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The Hostile Hospital: Part One Recap

As Lemony packs, he explains that he's on the lam He gets into a crate and deliverymen take it away. The box is dropped off onto an empty road and Lemony gets out spots the Baudelaires with his telescope, just as the firetruck runs out of gas. Lemony gets back in the rate and deliverymen pick the crate up and take it to the Last Chance Building General Store.

The Baudelaires arrive at the Last Chance and discover that there's no gas and the phone is out of order. There's a newspaper announcing that the Baudelaires are on the lam, and go in to send a telegram. The owner Milt says that they look familiar, and the Baudelaires claim that they're child actors. Milt sends them to the telegram machine, and the Baudelaires send the telegram to Jacquelyn at Poe's office. Olaf comes in and greets the Baudelaires, and they run and hide among the shelves.

Lou delivers papers and shows Milt the front page article on the Baudelaires. Milt remembers them and the two men go to look for them. They bump into Olaf and explain that they're looking for killers. The Baudelaires shift positions and manage to get out when Olaf is caught in a bead curtain. Esme and the troupe are in the car outside, and she's boring them with her life stories. There's a VFD van nearby, and the Baudelaires slip over to it. There's a group of singing volunteers inside, and they invite the Baudelaires in. Meanwhile, Olaf comes out as the van drives off, and he knows that the road goes to only one place: Heimlich Hospital. Esme points out that the librarian told her that the sugar bowl is there, and Olaf figures that the Baudelaires are after the bowl as well. He reminds them that he's dead and the Baudelaires are wanted for his murder, which means that he's free to do what he wishes.

In the van, the singers say that they're VFD: Volunteers Fighting Disease. They sing that they're cheerful all day, and they're going to Heimlich Hotel to fight disease there. Their leader says that the Baudelaires need the Library of Records at the hospital, and it contains files from all over the world.

The van arrives at the hospital, and they go inside. Half of the hospital is under construction, and the bearded leader says that they wander the halls, sing songs, and hand out heart-shaped balloons. Viola wonders how singing songs helps diseases, and none of the singers know. Olaf and the troupe arrive, and Esme says that she's going to gouge out everyone's eyes if she doesn't get the bowls. He spots a laundry van and says that it's time to go in.

At the front desk, Babs gives the volunteers a list of all the patients at the hospital. The Baudelaires slip in and follow the signs to the Library of Records. A man, Hal, approaches them and apologizes for his poor eyesight. They say that they're volunteers, and Hal explains that he works at the library and lets them in.

Olaf and his people go in posing as doctors, and Olaf tells Babs that he's Dr. Matthias Medical School. They're not on Babs' list, and they say that it's a paperwork mistake as she hyperventilates. Olaf waves his "pass card" in front of her and she assumes that it's real, but has him sign all of the forms. She threatens to call the authorities if he doesn't, and Olaf reluctantly agrees.

Hal leads the Baudelaires through the Library and insists that the forms are the most important thing the hospital handles. He gets files from all over the world because it's the safest place to store anything, Hal insists that they're not supposed to read files, only sort them, and shows them the special keys to lock the cabinets.

Once Olaf finishes the forms, he figures that the Baudelaires are at the Library. Esme says that the sugar bowl might be there as well, insisting that Beatrice stole it from her.

Hal shows the Baudelaires the chute where the file goes out, but the chute hasn't been used in years. He takes them to the chute where the files come in, and warns that the Library has strict rules about checking out files. Olaf comes in and the Baudelaires quickly hide. The actor wants to consult the files on botulism, and Hal says that he can look at the files once he files the proper paperwork and waits up to ten days. Olaf goes outside and tells his troupe that Hal is hiding the Baudelaires and they go with Plan B.

Once he locks the door, Hal says that Olaf's alias sounds fake. He tells the Baudelaires that they can't let anyone unsavory near the files, and a film comes in labeled "Snicket". Once Hal takes them to the film cabinets, the Baudelaires say that they need to look at a file. He refuses, saying that files are important. Babs announces that everything is closing, including the Library.

Olaf knocks out the hallway lights and practices scaring his troupe. He tells them to get to their places for their production of "Let's Scare Babs to Death". Babs comes to the darkened hallway and the volunteers walk by her, singing. The White-Faced Women come out, holding balloons, and Babs runs off and hyperventilates. The troupe simulates thunder and lightning, and Olaf approaches Babs and distracts her so that Esme can grab her and drag her away.

The Baudelaires leave the Library, and Babs announces over the loudspeaker that she's retiring. Olaf takes over and announces that murders have been spotted in the hospital so they'll conduct a thorough search of every bed. The Baudelaires figure that there are no security cameras in the unfinished wing and go there.

The troupe split up to find the Baudelaires. Olaf and Esme sit in the monitor room and watch the monitors for the Baudelaires. Esme finally gets bored and goes to find the sugar bowl.

Hook-Handed Man approaches the Baudelaires' location, and they quickly hide. He unwittingly walks by them.

Olaf sees movement and directs Hook-Handed Man there, and he runs into the White-Faced Women. Esme comes back and says that she couldn't find the vending machines.

The Baudelaires find a plank leading to the unfinished wing.

Esme says that she'll find the sugar bowl on her own and walks by the troupe as they return.

The Baudelaires find a safe place to stay for the night, but figure that it's only temporary. Klaus goes through the Quagmires' notes, and says that he needs to see the files. Sunny suggests that they break in, and Viola says that they can't pick the locks without the proper equipment. Klaus figures that they should steal the keys, and Viola says that their parents would be disappointed in them. Olaf announces that bed searches will continue,

Hal comes out to the unfinished wing with bowls of chicken soup, and figured they'd go there because he used to sleep under the open sky. Hal asks where their parents are, and offers his condolences when they say that they're dead. He says that eventually they'll find kind people who will shine the light on them, and then they will shine the light on others.

Lemony admits that a long time ago, he stole the sugar bowl from Esme and still wonders if it's necessary.

Once Hal dozes off, the Baudelaires steal his keys Viola puts a fake set of keys in his pocket, and Hal talks about how much he trusts them.

Esme Changes her clothing and searches for the sugar bowl.

The Baudelaires enter the Library and search for the Snicket film.

Esme tries to open the Library doors using her skeleton keys.

The Baudelaires find the film under "V" for VFD, and play it. It's Jacques' official debriefing, and first he says that someone may have survived the fire. Esme arrives and the Baudelaires run. She knocks over the file cabinets, trying to smash them, and Viola tells Klaus and Sunny to run for the door while she gets the film. Esme continues chasing Klaus and yells that the door is blocked and there's no way out. She says that she's looking for something small and round, and Viola figures that she means the film. Klaus and Sunny run to the mail chute and Viola gets the film and joins them. Esme shoves down more file cabinets, blocking the mail chute before Viola can join Klaus and Sunny. Viola gives Klaus the film, and Esme sees her and assumes that it's the sugar bowl.

Esme takes off one of her spiked heels and goes after Viola, who sees the exit door. She just dodges the shoe when Esme throws it, and Esme shoves down more file cabinets. Viola gets to the exit doors and finds one that is unlocked... and Olaf grabs her. Satisfied, he and Esme take Viola away.

Written by Gadfly on May 20, 2018

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