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The Fanatical Recap

Lena tries to use heavy metal to revert Reign to Sam. it fails, and Reign says that when she's free she'll kill Lena and rack the planet open. Lena turns on a reflective scatter field on the force field, and explains that any Kryptonian who looks at it will be hurt. When Supergirl objects, Lena says that she didn't design it as a weapon against Supergirl.

Later, Kara meets with James and asks why he told Lena that Supergirl asked him to break into her vault. She complains that James didn't have her back, and that James was honest with Lena at her expense. Kara says that her secret identity is there to protect people, and people would go after her. Tanya comes in past Eve and asks James to get the Coville journal to Supergirl. She explains that she stole it from Coville's cult, and says that his followers are using it to make a bomb.

Tanya explains that she was a teacher and Coville helped her after she had been saved by Supergirl. The followers made Tanya translate Coville's journal, and it was a recipe for explosives. The cult says that Coville died, and Tanya originally joined them to feel connected to people. When Reign came, Coville got word to them that they were worshipping the wrong god and that Reign was their deliverance. Supergirl and James suggests that Tanya stay there, and Kara tells Tanya that she'll get the journal to Supergirl.

Alex returns to Sam's home and offers to take Ruby on a ride on her new antique motorcycle. Ruby declines and isn't interested in doing anything and wants to be left alone.

As they go to the address that Tanya gave them, Mon-El suggests that Kara go to Lena as Supergirl and explain what she did and why Inside, they find piles of ash.

James finds one of the cultists, Olivia, in the lobby. While she's talking to James, two men come in and grab Tanya. Olivia draws a gun, fires a warning shot, and runs out. James tells Eve to all 911, goes into the elevator, and gets his Guardian armor.

Olivia and the three men drive away with Tanya, and Guardian follows them on his motorcycle. The cultists open fire on him but he avoids their shots and closes in. Guardian takes out their tires and they crash, and the cultists run into a nearby building under construction. Guardian takes two of them out, and Olivia shoots him in the head and says that Tanya needs to finish what she started. The shot knocks the armored helmet off, and the police arrive and order James down. Tanya insists that James was trying to protect her, and Olivia and the remaining man run off.

James throws down a smoke bomb so that he and Tanya can escape. Tanya is impressed that he's a superhero himself, and points out that the cops would have shot him. The police shot her father and brothers, and never thought it would happen to Guardian.

At the DEO, Hank discovers that Alex is reading books about coping with grief to help Ruby. She admits that nothing she's tried is working, and Hank says that he knows all about it. M'yrnn is growing withdrawn and intransigent, and wishes that he knew of a way to slow down the illness. Hank has read that playing three-dimensional video games could slow down the decline, and Alex suggests that Hank take M'yrnn to the arcade.

At the lab, Winn tries to work out what bomb killed the cultists. Lena comes in, and Supergirl tells Mon-El and Winn to go on. Supergirl then says that she made a huge mistake by asking James to spy on Lena, and Lena tells her that they don't have a friendship. She's not going to let any tension get between the two of them, and Supergirl hopes that they can rebuild their trust. Lena tells her that she already has friends who trust her, and she doesn't need Supergirl as a friend when she can't trust her.

Hank, Alex, and Ruby take M'yrnn to the arcade. Ruby goes in on her own and after a moment, Alex goes after her while M'yrnn argues with Hank.

Supergirl arrives at James' office, and James tells her what happened. Tanya says that Supergirl had it handled, and promises that she won't spread the word that James is Guardian. Supergirl explains what happened and shows Tanya a bracelet they found in the ashes. Tanya says that it belonged to her friend Liza. James gets a text from the cultists threatening to expose James as Guardian if he doesn't give them Tanya and the journal. They have video from the construction site showing James' unmasking. The text has instructions for where James should deliver Tanya and the journal. Tanya figures that they could arrest James as a vigilante, but Supergirl says that they have three hours until the scheduled rendezvous.

Ruby sits by herself in the arcade, and Alex tries to talk to her about her grief. Ruby tells her that she's not helping and asks Alex to take her home. M'yrnn has an attack and runs into a video game screen when he hears the shooting noises. Alex tells Ruby that M'yrnn is confused and they take him home.

At the DEO, the techs try to spot Olivia on the CCTVs. Supergirl blames herself for making Olivia disillusioned. Mon-El tells her that she can only be true to herself, and suggests that not telling Lena is a sacrifice Supergirl is making to protect her. Lena and Winn realizes that a heavy metal reaction vaporized the cultists. The journal says that Coville found the statue of Yuda Kul, the Kryptonian goddess of life. The statue is made of heavy metal, and Supergirl figures that the cultists are trying to create a new Worldkiller. If the team can get hold of the process, they can reverse-engineer it to turn Reign back into Sam.

