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Life Sentence Recap

Outside the station, Green Arrow takes out the outer guard and goes inside. He tells the desk sergeant that he's not alone, and the rest of the team attacks the police. The police and Diaz's men fight back, and the FBI come in and take out the remaining police. Once the building is clear, the team realizes that Diaz and Anatoly aren't there. Oliver removes his mask and Watson says that they've come to arrangement and the rest of the team has immunity. Watson wonders how Diaz knew they were coming, and the team says that Diaz has other government officials on list. Oliver warns that Diaz's men won't give up Diaz's location, and Watson notes that without Diaz, they'll have to release his men after 48 hours.

Oliver calls Anatoly, who says that Diaz has been on the move ever since he heard the FBI came into town. Anatoly says that he'll try to get Diaz's location but Diaz isn't in a trusting mood. he then fakes talking to his sister as Diaz gets into his car. Diaz points out that Anatoly avoided the raid, and Anatoly claims that he stepped out to get some food. He asks Diaz what his next move is, and Diaz says that he's made some new friends: the Longbow Hunters. He tells Anatoly that there going somewhere to mount a counterattack, gives Diaz an address, and slips away.

Diggle gets off the phone with Lyla, and says that she and William are at the NORAD bunker. Oliver tells him that Diggle should dress the part and gives him a spare Arrow costume. He admits that he should have done it from the beginning, and apologizes to Diggle. Diggle says that Oliver has made the costume mean something, and it would be diminished if there was more than one Arrow. Oliver thanks him and they shake hands, and Felicity watches from down the hallway. Anatoly comes in and introduces himself, and says that he's turning himself in.

Once everyone gathers, Anatoly gives Oliver the address and says hat Diaz has the Longbow Hunters. The Hunters are three assassins who even the League are afraid of, and Oliver goes to tell Watson that they're moving out.

Quentin signs the papers to give the FBI municipal authority to operate in Star City. As Watson takes the papers, she gets Oliver's text with Diaz's location. Diaz calls Quentin on Laurel's phone and tells her that if Quentin doesn't order the FBI out of his city, he'll kill Laurel. Quentin tells him to go to hell, hangs up, and tells Watson to come down on Diaz.

Diaz tells the captive Laurel that if she was Quentin's daughter, he'd be there. He reminds her that she got into her current situation because of Quentin, and Laurel walks away.

The team arrives on site and Felicity monitors them via the FBI keyhole satellites. Watson leads her agents in, and the team goes in with them. Felicity picks up a big thermal reading inside and Wild Dog, Watson, and an FBI agent go in. Laser trip wires activate, and Felicity warns that they're hooked up to the triacetone bombs and they're the thermal source... and the entire thing is a trap.

Arrow and the others head for the first team's position, while Felicity tries to remotely disarm the bombs. She tells the rest of the team to move away, and they reluctantly do so. Felicity tries to trace the remote radio signal in case Diaz set them, and Rene removes his mask and calls Zoe. He tells her that he wanted to say that he loves her and wanted to say that he's proud of her. Rene says that he'll see Zoe soon and hangs up.

Felicity clones the trigger frequency, and Diaz calls Anatoly and asks how many he got. he tells Anatoly that he'll make his death last for days and triggers the explosion. Felicity bounces the signal, giving them seven seconds, and the team runs. One FBI agents freezes, and Rene goes back and drags her out just in time. Black Canary asks Rene if he's okay.

Later at the station, Oliver checks on Rene. He says that Watson told him about Rene's call, and tells Rene that he's proud of him. Oliver apologizes for judging him, and says that he's a good man that the city deserves. Rene tells him that it means a lot, and they shake hands. Felicity interrupts to say that they have another problem. Quentin says that Diaz has Laurel, and Watson tells Quentin to ask Diaz to see Laurel and then they'll follow him. Oliver promises that they'll keep Laurel safe, but Quentin doesn't believe him and Watson says that Laurel is a criminal and not her concern.

As Quentin goes, Diaz calls him and says that he figured that Quentin figured that his allies would take him down. Quentin asks to see Laurel, and Diaz tells him to come alone or he'll kill Laurel. Once Quentin hangs up, Oliver comes up behind him and asks Quentin to trust him to keep Laurel. He assures Quentin that he and Laurel are both tough, and says that will all work out. Quentin mentions that he's had a pacemaker since Deathstroke attacked the city. The two men shake on their arrangement and Oliver walks away.

Quentin goes to the rendezvous and Diaz pulls up without Laurel. He tells Quentin to give the order first. Watson and her people are monitoring the conversation via satellite, and Watson wants to move in Quentin tells Diaz that the FBI are tracking him by satellite and they have to move. They go, and the FBI loses them. Watson tells Arrow that Quentin blew the entire operation and Laurel is still going to die.

