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A Devil of My Word Recap

The next day, Lucifer and Chloe watch as the EMTs take Charlotte's body away. Lucifer says that eventually Chloe will see Charlotte in Heaven but he can't follow her. Chloe assures Lucifer that she's there for him and says that Dan is throwing himself into the investigation but there are no witnesses or cameras. They ask a distraught Ella if she has anything, and she says that she has nothing. Ella wonders who would kill Charlotte. Marcus tells everyone to continue the investigation except Dan, and advises him to go home and grieve. Dan says that he'll grieve when they find the killer. Marcus talks to Lucifer privately and asks if he's talked to Amenadiel and found out if he knew anything because he was close to Charlotte. Lucifer shows Marcus Amenadiel's angel feather and says that his brother got his wings back and is probably in Heaven. Marcus says that it's great that Amenadiel isn't there, and adds that it's one less thing to juggle as they track down the killer.

Dan goes to Charlotte's home and picks up her cup. He looks at the bed they shared and picks up the waffle iron, and smashes it to the floor. Dan then finds a file on Marcus and surveillance photos.

John Barrow meets with Marcus and says that everyone is ready to go back into business with Sinnerman. Barrow says that he went through the list and found the perfect favor to cash in: a plastic bag with a cigarette butt inside. He asks Marcus if he's okay, and Marcus says that he's never been scared of losing everything before. Marcus slams Barrow against the wall and says that it makes him more dangerous, and Barrow asks about the woman at Marcus' place. The officer tells Barrows to keep her alive for now.

At Marcus' new place, a drugged Maze mutters Linda's name. Barrow and his thug are watching her, and she breaks free and attacks them. Maze finally manages to take them down and staggers off. She finds more of Marcus' thugs waiting.

At the station, Chloe tells Lucifer that she couldn't get hold of Maze. They go through Charlotte's files, and Dan arrives makes sure no one is watching, and tells them that Marcus killed Charlotte. He explains that Charlotte was investigating Marcus because he's Sinnerman. Chloe figures that Dan is blind with grief, but Lucifer says that Marcus is Sinnerman even if he didn't kill Charlotte. Dan is furious that Lucifer knew and didn't say anything, and Lucifer hugs him and says that people are watching. Chloe is shocked that Lucifer didn't tell her, Lucifer insists that he has always told her the truth. Dan asks Chloe if she believes him, and she points out that there's nothing in Charlotte's file to prove that Marcus is Sinnerman.

Marcus calls everyone together and sheds a tear, and Chloe figures that since he doesn't get emotional, he's lying. She realizes that Marcus killed Charlotte and now he's overseeing the investigation into her murder.

Afterward, Lucifer, Chloe, and Dan talk privately and Chloe tells Dan not to tip their hand. Lucifer warns that Marcus is more formidable than they can imagine, and Chloe tells him that once they solve the case, they're going to talk about what Lucifer hasn't told her. Ella calls them in and says that they found a cigarette butt with the DNA of Steve Chamberlain on it. They found it at the crime scene on a third canvass that they made at Marcus' insistence. Chamberlains was a hedge manager who was embezzling from a charity. Charlotte was going to prosecute him. Marcus comes in as Chloe starts to confide in Ella. She tells Ella to do another sweep. Once Ella leaves, Chloe tells Marcus what they found. Marcus wonders why Dan is there, and says that he'd be there if someone close to him was murdered. He wishes Dan luck finding the killer and leaves. Dan points out that if they don't arrest chamberlain then they tip their hand, but if they do then they give Marcus time to further cover up the crime. Chloe has an idea.

The trio drive to Chamberlain's estate and try to figure out who owes Marcus a favor to frame Chamberlain. Chamberlain drives up and Dan says that they're there to question him about charlotte. They go inside and Chloe tells Chamberlain that Charlotte was murdered and Chamberlain's DNA was found at the crime scene. The officers say that they believe Chamberlain and want to find out how he was framed, and they figure that someone hid the murder weapon in Chamberlain's desk. Chloe finds it there and want to know who had access to the desk in the last twelve hours. Chamberlain says that he's having a charity event and the caterers are everywhere.

