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Trinity Recap

After the Worldkillers escape, Lena looks around the ruins of her lab.

Later, the team question Lena about what she was doing with Sam for three weeks. She explains that she conducted a series of tests and concluded that Sam and Reign are one and the same. Lena says that she doesn't work for them, and did all of her work on L-Corp property with L-Corp equipment. Mon-El says that the Worldkillers have gone to ground, and Lena says that Lex had a vault at L-Corp and she used Kryptonite to restrain Reign.

At Reign's Fortress, the Dark Kryptonian hologram tells the Worldkillers that the humanity in them must be eradicated. Pestilence says that Grace within her shriveled and died, and the Dark Kryptonian promises that soon Samantha and Julia will be destroyed as well.

Sam wakes up in Valley of Jaru next to Grace's corpse. Julia is seated nearby and hallucinates a young boy and tells Sam that she killed him so only she can see him. She tells Sam that her kills will come back soon, and Sam wonders if Grace was one of them. The boy advances on Julia, who says that all the people she killed are coming. Sam tells Julia to come with her, and she leads Julia off into the surrounding forest.

James is busy allocating his reporters when Lena calls from the DEO and apologizes for ghosting him. She says that it's time to be honest and tells him that Sam is Reign. Lena explains about using Kryptonite, and says that she gambled everything she had on fixing Sam and failed, and needed to hear James' voice. Supergirl comes out and Lena hangs up. She says that her friend came to her, and tells Supergirl that she used the last of the Kryptonite to keep Sam sedated. A lunar eclipse begins and Supergirl passes out. She sees Sam and Julia in the dark valley, and then wakes up and tells Alex and Lena that she saw Sam.

The Worldkillers join hands and concentrate, energy flowing between them.

Inside the DEO, Supergirl tells Alex that she's fine, and says that the Worldkillers are moving the Moon. There are parables in the Book of Rao about witches joining hands and casting dark magic. Winn reports that they have two hours until totality, and Supergirl describes what she saw. They figure that Supergirl picked up a mental vision of the dark valley, and they figure that if they send Supergirl there, she can bring Sam and Julia out.

The team goes to Brainiac-5 and asks him to use the same technology that he used to enter Supergirl's mind when she was in a coma. He agrees and they head to the Legion Cruiser. Lena says that she's going with Supergirl, pointing out that she knows what makes Sam and Reign tick. She also knows Sam when Supergirl doesn't, and figures that she can get through to her friend. Alex agrees, pointing out that Supergirl may not have her powers in the dark valley and will need Alex and Lena as backup.

In the dark valley, Sam and Julia continue on and Julia has more hallucinations of the people that she killed. Sam tells her that Purity killed the people, but Julia screams that she is. As she panics, Sam tells her to say her name. Julia concentrates and remembers who she is and her family. Sam has her sing her favorite song, but Julia can't remember the name. She hums the tune to herself, and Sam discovers that she can't remember Ruby's name. Sam starts to hallucinate Reign's victims, and remembers Ruby's name. She gives Julia a rock and has her write what she knows, and does the same so that she can remember.

Supergirl flies to James' office and tells him that Lena has Kryptonite. He says that he knows, and Supergirl points out that Lex only had the Kryptonite to kill Clark. James insists that Lena is not Lex, and Supergirl made him see that. Supergirl says that she has to know Lena is telling the truth, and wants James to go in as Guardian to find out if there's any Kryptonite left.

In the cruiser, Brainiac-5 prepares the equipment. Alex asks Lena why she didn't come to her, and Lena says that it wasn't her place to tell them Sam's secret. When Alex asks if Ruby is safe, Lena says that she is. Supergirl arrives and Brainiac-5 warns that adding the weight of two minds to Supergirl's will weaken her further. Calling Mon-El to the side, Supergirl asks him to promise to leave her in until she finishes the mission. Mon-El reluctantly does so, and Brainiac-5 sends the minds of Supergirl, Alex, and Lena into the dark valley.

In the dark valley, the three women wake up and look around. Alex makes weapons from branches, and Supergirl discovers that she can scratch herself. They find Grace's body and realize that they're running out of time for Sam and Julia.

With fifty-four minutes to totality, the team continue to monitor the three women. Mon-El and Hank exchange glances over Supergirl's unconscious body, and Mon-El walks away. Hank goes after him into the corridor, and assures Mon-El that the women are strong. Mon-El says that he can't hold Supergirl, but he can't hurt his wife, and wonders what to do. Hank tells him that there's nothing he can do and hugs him.

In the cruiser, Winn monitors Guardian as he sneaks into Lena's lab, and directs him to the vault.

