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Chapter 16 Recap

To create fear, hold up a mirror.

Syd and David sit outside of Division 3, and Syd wonders how they'll find Farouk's body now that the Monk is dead. She suggests that he ask her future self, and David says that they're done. Syd wonders why they broke up, and David says that they're not seeing eye to eye. He insists that they just need to finish things, and Syd wonders if they're helping Farouk. When she wonders about the end of the world, David tells her to focus on one thing at a time. Meanwhile, Ptonomy watches them from the mainframe. He discovers that Fukyama is there with him, and Fukyama grabs him by the wrist.


In the past, Brubaker wakes a young Fukyama up. He asks what Fukyama was reading, and Fukyama asks if there's a place that they can talk. Once they're alone, Brubaker says that he was once a student there, in a time when the world was more private. Now there are telepaths who can read their minds and steal their secrets, and the two of them are vulnerable... along with senators and presidents. Brubaker says that there's a plan to create a mind that can't be read. He tells Fukyama that the tests have shown that Fukyama is a gift. Brubaker asks Fukyama to keep their secrets.

Later, doctors operate on Fukyama's brain, installing devices in his skull. As he recovers, his nurse--the Hush Woman--reads a story to him.


As Ptonomy watches the memories in the mainframe, a fuse lights on the floor. He follows it and comes to a room where the Monk is suspended from the ceiling. When Ptonomy tries to touch the man, the room explodes in sparks. Ptonomy finds himself in the room where he started, and touches the wall. In Division 3, one of the Vermillion's collars lickers. She turns and goes into the cafeteria, sits next to David, and stares at him. Ptonomy speaks through her, warning that he doesn't know how long he can keep control. he explains that he exists in the mainframe, reserved, and David says that the Monk hacked Fukyama's mind. Ptonomy explains that he saw the Monk's memory in the mainframe, and tells David that Farouk's body is at Le Desole.

Oliver drives through the desert to a retirement center. He talks to the woman who drove his corpse away, and Farouk speaks through Oliver asking her if she can see him for himself. Farouk says that someone in the future told him where to find her, and the professor isn't there. He asks the Driver where the body is, and she asks if he'll give her the one and only if she tells. Farouk agrees and sees the Driver driving him in a limo. She tells him that it's up ahead, and Farouk looks and smiles. He then tells the Driver that the ream begins now. In the real world, Oliver drives away leaving the Driver sitting dead in her chair.

David immerses himself in the tank and reaches out with his mind. He realizes where Le Desole is, and figures that he shouldn't tell the others because Farouk will read their minds. David wonders who he should use, and David telepathically manipulates Kerry, Cary, and Clark into going out to investigate.

Lenny sits in her cell, looks at herself in the mirror, and snaps her fingers. David visits her and she tells not to look at her like she's in a zoo. He tells her that he's always cared about her, and notices that Lenny is twirling her hair around the finger the same way that Amy did. David asks if there's any part of Amy in her, and assures Lenny that she's there with him and he won't let anything bad happen to her. Lenny touches him and gets a memory flash of David in the desert plotting moves. When she looks up, David is gone.

In the hallway, David is standing when Cary and Clark walk up. He waves his hand in front of their faces and snaps his fingers.

Syd is in her room and notices an envelope on the floor by the door. She opens it and finds a note from David, saying that he's gone to kill the monster. Syd checks her compass and sees the dial spin.

David appears in the desert and tries to get his bearings. He spots a tower in the distance and walks toward it.

Farouk and Oliver are driving, and Oliver recites a poem.

Syd tells Clark that her mother never married. She suggests that maybe it was her fault, and Clark confirms that David left and didn't tell her where he was going. Syd says that she's going after him, and Clark talks about in the army that he loved who kept jumping out of planes to get away from him...and one day his chute didn't open. Syd describes how she fell in love with David, and he's a good person, but he might not know the difference between things real and not real. She doesn't know if David is delusional, and figures that he lies all the time about what he does and what he knows. Syd says that she loves what they were but she's not sure that's what they are anymore. Clark tells her that David could potentially destroy the world if she hurts his feelings, and Syd tells him that she's going after David to save the world, even if she's not sure that's what David is doing. Melanie secretly listens from the doorway.

David continues walking across the desert. He telekinetically opens the door to Lenny's cell, and she walks out and goes down the hallway. Outside, Lenny slips by the guards, runs to a motorcycle, and drives off.

Oliver and Farouk take a rickshaw across the desert, and Farouk says that David is maybe a day behind. Farouk explains that his body is there, and David will wander for the rest of his life unless he figures out the secret.

David comes to a pump and tries to get water. A jet passes overhead, and Syd parachutes down nearby. David goes over, and Syd asks if he left because of something she said in the future. She slaps David and says that she's on his side, and David explains that he saw the monastery but figures that it's moving. They continue across the desert.

Farouk tell the rickshaw driver to hurry up because they're almost there.

The Narrator talks about the delusion that other people don't matter. In a cave, people only see projections of the outside world and it's real to them. They would reject the real world as incomprehensible. Equally, someone in the real world might not see it because they weren't looking. The other people are the shadows, and that's the delusion of the narcissist that they believe only they are real and other people are shadows On the other hand, if the person left the cave, the world would seem strange after a lifetime of looking at shadows.

Night falls, and lighting strikes down on the desert. David and Syd come to an abandoned camp and go inside to take shelter from the coming storm. They find two skeletal corpses on a cot inside and realize that it's them. Syd figures that the place is a crossroad of possibilities, and David says that when it's over they'll come home. They'll get a place in the country and grow old, and Syd figures that they'll like their selves on the cot. Syd asks David to prove her wrong when the time comes. She tells David that he'd better have a plan.

As Clark sleeps, he remembers David mentally commanding him to find the clock. He gets up and walks down the hallway, and under Oliver's mental influence, Melanie knocks him out and drags him into a side room.

Oliver tells Farouk that Melanie belongs to them. Farouk senses that they're near his body and calls on it to come out. In the darkness, a minotaur steps out.

Written by Gadfly on May 23, 2018

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