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Insane in the Germ Brain Recap

Isobel is on her computer Skyping with her mother Wendy, and complains about all the noise in the silent apartment.

In bed, Devon warns that Chase can do anything to get the information out of Curtis about the underground.

As Peyton gets dressed, Ravi assures her that her parents will love her. She says that she's going to DC, and realizes that she didn't tell him. Ravi figures that she's being sneaky.

Wendy points out that Isobel's nose is bleeding, and Isobel says that it's a regular thing and nothing life-threatening. She says that it's a first and quickly signs off. Liv comes out and finds Isobel lying on the floor in a pool of flood. Ravi, Peyton, and Devon run out, and Isobel reveals that she's playing a practical joke. The bloody nose is real, but Isobel says that since they thought she was dead, they're relieved that she only has a nose bleed. The others aren't relieved.

At the morgue, Ravi and Liv discuss whether to take Isobel to the hospital. Liv points out that Isobel doesn't want to waste her time in bed . Clive comes in with the EMTs bringing the body of a man in a dress that they found outside of a bar. The dead man is Vince, who was at an office retirement party for his boss. Vince was in a skit playing the part of Sheila, the real head of HR. They figure that Sheila might have killed Vince, and Liv eats Vince's brain.

Chase tells his staff that a lot of their brain tubes aren't reaching their destination, and says that he has high-tech crates that will signal their location when broken. He tells Major to test them in the field.

Don E is supervising camera setups at the church. Angus comes in and Don E explains that they're taking him global and letting him know that he's the spiritual leader of the new world order.

Cavanaugh comes into Dale's office to watch the video of Liv beating a suspect with a fish. The conversation between Liv and Clive about Dale is on the tape. Once Cavanaugh leaves, Dale plays the part about Clive saying that he wants to be a father and they're not letting zombies adopt. She looks over at Clive, who is in the squad room talking to Liv.

Clive and Liv bring Sheila in, and she says that everyone hates HR but she doesn't hold grudges. She points out that Vince was a crazy germophobe. Liv comes in, wearing gloves, and removes them to scrub her hands. Liv complains about all the sick people in town, and Sheila insists that she didn't hate Vince enough to kill him. When Sheila talks about her boobs, Liv has a memory flash of a guy, #25 on the bar's softball team, hitting on Vince thinking that he's a woman. Once she snaps out of it, Liv tells Clive who they should look for.

Don E tells Angus to start low and build it to a 10. Angus isn't interested and Don E plays Angus' new theme music. Out on stage, Angus starts preaching against humans who refuses to give their brains to zombies.

Ravi and Peyton have dinner with Peyton's parents, Bill and Emily. Bill warns that Ravi will be out of business as more people become zombies. When Emily tries to redirect the conversation, Bill objects and tells Ravi that he's better than Peyton's usual boyfriends. Ravi says Bill is taking a dig at him to get at his daughter, and Bill just smiles.

Don E and Crybaby Carl watch Angus' broadcast, and Carl says that Angus' message is powerful. He's not thrilled with Don E's camera zoom, and Don E says that it's time to upload once they add some hashtags.

Peyton says that Ravi will check on the Charles', and reminds Bob that he has medical issues. Bill says that the two of them want to talk to Peyton about her DC trip, and tell her to stay there and never come back to Seattle. They warn that there's a faction that wants to stop all brain shipments to the city so that the humans and zombies fight it out. If the zombies win, they'll nuke the city. Peyton insists that she's going to DC to stop it, and insists that she's running the city since the mayor is dead. Ravi agrees with the Charles, saying that it's not safe there.

Clive approaches Dale and suggests that they get some food, and she asks him to come in and close the door. Once he does, Dale says that they need to break up. She tells Clive that she met someone else, and admits that it was against the rules. Dale asks him to find something to do so that she can clear her stuff out of his place, and awkwardly hugs him before she goes.

The next day, Clive brings in the softball player, Ron. Ron admits that he's a boob man and saw a woman with big breasts. Clive is dozing off, and Liv wakes him up. Ron sneezes and Liv falls back out of her chair. Ron says that he saw someone punch Vince and figures that he's the murderer. When Clive says that Vince was hit in the head, Ron tells them that he saw Vince's exact double attack Vince. Clive figures that Sheila attacked Vince, after her ride picked her up in a Cutlass and said that Vince wasn't funny. Vince flipped off the big driver, and the driver came over and punched Vince through the window Liv figures that the killer was a raged-out zombie, and they should see how big Sheila's husband is.

At the morgue, Ravi brings in takeout and finds Isobel unconscious on the couch. She reveals that she's faking, and says that there's almost out of time. Ravi tells her that she's still alive, and tells Isobel to tell him her heart's fondest desire. Isobel asks Ravi to teach her how to drive, and Ravi agrees.

