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The Force of Gravity Recap

Daisy wakes up in the Confederacy chamber and Taryan tells her that she's safe. He introduces himself as the first-born, master of the house of Kasius. Taryan tells her that she's Inhuman and says that all Inhumans deserve something better elsewhere. Daisy asks where Melinda and Coulson are, and Taryan tells her that they're Daisy's past and he's her future.

Qovas tells Coulson and Melinda that they are prisoners of war, but Coulson isn't impressed. The Confederacy leader says that they earn their kills while with humans, it's about the gun. Melinda says that she doesn't need a gun to stop him, and Qovas tells him that he'll destroy the Lighthouse if they do anything. Qovas seals the cell and asks Talbot what he should do with the prisoners. Talbot says that they'll both get everything they need, and he knows someone who can help them get the Gravitonium.

Fitzsimmons examine Jinying's corpse and Jemma says that the Centipede serum forces new biological pathways. They can use it to deliver's Jinying's healing DNA to Coulson, and Fitz suggests that they succeed in saving Coulson since Elena says that they destroy the world if they fail. Jemma figures that they can break the loop by making sure that Coulson lives.

On the Zephyr, Deke is watching as Davis and Kim reroute oxygen. The lights flicker and something yanks Kim down into the cargo bay. Davis and Deke take cover, and Talbot rises up out of the cargo bet. He has soldiers with him and leads them to the Quinjet. The power comes back up and Deke tries to get the communications up.

Mack watches newscasts about the destruction in New York. Deke gets hold of him and says that Talbot has boarded the Zephyr and killed Kim. A sensor goes off alerting Deke that Talbot is leaving in the Quinjet and heading for the Lighthouse.

When Elena arrives, Mack tells her that he can't pick up the Quinjet because Talbot isn't using the engines. He activates the engines so that he can pick it up and contact Talbot, but Elena isn't convinced that Mack can talk the general down.

Coulson looks for a way out of their cell, and Melinda points out that they may not be able to save Talbot from himself. Her superior says that he feels responsible for not rescuing Talbot from Hydra, and Talbot put himself in the infuser to save them. Melinda finds it ironic that they're worrying about Talbot given how they met, and Coulson says that people change but they still have to try to save them. He then uses the sensors in his hand to scan the walls.

Talbot goes to Creel's hospital room and says that he's there to talk about Creel's new condition. He says that he's been in Creel's position and got through it, and can help Creel get through it. Creel asks if Talbot is all right, and Talbot says that he's never felt better since he came into contact with Gravitonium. He insists that he's fine and knows how to silence the voices and can teach Creel to do the same.

Taryan tells Daisy that her strength has been going to waste, and he can show her how to unleash her power if she becomes his disciple. Daisy says that she knows his family, and Taryan says that he's from a long line of inventive thinkers and he understands what it's like to be on the outside like Daisy is. She tells him that humans are complicated and when they fight it's with respect. Unimpressed, Taryan says that she's coming with him. Daisy tries to use her powers and nothing happens, and he says that she's not conscious yet.

Taryan's soldiers drag the unconscious Days away, an implant on her head feeding her a virtual reality.

Jemma tells Fitz that it's done, and Mack comes in and asks what they're doing. They explain about how they can cure Coulson's necrotic tissue, and he tells them that Talbot is killing people. Mack asks them to figure out a way to stop Talbot, and Jemma agrees

Coulson finds a circuit panel in the wall and tries to shoot it out using his artificial hand. Before he can do so, Deke knocks out the Remorath guard and opens the door, and Coulson says that they have to find Daisy next.

Creel realizes that Talbot has the Gravitonium in him, and Talbot says that he'll make everything better. He offers his hand and asks Creel to join him, and when Creel reaches out Talbot extends the Gravitonium into Creel's body. The voices stop, but then he moans in pain. Talbot tells him that it will be quick and absorbs Creel into himself.

Later, Mack and Elena watch video of Talbot absorbing Creel. Mack admits that he once wanted Creel dead, but he got to know him and realized that he was a decent man. Elena says that Mack has an amazing capacity to forgive people, and warns that Talbot may have to be killed. Mack tells her that if it has to be done, he'll do it.

Taryan explains that physically Daisy is being brought to her but she's already his. He points out that she's lost all sense of how long she's been there, and says that eventually he will break her. Daisy tells him that in the future that she's seen, Taryan has two sons in the future and they die, and she escapes. She concentrates and shatters the device, wakes up, and takes out the soldiers.

Fitz doesn't see any way to neutralize the Gravitonium in Talbot's system. Jemma starts synthesizing the Centipede serum and warns that it will take a few days to finish. She suggests that they try using the Odium on Talbot, and will have to use Centipede serum to deliver it straight to Talbot's cells.

