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You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away Recap

In the morgue, Ravi and Liv agree that they'll dispose of Isobel's body the next day. Ravi figures that he'll need that much time to test her brain for a vaccine. Levon arrives and shows them a tweet from Fillmore-Graves announcing that Curtis will be executed unless the new Renegade turns herself in. Ravi and Levon both make her say that she won't turn herself in.

At the house, Jordan calls to Major, but he goes to answer the door It's Captain Hobbs, who is there to tell Major that Chase crossed the line and they need new leadership. He tells Major that he's the soldier to do it.

Once Hobbs leaves, Major takes soup to Jordan in the bed and tells her what Hobbs suggested. Major insists that he doesn't want it, but Jordan thinks that it's a great idea. She reads the tweet and figures that Renegade will never surrender.

Hobbs plays a recording of his conversation with Majors, including Majors agreeing that Chase has to go, and tells Chase that he's lost Major. Chase dismisses him.

Liv and Levon are in bed, and Liv talks about the time she took a trip to Spain. They discover that they were in Spain at the same time, and Levon assures her that he would have remembered her. They kiss and have sex.

At the scratching Post, a woman, McKenna Nuddelle, is taking selfies of herself. When Don E advises her to mingle with the customers, McKenna reluctantly does so and he invites the customers to take a selfie with her.

After sex, Liv waits until Levon dozes off and then goes out the door. Major is there and says that she was right about everything He figures that she's turning herself in to save Curtis, and wanted to say goodbye so they'd part on good terms. They hug, and Major injects Liv with a sedative and carries her away.

The next day, Ravi is examining McKenna's dead body. Levon calls and asks if Levi is there.

Major takes Liv to a house in Oregon. Ravi calls Major and he ignores it. He opens the trunk and tells Liv that they're in Oregon.

Ravi goes to the house and Jordan tells him that Major left a message that he took Liv out of Seattle and she's Renegade. As he heads out, Ravi calls Levon and tells him what's going on, and figures that it's not the worse news. Once Levon hangs up, Curtis' wife Leah asks if Curtis will be okay.

Clive arrives at the morgue and Ravi tells him how McKenna died. The last video on her phone is of her taking a selfie of herself in the phone. Clive asks where Ravi is, and Ravi says that Major kidnapped her and she's Renegade. Ravi suggests that they solve McKenna's murder together.

Blaine and Angus meet for dinner, and Blaine says that Angus is a YouTube sensation. He says that the government has been cutting off brain shipments and that will set off a civil war and the government will nuke them if the zombies win. Blaine suggests that Angus send his flock out into America and turn half the world into zombies. Angus warns that it's too soon and the ways out of the city are too well-guarded. He says that he needs a sign and God will point him in the right direction.

Major brings in firewood, and Liv is dressed up like a housewife and cooing in the kitchen. She says that she found the dress in the bedroom closet, and goes to get Major a martini. Major explains that it's a Fillmore-Graves safe house, and they dance to the music on the radio. Liv finally realizes that Major slipped her a brain tube containing the brain of a married couple who died happily at the age of 95. She says that he brain isn't in total control and she's fond of him, and they kiss.

Clive and Ravi go to the Scratching Post and Ravi--on McKenna's brain--insists on wearing his shirt open. They approach Don E at the bar, and Blaine comes out. Clive explains that they have a video of someone hitting McKenna with a hammer, and Ravi complains that he's comparing him to Liv. Ravi has a reflection, checks his reflection in the beer tap, and tells Clive that he knows who they're looking for.

Later, Clive brings in the suspect, Tim. he says that McKenna was a zombie but then paid $14 million to turn back into a human and walk away from God's grace. Brother Love told Tim that becoming a zombie means God chose them for immortality. Tim explains who Brother Love is and shows them a video of Angus preaching against McKenna, saying that she should be cleansed from the earth. He holding a hammer and Clive points out that the killer used the same weapon, and Ravi tells Clive that Angus is Blaine's father. Clive is more interested in the fact that Angus told his congregation to kill McKenna.

Major tells Liv that they could ignore the rest of the world and live on their own. He just wants to be with her, and if Ravi finds a cure then they could go back to the way things were and Liv could be his wife. Liv says that it sounds almost perfect but they're out of Tom Collins mix. They go to the basement to find it, and they find a cage with two starving zombies locked in it: the couple who owned the house. Fillmore-Graves stopped sending brain tubes after they became zombies, so they locked themselves up to avoid harming anyone when they couldn't bear to kill each other.