Back at the station, Watson tells Diggle that she's going to bring Quentin up on charges once it's all over. Oliver remembers Quentin telling him about his pacemaker, and figures that Quentin set the whole thing up so that Diaz would take him there and he knew that they could trace his pacemaker. Felicity goes to work.

Diaz tosses Quentin into the cage with laurel.

Oliver tells Dinah that it's up to them to save Laurel. He thanks Dinah for not seeking vengeance for Laurel killing Vince, and Dinah apologizes for being so hard on Oliver. Dinah tells Oliver that she respects him and they shake hands. Once Dinah leaves, Felicity comes over and wonders what Oliver gave Watson to get everyone else immunity. Oliver admits that he agreed to stop being Arrow, and says that it was his idea. Curtis interrupts to say that everyone is ready to go, and Oliver tells felicity that they'll discuss it later.

Diaz goes back to the cage and threatens to shoot Quentin if he doesn't order the FBI out. Laurel yells that Diaz is lying, and Diaz shoots Quentin in the stomach. Laurel begs Quentin to say with her, and Diaz assures her that it'll take a long time for Quentin to bleed out. He tells Laurel to convince Quentin to get on the phone and order the FBI out. Quentin refuses, and Diaz tells him that he's going to Laurel if Quentin doesn't agree. before he can shoot, an explosion goes off in the building. Diaz runs to check it out, and the team and the FBI break in and take on Diaz's men.

Arrow spots Diaz, who sees him coming and runs. When Arrow goes after him, he sees Quentin and Laurel tells him that he's got it. Black Canary enters the cage, knocks off Laurel's sonic suppressant collar, and says that they have to get Quentin to a hospital. They carry Quentin out, taking out anyone in their path.

On the roof, Diaz calls for a chopper and is told he has five minutes. Arrow shoots the radio out of his hand, and Diaz says that Arrow won't shoot him. The hero tackles him and the two men fight.

Black Canary and Laurel get Quentin outside.

Diaz grabs Arrow by the throat, and Arrow sees the flash drive on Diaz's necklace and says that it's enough. He takes Diaz down, and Diaz tells him that Arrow won't take away his city. Laurel arrives and blasts Diaz off the roof and into the river below. Furious, Arrow says that he had Diaz and he'll survive the fall and get away.

Later, Watson tells Oliver that they didn't find Diaz. She points out that Oliver seems pretty sanguine about Diaz's escape, and Oliver explains that he got close enough to use Felicity's digital sniffer to clone the flash drive. Watson insists that the fact Diaz escaped doesn't alter their arrangement, and Oliver agrees.

The next day Oliver goes to the hospital where Quentin is preparing to undergo surgery. Rene is in the room with Quentin, and he gives Oliver and Quentin a moment alone. Oliver tells Quentin that Diaz got away and says that the FBI are rounding up everyone Diaz controlled. Quentin congratulates Oliver and says that he's done as Arrow, and warns that it's a hell of a sacrifice. Oliver says that the way he's been doing things isn't working, and he has to pay penance for his failure. He tells Quentin that he's a really good father... and like a father to him. Schwartz comes in to take Quentin to the OR, and Quentin thanks Oliver for everything.

Laurel is pacing out in the hallway, and Sara arrives and stares at Laurel in shock. She wonders how Quentin is doing, and Laurel says that the doctors are optimistic but she thought Sara should be there. Sara admits that it's strange facing a woman with her dead sister's face.

Watson and her agents arrive and tell Oliver that it's time. He says that in return for their immunity, and Watson pus Oliver in handcuffs. Oliver says that it was the only way, and Watson explains that Oliver had to agree to turn himself in, in return for the FBI helping against Diaz. Schwartz comes out and tells them that Quentin seized during the procedure and they couldn't revive him. Watson says that it doesn't change their arrangement and Oliver agrees. He offers his condolences to Sara, and asks everyone to take care of each other as the FBI take him away.

Oliver sits in the interrogation room in the station. Watson comes in and tells him that the transport is delayed. Felicity comes in and talks to Oliver privately, and says that they a plan to rescue Oliver. Oliver says that even if he broke out, the FBI would arrest everyone. He explains that he wanted to save Felicity and William, and not everything went their way. Lyla will put Felicity and William into protective custody until they arrest Diaz. Oliver says that he had to find a way to protect everyone, and turning himself in was the way. Felicity confirms that William is outside, and Oliver asks her to bring their son in. William comes in and Oliver says that he'll explain everything to him.

Later, the FBI take Oliver out to the transport van The press are waiting, and Oliver declares that he's Arrow.

The FBI arrest all of Diaz's people.

Sara cries over Quentin's body as Laurel looks on.

Diaz sits and considers what he'll do next.

Oliver asks his friends and partners to complete their mission.

Diggle watches the press conference on TV, as the spare Arrow costume sits on his desk.

Later, Oliver is taken to his cell and the prisoners yell that they're going to kill him.

Written by Gadfly on May 18, 2018

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