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Code Act Recap

A guard takes a woman in a wheelchair to the safe deposit vault. As she fumbles for her keys, several boxes blow open, gasoline pours out, and the gasoline ignites. The guards try to yank the woman out, but she falls out of her chair and flames fill the vault as the emergency door slams shut.

Dina goes to Mike's apartment and tells herself that she can tell him the truth. When he answers the door, Dina offers him donuts and he invites her in. Mike's table is covered with files on everywhere he's been in and everyone he's been in contact with, and he explains that the Office of Professional responsibility is checking him. Before Dina can confess, Mike says that he knows she took it and wonders why. Dina tells him that she was helping Jonathan get the redacted files and someone stole his badge from her. She admits that there was nothing hidden in the files, and Mike says that the Sorceress used Dina and Jonathan and now she has the Lynx Diamond and Mike will probably be suspended. Mike's sons in the next room laugh, and Dina admits that it was wrong. Mike tells her that she should go, and Dina leaves.

Cameron visits Jonathan and says that he knows Dina took Mike's badge for Jonathan. Jonathan admits that she did and that the Sorceress had a guard on him and he played into the Sorceress' hands. Cameron tells his brother that he doesn't deserve it and he'll do whatever it takes to get her, Jonathan doesn't believe him, and says that there's no life for him out in the real world. Cameron insists that it's going to be different and asks Jonathan to trust him, Kay calls about the bank heist and Cameron says that he has to go help her.

At the bank, Kay arrives late to meet Cameron after giving a statement to the OPR. They go inside and Cameron hesitates briefly, and explains that when he was a kid, he and his father were held up in a bank robbery.

Sebastian and Cameron take their weekend take to the bank, Robbers come in and order everyone on the floor, and Sebastian pleads with them to let Cameron go. The lead robber, with burn-scarred hands, pistol-whips Sebastian to the floor.

Cameron admits that he has some psychological scarring. Kay tells him that the victim, Priscilla Howe, was trapped behind an emergency door. Once they put out the fire, they realized that one box registered to a dummy account was gone. The task force linked it to William Archer, an international jewel thief and bank robber. William pulled off elaborate heists for almost two decades, and went quiet in 2007. Cameron explains that all someone needs to survive is an oxygen supply and a protective suit, and finds a piece of cloth from such a suit on the floor. They realize that Priscilla was trapped in there on purpose so she could seal the box, and Kay calls the coroner's team.

Once the fake coroner's van is clear, "Priscilla" removes her mask, revealing that she's the Sorceress. Tallis asks if she found what she was looking for, and the Sorceress says that she hasn't found what she's looking for... yet.

The FBI soon find the real coroner's van, and confirm that Dekker and Tallis were involved. There have been similar heists across Europe, and each bank held a deposit box belonging to William. There's one more box registered to William in NYC, and Kay and Cameron take a team to the bank. Kay warns the bank employees that they can't swap them out without the Sorceress noticing. Gunter rigs up the door so once Cameron spots the Sorceress and hits a button on a remote, it seals the door and sends 700 volts through whoever touches it. Kay takes Cameron to the safety deposit vault and asks if he's talked to Jonathan. Cameron says that he doesn't want to let his brother down if he fails, and wonders if he made a mistake by not handing over the Lynx Diamond at the auction house. Kay asks why he didn't, and Cameron doesn't tell her that it was because he didn't want to betray Kay. The agent says that the Sorceress would have betrayed him anyway.

In the vault, Kay has Cameron pick the lock on William's safe deposit box. As Cameron works, Dina asks Kay about the OPR investigation. Kay says that at best, Mike will be cited for failing to protect his property: at worst he'll be fired. Dina wonders what would happen if someone came forward and confessed to the theft, and Kay points out that it's a 15-year sentence. Cameron says that there's a vibration in the wall, and his tools on a tray start vibrating. He realizes that the Sorceress is breaking in next door and gets the door open just in time to see the Sorceress' team pull the box back through the hole they drilled. Cameron runs to the front door and sees the Sorceress across the street, and she activates the security system Gunter installed. When Cameron tries to open the door, he's electrocuted. A guard knocks him away, breaking the connection.

