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Harry and the Harrisons Recap

Barry wakes up to hear Iris moving in the loft. She calls to him go back to sleep, but Barry can't and goes to see what she's doing. Iris explains that she's compiling everything that they have on Clifford, and figures that she needs to write a piece exposing Thinker's plan.

The next day at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin says that they figure Thinker plans to put his five satellites around the globes When their quantum computers link up, it will reboot every human brain on earth Barry suggests that they shoot them down, and suggests that they use an organic weapon to shoot down the satellites since Thinker can negate them with Kilgore's powers. The other leave to check it out, and Harry asks Cisco why Thinker isn't acting. Cisco tells him to be patient, and Harry suggests that they consult with the Council of Wells. They contact Wolfgang, who soon realizes that Harry has lost his intellect. Wolfgang says that the Thinking cap malfunctioned and took Harry's intellect, and refuses to help Harry because he's a "dum-dum". He breaks the contact, and Harry admits that he is a dum-dum. Cisco figures that they can make a new smarter council.

Iris asks Caitlin for ibuprofen for the headache, and she explains that she's been using acupuncture to get Killer Frost to emerge. Caitlin says that she's running out of ideas, and Joe suggests that she attack it from a different direction. Later, Caitlin tells the team that they need a person: Amunet. Her psychic-powered alnico shards are immune to Kilgore's powers, and Caitlin points out that they've teamed up with villains before. She says that Amunet has teamed up with before and thinks that she'll do it again.

Flash takes Caitlin to the boxing ring, and Norvock and his thugs step out and say that say that they control the place. After Flash disarms them, Norvock admits that no one has heard from Amunet in months.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin says that she doesn't have any personal details that will let them track her down. She remembers that Amunet said that she was a flight attendant on the night of the particle explosion, and Cisco tracks her to the flight that she was working on as Leslie Jacoy. CCPS has her work addresses, and they go to check them out. Iris prepares to go back to the loft to work on her article, and Barry talks to her privately and suggests she hold off until she finishes the article. Iris agrees, figuring it will be easier to convince the rest of the team that it’s a good idea if she has a complete article.

Cisco summons three other Harry's, who were all kicked out of the Council of Wells. H. Lothario is among them, and the other two are mobster Sonny Wells and French poet Harrison H.P. Wells. H.P. recites a poem about bread to start the meeting, and Cisco tells Harry that he should start the sharing if he wants the helping. Harry explains that he's losing his intelligence and asks for their help. They immediately agree.

Caitlin and Joe go to a grocery store and look around. Joe tells Caitlin that he didn't mean that she should look for a criminal, just as a couple come in and goes into a backroom. The teammates see her and Caitlin says that Amunet has a splicer that let her divide Caitlin and Frost. When they go in the back, they find a gambling den set up. Joe flashes his badge and tells everyone to get out, and Caitlin spots Amunet out of costume. Amunet explains that she's disguising herself and going with a lower level of villainy. She takes out a bag of metal, and Joe calls Flash in. Amunet projects metal at him and he dodges at superspeed. It forms into a boomerang and swings back around, and Flash catches it and says that they need her help.

The team takes Amunet to S.T.A.R. Labs, and she admits that Thinker's plan is brilliant but tragic. She wonders why Flash is wearing his mask, pointing out that he's the speedster she tried to procure from Wolf. Amunet has Barry remove his mask, and Caitlin tells her to focus. She figures that Thinker's plan would be bad for business and agrees to help, but she needs more shards to take out a satellite. The alnico shards were en route to a military facility on the night of the explosion. Someone robbed her storage unit where she had the rest of her shards. Flash goes to get his CSI unit, and Caitlin insists on escorting Amunet to the kitchen to get some tea.

Once they're alone, Caitlin tells Amunet that Frost is gone. She wants to use Amunet's splicer, and Amunet says that there's no benefit to her if she does so. Caitlin says that she and Frost will do Amunet one favor, and Amunet says that the splicer was stolen with her shards.

The council has Harry talk about his feelings. He wonders show getting in touch with his feelings will help against Thinker, and they say that if he can understand Thinker then he can defeat him Harry reluctantly closes his eyes along with the others and complains that it isn't making him any smarter. H.P. tells him to channel his aggression into love, and Harry says that he feels that they're mocking him. The Harrys figure that getting Harry to feel is a win and Lothario leaves. Sonny tells Harry that he has everything he needs and cuts off his hologram transmission, and Harry tells Cisco that the new council was a huge waste of time.

