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Transposition Recap

Cameron watches as Kay interrogates the Sorceress. Deakins joins him as Kay tells the Sorceress to hand over the evidence exonerating Jonathan. The Sorceress agrees but asks if Kay wants to talk to Danek first. Kay apparently doesn't know who Danek is, and asks who he is. Deakins comes in and asks the Sorceress what she knows about Indar Danek, and the Sorceress smiles.

Deakins leaves the interrogation room and tells her agents to activate the regular protocol. She tells Cameron that Danek is the best chance for diplomacy in Europe. Kay confirms that Danek is speaking at the UN in two hours, and Cameron says that the Sorceress is trying to play them. Deakins isn't convinced, and tells Kay to get to Danek's hotel room and coordinate his security team, and make sure that he gets to the UN to make his speech. Once Deakins leaves, Kay assures Cameron that they'll free Jonathan.

At the hotel, Danek leaves as Kay comes up and tells him that they have credible information that his life is in danger. Danek's security chief Kostya Veradin tells Danek to go back into the hotel, but Danek refuses to be intimidated and says that they're going to the UN. Kay calls Deakins and says that Danek isn't backing down, and Deakins tells her that UN security has been notified. The convoy heads to the UN and enters the first Avenue Tunnel, and two white box trucks cut off Danek from the rest of the convoy. The trucks cut off Kay's car, leaving her in the middle of the tunnel.

Later, Deakins and Kay walk the tunnel. Kay reports that the traffic cameras were knocked off and the police haven't spotted the trucks or the limo. Jordan and Gunter case the tunnel and find nothing, and Cameron joins them. Cameron tells his team that one more deception and Jonathan is free. Kay comes up and introduces Cameron to Veradin, who wonders how they hid Danek. Cameron realizes that they hid Danek rather than made him disappear, and suggests that they look for one vehicle instead of three. The two box trucks extended panels over the limo between them, making them look like a single white eighteen-wheeler. They figure the Sorceress was involved.

Cameron and Kay question the Sorceress, who says that she's happy to talk but only to Jonathan. The FBI bring Jonathan in and Cameron tells him that if they figure out the Sorceress' game then he's out. Jonathan goes into the interrogation room, and the Sorceress claims that she doesn't know where Danek is. He gets up to leave and tells her that he doesn’t care about a missing diplomat. The Sorceress says that she didn't take the job because the Brooklyn Rail Yards are too exposed.

The FBI head to the rail yards and find Veradin and his men there. Veradin says that their intelligence services learned that Danek is there, and Kay tells him to have his men stand down. Before he can, gunshots ring out as the terrorists move Danek and open fire. Kay calls for backup and tells Cameron to stay there, and he finds a casing on the ground. Veradin shoots one terrorist, and the others drop Danek, get into their SUVs, and drive off.

Kay goes back to Cameron, who tells her that the casing is from one of Veradin's men. He explains that it's a blank, and he found a canister of fake blood where the terrorist was shot, and figures the entire thing was a deception.

Danek's security team take him to the hospital. When he leaves, he tells the reporters that he has a family to think of so he's dropping out of the upcoming election. Cameron and Kay watch and they figure that someone got to Danek. They talk to Danek and Kay says that they'll protect him if someone forced him to stand down. Veradin checks his watch, and Cameron tells Danek that he can trust Kay to protect them. Danek insists that everything is fine and the consulate are throwing him a party, and invites Kay and Cameron to come. Once Danek and Veradin leave, the duo admits that everything is wrong. They check Danek's medical statement and discover that he wrote "Consulate General. They have my wife." on it figuring that they'd see it.

at the FBI office, Jonathan tells the Sorceress that the President of Danek's country Buldavia paid Veradin to kidnap Danek and then stage a rescue to make the government look good, while holding Danek's wife at the consulate. Jonathan wonders why he's there, and the Sorceress says that she was telling the truth about Cameron ruining Jonathan's life. He asks how she knows them, and the Sorceress says that her family business was crime and her mother was the best. She led a crew and occasionally employed William, aka Sebastian, their father. Sebastian was the closest thing to a father that the Sorceress ever had, but she didn't know who he really was. In Reykjavik, the Sorceress saw a poster of Sebastian as a magician, and she approached Jonathan thinking that he was Cameron. She removes her contact lenses, revealing her blue eyes, Jonathan still doesn't recognize her.

