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We Are the Flash Recap

At Jitters, Singh calls Barry and leaves a message that the mayor has decided to hire him back. The power flickers, including Singh's phone, and cars crash outside. Singh runs outside and sees the power go out through Central City.

In orbit above the earth, the five satellites enshroud the earth in an energy web. Thinker watches from a rooftop.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the team discovers that the power has gone out and figures that Thinker has begun his Enlightenment. Cecile goes into labor, and Joe wonders how they'll get her to the hospital when the cars aren't working. Caitlin says that she'll have to deliver the baby. Cisco takes Barry to the vault and explains that Thinker user Harry to test his intelligence wiping program. The energy took Gideon out, and Barry doesn't know what to do. Iris comes in with Marlize and says that she knows what to do.

Back in the Cortex, Marlize suggests that they send Barry into Thinker's mind since Barry is the only one fast enough to survive the linking process without harm. If they can find the good still in Thinker's mind and bring it out, it could overpower the bad. Marlize insists that there was a time when Thinker was nothing but good, and the dark matter in his brain corrupted him. She warns that none of their friends would pose a challenge to Thinker with the powers that he's collected. They have until the permeation grid reaches 100% before their minds are wiped, and says that they need Cecile's power.

As the grid reaches 43%, Marlize devises a device to enhance Cecile's powers so that Barry can enter Thinker's mind without Thinker knowing. Marlize tries to apologize about Harry, but Cisco isn't interested. She has Barry sit in the Thinker chair and put on the cape, and hooks up Cecile to transfer Barry's consciousness into Thinker's.

They begin and Barry finds himself in Thinker's memories of the bus when the Speed Force portal opened. Thinker is there in his chair, Barry tells the others that he's in and describes what he's seeing. Marlize says that it's the nexus of Thinker's mind, and Barry speeds off to the DeVoe house. He goes inside and tells the others that it's completely empty. Cecile has more contractions, interfering with the link, and Marlize says that Cecile will lose her powers when she has the baby. Caitlin goes to get the inhaler to slow down the contractions, and Cecile grabs her arm and says that she found Thomas and he's been that way the entire time.

Cisco realizes that Harry has slipped away and goes to the workshop. Harry is staring at the thinking cap, and asks Cisco to help him. After a moment, Cisco puts the cap on Harry and turns it on. After a moment, Harry tells him to tell Barry to go to where Thinker firs fell in love with Marlize. He then hugs Cisco, and the helmet powers off. Cisco removes it and tells Harry that he won't lose anyone else.

When he goes back to the speed lab, Cisco tells Barry to go to Oxford where Thinker and Marlize had their first dance. Thinker isn't there, but Ralph steps out. Barry hugs his friend and apologizes, and they wonder how the other is there. Ralph hasn't seen a good Thinker, but Thinker visits him all the time. Thinker arrives and says that he does what he pleases, and he calculated what the team would try. Barry grabs Ralph and speeds him away.

Cecile has another contraction, and tells the others that Thinker is coming there for them. Marlize wants to leave, but Joe points out that there's no way to go.

Barry stops and tells Ralph that they need to go and find the good Thinker. Ralph suggests that they go to the place where Thinker was a history professor.

Cisco breaches Harry to the others, just as Thinker teleports in. The team has set up a force field from the chair, and Thinker says that he never pursued Barry so that he could access all of his time travel knowledge when he has him inside of his mind. Marlize tells him that he'll have to find them first, and teleports them to Thinker's lair. She says that she's bought them some time, and Iris asks Cecile to link up with Barry again.

Barry and Ralph go to the auditorium and find DeVoe there. Iris contacts Barry, and he says that DeVoe is dead. Ralph tells Barry that he's stuck there but Barry isn't, and Barry should go and be with his family for whatever time is left. Barry refuses to leave Ralph behind, but Ralph warns him that Thinker killed the "good" DeVoe. After a moment, Barry says that it's not the only good left in Thinker and takes Ralph to the nexus of DeVoe's mind. He figures that if Ralph gets out then he'll take control of his body back and Thinker will cease to exist. Barry reminds Ralph that he's a hero, and Ralph materializes his costume. Thinker arrives and says that he's going to kill them, and Elongated Man attacks him while Flash speeds off.

In the lair, the alarms go off and Marlize warns that Thinker is getting close. She shifts them to another pocket dimension to avoid Thinker, and Cecile doesn't know if she can do it. Joe says that she's going to have their baby like a normal person, and asks Marlize how she ever thought what they were doing was good for humanity. Iris tells them that they need to have faith to get through it together, and Marlize warns that they only have a few minutes left.

