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The Hostile Hospital: Part Two Recap

Klaus and Sunny keep going through the mail delivery vents of the hospital, searching for Violet. They wonder if it's true that one of their parents survived the fire.

Lemony describes how his friend Mr. Sirin felt when being hunted by government agents, and how he swallowed his butterfly collection to keep it from falling into government hands. Klaus and Sunny also have butterflies in their stomachs, watching Olaf and Esme drag Violet away

Olaf and Esme strap Violet to a gurney and gag her when she protests.

Hal discovers that someone has destroyed the filling room, and wonders who would do such a thing.

Olaf calls over the hospital intercom, telling the staff that two of the Baudelaire murderers have been spotted in the hospital. Once he remembers to turn off the mic, he compliments Esme on her bow-tying skills and studies the tied-up Babs. Once Olaf removes Babs' gag, she screams until Esme gags her until she stops. Babs realizes that Olaf is really Olaf. Olaf tells her that she's going to help him hide Violet. Babs says that it's impossible because of the paperwork, and Olaf takes her clipboard. He figures that if they create a fake name for Violet then they can hide her among the patients so that Klaus and Sunny can't find her until they're ready.

The troupe soon distributes the new patient list to the VFD singers. They head down the halls, and come to Sunny and Klaus. The Baudelaires blend in with the singers, and overhear the troupe discussing Olaf's orders to hide Violet in one of the rooms. The singers visit each room, and the Baudelaires go with them to find Violet.

Olaf visits Violet and says that he's counting on Klaus and Sunny finding her. She says that they'll outsmart him like they have every time, and Olaf takes out surgical tools and tells Violet that he has her cornered and has no mercy, and soon Sunny and Klaus will fall into his trap and he'll eliminate them all. Esme comes to get Olaf, who tells Violet not to both screaming for help because screams in a hospital are normal. He leaves the tied-up Babs in the room with Violet and goes.

When Klaus and Sunny fail to find Violet, Sunny suggests that they take a break. They go to the break room, and the doctor inside says that it's a break room for doctors. Sunny suggests that they disguise themselves as doctors, and Klaus agrees. Klaus pus on a doctor's coat and a fake beard, and Sunny hides beneath the coat.

Violet frees herself and ungags Babs, who screams until Violet re-gags her and says that she's going to get them both out but Babs has to be quiet and do what she says. Once Babs agrees, Violet ungags her and Babs laughs. She admits that she laughs when she's frightened and has always hated hospitals. They go out in the hallway and Babs says that there's no fast way out of the hospital because of the paperwork. They hide in a break room and Violet suggests that they disguise themselves as doctors. Babs is shocked and explains that she's never faked anything in her life and is exhilarated at the idea. Olaf comes in and says that they don't always get what they want.

The troupe straps Violet back to her bed, put Babs elsewhere, and tell Violet that they found the anesthesia machine. They gas the girl unconscious.

Klaus and Sunny figure the volunteers have a patient list and ask the bearded leader for his patient list. He says that it's vitally important, and when Olaf comes up asks Olaf if he can help the disguised Klaus. Olaf comes over and finds the disguised Klaus familiar. Klaus says that his name is Faustus, and Olaf invites him back to his office to get a copy of his patient list. Klaus refuses, pointing out that there are a lot of witnesses. The volunteer leader says that they both look familiar, and Olaf flashes the patient list at Klaus and leaves as the volunteers applaud him. Klaus walks off and Sunny shows him the list that he took from Olaf. Meanwhile, Olaf, discovers that the patient list is misting.

In a closet, Klaus discovers that Violet isn't on the list. Sunny suggests that they check fake names, and Klaus empties out a box of alphabet soup letters, unaware that the sugar bowl is sitting on a nearby list. Meanwhile, Klaus works out that one of the names, "Al Funcoot", is an anagram of "Count Olaf".

Poe arrives at the hospital and finds Hal at the front desk. When Poe says that he has swine flu, Hal tells him to fill out the paperwork and complains that his paperwork is gone. Depressed, Hal says that sometimes the people that offer to help are the ones who let others down.

Klaus realizes that they only need to look for names that have a "V" in them, for "Violet".

Olaf and his troupe get their cutting instruments and go to Violet's room.

Klaus figures out which patient's name is an anagram for "Violet Baudelaire", puts his disguise back on, and heads to Violet's room. Violet isn't there, and Esme comes in with a knife. She says that Violet is being prepped for surgery, just as Olaf pages Klaus to the operating theater. He says that they're going to perform the world's first cranioectoimy on a teenage girl. Esme takes Klaus there. Poe and the volunteers arrive as the White-Faced Women hand out programs.

Esme brings Klaus in, and Olaf steps out as Esme gives Klaus her knife. Olaf greets everyone and introduces his troupe, and introduces Klaus as the man who will be performing the operation. He says that the operation is deadly and the patient may die, leaving her fortune up for grabs. Sunny tells Klaus to stall.

Klaus starts talking about the equipment that he's using, quoting an obscure book on surgical knives. Meanwhile, he turns on the oxygen feed to wake up Violet. Olaf cuts Klaus off and everyone starts chanting "Do it". Klaus says that he cannot perform the operation until they do the paperwork. Everyone agrees, and a volunteer goes to get Hal. Esme whispers to Klaus that eventually the show will go on unless Klaus gives her the sugar bowl. Olaf, listening in, complains but Esme insists that it's fine. Klaus hands her the Snicket file, but it's not what Esme wants. Olaf takes it and announces that Klaus is an imposter. He rips open Klaus' coat, revealing Sunny, and insists that the Baudelaires are murderers. Violet wakes up and Poe asks why they snuck in to the hospital in disguise.

Hal arrives and complains that they committed vandalism, and they stole his keys to break into the Hall of Records. Klaus apologizes for destroying the Hall, and turns to discover that Olaf has slipped away.

Olaf is in the office watching the Snicket film. Jacques says that there was a survivor, and Olaf smashes the projector in a fit of fury and destroys the film. As it burns, he announces over the intercom that a fire has broken out and the Baudelaires set it in the Hall of Records. Olaf suggests that everyone evacuate the building and move the patients. As Poe and the troupe argue about whether the children should be tried as children or adults, Klaus wheels Violet out. When Hal stops him, Sunny bits his finger and Klaus makes a run for it. He bars the door behind him, and the troupe while the volunteers sing. Fire spreads throughout the hospital, and the Baudelaires take cover in a storage room. The room is too high to jump, and Klaus barricades the door while Violet uses a makeshift ribbon to tie back her hair. She and Klaus tie the surgical tubing to a pipe, and the orphans jump down from the window. The tubing is one fort shorter than the height to the ground, and they land safely.

Sunny bites through the tubing, and the Baudelaires hide. Olaf and his troupe get into their car, and Esme complains that they never got the sugar bowl. Olaf says that it's much worse than that: someone survived the Baudelaire fire. Meanwhile, Violet suggests that they hide in the trunk of Olaf's car. They get in just as Olaf finds a flier for Madame Lulu and drives to her carnival.

Poe and Babs take the paperwork out of the hospital, and Poe admits that he's lost three orphans.

The sugar bowl sits on the shelf in the storage closet until someone takes it.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 2, 2018

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