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A Dark Knight: One Bad Day Recap

After the explosion at Jeremiah's labyrinth, the news report that James was apparently at the scene, missing, and reported dead. Lucius tells Harvey that there are no signs of life at the labyrinth, but Harvey tells him to have the team continue the searching. He tells the officers that Jim is alive, and orders everyone to go out and find Jeremiah and Bruce. When an officer points out that the last time they followed Harvey, the Pyg slaughtered them, Harper speaks up and says that Jim trusted Harvey.

Alvarez reports that Jeremiah is outside the station with a group of the Clowns, now wearing military uniforms. Jeremiah says that he killed Jim and has a dozen other bombs planted around the cities. He holds up a detonator and says that he hits the deadman's switch then the city will be destroyed. Jeremiah says that Jerome wanted to destroy but Jeremiah wants to build, so everything has to go. He tells Harvey to evacuate Gotham in six hours so he can destroy the city, and if Harvey fails then Harvey will be to blame. Jeremiah blows up a nearby clocktower to prove his point and walks away.

At Sirens, Barbara and Jessica toast the destruction of the clocktower while the female Shadows look on. Oswald and Butch come in and Oswald says that he'd rather live well. They have Jongleur with them, and Oswald explains that Jeremiah blew up the clocktower and has plans for Gotham there Jongleur told them. Oswald says that he's short of manpower and will take 50% of the resulting money. When Barbara refuses, Oswald says that he was going to use the money to cure Butch. Butch tells Tabitha that Hugo may be his only chance, and Tabitha convinces Barbara to ally with Oswald.

Harvey tells Mayor Pritchard about Jeremiah's threat and says that they have to begin the evacuation. Bruce comes in and Harvey, seeing him, goes over and asks if he's okay. Bruce asks if Jim is dead, and Harvey admits that it's not looking good. The boy explains that Jerome sprayed Jeremiah with gas driving him insane, and Jeremiah left the bunker before it blew up. Bruce realizes that he built the generator bombs, and says that Lucius can look at the schematics and figure out how to disarm the bombs. Harvey tells him to go home and be with Alfred because it's what Jim would want.

Once Harvey leaves, Bruce gets a call from Alfred's call. It's Jeremiah, who says that he's done a lot for Bruce and still is. He tells Bruce that if he wanted him dead, he'd be dead. Jeremiah insists that Bruce is his best friend and he's going to prove it, and tells Bruce to come to an address by himself if he wants to see Alfred alive. Once Jeremiah hangs up, Bruce leaves.

Jim wakes up and realizes that someone has been tending his wounds. Lee comes in with her men, and explains that he's at her clinic in the Narrows. Riddler's people found Jim after the blast, and they're both surprised that Riddler didn't kill Him. Lee tells Jim what's going on, and that he's not going anywhere because of the painkiller she's giving him. Jim has her get a drawing from his jacket, and Lee takes it with her and tells Jim to get some rest. Exhausted, Jim calls back on his bed.

Bruce calls Selina and has her meet him at the address, and she goes to the roof while he goes in the door. A screen shows video of Alfred being beaten.

Lee shows Riddler the drawing and figure that it's the key to Jeremiah's plan. If they solve it then they can turn it over to the authorities in return for clemency. When Riddler objects, wondering if Lee still has feelings for Jim, she points out that the Narrows residents will suffer when the bombs goes off. Riddler agrees to help as long as it's for her. Lee says that it's for them and kisses him on the cheek.

Pritchard gives orders to evacuate the city, but Harper tells Harvey that not everyone wants to leave. Lucius shows Harvey the schematics of the generator bombs, and explains that Jeremiah would have to send the detonation central from a core relay.

Jeremiah and his men enter the warehouse and Jeremiah watches Bruce through via a portable monitor. He tells his people to call their allies and kill the people. Oswald, Barbara, Tabitha, and Butch are waiting for him, and Jongleur is with them holding the core relay. Jeremiah concedes that Oswald has the upper hand, and Oswald tells him that they have their own demands: $50 million. Jeremiah says that he doesn't have it, and Oswald suggests that Jeremiah gives Pritchard another hour to evacuate the city in return for $50 million. When Jeremiah gives in, Barbara suspects his sudden change of mind. He says that he's far more intelligent and stable than Jerome, calls Pritchard, and demands the $50 million. Tabitha secretly asks Oswald if they're just going to take the money. Oswald tells her that once they have the money, they'll kill Jeremiah, give the core relay to the police, be hailed as heroes, and cure Butch.

Jeremiah complains that the mayor's office put him on hold, and picks up a bazooka. He shoots Jongleur, blowing him up. Once the smoke clears, Jeremiah says that he had a backup plan and he's going to detonate the bombs as soon as he clears enough. He tells his men to kill the villains, and runs off as the two sides exchange fire.

Bruce continues down a hallway, and Jeremiah tells him that Jerome said that it only takes one bad day to drive someone insane. Projectors show more images of Alfred being tortured, and Jeremiah says that Bruce will have to lose everyone that he holds dear. Scarecrow's image appears on the screen, mixing ahis fear gas that he treats Alfred with. Alfred screams in pain and Bruce runs ahead.

