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Boo Normal Recap

Ella arrives at a crime scene and greets her co-workers. She goes into the house office and examines the body, and assures the victim, child psychologist Dr. Beth Daly, hat they'll figure out what happened to her. Ella's brother calls and tells Ella what happened. When she hangs up, she sees Lucifer playing with her camera and irritably takes it away. Ella explains that her brother moved back to Detroit a week a week ago and didn't tell her, and now her family wants Ella to move back as well. Lucifer tells her that she should stay. Ella cuts off the discussion and says that Beth was hit over the head by a missing bookend. That didn't kill her, but she stumbled, hit her head on a table, and died. Ella explains that there's a weird clump of bloody hair under Beth's fingernails. There's a smear on Beth's head like someone tried to wipe the blood away, and Ella and Chloe figure that Beth's next patient, Beckett Wilson, found the body. Lucifer finds a notepad and pockets it, and Chloe goes to the station to talk to Beckett where Dan has taken her, while Lucifer goes to a pharmacy to check the prescription on the pad.

Dan is driving the young girl, Beckett, to the station. Chloe calls him and he says that Beckett is traumatized. He hangs up and asks Beckett if she tried to wipe up any blood. Beckett doesn't remember doing so, and Dan asks if there's anything that she can do. The girl asks for a Slurpee and Dan agrees.

As Ella leaves, she sees blood on a closet door near the handles. She opens the door and finds a boy, Felix Rodriguez, inside. They all in Felix's father Anthony, and Chloe assures him that Felix isn't a suspect. Chloe asks why Felix was there when his appointment was earlier in the day. Anthony says that Felix brought his violin to his apartment and left it there, and Anthony let him ride his back to Beth's office to get it. He warns that Felix is shy and struggles with social skills, and says that Beth helps him so much but he isn't open with strangers.

Ella sits with Felix and helps him wipe the blood off of his hands. She says that she was in a car accident when she was his age and saw lots of blood, and assures Felix that he'll be okay. Felix whispers that he didn't see her, and Ella thanks him for the information. Felix's mother Mmm arrives and Anthony tells her that they need to take Felix home. As they leave, Felix smiles at Ella.

In her lab, Ella is examining the blood when her old friend Ray-Ray comes in. Ella reminds her that they agreed to never see each other again five years ago in Detroit. She says that she thought her part of her life was over. Chloe comes in and discovers Ella talking to thin air. Ella insists that she's fine and claims that she was talking to herself. Ray-Ray continues "haunting" Ella, as Ella tells Chloe that the hair is synthetic fur. The "blood" was ketchup, even though there was no food in the office.

Chloe goes to search the house, and Ray-Ray figures that Ella is trying to avoid her. Ella denies it, and Ray-Ray points out that being haunted by a ghost is cool. Unconvinced, Ella reminds Ray-Ray that they agreed that Ray-Ray wouldn't show up since Detroit and she likes who she is in LA and it feels good not to have secrets. She points out that people thought she was weird when she said that she had a ghost friend, and insists that they can't be friends. Ray-Ray says that she's there to help Ella with work stuff. She explains that she knows the victims, and explains that "ghost rules" prohibit her rom volunteering information. Ella agrees to let Ray-Ray come with her.

Dan goes to Lux and tells Lucifer that Beckett ran away with his phone. The detective figures that Beckett knows more about the murder than she let on, and tells Lucifer that he needs his help. Lucifer is glad to agree and warns that he'll make fun of Dan all day.

Chloe, Ella, and Ray-Ray go to the home and Ray-Ray admires the architecture. After Chloe goes upstairs, Ella and Ray-Ray find a furry costume in the closet. Chloe comes back and Ella explains that furries are mostly wholesome. There's a ketchup stain on it, and they figure that Beth was wearing it just before she died. Chloe has found a voice message of a woman saying that "he" is hers, and she's only going to give Beth one meeting at SCC with Wesley and then it ends. The phone number is blocked, but Ella knows what SCC is.

Later, Ella, Chloe and Ray-Ray go to the Southwest Convention Center where a furry convention is going on. Chloe wears Beth's furry costume, and Ella tells her over the earbud to ask if anyone knows Wesley. Ella is in the van, and asks Ray-Ray to ask Beth to describe Wesley. Ray-Ray reluctantly agrees and tries to communicate with Beth, and claims that she can't get through. Ella realizes that she doesn't know Beth at her, and Ray-Ray says that the reason she's there is personal because she has some unfinished business. Ray-Ray admits that Beth has something to do with her unresolved issues, and Ella figures that if they solve the murder then it will send Ray-Ray to her just reward.

