Maslin, and Clark, who heard Leo's confession.

Later at the Archive, the team celebrates and Maslin thanks them for clearing his name. Mike arrives with his kids Jamie and Diego, and introduces them to Dina. Cameron asks Kay if they're good, and she admits that she was mad but she was also scared when she saw Cameron almost suffocate in the vault.

Cameron apologizes to his team for diving them, and says that from now on there's no more secrets. Dina says that she and Mike are officially dating, Jordan admits that he has a thousand dollars in illegal drugs hidden on his body, and Gunter tells everyone that he found Alistair's secret workshop and Alistair threatened to kill anyone who investigates. Jonathan calls and tells Cameron that someone has been murdered and everyone thinks that he did it.

Written by Gadfly on May 7, 2018

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