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Let the Good Times Roll Recap

In the bunker, Sam explains to the refugees what the world they're joining is like. Dean calls Sam and says that he has something. When Sam, Castiel, and Jack arrive, Castiel reports that there are four werewolves inside. They go in and take out one werewolf as he comes out for a smoke. They then burst into the shack and Jack immobilizes the remaining two werewolves while Sam and Dean shoot them.

Mary and Bobby go walking in the countryside and Bobby admits that he doesn't know what he's going to do now. Ketch, Rowena, and Charlie have already left, and Bobby isn't sure if he wants to go home because he likes it there. He sees blood on the ground and they follow the trail to where Maggie is lying dead, her skull bashed in.

When the brothers return to the bunker, they discuss how Jack did. Dean suggests that Jack might be powerful to eliminate evil from the world, and Sam wonders what they do after that. His brother talks about retiring, and says that he'd be glad to do it if he knew the world was safe and they deserve it. As Dean goes to his room, he hears Jack having a nightmare. He goes into Jack's room and wakes him up, and admires that he also has nightmares. Dean says that he dreams of the people he couldn't say, and Jack says that he saw many other people on Apocalypse World die despite his efforts. Jack figures that he wasn't strong enough, and Dean tells him that no matter how bad it was, Jack came through because he's strong. He says that they make mistakes no matter how strong they are, and every day they get better. Dean tells Jack that whatever comes at them, they'll figure it out as a family and they look out for their own.

Sam comes in after getting a call from Bobby and Mary. They join them at Maggie's body, and Jack blames himself. They wonder who would want to beat Maggie to death. Back at the bunker, the group question Maggie's friend Ryan. Ryan is shocked to hear that Maggie is dead, and tells them that Maggie was seeing a boy, Nate, who works at a nearby store. Jack teleports away, and the others figure he went to confront Jack.

At the store, jack confronts Nate and blasts him against a case. He starts choking him and asks why he did it, and Nate says that he didn't. Castiel arrives and tries to pull Jack away, and Jack knocks the angel away. Sam and Dean arrive and tell Jack to let him go. When he ignores them, Dean shoots Jack in the back to get his attention. Nate is shocked that Maggie is dead, and walks away.

As Jack walks down the path, he hits himself for hurting people.

Dean tells Nate that they're FBI and he shot Jack with rubber bullets as part of a training exercise. The building shakes and Dean tells Nate to go. A high-pitched ringing noises echoes through the store.

Lucifer appears to Jack.

Michael steps into the store and Dean tells the others to run. They go to the Impala and the store windows shatter behind them. Michael comes out and Sam holds Castiel back. Dean creates a circle of burning holy oil, and they get into the Impala and drive off while Michael is immobilized.

Lucifer assures Jack that he's real, and explains that Sam lied about Michael killing him. He says that Sam left him behind, but he doesn't blame him because of what Lucifer has done to him. Lucifer says that he's moving on, but he came there to get Jack because he needs his father. He tells his son that humans are fragile and bring the worst out in him, and angels and humans don't get along together. Jack wonders what they do, and Lucifer tells him that they explore the galaxy. When Jack worries that his friends will miss him, Lucifer tells him that he has to live his life for himself and together they can start over. Jack considers and then says that he'd like it but there's something Lucifer needs to do first.

Bobby tells Mary that he questioned the other refugees and they don't know what happened to Maggie. Jack and Lucifer come in, and Jack says that Lucifer is there to help. Mary has Bobby call Sam, and goes with Lucifer to where Maggie's body is laying on a table. Jack tells Mary that Lucifer is going to bring Maggie back to life, much to Lucifer's surprise.

Bobby warns the Winchesters that they have a problem.

Jack tells Mary that it's his second chance, and Lucifer warns that people come back different. His son insists, and Lucifer resurrects Maggie. Mary asks Jack if Lucifer has done something to him, and Jack insists that everything will be fine. Maggie comes back to life.

A few minutes late, Sam and Dean arrive and Mary tells them that Jack left with Lucifer. Dean calls everyone they know and Castiel checks with the angels. Mary asks Sam how they'll stop Lucifer if they find him. Sam talks to Maggie and asks if she's okay. He asks her if she remembers anything about the person who killed her. Maggie wonders what difference it makes, and Sam tells her that it matters to him. The woman says that she didn't see her killer's face but she saw his eyes.