Chloe asks a man if he knows Wesley. He says that he doesn't want to get into that drama, and a woman in a furry costume tackles Chloe. They fight and Ella watches via the costume in Chloe's headpiece. She runs into the convention center as Chloe knocks her opponent down, flashes her badge, and arrests her.

At the station, Chloe and Ella question the woman, Iris. Iris says that Wesley is her fursona and Beth copied it. She says that she tried reasoning wit Beth, but Beth denied stealing Wesley. Iris threw ketchup on Beth, and Beth said that she got into a fight with a guy in her office. When she says that she was at a panel at the convention, Ella says that she has no idea if it's normal and Ray-Ray boos "normal".

Lucifer and Dan track Dan's phone using Lucifer's phone, and follow it to an amusement park. Dan explains that he used to love roller coasters until he was 12. He ate a lot of chili dogs and threw up on his date, and Lucifer discovers that Becket is on a roller coaster. Dan gets into the roller coasters, and she tells him that she's stupid as she leaps out as the operators close the seats. Lucifer grabs Beckett and tells Dan not to worry, and the roller coaster takes off with Dan inside of it.

Ella and Ray-Ray go back to the crime scene, and Ray-Ray suggests that they go to the beach after they solve the case. Shocked, Ella realizes that she's still lying and doesn't care about the case, and tells Ry-Ray that she should leave. Ray-Ray says that the unfinished personal business is Ella's, and she heard Ella talking to her brother. She says that Ella moving back to Detroit is a terrible idea, and points out that Ella's leech brothers live there. Ray-Ray says that her brothers use her, and the people in LA don't use Ella. She tells Ella that she deserves someone looking after her for once, and Ella admits that it's sweet.

The doorknob rattles and Ella and Ray-Ray quickly hide in the closet. A masked man comes in and goes through Beth's desk, and hears Ella moving in the closet. He opens the door and Ella jumps him wielding a broomstick. They fight as Ray-Ray yells encouragement. The man knocks Ella away and runs, but she picks up the broomstick he grabbed from her and says that she's got him.

After the ride is over, Dan finds Lucifer, who is wearing a photo t-shirt of Dan on the ride. Lucifer has bought 200 t-shirts so he can give them to everyone at the precinct. They realize that Beckett has run off, and Dan points out that Lucifer lost her as well. The two men discover that Beckett took Lucifer's car keys and Dan's badge, and shut off the phone so they can't track her.

At the station, Ella tells Chloe that she couldn't get any fingerprints from the broomstick but there were traces of resin. Chloe brings up surveillance footage from the traffic light near Beth's home. The same car was near Beth's house when Iris said the argument took place. The license plate isn't visible, but a bumper sticker for Rancho Middle School is visible. Felix and Beckett both go there, and Ella remembers that resin is used on violin bows like the one Felix has. they check the music teacher and discover that he's Jonathan Burke.

Chloe brings Burke in, and he admits that he broke into Beth's office and scared Ella. He shows them a check for $5,000 that he went there to retrieve, and says that Felix is the best student that he's ever seen. Burke hoped that Felix would take him with him, and tried to bribe Beth so that she wouldn't recommend Felix would take private lessons. The teacher says that he was teaching class during Beth's murder. When Chloe mentions Beckett, Burke says that Beckett was his student and she's a nightmare, and Burke nearly ran her over when she was leaving school and ditching first period.

Chloe calls Dan, who is watching Beckett drive away. He says that everything is fine and quickly hangs up. Lucifer strolls along and Dan tells him that it's a big deal because Beckett is now a murder suspect. Lucifer suggests that they call Maze, who soon arrives when they reach her. They explain what happened, and Maze finds the whole thing amusing. She agrees to help them just to meet the kid who outsmarted both of them.

Beckett goes to the bar and orders drinks. Maze, Lucifer, and Dan arrive and grab her, and Dan drags Beckett off to tell her that she's a murder suspect. Beckett says that she claimed that she saw something so she could skip class. Dan tells her that everyone makes mistakes, and what matters is hard they try to fix them. He has Beckett tell her the truth, and she says that she was hustling a guy at a crime scene. Dan calls Chloe and tells her that Beckett's story checks out. She broke into tears because there was perfume in Beth's office. Once Dan hangs up, Lucifer comes over and Dan says that everyone makes mistakes. Rather than have Chloe find out that he screwed up, Lucifer agrees not to say anything.