Deke leads Coulson and Melinda, and they come across two Remorath. Before the Remorath can attack, Daisy blasts them down and tells her teammates that Kasius' father is there. Deke wants to leave, but Coulson and Melinda tell him that they're going to stay to stop the missiles Qovas has trained on the Lighthouse and the surrounding town.

Mack and Elena try to work out what Talbot will do next and what he will try to "fix". They realize that he will try to prove that he's a good father.

Carla and George are at home, and Carla goes to answer the door. Talbot knocks at the door, and greets George when he answers the door. George lets his father in, and Carla says that she's surprised to see him there. Talbot says that he's a new man, and tells George that he's a superhero like the Avengers. He uses his gravity powers to lift George's toy space shuttle into the air, and says that he can move buildings and cars. Talbot offers to take George flying with him, and says that he won't let anything bad happen to his family or anyone else. Carla tells George to go up to his room, and when Talbot objects, his wife says that S.H.I.E.L.D. called and said that there was an accident. Talbot loses his concentration and drops George's toy, and then pins Carla against the wall. He offers to fix the broken toy, and then offers to take George to a real spaceship.

Qovas discovers that the prisoners have escaped and tells the Remorath to kill them with their own weapons.

The team heads to the bridge, and Melinda tells Coulson that she'll deal with the missiles while he and Daisy go to the Lighthouse. A Remorath finds them and Daisy blasts him back, and Melinda orders Daisy to go. When another Remorath arrives, Coulson creates an energy shield from his hand and kisses Melinda. Daisy arrives and takes out the Remorath, and she and Coulson head to the shuttle while Melinda and Deke head to the bridge.

George begs Talbot to put Carla down, and he says that she's not on their side anymore. Carla says that she'd do anything for him, and Talbot reminds her that she worked with Hydra and then S.H.I.E.L.D. He prepares to absorb her, but a S.H.I.E.L.D. team pulls up outside. Elena and Mack get out, and Talbot steps out. He says that Coulson declared war on him, and lifts the S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicles into the air and then drops them on the street. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents open fire but Talbot easily catches the bullets and sends them flying back.

On the bridge, Deke asks the two Remorath where the men's rest room is. When the Remorath come at him, Melinda attacks them and Zeke chokes one with his belt. Once they're done, Melinda takes their weapons and tells Deke to redirect the Lighthouse coordinates from the missiles to the teleporter. Deke fumbles with the controls, ejects a cartridge, takes it, and finds the missile controls. Melinda tells him that they're not going to destroy the missiles but give them a target.

Talbot tells the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that he's a hero, and George comes out and says that he's not a hero. Elena speeds forward to get George out but slams into a gravity force field and bounces back. George says that Talbot wants to hurt the agents, and Talbot insists that he's just giving them a warning and he's going to save them. First he needs more "fuel", tells George to keep watching the news so that he'll see, and flies off.

Daisy and Coulson enter the Zephyr and the power goes down. Davis calls from the bridge and says that the Remorath are attacking him. The two agents fight their way to the bridge, taking out the Remorath in their way. Coulson tells Davis to head for home while Melinda and Deke take the "express train".

Deke describes the coordinates to Melinda, and Qovas comes in and says that they will never leave the ship. He draws his blades and Melinda attacks him, and Deke runs to the teleporter and tries to enter the coordinates.

Daisy tends to Coulson's scratched arm, and she points out that he made out with Melinda. Davis starts up the engines and tells them to strap in.

Deke enters the coordinates, and Melinda knocks Qovas down. He gets to his fate, smiling, and says that she's sealed the fate of everyone in the Lighthouse. He fires the missiles, and Melinda says that they changed the target. She goes to the teleporter, and Qovas watches as the missiles circle back and destroy the Confederacy ship.

Jemma calls the Zephyr and tells Coulson that Melinda and Deke teleported safely, and explains that Mack and Elena went after Talbot. Once they sign off, Coulson says that they'll have to take out Talbot. Daisy realizes that the scratch on his arm has spread and he's bleeding out, and Coulson passes out.

Back at the Lighthouse, Melinda visits Coulson as Jemma stabilizes him in the medbay. Jemma tells the team that Coulson isn't going to die, but his condition is accelerating. She says that it will take time to combine the cure with the Centipede serum, time that they don't have. Fitz tells the team that they can combine the Odium with the Centipede serum then they can penetrate Talbot's cells. Daisy says that there's no more Centipede serum, so they either save Coulson or save the world.

In the Quinjet, Talbot tells a captive Polly and Robin that Robin sees him in her head. He asks if she sees him bringing something up from the ground, and Robin nods in agreement. Satisfied, Talbot tells her to tell him where.

Written by Gadfly on May 12, 2018

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