Deakins tells her team that Veradin is a European gun for hire specializing in kidnappings and torture. The consulate is foreign soil and the FBI can't operate there, and Kay points out that they were invited there and the team isn't FBI.

at the Archive, the team reviews the plans to the consulate. Cameron figures that they have to trick Veradin into giving them the pass codes to two security doors leadings to the part that Veradin controls. Jordan suggests that they build a replica of the embassy, trick Veradin into coming in, and tricking him into entering the codes. Cameron says that they can't build a replica so they need a similar building, and tells Kay that they need Jonathan to help. Kay reluctantly agrees, and Dina says that they need Mike for the manpower. Cameron agrees even though Mike is suspended, and Dina asks to call him.

Later, Dina approaches Mike as he leaves the gym. She says that they need his help with their deception, and insists that he's still a member of the team. Dina confirms that Deakins said Mike could help them, and says that they need Mike.

Jonathan, Gunter, and Jordan find a building designed by the same architect who designed the Buldavian Consulate. they call Cameron and tell him that they've found a matching building. Cameron says that there's trouble matching the Empire State building that's nearby. Jonathan tells his brother that they'll move it.

At the real consulate, Mike and Dina go in arguing about where they're going on their vacation. They take photos, and the clerk tells her that she can't. Mike says that Dina is naïve about following the rules, and they start arguing about Dina betraying Mike. Dina takes more photos and goes, and Mike follows her out.

Jonathan tells the Sorceress Cameron's plans, and they both agree that Cameron is nuts. The Sorceress says that Veradin has known her for years, but she'd have to be there. Jonathan wonders why they should trust her, and the Sorceress figures that Jonathan does trust her because of Reykjavik. She came to each of his shows.

In Reykjavik, Jonathan and the girl admire the Aurora Borealis. Sebastian finds them together and quickly sends Jonathan away, and then tells the girl that she's a future criminal best. He went her out of his life or he'll send her to jail like the rest of her family.

The Sorceress says that Sebastian made her hate him in an instant. She asks Jonathan if he remembers her, and he tells her that he'll run her offer by the team.

Later after the Sorceress is released, she meets with Cameron. He says that he doesn't believe her story, and the Sorceress tells him that he choose to believe a version of his childhood where he didn't ruin Jonathan's life. Cameron insists that he didn't, and tells her that his plan is to surround her with twenty FBI agents at all time. He walks off and joins Kay, as the Sorceress sits with Veradin. She tells him that the FBI has agents all over the park, and they're going to break into the consulate and free Danek's wife Lena. Veradin runs to a taxi and tells the driver to leave, and the FBI agents arrest the Sorceress.

Veradin discovers that his phone is missing, unaware that Jonathan secretly took it from him when he got into the taxi, and tells the driver--Jordan--to drive to the consulate.

at the real consulate, Cameron and Kay arrive for the party.

At the fake consulate, Dina coordinates the fake team. Mike and Gunter are setting up a fake Empire State building on a nearby rooftop. it gets stuck, but they get it up just as Jordan arrives nearby and points it out to Veradin. Veradin goes inside and Dina pretends to be the receptionist. The lobby is an exact match because of the photos that Dina took earlier. She calls Cameron and kay via radio earbuds, and Jonathan is there, posing as Cameron and entertaining guests with a magic tricks. Meanwhile, Cameron is posing as a waiter.