Supergirl says that she's tired, and they continue on. Lena realizes that Supergirl still doesn't trust her, and insists that it wasn't personal. Supergirl says that she doesn't like secrets, and Lena asks her what her real name is. When Supergirl refuses to say, Lena tells her that she has secrets as well. Kryptonian demons fly at them, and Alex drives them off and spots a doorway nearby. The women go in, and Supergirl and Alex find Julia. Lena finds Sam, who says that she killed them.

Winn disables the lab cameras, and Guardian finds the vault. There are no locks, and Winn tells Guardian to use the pin-drop pulse bomb that he built for him. Guardian starts to do it, but then stops. He tells Winn that he's in and the vault is clean. Brainiac-5 comes into the room Winn is using and says that it's a bathroom.

Sam says that the people she killed are coming for her, and Supergirl tells her to wake up in her body and tell them where the Worldkillers are. Supergirl wavers from the strain. In the real world, Mon-El tells Brainiac-5 to keep Supergirl in. Lena tells Sam that she's the woman she would trust with anything, and Ruby is waiting for Sam to come home.

In the fortress, Sam takes over Reign's body.

In the valley, Reign takes over Sam's body. She grabs Lena by the neck and threatens to break it.

Sam breaks her grip with the two Worldkillers and looks around the fortress.

Supergirl tells Reign to take her instead, but Reign says that she's nothing and only someone of equal strength can destroy her.

Sam finds a crystal and inserts it into a nearby console, and an energy pulse goes through the fortress. Imra picks it up on the sensors, and she sets a course while Brainiac-5 pulls the women out. In the dark valley, the three women disappear.

The Dark Kryptonian confronts Sam, who removes the control crystal generating the hologram. Furious, Pestilence punches Sam to break her concentration. Reign takes over and punches Grace, and says that they're coming. The cruiser arrives outside.

Supergirl tells Lena to help Brainiac-5, and Winn tells Alex that he's made her a battle suit with magnets. He demonstrates by pulling over Brainiac-5's Legion rings, and gives Alex a gun with special bullets.

The heroes break into the fortress and attack the Worldkillers. Purity unleashes a sonic blast, jamming the cruiser's systems, and Brainiac-5 manages to make repairs. Lena gets in the command chair and activates the weapon systems.

Supergirl and Reign fight, and Lena arrives and shoots Reign back with a blast from her new gun. Alex goes to check on the others, while J'onn fights Purity and Mon-El battles Pestilence. Purity manages to knock J'onn out, but Alex arrives and tells Julia to rise up and help them. The Worldkiller fires a sonic blast at her, and Alex deflects it with her gun.

Reign and Supergirl match heat vision, and Supergirl's powers disappear as the eclipse reaches totality. The Worldkiller crushes Supergirl's hand and knocks her away, and then grabs Alex by the throat. She tosses Alex away as Supergirl looks on, helpless. Pestilence knocks Mon-El down, and Alex and Supergirl beg Julia to rise up. Julia takes over and gets to her feet, and tells reign to come at her. She uses her sonic blasts on Reign, but Pestilence falls down behind Purity and stabs her to death. Dying, Julia uses a sonic blast on Pestilence, killing her as well, and they both collapse. The two Worldkillers revert to their human forms, and Saturn Girl realizes that Pestilence is dead. The energy from the two Worldkillers flows into Reign, and she flies off. The heroes fly out as the fortress crumbles behind them.

Later at the DEO, Imra finds Mon-El sitting by himself in the conference room. They hug and Imra says that they've saved their stopping the Blight. Mon-El wonders if they can get back to the 31st century, and Imra assures him that Brainiac-5 can figure it out and leaves. Once he's alone, Mon-El takes out the necklace that Supergirl gave him.

Supergirl tells the others that Reign is gone, and the eclipse disappeared when the fortress was destroyed. Alex says that she's been asking for a new suit for years but it's never been in the budget. Winn tells Supergirl that Guardian said there was no more Kryptonite, and Supergirl tells Lena that they saved Julia and Sam has a chance. She admits that she was overreacting and says that their slate is clean, and they shake hands.

That night, Lena finds James on the balcony of her apartment. He says that he's been looking for a reason to distrust her, but she's proven him wrong for the last two years. James says that Lena helping her friend no matter what people would think of her is beautiful, and that's someone he wants to know. He tells her that he's Guardian and Supergirl sked him to break into Lena's lab to determine if she had more Kryptonite. James says that he didn't go into the vault because he didn't need to, because he trusts her, and hopes that Lena trusts him. She says that she does and hugs him, and tells James that he needs to know that the Kryptonite was synthetic that she made.

Reign hovers over the city holding the hologram crystal, and the Dark Kryptonian tells Reign that Ruby must die.

In the valley, Sam looks at where she wrote Ruby's name and screams in anguish.

Written by Gadfly on May 8, 2018

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