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Quintessential Deckerstar Recap

Charlotte wakes up next to Dan and tells him that she's glad he told her how he felt. Dan says that the sexual tension was kind of fun and kisses her. Her children Ivy and Micha are yelling, and they go downstairs to where Ivy is making waffles. A man comes in, his face changes repeatedly, and he shoots Dan and the kids. Charlotte wakes up from the nightmare of her Hell loop, and tells Dan that he was in the loop this time.

Lucifer meets for therapy with Linda, and she asks if he told Chloe that he wants her to choose him. He says that Chloe rejected Marcus and figures that everyone involved goes back to normal. Linda tells him that it's easier said than done, and Lucifer figures that he should be normal and walks out.

Chloe arrives at the apartment of baseball player Forest "King" Clay. His wife Devon is dead on the floor, and Ella apologizes or the bachelor party. Chloe assures her that it's fine, and hears someone playing piano. Lucifer is downstairs at the piano, and he says that he's trying to remind her of their life before they became partners. Chloe says that she wants to get back to work, and Lucifer agrees. They go upstairs and Ella apologizes again, saying that she was focusing on her. Chloe says that she just wants to move on, and Lucifer picks up some baseballs and starts juggling them. Ella explains that Forest is an American baseball legend. Chloe notices that the patio window is broken, and Ella says that nothing was taken. Forest was in the house when his wife was murdered, and the killer knocked him over the head. Lucifer is busy smoking pot like when he and Chloe first met, and Chloe sees a shell casing nearby.

Amenadiel tells Charlotte that they broke up Marcus and Chloe. Charlotte wonders how she'll know when it's enough, and points out that until Amenadiel regains his wings he's just as mortal as she is. Amenadiel realizes that if he dies, he's not sure if he would go to Heaven. He tells Charlotte that faith is hope in the face of hopelessness, but she figures that he's just as clueless as she is.

Back at the station, Chloe talks to Forest and his lawyer privately. Charlotte comes in and recognizes Forest as the face of the killer in her Hell loop, and figures that Forest killed his wife.

Chloe questions Forest, who says that he was in the kitchen eating leftovers when the killer clubbed him over the head. Once Forest leaves, Charlotte tells Chloe that forest is the killer. Thirteen years ago when she was an associate at Wheeler Law, her boss Ben Sr. gave her a duffle bag belonging to Forest and told her to incinerate it. Charlotte doesn't know what was in the bag, but there was dried blood on it. Chloe points out that isn't sufficient evidence of a murder then or now, but Charlotte figures that Wheeler Law wasn't above murder. Lucifer says that he believes her, and immediately starts talking about Charlotte going to Hell. Charlotte tries to dismiss it as nonsense, and Lucifer assures her that Chloe won't believe him. Undeterred, Charlotte asks Chloe to look into it, and Chloe says that she'll start with Forest.

Lucifer goes back to Lux and finds Amenadiel at the bar. Amenadiel is drinking and wonders if angels and humans are more alike than they thought. He suggests that since Heaven and Hell are based on the humans' subconscious, maybe they are as well. Amenadiel says that God has never told him anything and wants them to judge themselves and they control it all. Lucifer dismisses it as insane and invites Amenadiel to pop out his wings if he's convinced of his theory Amenadiel admits that he's not sure, and Lucifer tells him to ponder uselessly since that's what he always does.

Dan and Chloe go over Forest's record and find nothing. Ella comes in and shows them a photo of Forest's head injury. There's no indication of blunt-force trauma, and the cut was caused by something sharp. Chloe figures that Charlotte might be onto something.

Lucifer and Chloe go to Forest's home and tell him that they checked the medical report and confirmed that he wasn't hit with a gun. Lucifer uses his power on Forest, and Forest says that he most desires that no one find out that he was with someone else the night of Devon's murder. They meet with the woman, Mia Hytner, who bartends at the West Hills Country Club. Mia met Forest there, and she confirms that forest was with her the night that Devon was murdered. Things get wild with them in bed, and Forest fell onto the nightstand and shattered the lamp. Mia asks them not to judge Forest because Devin had been having an affair with her CEO for years.

That night, Marcus is at his new home when Maze sneaks in behind him with her celestial knife. He draws his gun and turns on her, and says that he let her find him. Marcus says that the only way to get Lucifer to send her home is to frame him so he wants to go back to Hell. He tells Maze to bring him Amenadiel. Once he kills God's favorite son, God will give him the Mark back and Lucifer will take Maze to Hell. When Marcus suggests that Maze isn't the badass she used to be, Maze puts a knife to his throat and says that she's in.

The next day, Chloe and Lucifer go to the marketing CEO, Robert Ertz, and tell him that they know about the affair. Robert says that he and Devon were just working on the books. They had an industrial spy the other day, and Chloe suggests that he was stalking Devon rather than try to steal the company's new pair of sneakers. She asks to see the security footage.

Amenadiel goes to Wheeler as Dr. Canaan and gets into Wheeler's office. Charlotte barges in to the lobby and yells for Ben, and says that she found out that there are consequences to what they do. She says that all the lies they tell add up, and Hell is real and they're all going there. Security arrives and Charlotte says that she's at least trying to fix things. Once security takes Charlotte out, Amenadiel comes out and tells Ben that it isn't the firm for him. Outside, he tells Charlotte that the old computer password is still good and gives her the flash drive with the data he downloaded from Ben's computer.