Flash and Elongated Man are unable to hit Thinker, who anticipates their every blow with his telepathy. Elongated Man tells Flash not to think about it and focus on someone he loves, and attacks Thinker while thinking of shrimp buffets. Flash concentrates on Iris and hits a second Thinker repeatedly. More Thinkers appear, and Flash figures that they'll only need one.

Harry mumbles the same words that Barry said when he came out of the speed Force. Thinker arrives and immobilizes them with his gravity powers, and forces Joe to point his gun at his own head. Joe fights his mental control and aims the gun at Thinker, who pins him to the wall as well and then drops him, unconscious. Thinker then advances on Cecile.

Elongated Man calls on the Thinkers to come hit him, and extends his hand to Flash. Flash spins Elongated Man around, knocking out all of the Thinkers, but more arrive. They speed through them and down the street.

Thinker pins Cecile with his gravity powers and chokes her.

Hundreds of Thinkers try to stop Flash and Elongated Man getting to the nexus. Flash punches through them and carries Elongated Man into the Nexus. In the real world, Barry wakes up and faces Thinker, who screams in agony as Ralph takes his body back. Thinker demands to know how Barry beat him, and he says that they beat him. Marlize tells Thinker that the team's emotional attachment makes them stronger than he ever was, and Ralph takes his body back.

The numbers on the grid still rising, and Marlize tries to override his last command. She manages to shut down the grid just in time.

Marlize returns the team to S.T.A.R. Labs, and Iris confirms that there's no dark energy in the city. Cecile says that her water just broke and they take her to the med lab. Behind them, the Thinker chair activates on its own.

Caitlin admits that she hasn't delivered a baby since med school, and Cecile tells Joe to relax. Cisco confirms that the power is back on everywhere, and Harry keeps mumbling to himself. Thinker appears and explains that he's used Kilgore's powers to take over the chair and shut out all of the computer systems. He tells Marlize that he thought of everything, and Marlize says goodbye and shuts down the chair. The systems come back online, and Cisco discovers that the STAR satellite is in a decaying orbit after Thinker increased its mass a thousand fold. Iris says that she'll spread the word to evacuate, Ralph and Cisco will clear the impact zone downtown, and Barry will stop the satellite.

The satellite pieces streak down on Central City, and everyone takes cover. Flash saves people before they can hit, while Vibe breaches away pieces and Elongated Man pulls people to safety. Flash builds up speed to use his sonic punch to destroy the main satellite mass. He runs down the street and speeds back, runs up a building, and throws his sonic punch at the satellite mass. Before he can hit it, time stops and then rewinds. Another blur joins him as he runs back, and this time when he throws his punch, the second speedster joins him.

The explosion slams Flash to the street, where everyone cheers him. Barry, Cisco, and Ralph return to S.T.A.R. Labs, and find Cecile holding her daughter.

The next day, Marlize gives Cisco a device to restore Harry's mind. She admits that she has a lot to make amends for, and Barry and Iris say that they could use her help. Marlize says that they have each other to support themselves, and there are others who need her mechanical creations. She tells them that she'll pick up where she left off, and the couple wish her luck. Once Marlize leaves, Iris figures that a part of her will always love Clifford. Barry says that there was another speedster at the satellite.

Cisco reprograms the cap with Marlize's device and activates it, and Barry flinches in pain. Caitlin confirms that his vitals are stable, and Harry quotes Star Trek to Cisco and they hug. However, he admits that he doesn't have his scientific knowledge back but it's okay. Harry tells Cisco that he's back and Cisco brought back what matters. Cisco has given him a balance between his head and his heart, and Harry thanks him for it. Now Harry is going to take that balance to his earth and see his daughter. He's realized that family matters, and assures them that they're his family as well and he'll miss them. They share one last hug before he says that he loves them and goes. Cisco finishes that it's the end of an era.

Later, everyone gathers at the West house to throw a party for Joe and Cecile when they return home with their daughter. Wally speeds in with champagne and Barry offers a toast to the newest member of Team Flash: Jenna Marie West. Afterward, Joe asks Wally if he found what he's looking for. Wally says that he did and a lot more, and as a Legend he learned how to be comfortable being himself.

Iris joins Wally and tells him that they're next. She assures Barry that she's not pregnant--yet—and goes to get Barry a refill. The mystery woman arrives at the door and knocks, and Barry lets her in. They remember her from the times that they've seen her in the past, and the woman says that Iris let her borrow her jacket. She finally explains that she's Barry and Iris' daughter from the Nora, and she thinks that she's made a big mistake.

Written by Gadfly on May 23, 2018

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