Flash, Caitlin, and Amunet go to the cargo container. He moves a sample from the door and discovers that it's venom. Amunet realizes who stole from her: Norvock.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Iris confirms that the lab's satellites aren't picking up any alnico in the city, and Barry confirms that Norvock and his boxers aren't at the gym. Caitlin gets irritated and Joe asks her if it's about the alnico or the tech. She admits that the splicer was hidden with the shards, and she made Amunet a deal. Caitlin irritably says that it was her last chance at bringing Frost back and storms out.

Cisco approaches Harry in the workshop, and Harry says that he's cleaning up his workstation because he's not going to get his intelligence back. He apologizes for wasting Cisco's time, and Cisco tells him that it was a genuine apology. Harry realizes that he's not losing his temper, and Cisco suggests that the council showed Harry some empathy. The former scientist says that it's time that he consider Thinker's feelings by putting himself in his shoes.

Barry checks with Iris, who shows him her finished article on Thinker. She says that they need to arm the citizens with information, but Barry isn't sure they'll do the right thing. Iris tells him that Thinker's goal is to take information away from people, and if they don't publish the article then they're no better than Thinker. Barry still feels that it's too risky, and Iris tells him that it's his decision. However, she says that after the people have put their faith in Flash, it's time for Flash to put his faith in the people.

Amunet finds Caitlin and points out that Caitlin is angry. Caitlin admits that she is, and Amunet tells her that the splicer didn't work. She prods Caitlin into realizing that the splicer is a placebo, and then Amunet realizes where Norvock is.

Norvock meets with Yakuza gangsters at an underground abandoned substation and offers to sell them the alnico... which have enough potential energy to flatten the city.

Amunet and Caitlin tell the others that Norvock went to the substation where Amunet used to hide out. Iris tells Amunet that there won't be any killing, and Barry says that he's fast enough to handle it without killing.

At the substation, the Yakuza buy the shards and drive off. Flash speeds in and confronts Norvock, and Amunet steps out to handle Norvock herself. She fires a shard at Norvock, and Flash grabs it. Norvock extends his eye snake at them, and Flash dodges it and knocks him down. The snake sprays venom in Flash's face.

Caitlin and Joe see the Yakuza driving off, and Joe shoots out the tires so that it crashes.

Iris realizes that Barry has been poisoned and tries to find an antidote. Meanwhile, Amunet fires metal at Norvock, who has an energy weapon to repel them. He then advances on his former boss.

Joe and Caitlin run to the car, and the gangsters get out with guns. The teammates take cover and Joe returns fire.

Iris tells Flash that there's no antidote for the poison and he'll have to phase through it. He tries to do so.

Joe runs low on ammo, and Caitlin has an idea. She fires the cold gun at the ceiling, creating a giant stalactite. Joe shoots it and it drops near the gangsters, knocking them out.

Flash tries to phase through the poison, while Amunet reaches out to the metal in the car. It seals over Norvock's face, and Flash tells her not to kill him. Caitlin runs up and says that there is a good part of Amunet. After a moment, Amunet releases Norvock and cuts the snake out of his eye. When she prepares to go, Flash says that there's no way to stop Thinker without her. Amunet admits that she considered helping them but Thinker is too powerful. Caitlin tells her that she'll suffer the same fate as the rest of them, and Amunet insists that she'll help them out of self-preservation. She gives Caitlin a ball of shards, saying that it will act as a grenade. Amunet tells Caitlin to go save the world and leaves in a whirlwind of shards.

Later at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco studies Norvock's eye that he popped out to release his snake. Barry figures that the alnico bomb is the best way to stop Thinker, but they need to figure out a way to deliver it to the satellites. Harry says that he worked out that Thinker has lost Marlize. Iris starts searching for Marlize while Cisco goes to his workshop to work out how to deliver the bomb. Once Caitlin and Joe leave, Barry tells Iris that she was right and Amunet ultimately helped them. He says that every citizen has a core of something good, and they'll feel the same way when they read Iris' article.

Joe and Caitlin go to Jitters, and Caitlin thanks Joe for giving her the advice that she needed to hear even if she didn't like it. She explains that the splicer was a placebo and figures the key to finding Frost is in her head.

Barry wakes up when Iris gets twitters from people in the city, reporting when they saw Thinker. They realize that Thinker can't hide from them anymore.

Written by Gadfly on May 9, 2018

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