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Exodus Recap

At the Hunter camp, Sam tells Dean that Lucifer brought him back. Lucifer says that he's there to join the team, and talks to Jack. Dean ells Jack no to listen to him, and Castiel agrees. The angel says that Jack is Kelly Kline's son, but Lucifer insists that he's the only one who understands the power that Jack has. Dean tells Gabriel to kill Lucifer with the blade, but Gabriel hesitates. Jack yells at them to stop arguing and teleports away.

Gabriel goes to look for Jack, and Lucifer tells them that he's a walking weapon and they need him. Castiel takes out the angel cuffs and asks if Lucifer will mind wearing them if he's part of their team. Lucifer agrees and Castiel cuffs him. Lucifer explains that he left Rowena some grace so they have 31 hours until the rift closes.

In the bunker, Rowena goes through the book and contemplates the bowl with Lucifer's grace.

Sam sets the timer on his phone and apologizes to Dean. Dean asks if he's good and when Sam says that he's alive, his brother says that he has nothing to apologize for and hugs Sam. Sam says that he'll handle Lucifer, and Dean agrees.

Jack sits in the forest and remembers Kelly talking to him via the video that she left him, and telling him that he is who he chooses to be. He remembers everything that has happened to him since he was born.

Castiel leads Lucifer past Mary, and when he asks if she missed him, she punches him. As Castiel takes Lucifer away, Sam and Dean come over and tell Mary that they should look for Jack. Mary tells them that she's not going to abandon the people in Apocalypse World who are being slaughtered by Michael and his angels.

Lucifer asks Castiel to broker a relationship between him and Jack. Castiel refuses, and Jack teleports back. He says that he's going to listen, not talk.

Dean says that they never walk away, but Sam says that he thinks Mary has made up her mind. He suggests that they take the people with them, figure out a way to take down Michael, and come back. Mary smiles and says that they're talking 25 people.

Lucifer says that he's been waiting to see Jack for a long time, and asks if his son has any questions. Jack asks him why everyone hates him, and Lucifer claims that he gets blame for every evil thing that happens. He admits that he has led the occasional human to ruin, and they're easy to lead. Jack points out that his mother was human, and when Castiel objects, Lucifer points out that he's been locked away in a cage for centuries. Jack asks who locked Lucifer up, and Lucifer told God that humans weren't perfect so God locked him up. Lucifer admits that he has done bad things, and he wants the opportunity to do better.

Dean warns Mary that getting 25 people through the rift may not be possible. Castiel arrives and tells them that Jack is with Lucifer.

Lucifer tells Jack that we're the most powerful family in the universe, and Jack wonders what God is like. Dean arrives and says that Jack shouldn't listen to Lucifer. Jack insists that he needs to listen to Lucifer to understand what he is.

The team head to the base camp, and Dean has Sam check on what Lucifer is saying to Jack. Mary tells Dean to take it easy on Jack because he's lost a lot of people. Sam drops back and Jack tells him that with Lucifer there, they have enough power to kill Michael. When Sam says that wasn't the plan, Jack objects.

Mary tells Dean that Jack will have to learn the truth about Lucifer on his own. Castiel returns from his search for Gabriel, just as Gabriel runs up and yells that angels are following him. A squad of Michael's angels arrive, and Lucifer reduces them to ash and says that he knew the cuffs wouldn't hold him and played along with them.

At the base camp in the Singer Salvage Yard, Bobby joins them and says that it's good to see the Winchesters again. He tells them that Ketch and Charlie went after an angel kill squad, and asks about their plan to take the refugees back to their earth. When they explain what they have in mind, Bobby says that it's a bad idea.

Lucifer tells Jack about his uncles, and takes him to say hi to Gabriel. Gabriel tries to talk about when Lucifer tortures him, and Lucifer quickly overrides him. When Lucifer says that God was a bad guy, Gabriel tells him that was just Lucifer's excuse and walks off.

Three of Michael's angels prepare to kill a hooded prisoner. Charlie and ketch stop out and remove the hood, and the "prisoner" grabs Charlie and pus a knife to her throat. Ketch has no choice but to drop his gun.

The Winchesters tell the refugees about their plan. They refuse to run out on the fight against Michael, and Dean points out that they're losing. Sam says that that back at the bunker, they have a collection of lore and weapons. They come up with a plan to beat Michael and his armies and win, and Sam says that they've been where they are. The leader, Andy says, that they'll talk to their people and take a vote. Bobby arrives and tells them that Charlie and Ketch were captured.