Jack and Lucifer look up at the night sky and agree that it's magnificent.

Dean and Castiel come up with nothing, and Castiel says that the angels aren't talking. The bunker lights flicker, and something stars pounding on the door. Dean and Sam tell Maggie, Mary, and Bobby to get out through the door while they buy them some time. Michael finally smashes through the door, and the Winchesters open fire on him. The bullets have no effect, and Michael floats to the floor and smashes Castiel down. He easily takes down Sam and Dean, and starts choking Dean. Michael tells Dean that he made a deal to get to their world, and figures that he can purge it of sin. The archangel squeezes Dean's neck, and Sam prays to Jack saying that they need him.

As Lucifer tells Jack that they're going to explore Creation and maybe come up with some improvements. Jack hears Sam. teleports to the bunker, and blasts Michael away from Dean Lucifer appears and asks Jack if they're done, and Michael gets to his feet and Jack telekinetically squeezes him. Michael yells that Lucifer had a dream, and Lucifer tries to get Jack to leave with him. Jack wonders what Michael meant, and Dean says that they had a deal: Lucifer gets Jack and Michael gets everything else. Lucifer says that he's not the bad guy, and Sam tells the others that Maggie saw Lucifer's glowing red eyes. Jack demands the truth and he enchants Lucifer to tell the truth, and Lucifer says that Maggie saw him when he was scouting the bunker so he crushed her skull.

Jack tells Lucifer that he's a monster, and Lucifer unleashes an unholy scream on them. Jack ignores it, and Lucifer says that humans don't matter. Jack tells him that he's also a human, and Lucifer tells him that Jack is too much like his mother. He wonders if Jack will handle him, and says that they could have been better gods than God. He cuts Jack's throat and takes his grace, then heals the wound. Sam runs to the stunned Jack, and is teleported away with Jack as Lucifer takes them away. Michael says that the devil won.

Sam finds himself lying on a floor in a church. Lucifer lets Jack drop to the floor and kicks Sam in the face.

Michael tells Dean and Castiel that Lucifer is super-charged and will kill Jack and Sam, and could end the universe if he wants. Michael says that he's too weak to defeat Lucifer again, and it's the end of everything. Dean asks Michael if he could defeat Lucifer if he has his sword.

Lucifer chokes Sam, and Jack gets to his feet and tells Lucifer to stop. He appeals to Lucifer as his father, and Lucifer beats him and then knocks Sam down when he tries to fight. Lucifer says that Jack has killed lots of people, and Sam says that he doesn't care because Jack is family. Disgusted, Lucifer says that his father left him and his brothers tried to kill him. He says that Jack will kill Sam and drops an angel blade on the floor.

Dean tells Michael that he's his sword--his perfect vessel--and with him Michael would be strong enough to beat Lucifer. Michael admits that they'd have a chance, and Dean tells Castiel that he doesn't have a choice. Dean says that the deal is that they're in charge.

Lucifer tells Sam that he will let the survivor walk out the door, and it's up to them. If they don't then Lucifer will kill them and everyone else in the universe. He suggests that the survivor might be able to stop him before he unravels the universe. Sam picks up the blade and then hands it to Jack and tells him to kill him. Jack says that he can't beat Lucifer but Sam can, and prepares to kill himself. He tells Sam that he loves all of them and starts pushing the blade in.

Dean/Michael arrives in a glare of holy light, and Lucifer realizes what Dean did. Lucifer attacks him and the two fight as they float in midair, beating on each other. Lucifer gets the upper hand, and Sam grabs the blade and tosses it to Dean/Michael. Dean/Michael stabs Lucifer and falls back, screaming, as Lucifer's life force leaves his body. He falls to the floor, dead.

Shocked, Dean tells Sam and Jack that they did it. He then groans in pain and Michael takes over his body. He thanks them for the "suit" and teleports away.

Mary and Bobby return to the Bunker and find Castiel sitting down.

Michael walks down the street and looks around at his new world.

Written by Gadfly on May 18, 2018

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