At Fillmore-Graves, Major tells Jason that Russ is going to introduce him to his boss. In the conference room, Enzo and Harris show Jason the video of Angus. He's preaching against Fillmore Graves.

Throughout the city, zombies watch Angus as he preaches that they'll breed humans for brains.

Ravi and Liv are watching the broadcast when Peyton comes in to say goodbye. She realizes what they're watching, as Angus says that they should take the fight to humans. Peyton realizes that it puts a kink in her "live in harmony speech", and Ravi kisses her. She kisses him back, and Ravi tells her to knock them dead. Liv bumps elbows with her friend, and Peyton promises them that she's coming back.

Liv returns home and calls to Isabel. There's a trail of blood on the floor, and Liv follows it to Isabel's room where she's feigning being dead. Isobel's nose is bleeding, and Isobel says that she wants Liv to have her brain so that her memories can live on.

An increasingly sick Clive talks to the husband, Crybaby Carl, while Enzo and Liv look on. Clive points out that Carl has been arrested for assault several times, and Carl insists that killing a man who insulted his wife is no crime. Levon texts and says that Suki and their "package" is being held at Checkpoint Charlie.

Later, disguised Liv comes in posing as Peyton and complains that she has to visit a checkpoint. An officer brings up a photo of the real Peyton and is satisfied, and Liv claims that Suki is her forensic accountant. Suki is there... with Wendy. When Liv gets them released, the people gathered hear that she's the mayor and gather around her, many of them coughing and sneezing.

Russ takes Major to a warehouse and A.J. comes in. Major says that he's ready to be rich, and AJ. says that he has to trust Major. He explains that a Russian mobster tried to infiltrate his organization, and they electrically fried his brain so that he couldn't lie. A.J. tells Major to eat the blue brain, and Major says that he will and opens his mouth. They then wait to find out what side Major is really on, and Major tells him to bring it on. The blue brain kicks in and A.J. asks Major if he's with them or Fillmore Graves. Major spills his entire plan, saying that he tricked Russ into bringing him to them. He admits that he and Chase made up the fake security measures, and they figured Russ was a dolt. Russ says that he had no idea, and A.J. tells him to shut up. A.J. takes out a gun and says that things didn't work out for Major. Major tells them that he swallowed a tracker and put cotton in his ears, and tosses down a flash-bang. His squad runs in and arrests A.J. and his gang.

Clive gets dressed after sex with Michelle, and tells her that sex was great. She suggests that he stay there with her, and Clive undresses and gets back into bed with her.

Liv and Levon return home with Wendy, and Isobel is playing dead again. Wendy orders her daughter off the floor, and Isobel hugs her while Levon films it all and congratulates Liv.

At the Scratching Post, Chase congratulates all of the soldiers on their plan going perfectly. He says that they ferreted out traitors and hands out brain tubes. Chase tells everyone that Major gets the job done, and everyone celebrates. Major tells Chase that his squad isn't back, just as they come in. Major goes over and talks with them, then comes back and tells Chase that Russ managed to get a weapon and escaped. Chase demands to know whose weapon it was, and Jordan says that it was hers. Major vows to find Russ and bring him to chase, and Chase takes out a gun and shoots Jordan dead. Fisher draws his gun and shoots Chase, grazing his neck, and Chase kills him as well. Major goes to his squad members and discovers that Jordan is still barely alive. Chase realizes that everyone is staring at him and walks out, and Major glares at him as he holds the dying Jordan in his arms.

At the church, everyone is singing with Angus' choir. The congregation joins in, and Mace comes in, draws a gun, and prepares to shoot Angus. Tucker spots the shooter and shoves Angus out of the way, and a choir member is hit. The congregation leaps on Mace, who yells to Tucker to help him as they tear him apart. Angus thanks Tucker for saving him, and asks what Mace is to him. Tucker says that mace is just food.

Ravi arrives to take Isobel driving, and sees Wendy on the couch, crying as Liv holds her. Levon tells Ravi that Isobel is in the bedroom. He goes in and finds her dead, and tells her to stop playing. Ravi insists that she might have them fooled but they're not doctors. He tells Isobel that they have work to do, and begs her to open her eyes as he cries.

Later at the morgue, Ravi, Levon, and Liv look at Isobel's body. Ravi sys that he never got to say goodbye and closes the drawer. Levon shows them footage of Isobel asking him how the others will take her death. He tells her to tell them, and Isobel says that they shouldn't be sad because she got to meet the two of them and she was lucky. Isobel says that she loves them and always will, and blows them a kiss.

Written by Gadfly on May 15, 2018

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