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Chapter 14 Recap

Night, and a homeless David sits in an alleyway looking at a trashcan fire.

Day, and a much older David looks down from the balcony of his expensive home. His daughter is in the pool smoking, and his wife is working nearby.

An elderly woman serves soup to an elderly David. He moans and she tells him that he's okay, puts the spoon where he can reach it, and goes back to the kitchen. David picks up the spoon and takes some soup. Later, his keeper puts him to bed and brushes his teeth, then lays him down in the bed, gives him his medicine, and tells him to sleep tight.

David sits on a bench with a picture of Amy as a real estate agent on it. David and Amy drive by, and David walks down the street with an armful of coffee cups. He goes into an office building, and tries to imagine what underwear the secretary Cynthia is waiting. Cynthia tells David to take the coffee into the board room. David hears the CEOs' thoughts but passes it off. As the other company says that things have been vetted to their satisfaction, David speaks up and says that they're not telling the woman, Laura, everything. Laura goes out and David tells her that she missed a lawsuit about a fire hazard from faulty relays. He explains that he's psychic and tells her what she's thinking, and tells her to ask Don Eichman and the others. Laura goes back in and asks about the faulty relays, and Don feigns ignorance. David picks up the number of faulty relays and motions it to Laura, and she tells Don about it. Don says that they have to prove they knew about the relays, and Laura says that they're done and walks out. She mentally tells David to come with her, and he does.

Homeless David walks down the street, ranting at people that he passes. He goes past a dairy shipping firm where Mustache David is sacking boxes. He gets a call from Amy, who asks how work is doing. Mustache David says that he's stacking boxes, and Amy reminds him to take his afternoon pill. He stares off into space and Amy gets his attention, telling him to do it while she's on the phone. Mustache David takes one and Amy tells him to only take one after what happened last time. His boss tells him to get back to work, and Amy says that she'll pick him up after work.

At a shelter, Homeless David talks about quantum mechanics and parallel worlds. In one timeline he's a billionaire, and in another he's homeless, and another he's married and living in the suburbs with kids.

Suburban David wakes up and strokes his sleeping wife's shoulder. Their children run in and jump on the bed, asking for waffles.

Billionaire David takes a limo down the street and remembers himself as a child.

Amy gets Mustache David's attention, and he says that he's happy for her that she's engaged. She suggests that David and Philly might get together, but David tells his sister that it's not going to happen. Amy asks why Mustache David can't have what everyone else has, and he says that he's sick.

Office Drone David sis in his office, sharpens his pencil, and imagines a mouse on his desk singing to Bryan Ferry.

Homeless David finds a shopping cart and remembers pushing Lenny in a similar cart. He grabs the cart and wheels it off, and sees a woman in a passing car. Later, Homeless David pushes the cart with his things to underpass where he sleeps, eats he scraps that he found, and dozes off. Four droogs approach him and wake him, and Homeless David asks if "he" sent them. They don't know what he's talking about, and kick him. Screaming, Homeless David releases a burst of psychic energy, turning them into ash.

Mustache David is at home listening to jungle sounds on headphones when Amy returns from her job. She gets her brother's attention and asks how work was, and Mustache David says that it's boxes and milk. He says that he's better now and doesn't need more pills, and Amy points out that he's wearing two bathrobes and listening to jungle sounds. She reminds him that if he doesn't take the pills then he hurts people like her, and Mustache David gives in.

Billionaire David reviews his holdings with his assistant, Laura. She tells him that once he signs, he'll be the richest man in the world. Billionaire David tells Laura that she's thinking of how he did it, and reminds her that he and read her mind. He says that he is God's chosen vessel, and he knows what's in the hearts of every man, woman, and child on the planet. Laura says that he's a saint, and Billionaire David tells her that money and power are tools. A body guard comes up and says that Amy is there. Billionaire David meets with her, and she wonders why he keeps Laura around. He explains that Laura resents him and he like that. Amy says that she needs a new hope, and tells Billionaire David that her husband Henry is screwing the masseuse. He knows that she is as well, and when Amy complains, Billionaire David psychically gives her a nosebleed until she begs him to stop. He tells her that she won't get any more houses and leaves.

That night, Billionaire David watches two naked women in the next room. Farouk appears to him

Homeless David sits on a street and rants at the people passing. A squad of D3 soldiers move in on him and fire a taser at David. He knocks several of them into the sky, and blasts away when the commander when he tries to draw a gun Homeless David walks away, and the commander calls in a drone. It circles round Homeless David as more soldiers move in, and the drone immobilizes Homeless David. Kerry approaches him from behind and cuts him in half as he summons his energy to blast them all.

A teenage David prepares hangs himself to escape the voices in his head.

The old woman bathes Elderly David

Mustache David walks to the dairy company and stands outside. He hears whispering and yells at it to go away, startling two passing women. The Yellow-Eyed Demon watches him from the shadows. A police car pulls up and one of the officers asks to see his ID. Mustache David sees the Demon in the back of the police car, and he panics. The officers grab him when he panics, just as Amy arrives and says that Mustache David isn't a criminal. When one of the officers shoves Amy back, Mustache David panics and psychically launches one cop into the sky. The other one fires his gun and Mustache David compresses him into a ball. More police arrive and one shoots Mustache David in the back. Lying on the street, he reaches for Amy and then vaporizes everyone around him except for Amy.

The old woman--Amy--helps Elderly David to his wheelchair and dries him off from his bath.

A young David rides his bike down the street.

Office Drone David sits in his office and sharpens his pencil, pausing occasionally to sniff white-lout fluid.

Suburban David plays in the pool with his wife and children.

Amy goes to the cemetery and lays flowers on David's grave.

Elderly David stares off into space.

An infant David look up and smiles.

Amy and David park outside of Clockworks, and David tells Amy that the voices didn't stop when he tried to kill himself, and tells his sister that he sees things. He says that it wasn't supposed to be like it is, and Amy tells him that she knows but that it is. Amy says that Clockworks is a nice place and is only for a few weeks. David makes her promise and they hug, and then he gets out of the car and attendants take him inside.

David lives his life in Clockworks, takes his pills, meets Syd, and leaves with Melanie and the others. he remembers Farouk telling him that he decides what is real because of his powers.

Written by Gadfly on May 9, 2018

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