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And He Shall Be a Good Man Recap

Johnny Frost announces on Frost Bites that the U.S. government has halted all shipment of brains into Seattle. Ravi calls Peyton and gets her voice mail, and tells her to stay in DC where it's safe because there will be a day of reckoning in Seattle when they run out of brains. Before he can say that he loves her, Suki arrives at his door and tells him that Liv turned herself in to Fillmore-Graves and they have Levon as well. Both of them will be executed the next day in the park, and Ravi prepares to go to beg Chase to spare Liv's life.

Ravi takes Jordan breakfast and tells her that the government has stopped shipments of brains into Seattle. When he goes downstairs, Peyton greets him and figures that she's in big trouble. Ravi silences her with a kiss.

After sex, Ravi tells Peyton what happened to Liv. Jordan knocks at the door and calls that she's going to check on her brothers. Once she leaves, Peyton figures that they need to get hold of Clive. They call Clive, who is preparing to have sex with Dale. He ignores the call, but Dale says that it's a sign that maybe they should wait to have sex. The phone rings again and Clive ignores it again, and Dale suggests that waiting until marriage is sexy. Ravi calls Dale's phone and asks to talk to Clive. When Clive takes the phone, Ravi tells him about Liv. Clive says that he'll meet Ravi there, hangs up, and tells Dale that Fillmore-Graves is going to execute Liv.

When Liv wakes up, she sees Justin outside her cell. He tells her that her next meal is in two hours and walks away.

Major calls Jordan and asks how she's doing, and then asks her to do something for her. Jordan goes up to her family apartment and she gives brain tubes to her cousins. hey instantly devour them and asks if she has any more.

Liv sees Levon in a cell as she's led away, and says that she loves him. She realizes that he's been beaten, and the Peacekeepers drag her away. Enzo is waiting for her in an interrogation room, and reminds her that she sucker-punched him in the station and ow it's his turn. He demands the names of everyone in the Underground Railroad, and Liv insults him in French. Unimpressed, Enzo starts beating her.

Liv refuses to talk, and Jason comes in. Enzo insists that his way will work, and Jason tells Enzo to put some makeup on Liv and bring her to his office. When they bring her in, she finds Clive, Ravi, and Peyton there. He gives her one minute to say goodbye, and an extra minute for each name she gives up. Liv hugs Clive and tells him that Levon's documentary is on a flash drive in a cookie jar at the apartment. Ravi tells her that they're going to get her out of it, and Peyton tells Liv that she'll make Fillmore-Graves pay. The minute runs out and Liv leaves rather than give up the names. Jason tells the trio to get good seats up front because they're going fast.

Clive and Ravi go to the park, and Major approaches them in disguise. Peyton calls and says that there's a manhole cover 50 yards from the guillotine. Micah is with Peyton, and he has Peyton ask if he wants Ravi's face blurred. Ravi says that he doesn't, and Peyton says that he loves her. She says that she'll call back in twenty minutes with the electrical grid information.

Chase is telling his men to set up snipers and booby-trap the nearby manhole covers. Hobbs brings him a tablet with Levon's documentary. Chase tells them to round up everyone in the video. Peacekeepers bring Jordan in, and she demands double brain tubes because her family is starving. When Chase tells her that she gets the same tubes as everyone, she tells him that she knows where Major is and Chase says that they can get her extra rations.

Jordan takes a squad to Major's motel room and discover that he just left. Major is in the hotel across the street watching, with the Undergrounders. Curtis wants to kill Major, but Ravi tells them to calm down. Major tells them that liv used to be his fiancée and he cares about her deeply. he says that they need to surprise them and use the crowd to their advantage. Clive says that almost 200,000 people have watched the documentary, and the crowd at the execution will be pro-Renegade.

Chase and Hobbs watch the video, and Hobbs warns that they can't execute Liv publicly. He reminds Chase that they don't know how their men will react, and they may have to fire into the crowd. Hobbs suggests that they move the execution back three hours and hold it elsewhere, and release the video later when the city has calmed down. After a moment, Chase agrees.

Angus meets with Blaine and says that he's proud of the man that Blaine has become. He figures that soon Blaine will be the leader of a zombie republic, and has Don E bring in Enzo. Angus explains that Enzo has been working on their behalf, and Enzo presents Crybaby Carl from prison. Enzo says that a zombie shouldn't serve time for killing a human, and tells Blaine that there is a way out of Seattle and the guards are commanded by an officer whose men don't respect him. He tells Enzo that the zombies will only meet token resistance at the gate, and Blaine asks Angus what he thinks.

Later, Angus goes on the Internet and announces that the viewers' lives will change forever.

Jordan calls Major and tells him that there's been a change of plans.

Peyton tells Ravi and Clive that there are almost a thousand pro-Renegade supporters in the park. They notice Major on the phone, and Major hangs up and announces that Fillmore-Graves is moving the execution up three hours. Peyton says that it can't happen and walks out, and Ravi goes after her.

Johnny is hosting a zombie chef when Peyton and Ravi burst in. Peyton announces that in 58 minutes, Fillmore-Graves will execute two members of the Underground, including Renegade. She tells the viewers that if they're serious about human-zombie coexistence, they should go to the warehouse. Johnny goes with them, and the chef continues cooking.

