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Loading Up Recap

At Advanced Mechanics Lab, workers go in past security scanners. When Anne Rojas arrives, James Collins complains that she's running late and tells her to get to work. Anne goes to her desk and asks James for access to the server room and has her let him in. As they go in, James says that he can't make it look like he's playing favorites. They come to a room and Anne draws a handmade gun on the security guard and tells him to let her in. When he refuses, Anne shoots James and the security guard relents. Once he opens the door, Anne shoots the guard, goes in, smashes a case, and takes a device. She then walks out and smashes the gun on the floor.

Later, Kay tells the Deception team about the case. What Anne stole is classified, and Kay admits that she doesn't know. The building is one of the most secure in the world and yet Anne managed to smuggle a weapon in. Dina comes in and Jordan wonders why she's so cheerful, and she claims that she isn't. Mike comes in behind her, and Cameron says that they should go to the building and check the security. Once the others leave, Mike tells Dina that he doesn't think no one notices. Dina figures that they did, and she says that they won't have to sneak around much longer. She wants Jonathan to hear it from her rather than the others, and Mike assures her that it's okay.

The FBI call in the security guard, who says that there are no surveillance cameras because the building is top-secret. He insists that no one could have smuggled a weapon in, and Cameron notices that every pieces on the gun is smaller than a paperclip. He explains that Anne was "loading up" by assembling the gun over eight months, and Kay figures a sleeper spy would try to pull it off. Mike gets a call that James woke up, and Kay tells Cameron that they'll have to him without Cameron.

At the hospital, James tells Kay and Mike that there weren't any warning signs that Anne was a spy. He explains that she took a miniature electro-scrambler that can disrupt computer and security systems. James claims that he and Anne weren't romantically involved, but finally admits that they were. When he mentions that he gave Anne a drawer at his apartment, they find a duffle bag in it. Kay takes it to the team, and they find a map with a blueprint to a building, and it houses a global connection of computer networks. There's a line drawn to it from a nearby subway, and the subway is within range of the building.

The team goes to the subway and Anne refuses to tell Cameron what the device is. Cameron points out that there are several people who aren't what they appear, including one man who has been staring at them the entire time. Kay tells Cameron that the man is CIA and she knows him because he's her ex. The CIA agent, Isaac Walker, comes over and Kay confirms that they're after Anne. She orders Cameron to go upstairs, and he walks off.

Anne comes in and Cameron "accidentally" bumps into her. He calls to Kay, and the CIA agents on stakeout move in. She knocks them down and goes for a gun, and Isaac tackles her. They confirm that she doesn't have the scrambler, but does have a deck of cards. Cameron comes back and explains that he switched Anne's gun for the cards, and introduces himself to Isaac.

Dina visits Jonathan and he immediately realizes that she has bad news for him. She tells him that she and Mike are together, and Jonathan drops the coin he's flipping through his fingers and says that Mike is a lucky guy. Dina asks if he can help, and Jonathan says that he's good. However, he then says that the FBI is hiding something from him and shows her a redacted page on the Sorceress' FBI file. Jonathan doesn't want her to ask Mike about it, but suggests that Dina borrow his ID and download the original file. Dina refuses, but Jonathan says that he's just trying to get home.

As the agents go to the FBI, Cameron asks Kay why she never mentioned Isaac. Isaac comes over and Cameron immediately says that she's single. Cameron hangs back to let them talk. Deakins tells them that the FBI and CIA have equal jurisdiction, but Cameron is off the case.

Dina visits Mike in his office and tells him that it didn't go well with Jonathan. She explains why the FBI withheld information from him, and Mike says that files are confidential for a reason and they can't share the information with Jonathan. Dina says that she'll come over later and they hug.

Isaac asks Anne where the device is, and she says that it's close and she still needs it. She says that she's gathering information on Redbird, and Isaac recognizes the term. Kay demands to know what Redbird is, and Isaac tells her that she doesn't have clearance for the conversation. He asks Kay to leave and Kay agrees to give him five minutes with Anne.

Cameron calls Jonathan and tells him about Isaac. He says that Anne has sensitive information, and finds it weird that Anne didn't have the scrambler. Cameron wonders why she got easily caught, and Jonathan suggests that they wanted her to capture him.

Isaac leaves the interrogation room and Kay asks how Redbird is. She says that she needs the relevant information to do her job, and Isaac tells her that the job is done. Kay says that endless secrets must be tiring, and Cameron comes over and says that Anne wanted them to bring her to FBI headquarters.

Anne starts coughing and when her guard comes over, she knocks him out and then coughs up the scrambler. She then turns it on and systems shut down throughout the building. The agents break into the interrogation room and discover that Anne has escaped through an air vent.

Anne drops down from another air vent.

Cameron says that Anne stole the device to use it in the building and asks what else is there. Isaac says that there's a CIA black site station on the 23rd floor. They go up there and find two dead guards, and Isaac says that if Anne wanted to CIA files then she would have had to come there. Isaac discovers that the Redbird file is missing, and Cameron finds a dead woman wearing Anne's coat on the floor. Her badge is missing, and Cameron realizes she was one of the stakeout agents at the subway.

