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Yipee Ki Brain, Motherscratcher! Recap

Two of the FG Peacekeepers, make snide remarks about Major. Russ comes in and points out that Major saved Chase's life and is training cadets, and then joins in teasing Major. Chase comes in and joins in as well, and Major jokingly tells them that they're all dicks. As Major starts to leave, Chase tells him to find Renegade and he'll be set. Russ goes with Major, who asks when he gets to meet the people in charge.

At the morgue, Liv and Ravi listen as Isobel talks to her mother on the phone. Ravi points out that Isobel could be the source of a vaccine to cure the zombie plague. Isobel gives the phone to Ravi so he can talk to Isobel's mother, and he reluctantly takes it. He promises that he'll look after Isobel and hangs up, and Isobel asks if Zombie High is any good. She wants to binge it and Liv and Ravi eagerly agree.

Blaine meets with Dale and Cavanaugh, who are there to investigate Baracus' murder and tell Blaine about the zombie cure. As Blaine feigns ignorance, Don E comes in and Dale says that she ate Baracus brain, and learned that Baracus was at the Scratching Post on the night of the murder. Dale gets a vision of Baracus being shot by a masked man. Blaine and Don E deny everything, and Dale warns them that they're heading for a fall.

Curtis tells the underground that his girlfriend is pregnant and they're going to get married in a week. They drink champagne and Suki asks Liv that she knows a guy she trusts who she wants to bring into the organization. Liv agrees and hands out files on their next clients.

Isobel spends her time making fake IDs, being tested by Ravi, and watching Zombie High.

The underground continues to grow, and Levon captures it all on film.

Lou goes into church for confession and after arguing with his boss on the phone. Once Lou enters the confessional booth, and starts talking about a score he's working on. The person on the other side shoots Lou dead.

Later, Lou's body ends up at the morgue. Alive explains that Lou was tracking a dangerous felon named Albert Ghansu. Albert was working with A.J., who used to be a member of the Blue Cobras. A.J and another ex-Cobra, Bi Li Xiong, helped Albert with a heist. Lou put Albert away for the heist three years ago, but Albert stashed the money and escaped from prison recently. Clive figures that one of them killed Lou and leaves. Liv eats Lou's brain.

Dale and Cavanaugh talk to Steve, who says that he wasn't able to find out who was running the bitcoin auction. Steve admits who set it up is a virtuoso with the computer.

In the Scratching Post kitchen, Don E is busy stretching out his shirt figuring that they're making so much money he can replace it. Blaine then goes upstairs and dines with Angus and his flock. Angus talks about Blaine's mother and how she would have loved the two of them eating and talking together. He asks Blaine when he'll join his church, and Blaine puts him off. Angus doesn't care about what is going on over the wall and says that he's merely the Baptist John. Intrigued, Blaine asks when zombie Jesus will arrive, and chuckles. Angus suggests that Blaine is his Jesus.

Liv and Clive go to the apartment where Fleabag is staying. Clive figures that Fleabag knows where Albert is but didn't kill Leo. Liv is hyping on Leo's brain, and asks if Clive and Michelle are having sex. He admits that they kissed during the lockdown, but can't imagine a future without kids. Liv tells him that kids doesn't suck and turns up the radios on a 80s channel. She goes over to a nearby fish shack, and Clive gets a video of a cute dog from Michelle. Liv chases down Fleabag and knocks him down with a fish.

Later, Dale calls Liv and Clive in and tells them that the new mayor doesn't like what happened, which was caught on tape. She tells Liv that she's suspended, and Liv tosses the paperwork into the air and storms out.

That night, Liv, Levon, Isobel, and Ravi watch more Zombie High. Once it's done, Isobel starts a game of Kill, Eat, Marry about the show's cast. Isobel says that she met one of the actors, Parker, when she was working the Zombie High case. Liv and Levon go to Liv's bedroom, and Isobel complains to Ravi that she's going to die. The girl says that she's been thinking of all the things she'll miss because she's going to die.

The next day, Clive tells Liv that he caught up to A.J. at Albert's girlfriend's place and chased him onto a roof, and then captured him. Liv wants to go in and interrogate him, and Clive tells her to be cool because it's a gray area on her suspension. They go into the interrogation room and Clive says that Albert has A.J.'s jewels. A.J. insists that he's a changed man and Leo wanted the loot. Liv figures that A.J.'s parole officer is looking for the jewels, and gets a flash of Leo super-gluing A.J.'s toilet covered in superglue. A.J. explains that Leo thought A.J. had heard from Albert, and tells them to check with the county hospital because he was there getting the toilet seat removed when Lou was killed.