Blaine and Angus drive to an alley and Blaine says that Don E posted the videos and the followers are heading to gate 6. They can see the gate from the nearby rooftop and track the zombies' progress. Angus says that they should be with their people, and Angus tells him that generals lead from the rear. A mounted officer tells them to move on, and Blaine tells him to lay off their car. Angus kills the officer and Blaine tells him not to risk his life. His father figures that he'll survive, tells Blaine that when he's gone his followers will be Blaine's. Blaine admits that he made the brains from the sky happen, not God. Gunshots ring out, and Angus tells Blaine that he's glad his mother didn't see what Blaine has become. Blaine asks Angus to wear a protective helmet, but Angus refuses, tells Blaine that he's dead to him, and rides off to lead his followers.

At the front lines, a reporter with FURY News reports that the soldiers are fighting the zombies, and he zombies will meet heavy machine-gun fire. Enzo has alerted the military, and the reporter figures that Fillmore-Graves is trying to repair relationships with the U.S. government by turning on other zombies. He has his cameraman capture Angus leading his zombie followers toward the front lines.

Peacekeepers taking Levon and Liv to the warehouse for execution, and one of the Peacekeepers watches the documentary on his phone. Justin asks to see it, and he watches as a mother and child are reunited.

At the warehouse, Hobbs tells Chase that word got out that they were holding the execution there. They have a drone in the air, which shows the pro-Renegade followers storming the doors. Chase figure that his soldiers with machine-guns can stop them. He goes out on the stage and tells the assembled Peacekeepers to kill anyone who enters the building without a uniform. Chase pronounces sentence on Liv and Levon.

Major, Clive, and Ravi are at the Undergrounders trying to break down the warehouse doors. Clive punches Major to get him to rage out, and he grabs a lever and pries the doors open.

The Peacekeepers put Levon in the guillotine and they kill him. Chase tells his men to clean up the guillotine for the next execution.

The Undergrounders yank the door open and Major charges inside. he yells in defiance, and Chase orders his men to shoot him. Liv jumps Chase, and Justin yells at the Peacekeepers not to shoot. Major jumps Chase and they struggle for the gun, and Chase tries to climb over the guillotine to get it. Liv pulls the lever, dropping the guillotine anvil on Chase's head. Justin releases Liv rom her manacles, and a soldier runs in and says that Gate 6 has been overrun. Justin and Hobbs tells Major that he's the commander now, and Major says that he wants someone else to figure it out. When Justin tells him that he has no choice, Major tells them to shut down all the other gates and order everyone to Gate 6.

Later, the FURY reporter reports that Angus led his followers to Gate 6. U.S. army personnel shot each zombie in the head, and they made sure that Angus wouldn't cause any more problems. Blaine watches the newscast on his laptop and closes it.

Liv lies on her bed and considers everyone who has died. She tells Ravi that she just wants to go away so she never hurts anyone else again. Ravi says that he can make her human, and tells Liv that she's not done yet. He reminds her that all she had to do was convince humans that they could live with zombies. Liv tells him that she doesn't want it anymore, and Ravi reminds her that thousands of people rallied to save her. He says that Isobel's brain is the cure, and says that others are there. Liv goes out in the hallway where Major, Justin, and Peyton are talking. Major tells Liv that he's the new commander, and that Fillmore-Graves encourages Liv to bring in as many humans as possible. He warns that the U.S. Army is the enemy, and Liv says that it's not her problem. Ravi says that he can't mass-produce the cure, and Major tells Liv that he's sorry that he couldn't get there to save Levon. Liv says that Levon would be dead if Major hadn't kidnapped her, and Major points out that she'd be dead if he didn't. Once Major leaves, Liv tells Peyton that she knows who Major is even if he forgets sometimes, and she's ready to be human again.

At the morgue, Liv prepares to eat Isobel's brain. She says that once she's human, she wants to leave the city. Ravi gets a text that their presence is required, and they go upstairs. Steve is marrying Clive and dale, and Dale tells Liv to come up and be her maid of honor. Clive asks Ravi to get his keys, then admits that he's joking and asks Ravi to be his best men. Dallas recites her vows and says that she will bring magic and a sense of wonder into their lives. Clive promises to never make her feel sad that he'll have to eat brains and won't be a father. Steve pronounces them husband and wife, and Dale says that she's going to take Clive home and sex him to death. Liv goes after them and says that she knows what she wants to give them as a wedding gift. She tells Clive that he can be a father, and Ravi and Peyton realize that Liv gave away her cure.

In his office, Blaine sits in a chair and tells Candy to shoot him. She spins on a stool and shoots, just as Don E comes in. Candy shoots his bottle, and Don E tells her to get out. Once Candy leaves, Don E tells Blaine that they don’t have the money to cover all the investments they made so the bank will foreclose on them. He figures that they've faced worst, and tells Blaine that Angus was a son of a bitch. A Peacekeeper comes in.

Major asks Justin what he does about Hobbs, and Justin advises deep freeze. Hobbs brings Blaine and Don E in, and Major says that they know how to smuggle brains into the city. He wants Blaine to increase the flow by 20, and tells them that Fillmore-Graves will support them. Major offers them wealth and respectability, and in a year they'll be patriots. Blaine asks if all of their debts will be forgiven, and Major agrees over Hobbs' objections.

Liv, Ravi, and Peyton go to the hotel and watch a video of Dale feeding Clive ice cream. They figure that the new Renegade will have plenty of customers. Stan, Suki, and Curtis come in and suggest that they drink by the pool. They go down and Liv realizes that everyone she's helped have gathered there to applaud her. Peyton asks Liv if she still wants to run off somewhere, and Ravi asks Renegade what they should do first.

Written by Gadfly on May 29, 2018

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