The angel commander tortures Ketch for information about the resistance, and Ketch tells him to go to hell. The commander says that he's sent for an expert in interrogation. The Apocalypse World Castiel comes in

Sam, Dean, and Bobby question the resistance fighter who told Ketch and Charlie about the angel kill squad. The fighter denies knowing anything about setting the up, and Castiel probes his mind. Dean tells him to try answering them again.

Lucifer and Gabriel stand watch, and Gabriel realizes that it's bothering Lucifer that he's not out there impressing Jack. He asks if Lucifer sees a way where he and Jack end up together. Lucifer insists that he's changed, but Gabriel tells him that he lives to be worshipped and feared. When Lucifer says that God locked him up, Gabriel tells him that Lucifer couldn't stand that God loved humans more than him, and Lucifer tempted them to prove how flawed they were. Gabriel says that God locked up Lucifer to stop the "cancer", but it was too late then and it's too late for Lucifer now.

The alternate Castiel tells Charlie that he's been studying her and she's pure steel. However, he tells her that everyone has a breaking point of pain. Alternate-Castiel says that her mind will no longer exist, touches her head, and starts to drain her mind. they hear screams and an angel runs out. One of the angels is lying dead on the ground, and Jack blasts the angel.

Alternate-Castiel goes out, and the Winchesters charge in and kill the angels. Castiel grabs his counterpart, while Jack and Dean free Ketch and Charlie. Sam hugs Charlie briefly and then apologizes, and she chuckles. Meanwhile, Ketch says that it's about time Dean has saved him.

Castiel tells Alternate-Castiel that he prefers humans to angels, and Alternate-Castiel insists that they are the same. His counterpart agrees and stabs Alternate-Castiel dead.

Back at the base camp, Bobby congratulates the Winchesters on winning. he says that they took a vote to see who would go with them, and everyone--including Bobby--agreed to go. Sam wonders how they're going to do it, and Dean sees a bus. They work on the engine and get it going. They let Lucifer drive, and Dean tells Gabriel that they can keep an eye on him that way. As the others board the bus, Jack walks off and Sam goes after him. Lucifer sees them and goes over, and Jack tells Sam that he's going to kill Michael. Jack insists that Michael deserves to be punished. Lucifer warns that if Michael captures Jack then they'll have to waste time trying to save him. He says that sometimes doing the right thing can go wrong, and Jack tells Sam that his father makes a valid point.

The bus heads for the rift with the Winchesters riding escort in a jeep. Mary guards the back of the bus, and Castiel keeps an eye on Lucifer as he drives. They reach the rift and realize that it's closing.

In the bunker, Rowena realizes that the rift is closing and finds a spell to hold it open. On the other side, the refugees head for the rift, and Castiel, Jack, and Ketch lead them through. Sam tells Lucifer to stay there so that he and Gabriel can help if something goes wrong. Rowena struggles to hold the rift open.

A fireball slams down near the rift, killing Andy and several other fighters. Michael lands and Lucifer steps forward to stop him. They blast each other and Michael knocks Lucifer down. He sees Gabriel and recognizes him, and Gabriel tells Sam and Dean to go through the rift while he buys them some time. Gabriel says that he's done running and attacks Michael with an angel blade. The two archangels fight and Michael stabs Gabriel, killing him. Dean goes through the rift, and Sam turns to face Michael.

Lucifer staggers to his feet, and Sam grabs him and asks how thought it was going to end. He shoves him to the ground and jumps through the rift, and it closes behind him.

Later in the bunker, Mary hands out food and water. Charlie and Ketch share a drink, and Sam tells Rowena that they owe her one. Dean tells Castiel that Gabriel sacrificed himself and they owe him everything. Castiel asks about Lucifer, and Dean says that Sam handled it. Bobby tells his people that they made it and they are going to get themselves ready and go back to set their people free. He says that they will do right by everyone who died, and offers a toast to Sam and Dean. Jack sits alone, mourning his father.

In Apocalypse World, Lucifer tells Michael that he saw how they did the spell to open the rift. He says that they can both go through, and he'll get his son and Michael gets everything else. Lucifer looks at Gabriel's body and doesn't respond when Michael asks if they have a deal.

Written by Gadfly on May 11, 2018

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