Later at the FBI office, Cameron realizes that he can't do the easy tricks his father taught him. Kay assures him that he'll recover given time, and Cameron says that maybe there are some people who always get away with things. The agent tells him to feel bad on his own time, and then realizes that Cameron just cracked the case. Kay checks the footage of the first robbery and realizes that the same guard, Olivier Scott, that wheeled "Priscilla" in is the one who saved Cameron.

Soon, Cameron and Kay stake out Olivier's apartment and watch him go in. He owns a $4 million townhouse and first started working in 2007. They realize that he's William, and he retired and took a job in the last place anyone would look. The duo go to the door and William lets them in after placing a takeout order on the phone. William says that he inherited the townhouse from a rich uncle, and says that he works for the firm that hires out security guards to the bank. He goes to take a phone call, and Cameron tells Kay that the "takeout order" was a coded message. The magician works out the code, which reveals the message "FBI Here". Kay draws her gun and goes after William, and William shoots at her and runs. Cameron blocks his escape, figuring that William won't shoot him after saving his life, and William runs the other way. The magician cuts off his escape again and asks why William saved his life, just as Kay shows up and tells William to put the gun down. William does so and says that he's not William, and he wouldn’t have done it if he knew Cameron was involved. Tallis pulls up outside and shoots through the window, killing William. She drives off, and Cameron goes to the dying William. He grabs Cameron with one scarred hand, and Cameron realizes that he's the man who robbed the bank years ago. Cameron realizes what Sebastian said was a code warning the robber about an undercover guard, and "William" says with his dying breath that Sebastian was William Archer.

Later, Cameron visits Jonathan and tells him that their father was an international bank robber. The bank robberies in Europe correspond with their magic tours, and William disappeared the same year that Sebastian died. Jonathan says that Sebastian's signature trick was catching an arrow, and Cameron figures that their childhood was a lie. His brother says that their father wasn't a good guy, and Cameron already knew that.

The team goes to a bar and shares a drink to crummy fathers. Gunter insists that Cameron is a good man and Sebastian's actions don't change that, and they share a toast to Cameron, Jonathan, and Mike.

Jonathan is studying the map of Europe when the guard lets the Sorceress in. She says that she needs Jonathan's help and can get him out of prison, which is more than Cameron was going to do. Jonathan wonders what Cameron was going to do.

Dina goes to the FBI office to confess, and Kay sees her and asks her why she's there. The manager says that it can wait and asks what Kay is doing, and Kay explains that William pulled off three jobs in a single day in 1992. Sebastian was performing nearby, and all three banks were above subway stations. However, the tunnels don't intersect and Kay can't figure out how he got to all three banks in time. Dina tells Kay that she needs an older subway map, and finds the original 1924 map. Three tunnels did intersect, and the intersection point isn't far from the Archive.

The Sorceress tells Jonathan that all Cameron had to do was give her the Lynx Diamond and Jonathan would be free. However, Cameron chose Kay over Jonathan. She says that she freed Jonathan and now she's going to give him what he deserves. The Sorceress explains that a group of billionaires hired Jonathan's great-grandfather to hide their fortunes to avoid inheritance tax. The billions are still out there, hidden, and the Sorceress wants a partner. She gives Jonathan her gun and invites him to shoot her in the head and spend the rest of his life in jail... or help get the ultimate fortune.