James brings Tanya to the DEO, and he tells the team that he's going to hold a press conference to reveal that he's Guardian. He figures that it will throw the cultists off their game, and if they get the journal they can make a Worldkiller. Lena goes after James and says that she wants to stand beside him at the press conference. When Lena says that it's a good thing that he's coming out, James points out that he's a black man and the cops first arrested him when he was 7, staying at a hotel. When he became Guardian, he put the mask on and felt liberated because he was judged by his actions for the first time rather than how he looked. Lena tells him that it shouldn't be like that, but James says that it won't be like that for other 7-year-old boys like him if he goes public. He tells Lena that there's too much at stake for him not to go public, and Lena kisses him.

Tanya comes in and asks to talk to James alone. Once Lena leaves, Tanya says that she's needs to take a risk and stand up for what she believes... and needs to be herself. James tells her that she won't be doing it alone.

Alex apologizes to Hank, saying that it's a bad idea. Hank goes to deal with the owner, and Alex asks Ruby to stay with M'yrnn. Once Alex goes, M'yrnn finds a discarded foosball. Ruby explains what it is, and M'yrnn says that he's from Mars. The girl wonders what it's like there, and M'yrnn describes his homeworld. He says that war destroyed the planet and killed his family, and he recovered because of faith. Ruby asks if his god H'ronmeer came through, and M'yrnn says that H'ronmeer brought him his son. Ruby takes M'yrnn to play foosball, and Alex and Hank find them together.

Tanya goes to the rendezvous while the DEO monitors them. A cultist takes her to a SUV, and Olivia grabs the journal. Mon-El gets in, wearing civilian clothes, and says that he's there for his Uber lift. He sees their guns and asks if they're kidnapping Tanya, and a cultist punches him. Winn realizes that the van has a scrambler and they can't track him or stay in touch via comms. Lena suggests that when the cultists use the rock, they can pick up a signal and track them.

Once they get to the base, one of the cultists ties up Mon-El. He easily breaks free and knocks out the cultists, then finds Olivia and the others performing the ceremony. Mon-El steals one of the sunstones in the ceremony, and Olivia pours in the final ingredient and says that their ceremony will summon Yuda Kal to give birth to a Worldkiller. Olivia takes out the rock and Mon-El triggers the sunstone. Supergirl hears it and realizes where they are.

Olivia turns herself into a Worldkiller, and easily grabs Mon-El when he flies at her. Supergirl arrives, and Olivia throws Mon-El away and then knocks Supergirl back. Mon-El holds off the cultists, while Supergirl fights Olivia. Olivia says that the girl Supergirl saved before was weak, and now she'll finish Reign's world.

Tanya pulls away from the cultists and tries to run. Guardian drops down and fights them.

Supergirl grabs the stone from Olivia's hand and her heat vison goes out of control. The rafters come down and Mon-El captures them, and Olivia prepares to deliver the death blow to Supergirl. Supergirl says that she saved her so that she could have her own life, not Coville's. Olivia reverts back to human and wonders who she is without the power Supergirl suggests that she let go of the rock, and Olivia discovers that it's melded into her hand. Supergirl can't touch it, and Mon-El can't remove it. The Krytonian uses her heat vision to burn it off and then cools down the injured hand with her super breath, as Guardian and Tanya look on.

As the police arrest the cultists, James apologizes to Supergirl for telling Lena that Supergirl asked her to spy on him. Supergirl says that she understands, and James says that he wanted to fight the good fight and people need to see superheroes like him. When the time is right, on his own terms, he's going to take his mask off. James tells Supergirl that she can't take her mask off because she does it to protect the people she cares about, and says that he understands and appreciates what she's doing.

Alex helps Ruby dye her hair tips, and Ruby apologizes for being rude to her before. The agent thanks Ruby for teaching M'yrnn how to play foosball, and the girl wonders if Hank worries if the same thing will happen to him. Alex asks if Ruby is worried that what happened to Sam will happen to her, and wishes that she could take the burden from her. However, she admits that she doesn't know, but some of the smartest people on the planet are working to find a cure. Alex promises that she will fight to protect Ruby as long as she lives.

At the lab, Lena tells the team that the rock was drained of power. Winn says that he and Lena recorded the radiation signature of the stone and discovered that a meteorite with the same rock is drifting through space five light-years away. Supergirl says that she'll go to get the rock in Hank's spaceship, and Mon-El offers to get it. Reign breaks the chains and gets out of the bed, and Lena realizes that Reign is becoming immune to the Kryptonite. Lena figures that they only have a couple of days until Reign is strong enough to escape.

Mon-El and Hank go to Hank's spaceship, and Mon-El tells Hank that Imra advised him to say behind and tell his feelings to Supergirl. Hank warns that it might make Mon-El feel better but it would be selfish. Mon-El agrees, and Supergirl comes in and the two of them take off to get the rock.

A man returns to the Cultists' base, and an officer finds him there. He asks the intruder if he's okay, and Coville tells him that he's never been better.

Written by Gadfly on May 22, 2018

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