Lee's men take the drugged Jim to Riddler, and Riddler says that he doesn't care if Gotham is destroyed. Jim says that Riddler is a psychopath and a killer, and he needs Jim to validate his romantic fantasy means that he doesn't believe it. Riddler insists on settling it, and Jim says that Lee may never be the person he knew but she's not the person Riddler thinks that he is. He figures that Lee wants something from Riddler, and when she has it she'll dump Riddler. Riddler points out that Jim is ten times the killer that he is, and Jim concedes the point and asks if they can get to work. Riddler says that the drawing of the labyrinth represents a map of the city and the buildings Jeremiah will blow up. Once they collapse, it will make the labyrinth in the drawing. Riddler says that Jim isn't going to the GCPD because he and Lee are going to use it to negotiate with Pritchard. Jim calls Riddler over and says that he made a mistake, and then punches him unconscious.

Jeremiah's men charge at Barbara and the others, and they gun them down. Butch grabs Oswald and says that it's his fault, and tells him that he'd better fix it. Oswald calls Harvey and says that he has information regarding Jeremiah's plan. He tells Harvey that Jeremiah will destroy the city once he's clear, and explains that Jeremiah said he's going to wire the bombs in a direct sequence without the core relay. Harvey hangs up and Lucius says that they can disrupt the frequency by disarming the first bomb. Jim comes in and says that he has the locations of every bomb Jeremiah planted.

Selina comes down the stairs and hears Bruce yelling. She finds two of Jeremiah's men watching Bruce's progress on a monitor. Scarecrow comes up behind Selina with a scythe and figures that she's Bruce's friend, and the two men attack her. Selina knocks them back as they come at her.

Jim, Harvey, and Lucius examine the map of the city, and Harvey says that he's going because he needs it.

Selina knocks out the two men, and Scarecrow tries to spray her with his fear gas but hits a thug instead. Once Selina drops the two men, Scarecrow attacks her and the two fight. Scarecrow says that Bruce will soon be driven mad and slips away.

Bruce continue down the corridor, and gas sprays down from above. Bruce screams in pain and frustration, and finds Alfred sitting in a chair. Alfred is laughing, takes out a straight razor, and cuts a smile into his face. Bruce begs him to stop, and Alfred slashes at Bruce. Selina sees them on the monitor and turns off the gas being fed from a barrel of chemicals. She hears someone knocking from a door, opens it, and a man in a sack falls out.

Alfred pins Bruce down, and Bruce tells him to fight it. The butler keeps laughing and prepares to cut Bruce's face, and someone shoots "Alfred" in the head. She goes to Bruce and tells him that Bruce was only seeing what Scarecrow wanted him to. Alfred comes in and tells Bruce that he's fine, and Bruce shakes off the effects of the gas.

Harvey arrives at the site of the first bomb site, and Lucius calls to tell him that the bomb squad is caught in traffic. Going inside, Harvey finds the bomb and says that he'll have to disarm it because Jeremiah could set it off at any time. Lucius talks him through disarming it, and the generator activates. The other officers listen as Lucius talks to Harvey on the speakerphone.

Jeremiah tells his soldiers that that it's the dawn of a new Gotham where they will all be free. He holds up the dead man's switch and asks if he should do the honors.

Harvey follows Lucius' instructions and discovers that there are two breakers that aren't shown in the schematics. Lucius warns that one could be a failsafe and if Harvey cuts it, all of the bombs could blow.

Jim appears on the TV screen in Jeremiah's bunker, and his followers realize that Jim isn't dead. As Jeremiah stares in shock, Jim says that he's alive despite what Jeremiah said. He insists that it's a trick, and Jim tells them that they're worshipping a pale imitation of Jerome. When the followers accuse Jeremiah of lying to them, Jeremiah says that he'll throw the switch and create a new world.

Harvey picks a breaker at random and cuts it. Jeremiah hits the switch, but nothing happens. The followers start to leave, and Jeremiah yells at them to stop. He then smiles and tells them that he finds their fickleness hurtful and predictable. He runs out, slams the door, and locks it, and then throws a switch incinerating them.

At Sirens, Tabitha and Barbara drink. Barbara advises Oswald to leave while he can, and Butch tells Oswald that he's done with Oswald. Oswald says that he knows where Hugo is, claiming that he just got word, and Tabitha says that they'll persuade Hug to fix Butch.

Jeremiah goes over his plans and works out how Jim thwarted him. Ra's comes in and congratulates Jeremiah on his tenaciousness, and says that he had a vision of Gotham in flames. He tells Jeremiah that together they can set Gotham on fire, and Jeremiah shoots at him. Ra's disappears and reappears, then disappears again and appears behind Jeremiah. Jeremiah says that he can conquer Gotham on his own, and Ra's tells him that it's about Bruce as well as Gotham.

Jim finds Lee and tells her to leave Gotham and start a new life. He says that she's not the person he knew and will always care about her. Lee doesn't say anything, and Jim walks out as Riddler watches.

At the station, Harvey tells the cops to keep looking for Jeremiah and his bombs. The officers stare at him for a moment, and then Lucius leads everyone in a round of applause.

Bruce, Selina, and Alfred go to back to the manor. Before he goes, Alfred asks Bruce if he's okay, but Bruce doesn't respond. Bruce thanks Selina and kisses her. Selina tells him that he's responsible and wonders why Jeremiah is obsessed with Bruce. Bruce wonders if his parents made him a little insane, and Jeremiah wanted to bring out that insanity. Selina says that Bruce proved him wrong. Jeremiah comes in, shoots Selina in the stomach, and says that the day isn't done. Bruce goes to her, and Alfred runs in, grabs Jeremiah, and beats him.

Written by Gadfly on May 12, 2018

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