Once Clive leaves, Liv puts her hat on the camera, puts her gun and badge on the table, and tells A.J. to tell her where she can find Albert. A.J. figures that she's a zombie and that's how she beat him, but Liv says that she still knows Brooklyn Clive comes in and says that A.J.'s alibi checks out. A.J. says that his father died in prison and he doesn't want to end up the same way, and tells them that Albert will be at Emerald Downs Racetrack the coming Friday. Ravi calls Liv and says that Isobel sent him a photo of her with the actor from the show, Davis Crawford. Liv admits that she set them up, and Ravi worries that Isobel is going to have sex with Davis.

Blaine, Don E, and Crybaby Carl go to the church and listens to Angus' sermon. Angus says that his son is there and has him stand up, and says that Blaine is a success despite the fact that he was an ogre as a father. He calls in Frau Bader, the former maid in a wheelchair that made Blaine clean the mansion floor with his tongue. Angus then says that she betrayed him and turned on his son, and Bader says that Blaine was a monster. When she tries to wheel herself out, Angus pulls her back, anoints her with hot sauce, and feeds her to his zombie congregation.

Davis brings Isobel home and Ravi hears them kissing on the porch. He opens the door on them and pints out that they're 12 minutes past curfew. Isobel tells Davis that she should go in, but kisses Davis again and tells Davis to call her. Davis tells her that she's cool, and Ravi slams the door in his face and lectures Isobel about Davis being an actor. Isobel hugs him and thanks him for caring, and she says that it was perfection, and jokingly says that she had sex... or she didn't.

The next day, Chase and Enzo go to a FG safehouse and a FG Peacekeeper lets them in.. A guard lets them inside to where Curtis is seated. Chase talks about how he executed Renegade but human importation is going up. He demands to know who Renegade is, or they'll shoot Curtis through the heart, eat his brain, and wait for a vision of the new Renegade. Curtis says that Brother Love promised to scratch him if he brought ten humans into the city so that Brother Love could feed them to his congregation. The smuggler says that he needs to pee, and Chase lets him go. Enzo says that Brother Love's followers are fanatics but he hasn't heard anything else. Chase tells Enzo to check out the church, and to prepare for brain because he figures Curtis is lying because he gave up Brother's Love name too easily.

The next day at the morgue, Liv and Ravi go over Isobel's test results but find nothing unusual. Ravi wonders how much time Isobel has until she dies, and worries about Isobel and Davis. Levon comes in and tells Liv that Fillmore-Graves picked up Curtis and doesn't know where they're holding him. Ravi says that he heard Major on the phone talking about emergency guard duty. Liv asks Ravi where his hideaway key is, and leaves with Levon. Ravi calls the underground and says that Curtis is off the board. a soaking-wet Clive comes in and describes in graphic detail how he caught up to Albert and they fell into a pool three stories down. Albert's gun matches the one used to murder Leo.

Enzo goes to the church and watches as Angus begins a service. Angus complains about how humans spurn zombies and don't thank zombies for avoiding eating them. The spotlight shines on Blaine, who is at the organ and starts singing "Amazing Grace".

Liv and Levon drive to the FG safehouse and try to figure a way in. Levon triggers a nearby car's alarm, and the FG Peacekeepers go out to investigate. Liv tells Levon to him to hit her hard. Once he does, she zombies out and tries to break the bars. She can't, and Curtis tells her to turn him into a zombie. Liv does, and she says that she told Chase that Brother Love is Renegade. The Peacekeepers return and Liv runs off.

The next day, Major and his team tell Chase that Curtis was turned into a zombie. Chase checks their phones to see if they sent a signal, and Major finds a tracker in his pocket.

Russ goes to the warehouse where the organization is processing brains, and hands over his stolen brain tubes to the leader: A.J.

At her apartment, Major confronts Liv about putting a tracker on him. She says that he wouldn't understand, and Levon and Isobel come in as Major tells Liv that he knows she's a smuggler. Major remembers Levon from the execution, and realizes that Liv is Renegade. He says that Liv couldn't find meaning in her life so she became a hero, and it will get her and Major killed. When Levon tells Major that it's time to go, Major slams him against the wall. Liv yells at Major to get out, and he leaves.

Written by Gadfly on May 8, 2018

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