Veradin enters the first pass code and Dina captures it on a surveillance camera. She relays it to Cameron, who goes through the real door. Veradin goes to the second door and starts to enter the code, but hesitates. Dina realizes that the real keypad doesn't have a keypad, but the fake one does. Veradin starts to leave, and Dina locks him in. Cameron has Dina give him the first two numbers that Veradin entered, but it's not enough. He calls Deakins, who asks Deakins to get the Sorceress to tell her the las two digits of the four-digit code. Cameron tells her to tell the Sorceress that Jonathan is the one trying to open the door. When Deakins does so, the Sorceress gives her the las two digits. It works, and Cameron goes in and frees Lena.

Kay tells Jonathan that she's going for Danek, and Jonathan pickpockets a necklace from a woman, puts it on a nearby man, and points it out to the woman's date. Meanwhile, Kay leads Danek out, saying that they have his wife.

Veradin breaks down the door and prepares to shoot Dina. Mike tackles him, and Jordan and Gunter run in. Veradin says that he doesn't care that he's on American soil, and Dina knocks him out and tells Mike that she'd go anywhere with him.

Cameron brings Lena to Danek and Kay, and the four of them walk out past the guard.

that night at the Archive, the team celebrates. Mike thanks Dina for saving their lives, and she says that she talked to Deakins and the woman said that she wants Mike back. Jonathan tells Mike that most of it was his fault and Mike should give Dina another chance. Gunter says that they need the brothers back on the stage in Las Vegas, and everyone agrees.

Mike remembers working the crowd during one of Cameron's shows, where Cameron disappears in Las Vegas and then "reappears" in Times Square thanks to his twin. He sees the Sorceress in a crowd and they go to a bar and have a drink. Jonathan says that he didn't really want to be there, and then tells the Sorceress that he can't be with her. She asks if Cameron has a girlfriend, and Jonathan says that he doesn't and kisses her.

The next day at the FBI office, Jonathan meets with the Sorceress and he wonders why she helped them. She says that the five days in Reykjavik were the last time she felt like a real kid, and figures that it was the last time Jonathan was happy as well: because Cameron wasn't there. Jonathan wonders how she knows that, and the Sorceress flips him the coin and says that she's the one who gave it to him... and Jonathan still has it. The Sorceress says that she helped Danek to help her escape, drops her handcuffs on the table, and walks out.

Kay complains to Deakins, and tells them tells Cameron that the Sorceress has cut a deal with Justice. They're moving her to WitSec, Deakins says that she was overruled and they don’t have the evidence to clear Jonathan, and the Sorceress walks out.

Later, Cameron visits Jonathan in prison. He tells his brother that he's screwed up, and he ignored their father when he made Jonathan's life miserable. Cameron shows Jonathan Alistair's map and says that he stole it from the FBI.

Cameron is at the Archive packing to leave when Kay finds him. He figures that the Sorceress will eventually escape, and tells Kay that he's done talking to her.

In prison, Cameron tells Jonathan that once the Sorceress escapes, she'll go to the fortune. He tells Jonathan that the two of them will be there waiting or her, and he's breaking Jonathan out. Cameron says that he's done with the FBI--and Kay--and deactivates the surveillance camera. He says that he shouldn't have made Jonathan do the Times Square trick and he's screwed up everything for the last year. Jonathan tells him that he's not going to let Cameron do it.

Cameron tells Kay that he has to leave. Kay says that she understands that he has to go and help Jonathan in some way that she can't know, and tells him that she'd do the same thing if she could have saved her sister. Kay tells Cameron that she doesn't want to be just an FBI agent to him.

Jonathan admits that he wants to escape, but he doesn't want to escape with Cameron. He punches him unconscious, then switches clothes and leaves Cameron to take his place.

"Cameron"--secretly Jonathan—tells Kay that he's not going to promise that he'll see her again and walks out.

Cameron wakes up in prison and realizes what has happened.

Jonathan meets with the Sorceress, who knows who he is. He gives her the map and she asks him if he's ready. Jonathan asks what her name is, and the Sorceress whispers it in his ear.

Written by Gadfly on May 28, 2018

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