Clive brings Angus in, and discovers that Ravi has switched sides to face the mirror and check his hair. Angus puts his hammer on the table, and Enzo comes in and says that they can begin. He accuses Clive of trying to sneak a zombie case pas him, and says that it's important that the interview be monitored in a case involving a famous zombie. Angus says that he didn't kill McKenna, and insists that he was at his church. Clive says that he's going to have Angus' blood-splattered robes and hammer checked and Angus locked up until he finishes. Angus' followers gather in the lobby and start chanting, and when Clive takes Angus out, Angus says that God will answer the prayers of his chosen people. Tucker steps forward and says that he murdered McKenna, and Angus thanks him for ridding the world of an apostate. Enzo immediately frees Angus.

Enzo drives Tucker to a warehouse in a train yard, helps him out, and removes his handcuffs. The inspector asks if Tucker actually killed McKenna, and Tucker admits that he did. Enzo gives him Angus' robes and tells him to tell Angus that he has a friend at Fillmore-Graves.

A Peacekeeper arrives at the Scratching Post and demands a refund for the brains that he bought there because he didn't get the right wrongs. Don E draws a gun on him and demands an explanation. The Peacekeeper says that he got brains other than those on the menu, and the wife killed herself and her husband because she was sick of his singing.

At the safe house, Major sings along with the radio. Olivia gets sick of his singing, and asks Major to get some hot sauce from the basement. He goes down to the cage where the hot sauce is locked, and Liv locks him in with the zombies. Liv says that she isn't big on being kidnapped and won't let someone die for her claims. Major refuses to give her the car keys, and she says that she'll send someone back for him. Liv sets some brain tubes down and leaves.

At Fillmore-Graves, Chase tells Curtis that his time is up. He offers to let Curtis see Leah if he gives up Renegade, and Curtis refuses. They take Curtis to the press and strap him in, and a soldier comes in and says that Renegade is there. Chase returns to his office and meets with Renegade: Levon.

Liv tries to hitch a ride back to Seattle. She sees a car pull up to the safe house. Russ gets out and goes down to the basement, and tells Major to give him he brain tubes that Liv left. Major refuses, and Russ offers to let Major buy the six bullets in his barrel, one per brain tube. He shoos Major in the left and then kills the male zombies. The lights go out and Liv jams a knife into Russ' head. She tells Major to take care of himself, grabs Russ' car keys, and leaves.

Clive asks Ravi if he's heard anything from Liv. Ravi is back to normal, having eaten a new brain tube, and is working with McKenna's cured brain. Another jar has Isobel's brain, and Ravi figures that he can extract the cure from McKenna's brain running an electrical current to it from Isobel's brain. Clive goes to dinner, and Ravi begins his experiment. Isobel's brain glows red, much to Ravi's surprise.

In the bullpen, Cavanaugh advises Clive to meet Michelle somewhere that he's not rubbing it in Dale's nose. Cavanaugh finally says that Dale lied about seeing someone, and broke it up so Clive could be with a human woman.

Liv goes to the motel and asks Stan to free Major. She finds Curtis and Leah there, and Curtis explains that Chase let him go after Renegade surrendered Liv realizes that it's Levon pretending to be Renegade.

Ravi goes over his findings and discovers that the chemical from Isobel's brain isn't what he expected. He feeds a piece of her brain to a test rat and then injects it with the zombie virus. He gives the same substance to a zombie rat.

After one of his services, Blaine asks Angus if he's considered his suggestion. Angus insists that God will send him a sign and says that he heard his voice more clearly when he was in the well. Snow drifts down from the sky and Angus catches a snowflake on his tongue and realizes that it's brains. He figures that it's a sign and shouts that he will obey God. On the roof above them, Don E is spraying shredded brains into the sky on Blaine's orders.

Clive confronts Dale, says that he loves her, and kisses her. He says that he's willing to do anything to be with her, and that he understands why she broke up with him. Clive wants Dale more than he wants kid, and there's no version of life without her that he wants. He kneels and proposes to her, and Dale agrees. Laughing, they fall to the floor.

Liv storms into Chase's office and says that she's Renegade. Chase doesn't believe her and has Levon brought in, and Liv says that she scratched Curtis at the Fillmore-Graves safe house. He points out that she's put countless lives in danger, and the Peacekeeper brings Levon in. Chase tells him that he has the real Renegade and Levon is free to go. Levon says that he loves her and begs chase to kill him instead of her, and then grabs Chase and takes his gun. When the Peacekeeper goes for his gun, Levon shoots him and Chase throws Levon to the floor and says that he'll execute them both.

Ravi checks the rats and discovers that the zombie rat is normal. Isobel's brain didn't produce a vaccine: it produced a cure.

Written by Gadfly on May 22, 2018

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