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Chapter 17 Recap

Clark wakes up in the middle of the night and limps down the corridor to Melanie's room. Melanie hears him coming and walks out, and clubs Clark unconscious when he rounds the corner. She drags him away.

Oliver says that it's done and Melanie is theirs.

13 Days Earlier

Melanie is breathing drug fumes in her room, and paces back and forth. Syd comes in and Melanie invites her to sit. She confirms that David came back, and Melanie says all of their men have important things to do and leave, then come back... sometimes. Syd relays Fukyama's question if Melanie is ready to go back to work, but Melanie keeps talking about how men and their quests distract them from their lives and the things that matter. She talks about how it's not their fault because of their destinies, and they'd be bitches if they stood in their way. The tea kettle whistles, and Melanie ignores it. Syd takes it off the burner, and Melanie talks about how "Vacant Lot" are the saddest words in the English language.

Later, Oliver comes into Melanie's room and sings to her. She draws a gun on him, and Oliver tells her that it isn't her. Melanie asks where he went, and Oliver talks about the rooftop in Bombay where they held each other tight. Farouk watches from the shadows, and Oliver says that he always comes back to the girl he left behind. Melanie insists that girl is gone, and Oliver tells her to look at herself in the mirror. Melanie's younger self is reflected, and Melanie tells Oliver that she is worried that if Oliver came back he wouldn't recognize her after all the years. Oliver tells her that years are nothing and kisses her.

The young Melanie swims in a pool and then lies down on a lounge chair. Farouk appears and tells her that they must leave soon. She wonders where they go, and Farouk says that they have to find the Monk. He asks if Melanie if the Monk is there at Division 3, and tells her that the Monk is the only one who knows where the body is hidden. Young Melanie remembers the Monk and looks over to see Oliver on the diving board. Farouk disappears, leaving Young Melanie alone.

Melanie goes to the chamber where Oliver's body is being kept, and finds Oliver looking at his body. He tells her that she should have burned his body because he's tied to it, and says that Melanie could have tagged along with him as he danced through the cosmos. Oliver talks about how there was a time when Melanie would have followed him anywhere, and Melanie points out that it didn't get her anywhere. Her husband says that things have changed between them, and Melanie agrees.

Gasping, Melanie wakes up on her bed. She gets up and paces around her room, and Kerry visits her and asks when she's coming back to world. Melanie wonders if anything is real, including Kerry, and Kerry insists that she is because when she hits people they fall down. Unconvinced, Melanie suggests that it's all a fantasy in Cary's head, and deep down he yearns to be a strong sensual woman. Kerry figures that Melanie is having a senior moment, and Melanie suggests that Cary is Kerry's fantasy. Kerry tells her to get real and stop saying words that don't make sense, and Melanie explains that she was married. She's surprised when Kerry says that she met Oliver, and figures that the two of them should go back to the ice cube. Melanie figures that she was so busy trying to save the world that she overlooked the fact that there is no world to save because it's in her head. Disgusted, Kerry walks out.

Melanie goes back to smoking fumes, and Kerry watches her from the doorway and then leaves. She goes to work out with a bag in the lab. Cary is working and sudden has a vision of putting a weapon in a blue car and driving off. Kerry has the same vision, and Cary realizes that David implanted the images in their head. He figures that David has a plan, and they go the room where the weapon is in a case. Cary stands watch while Kerry gets it, and the two of them go outside and spot the blue car from their vision. Kerry gets behind the wheel and they drive off.

Lenny enters a bar and grabs a drink, and finds a young woman at a table painting a man's toenails. Lenny asks if she's the new Barbara, and the woman says that she's Janine, and Janine was the new Barbara until she turned into a ladybug and flew away. Lenny introduces herself and says that she's the Cornflake Girls. Janine admires her eyes and Lenny says that they're new. The man, Squirrel, recognizes Lenny and says that their queen is back. Squirrel suggests that they have a real party, and Lenny agrees. People are soon dancing, drinking, and doing drugs. Lenny kisses Janine and flips over the tables, and sees Amy laughing at her from the crowd. Startled, Lenny walks out and ends up in bed with Janine. They have sex and Lenny remembers being reborn in Amy's body. She sees herself in the desert with a rifle, and a minotaur standing behind her.

The next morning, Lenny wakes up and Amy is there. She asks if that's how Lenny scared David in his sleep, and Lenny apologizes for taking her body and admits that it was healthier than the one she had. Amy suggests that Lenny give her her body back, and Lenny tells her that she doesn't know how. She warns Amy that if she hangs with Lenny, she's going to see a lot of nasty things because it's been years since she could cut loose. Amy asks Lenny if she's a good person, and Lenny wonders what difference it makes. She yells at Amy when Amy keeps repeating the question. The shouting wakes Janine up, and Amy disappears. Lenny says that she was practicing a monologue for the school play, and says that she was in a play where all they did was wait for a man who never showed up.

Kerry and Cary drive to a parking lot, and Cary says that they put the case in the trunk and leave. After they do so, Kerry insists that they could use the weapon. Her brother says that their job is just to deliver the weapon, and they have to trust David. Kerry figures that it's a stupid plan, and Cary suggests that they go back to the lab. His sister says that she's thirsty and goes to a nearby diner.

In the apartment, Squirrel tries to remember a quote life having to be lived forward. Lenny eats cereal, and Janine pokes at a wet patch in the umbrella. Lenny has a vison of a blue electric octopus and a case moving in the desert by itself. She sees the World's Angriest Boy sitting on the couch, and when she looks back, he disappears. Lenny asks Squirrel where he ever saw an electric octopus, and Squirrel thinks that she's talking about an ocelot. Janine keeps poking at the ceiling, and Lenny has more visions of the desert as water falls through the ceiling.

Lenny wakes up in bed next to Amy, and Amy says that she's only herself in dreams. Frustrated, Lenny smothers Amy with a pillow and says that she's sorry. Amy reappears across the room and tells Lenny that Davis is waiting and needs her. She says that it involves the electric octopus, and asks Lenny if she's prepared to do whatever it takes. Lenny says that she is, and Amy figures that Lenny loves David. Lenny wonders about Syd, and Amy says that Syd can't do what Lenny can do. Amy fades away after Lenny says that she'll help David, and Lenny looks out the windows and sees the electric octopus reflected on the glass and an arrow beneath it. Janine comes in and says that she's pregnant.

At the diner, Carey wonders if they have cream soda. Cary admits that he's worried about Melanie, and Kerry takes him literally, wondering if she's an imposter. She doesn't understand someone feeling blue or having too much time on their hands, and Cary suggests that Melanie is suffering from feeling alone. He tells Kerry that he is going to die someday, and then Kerry will be alone like Melanie. Kerry insists that he won't die and promises to stab Death in the heart.

Kerry sees Lenny approach the car. She and Cary go out, while Lenny gets into the car and wonders if anybody is out there. The car door slams shut on its own, and the radio starts up. As Kerry and Cary arrive, the car glows green and then vanishes. Kerry says that he put a tracking device on the weapon and they can follow it.

The car appears in the desert and Lenny gets out and walks away as the car bursts into flames. She runs back to the car and gets the case out of the trunk, and sees a group of monks sitting on the sand.

Melanie telepathically talks to Oliver, and says that she thinks Oliver crushed David. She wonders what David wants, and says that he wrote a letter to the girl and is coming alone. Melanie wanders the halls, rambling about how she wants to come too. Back in her room, Melanie asks Oliver why it always ends in violence. She then knocks out Clark and drags him away, and finds Oliver waiting for her.

Written by Gadfly on May 30, 2018

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