Anne, wearing the agent's coat, walks through security at the front door and gets through using the stolen badge.

Later, Isaac tells Cameron and Kay that "Anne" is Anais Gomez with Venezuelan Intelligence. She had a mission to capture a rogue CIA agent, and the project was named Redbird. The rogue agent escaped, killing a CIA team in the process. Anais' team was wiped out by the CIA, and she's a trained assassin. The file has information on the surviving CIA operatives involved in the mission. Isaac steps out to take a call, and Kay admits that Isaac's secrets put a strain on their relationship. When he comes back in, Isaac says hat Alexandra was part of the operation and retired a year ago as a field agent, and they just found her corpse. Cameron figures that the stolen file is Anais' kill list, and Kay wonders who else was on the list.

A man is jogging through the park, and Anais tracks him with a sniper rifle. He goes into a tunnel, and Cameron, Kay, and Isaac tell him that Anais killed Alexandra and he's the next target. Cameron takes his jacket and jogs out of the tunnel wearing it, and Kay tells him via earbud to keep going and stick to cover while they search the nearby rooftops. Cameron stays beneath the trees as best he can, but eventually he runs out of cover and Anais takes the shot. Meanwhile, Gunter admires the piece of bulletproof glass that he set up and Cameron ran past. Jordan tracks the trajectory and finds out that Anais fired from a nearby hotel. Isaac and his team intercept Anais as she comes out.

Later at the FBI office, Isaac thanks Cameron for his help. Once Cameron leaves, Isaac suggests that he and Kay get a bite to eat and catch up. Kay says that it's not a good idea, and Isaac says that he'll call her if something comes up on the case. Cameron comes back in as Isaac leaves, and Kay tells him that there's too much history between her and Isaac. The magician suggests that Kay have dinner with Isaac because they have a lot to talk about, and Kay goes after Isaac and agrees to have dinner with him.

Cameron calls Jonathan and tells him what he did. Jonathan wonders if Cameron wants kay to get back with Isaac, and Cameron admits that he's not happy. His brother figures that Cameron is jealous, and Cameron finally admits that he is.

At the restaurant, Kay asks who was the target of the operation. Isaac says that he was supposedly killed, and Kay figures that her entire team was killed for nothing.

Mike tells Cameron that James disappeared from his hospital, and Cameron realizes that James was working with Anais. He led them to the duffel that led them to Anais, and Anais deliberately didn't kill him. Isaac gets Cameron's call but turns off his cell phone and tells Kay that he's doing it for one night. She turns off her phone and admits that she hasn't done it since the two of them were together. James is watching them through the street window and draws a gun.

Kay and Isaac sit down to eat, and they talk about how they first met. Isaac brings up a bar they went to before, and says that he thinks about it a lot. Kay points out that she said "yes" to him there.

Deakins tells Cameron and Mike that Redbird was the code name of the team leader. All the file has is the name of Redbird's fiancée.

Kay tells Isaac that when she saw the lies, she didn't want to be part of his future. Isaac admits that he's Redbird, and that he's never been a field agent. He says that he was trying to protect her, and only his codename was in the file. Isaac admits that he's Redbird.

Deakins, Mike, and Cameron drive to the restaurant and confirm that Kay's phone is off and the restaurant line is dead. They get caught in traffic, and Cameron gets out and the restaurant.

Kay figures that Isaac has the perfect answer to any question she might ask him, and he invites her to ask him anything. She asks if their relationship was ever real, and Isaac insists that it was. He says that she was right about secrets being tiring, and reaches for her hand. Kay draws her hand back, and the two of them leave. Cameron arrives and spots James moving in, and yells to Kay that she's making a mistake. He says that he was engaged three years ago, pretending to be Redbird, and yelling so that James can hear him. James shoots him, and Mike and Deakins arrive and capture James. Kay rolls Cameron over and realizes that he was wearing a FBI bulletproof vest.

Later back in the restaurant, Kay tells Isaac that Cameron is bruised but alive. Isaac says that Cameron was very convincing, and figures that Cameron wasn't trying to protect him. His phone rings and Kay says that it's time for him to go save the world.

Jonathan calls and tells Dina that there was nothing useful in the redacted file. He thanks her for her help and hangs up, and a guard takes him away.

At the Archive, Cameron is putting ice on his bruise. Kay comes in and tells him that what he did was stupid. Cameron insists that his confession of love was purely professional, and asks how things went with Isaac. Kay says that they said goodbye, and she wants to focus on the future. Mike arrives as Dina comes out, and Mike says that he's been suspended pending an investigation.

The "guard" asks Jonathan if he found everything he needed in the FBI files. Jonathan realizes that the guard overheard him talking to Dina.

Mike says that his ID card got stolen and someone used it to break into the evidence lockup. The Lynx diamond was stolen

The guard tells Jonathan that the Sorceress wants him alive.

Dina remembers someone bumping into her and taking the key card.

Cameron figures that the Sorceress was involved, and that she's won.

Written by Gadfly on May 21, 2018

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