Chloe interrupts Ella, who jumps nervously and doesn't say what her problem is. The detective asks if Ella wants to talk about moving home. Ella doesn't, and Chloe says that she understands if Ella has to be with her family. However, she says that the place won't be the same if Ella leaves. Chloe tells Ella that she thinks that she knows who their next suspect is.

Chloe, Ella, and Ray-Ray drive to the suspect's house. Chloe goes on ahead, and Ray-Ray figures that Ella is afraid of people accepting someone who talks to dead people. Ella says that it would break her heart if her friends looked at her with pity, and says that Chloe is all about things that are real. She doesn't want to give Chloe the chance not to get it, and see a construction dumpster at the neighbor's house.

Chloe talks to Mmm and admires her perfume. Felix is in his room playing his violin, and Mmm says that Felix loves his violin Chloe figures that he would never leave it behind, and asks Mmm how she felt when Beth recommended that Felix get a private tutor. Mmm says Beth was encouraging Felix to stay in school and learn with Burke... or so Anthony told her. Chloe wonders where Anthony is.

Ella goes through the dumpster and tells Ray-Ray that a killer would hide their murder weapon in a construction dumpster. She finds the bookend with blood on it, just as Anthony comes over the side of the dumpster and swings a baseball bat at Ella. Ella avoids his swing but trips over a garbage can. Chloe arrives, gun drawn, and tells Anthony that they know Felix followed Anthony to Beth's and has been covering for his father. Anthony says that Felix doesn't have a life and Beth encouraged him to keep playing the violin. Ella tells Anthony that's what makes Felix special, and he drops the bat.

After the police take Anthony away, Ella tells Chloe that she sees a ghost. Chloe says that she needs a bit more, and Ella explains that she was in a bad car wreck when she was 8 and saw Ray-Ray for the first time. Ray-Ray kept coming back and as Ella got older, she realized that Ray-Ray was real because she felt real to her. Ella admits that if it's all in her head, then she figures that she's crazy. She asks if Chloe thinks that she's crazy, and Chloe tells her that she doesn't. Chloe says that she's seen a lot of crazy things, and there is nothing Ella could tell her that would change the way she feels about her. Ella breaks into tears as Chloe hugs her, and says that she isn't going back to Detroit. Chloe congratulates her on doing a good job and walks away.

Ray-Ray tells Ella that she was right and Ella's friends are great. She figures that Ella kept up her end of the deal, and Ella asks if Ray-Ray has been looking after her since the car wreck. Ray-Ray says that she's just a friend who has her back, and Ella says that it would be okay if Ray-Ray checked on her from time to time.

At the station, Lucifer puts up a poster with the photo of Dan on the roller coaster. Ella tells him "Smell you later", and says that it's something her friend Ray-Ray says. Lucifer recognizes the phrase and goes back to his penthouse, and tells Azrael to show himself. "Ray-Ray" appears and Lucifer says that she abandoned him millennia ago. Ray-Ray says that she's been busy as the Angel of Death, and apologizes for no reaching out to Lucifer when God sent him to Hell. She explains that the whole family was rocked, particularly her, because she lost her favorite big brother. Ray-Ray talks about how they used to prank Amenadiel, and says that it meant a lot to her when Lucifer listened to her drone about whatever was on her mind.

Ray-Ray points out that Lucifer started a rebellion and nobody's perfect, and Lucifer concedes the point. he wonders why Ray-Ray is there now and involved with Ella. Ray-Ray explains that she showed up to take Ella after the car wreck, but didn't want to leave because Ella made her feel good about herself. She stopped by when she was in the neighborhood, and told Ella that she was a ghost so sent Ella to be with Lucifer. Lucifer is furious that Ray-Ray is manipulating her with a woman, and Ray-Ray says that she did it for Ella as well as Lucifer. Since Ray-Ray couldn't be with both of them, she hoped two of her favorite people could be together. When Lucifer turns back to her, he discovers that Ray-Ray has disappeared.

Ella is working in the lab when Lucifer comes in and says that he hard she'll be staying with them. He tells her that she's made an excellent choice, and listens as Ella drones on about her work. Ray-Ray watches from outside and smiles in satisfaction before leaving.

Written by Gadfly on May 29, 2018

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