Later, Jonathan is passed out drunk in his apartment. The Sorceress wakes him up, points a gun at his head, and tosses him Jonathan's coin. She tosses Cameron an earbud and invites him to ask Jonathan himself if he's helping her. Jonathan says that he doesn't have a choice and he's doing it because Cameron abandoned him. The Sorceress cuts them off, telling them to deal with their family issues on their own time, and says that she still needs the piece to figure out where the pen is. Cameron claims that he doesn't know where the pen is, and asks how she knew that Sebastian was William. The Sorceress says that she worked for Sebastian, but refuses to say more and demands the pen. Jonathan yells at Cameron to hand the pen over, and Cameron gets the pen from its hiding place and hands it over.

Kay, Gunter, Jordan, and Dina go to the intersection point and head toward the Archive.

The Sorceress tells Cameron that she's no done with him, and tells him to open the trunk. Cameron says that Sebastian only taught Jonathan how to open the trunk, and Jonathan tells him over the earbud how to open the trunk using the time on a nearby clock. The magician opens it, revealing that it's empty, but the Sorceress changes the watch hands to open a doorway in the bottom of the trunk. There's a stairway going down, and Cameron and the Sorceress descend into a room. The Sorceress takes out the items that she's stolen and explains that all five billionaires had to bring their artifacts there to reveal the fortune. She puts four of the five items in their proper places, and tells Cameron to place the last piece. A bookcase opens, revealing an office and an automaton of Alistair sitting at the desk. Jonathan figures the pen goes in the automaton's hand.

The Sorceress gives Cameron the pen and tells him to place it. When Cameron steps on the floor, the automaton stands up and then throws a knife. It just misses Cameron, and Cameron works out that the floor tiles have different textures. Jonathan tells Cameron to take off his shoes.

Kay wonders why they didn't do the subway train-disappearing trick that led Dina to the old tunnel maps, and Gunter explains that they were working on it when Jonathan was arrested. Kay wonders if Jonathan would ever go back to magic again.

Barefooted, Cameron makes his way across the tiles and works out that the smooth ones are good. He hits a wrong tile and the automaton throws more knives. Cameron hits the floor and finds the smooth spots, and the automaton stops. Jonathan tells Cameron to be careful, and Cameron gets close enough to put the pen in the automaton's hand. It sits down and draws a map on a piece of paper, and a doorway opens in the back wall. The Sorceress steps on the tiles, reactivating the automaton in kill mode, and tells Cameron to bring her the map. He refuses, saying that she doesn't get to win. Jonathan tells his brother that he needs it because he lost everything, and Cameron takes out Jonathan's coin and tosses it on a tile. The automaton throws a knife, disarming the Sorceress. She takes out a second gun and pulls the trigger, but the gun is empty. Jonathan says that he stole the bullets earlier when the Sorceress gave him the gun, and knocks out her guard.

The Sorceress realizes that Cameron and Jonathan have been working together, and that the brothers were sending each other coded messages. Cameron tells the Sorceress to stay put and goes out the secret door, and finds himself in the subway tunnels. Meanwhile, the Sorceress picks up the coin and tosses it across the room. The automaton throws knives at it, and the Sorceress grabs her gun and shoots the automaton, disabling it. She then goes after Cameron, fires a warning shot, and tells him not to move.

Kay and the others hear the shot. When they go to investigate, the Sorceress uses Cameron as a shield. She asks Cameron where his shoes are, and when he looks down, Kay has a clear shot at the Sorceress and takes it, grazing Cameron and hitting the Sorceress in the shoulder. The agent arrests the Sorceress, and Cameron tells Jonathan that they got her.

Later, Cameron and Kay watch the Sorceress in the interrogation room. Kay tells Cameron to get her tickets to his show, and he asks if he can help out the FBI from time to time.

Dina goes to Deakins' office and Mike comes out. When Dina explains why she's there, Mike tells her to leave. He says that he got a pay sanction and a note, but if someone contradicts his story then he'll be fired and thrown in jail. Mike tells her that it's done, and so are they.

Kay tells the Sorceress all the charges they have against her. She wants the evidence that proves Jonathan is innocent. Cameron watches through the one-way mirror, and the Sorceress knows that he's there and smiles.

Written by Gadfly on May 28, 2018

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