Back at the station, Chloe reviews the security footage and spots the intruder. Ella runs facial recognition software on the image but comes up with nothing. A man comes in with a package for Dan, and he takes out the waggle maker inside and says that it's for Charlotte. Lucifer tells him that it's weird but Dan is back to his douche ways, and he shows them the necklace he bought her as an alternative. When Lucifer says that it's still weird, Chloe tells Dan that Lucifer isn't an expert on what women want.

Charlotte and Amenadiel go over Ben's files and discover that he has 14 NDAs with women who have been involved with Forest. Ben has paid a lot of money, and Charlotte figures that Ben is covering up something. One of the women, Joanne Foles, was strangled on the day that Charlotte got the duffle bag. Dan comes in and Amenadiel quickly excuses himself. As he goes down to the parking garage, he finds Maze crying. She says that she doesn't have anyone, and Amenadiel says that it's never too late to fix things. He hugs her, and Maze prepares to jab him with a syringe. However, when Amenadiel says that he'll always be there for her, Maze puts her syringe away.

Lucifer arrive at Chloe's house and asks who wants to play a game. Chloe says that it's weird, and Lucifer insists on recreating the game exactly. Trixie points out that they can't play the same game and goes to her room to finish her book report. Chloe wants to go to work, and Lucifer puts on the music from when they danced and pulls Chloe into a dance. She stops him and wonders if he's making fun of them. Lucifer says that he's trying to get back to normal, and Chloe says that maybe she can't because normal hurts. She tells Lucifer that he should go.

The next day at the station, Chloe meets with Ella and shows her the footage. Devon wasn't at the company every time that the skulker was there, but Forest was. Chloe suggests that the killer was after Forest, not Devon, and killed her by mistake. Ella notices that Chloe is hyped up on coffee and asks if it's because of Marcus. Chloe says that she accepted Marcus' proposal because of Lucifer. Ella asks what she can do for her, and Chloe asks her to help her focus on work. Charlotte comes in and says that the skulker is A.J. Agholor. He went to prison for Joanna's murder, and now that he's out of prison he's looking for revenge. Chloe warns that it could be a coincidence, but Charlotte doesn't believe it and points out that A.J. got out of prison three weeks ago.

Maze goes back to Marcus and tells him that killing Amenadiel won't get him his Mark back. Marcus figures that Mae has gone soft and says that he'll do it, and Maze knocks him down.

Chloe shows A.J. a gun that they found in his car, and the casings match the one she found at the clay house. A.J. says that he wanted revenge for Joanne. They were going to get married but she broke it off for Forest. Forest used to hurt her, and Joanne was going to break it off. She called A.J. the night before she was murdered. Joanne's mother told A.J. that Joanne was dating Forest.

Charlotte is watching the interrogation through the one-way murder. Lucifer comes in and realizes that Chloe captured the bad guy without him. Charlotte finds Chloe, who thanks her for helping her solve the case and says that she has an idea on how to solve charlotte's case.

Marcus and Maze fight, and Marcus manages to knock Maze down. She kicks him away and prepares to kill him, and Marcus says that he set up a fail-safe for Linda's death. When Maze is distracted, Marcus jabs her with the syringe she dropped and she passes out.

At home, Forest is watching V and tells Mia to get him a beer. She goes to the kitchen and Charlotte comes back and tells Forest that she knows about all of his women. Mia comes back and says that she told Charlotte that Forest was getting rough. Forest offers Charlotte money, and she says that she wants all of it. Charlotte explains that she kept the bag that Ben Sr. gave her, but he grabs Mia and puts a letter opener to her throat.

Lucifer arrives outside and knocks on the door. Inside, Forest tells Charlotte that he didn't mean to kill Joanne and he needs Charlotte's help. Remembering his face from her Hell loop, Charlotte refuses. Chloe steps out and says that they got Forest's confession, and Forest releases Mia. Chloe then handcuffs Forest and takes him away. Outside, Lucifer hears the entire thing and walks away.

Amenadiel finds Charlotte at a park overlooking the city, and he sits with her. The angel says that he's been doing good deeds for himself, to get his wings back, and figures that he's the one who took his wings away. Amenadiel admits that angels are just as flawed as humans, and points out that Charlotte stopped a serial abuser. Charlotte doesn't think that it made a difference, and Amenadiel tells her that Forest will never hurt anyone again and she didn't stop him just for herself. She admits that she didn't, and hears someone moving in the brush. Charlotte jumps up and takes two bullets to the stomach, and Marcus runs off.

Chloe goes to Lucifer's apartment and finds him on the balcony. He points out that she put away two bad guys without his help and she doesn't need him, and he realized that they've been working together because Chloe chose him. Lucifer says that he's been avoiding how he feels about her, and admits that he was afraid that if she knew all of him, she would run away. He tells Chloe that the other side of him is monstrous, but she deserves the truth even though he can't show her. Lucifer tells Chloe that he's the Devil, and she tells him that he's not to her. The two of them kiss, and Chloe's phone rings. She sees who is calling, takes it, and gasps in shock.

Amenadiel holds the dying Charlotte in his arms. She says that she already survived death once and twice is asking too much, and tells Amenadiel that she didn't take the bullets for herself. Charlotte asks Amenadiel to stay with her, and he promises that he will as he breaks into tears. She dies, and Amenadiel's wings emerge. He stands up, holding Charlotte's soul in his arms, and says that it's time to go home as he flies to Heaven.

Chloe and Lucifer arrive and find Charlotte's body on the ground. Dan arrives and runs to his lover's body, and Lucifer holds a crying Chloe. Charlotte is wearing Dan's bracelet, and Lucifer finds a feather on the ground and realizes that Amenadiel was there and got his wings back.

Written by Gadfly on May 8, 2018

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