Linda is meeting with a patient, Simon, who is worried that people are trying to kill him. Maze storms in and demands to know if Simon is trying to kill Linda. Linda explains that Simon is a patient and Maze lets him go. Maze confirms that Linda is okay and then passes out.

The trio join Chamberlain at the event, and Chamberlain points out all the people who are crooks. Chloe figures that Sinnerman would have made the guilty party look as innocent as he could, which means they're looking for someone who is clean. Dan grabs Chamberlain's chauffeur, Hanson, and asks him had him frame Chamberlain. Lucifer pulls him away and uses his power to find out what Hanson desired. Hanson says that he wishes he'd never sneezed, and Chloe tells Dan that Lucifer's ability works. Hanson says that he sneezed and took his eyes off the road, and hit a motorcycle driver. He had heard about Sinnerman and called him, and Sinnerman made the body disappear. That morning, Sinnerman contacted Hanson via a burner phone and had Hanson drop off the butt through a dread drop. When Hanson goes to get the hone, Dan suggests that they buy time by arresting Chamberlain, but Chloe figures that Marcus will have covered his trail with the burner phone. Lucifer suggests that they ask an expert for help.

Dan texts Ella to meet him in the station parking garage, and she gives him a hug. Dan asks her to do him a favor and she can't tell anyone about it. Afterward, Ella nervously paces outside of Marcus' office. He finally calls her in, and she says that Dan gave her something to examine and made her promise not tell anyone. Ella shows Marcus the burner phone and says that Dan wanted her to trace it. Marcus assures her that Dan isn't in trouble and thanks her for coming to him about it. Once Ella leaves, Marcus calls Barrow and says that one of his officers is on to him and he needs him to take care of it.

Dan is passed out drunk on his couch when Barrow comes in and prepares to shoot him. Chloe trains her gun on him, and Dan draws his gun as well.

Lucifer approaches Marcus in his office and says that it's time for a reckoning. He says that he knows Marcus killed Charlotte, and asks why he did it. Marcus denies it, but Lucifer points out that without Chloe there he's invulnerable and Marcus isn't. The officer says that he was trying to kill Amenadiel and hit Charlotte by accident. He explains that he thought killing God's favorite son would get his Mark back. Lucifer says that he failed to lead a rebellion against God and everyone hated him, including himself. That was when he got his Devil face, and figures that he gave himself that face. Marcus is amused that Lucifer believes Amenadiel's theory, and Lucifer says that he felt good about himself for the first time in forever when his wings came back. He figures that the Mark disappeared because Marcus was selfless for the first time in his life when he fell I love with Chloe. Lucifer tells Marcus that Chloe doesn't love him, and Marcus tells Lucifer that he has a weakness: he wants to be good. Marcus yells that Lucifer is attacking him, and the officers run in and grab him while Marcus slips away.

Later at Lux, Lucifer meets with Chloe, Dan, and Ella. Lucifer admits that he underestimated Marcus. Ella says that when she gave Marcus the phone, she realized that he was the killer. Dan wonders what they do next, and points out that they can't even run the captive Barrow's fingerprints. Chloe calls Marcus and asks what's going on, and says that Lucifer told her that Marcus is Cain from the Bible. She dismisses it as crazy, and asks Marcus if he's okay. Chloe asks where Marcus is, and Marcus figures that she's lying and Lucifer is there. She admits that the others are there, along with Barrow. Marcus insists that he loves her and still does, and since then he's done whatever he can to stay alive. Chloe tells him to turn himself in, but Marcus says that Barrow won't talk because Marcus can get at his sister. She says she'll find Marcus, and Marcus hangs up... and discovers that Maze has escaped, killing all of his men.

Maze wakes up and tells Linda that she can't stay there. The demon admits that being around humans has made her weak, Linda says that Maze saved her, and tells her friend that emotions make people strong and it's the strongest she's ever seen Maze. Maze tells Linda that actions are easy for her, and she needs to say that she's sorry. Linda says that she is as well and they hug. Linda asks if someone is trying to kill her, and Maze assures her that she's safe and everything is going to be fine.

Marcus finds Maze's celestial blade where she dropped it.

In Lucifer's penthouse, Lucifer looks out at LA. Ella comes up and says that she misses Charlotte. Lucifer admits that he did as well, and Ella admits that she's having a hard time finding a reason why God would put them through it all. He figures that they are the responsible parties, and they have no one to blame but themselves. Ella says that she blames Marcus, and tells God that the two of them are on rocky ground

Chloe tells Barrow that they know about his sister and offers to protect her. Barrow says that they can't protect anyone, and Dan asks Chloe to give them a moment alone. Chloe reluctantly leaves, and Dan ells Barrow that Marcus called him a corrupt cop when they first met. He takes out a gun and says that Marcus was right: Dan has stolen evidence, had someone killed, and never regretted it. Dan tells Barrow that he would murder the man who tried to kill him in his sleep with the gun that killed Charlotte, and aims the gun at Barrow's head. Barrow says that his sister Kelsey is the only thing that he cares about, and if Dan can prove that he can really protect her, he'll tell them whatever they want to know.

Dan joins the others and gives Chloe Kelsey's address, and explains that he agreed to protect her. Chloe and Lucifer go to Kelsey's loft, and Chloe says that it's all her fault. She says that she couldn't believe what Lucifer was saying them, and she's done humoring his "metaphors". Chloe insists that she doesn't see Lucifer as the Devil, and Lucifer admits that recently he doesn't either recently. Lucifer and Chloe enter the loft

Ella runs Barrow's prints and discovers that he's an only child. Dan figures that Lucifer and Chloe are walking into a trap and calls them.

Lucifer and Chloe discover that Kelsey isn't there, and Marcus steps out. A dozen of his men emerge from hiding, guns drawn. Marcus says that he can't skip town and reinvent himself until he kills Lucifer, because Lucifer will never stop hunting him. He tells Chloe to step away from Lucifer, and Lucifer agrees. Chloe steps between Marcus and Lucifer, and says that she believe him when he said that he loved her so she won't shoot. Marcus tells her that she made him realize that he wants to live, and Chloe says that she doesn't want to die without stopping him. She draws her gun and shoots Marcus, and one of Marcus' men shoots her.

As Marcus collapses, Lucifer holds Chloe. Marcus tells his men to finish Lucifer, and Lucifer sprouts his wings and uses them to create a shield. He screams in pain as the bullets hit his wings. Once the smoke clears, Marcus realizes that Lucifer has flown up through the skylight.

On the roof, Chloe wakes up and checks the bulletproof vest that she's wearing. She wonders what happened, and Lucifer tells her that all that matters is that she's safe. When she looks back, Lucifer has flown away.

Lucifer flies into the loft and strikes down Marcus' men. The last one runs off, and Marcus steps out and says that it's just the two of them. Lucifer retracts his wings and smiles.

Chloe gets Dan's call and says that she knows that it's a trap. She says that she's okay even though she doesn't know how, but then says that she's been avoiding the truth and maybe she does know. She hears gunshots and hangs up.

Marcus shoots Lucifer in the chest but the bullets have no effect. Lucifer says that Chloe is a safe distance away, and Marcus draws the celestial blade and attacks Lucifer. He manages to slash Lucifer, and Lucifer slams him to the floor. Marcus continues fighting, and Lucifer grabs the blade, turns it around, and stabs Marcus in the chest with it. Dying, Marcus asks if Chloe is okay. Lucifer tells him that she's fine, and Marcus chuckles and says that he doesn't know what he's afraid of since he's going to Heaven because he regrets nothing. Lucifer tells him that he killed Charlotte and deep down, Marcus knows that he belongs in Hell and will torture himself for an eternity. Marcus grabs Lucifer's hand and says that he can't outrun who he is as he dies.

Chloe comes in and Lucifer turns to face her. His devil face is back, and Chloe stares at it and realizes that it's all true.

Written by Gadfly on May 15, 2018

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